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Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 1

Captured Tracks have done a decent job of shaping the world in their own image over the past decade. Since launching in 2008 the Brooklyn label has tended to blow the winds of change in American indie rock by promoting artists such as Wild Nothing, Mac Demarco and DIIV. Those th...view item »

Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 2

A decade of Captured Tracks, eh. What kind of world would we be living in if the Brooklyn label hadn’t risen to the top of the indie-rock pile since launching back in 2008? Would Mac Demarco still be eating his own shoes, cartoon-hobo style, in a Tribeca loft rather than cooing politely for huge crowds of ...view item »

Capital Punishment
This Is Capital Punishment

Right, this is getting ridiculous. It was a pretty far fetched idea for us to expect to believe that the earlier Capital Punishment re-issue was made 35 years ago by an all future star line up including Ben Stiller. Now we are told that the quartet including Supreme Court Justice judge Peter Swann, professor Peter Zusi, act...view item »

Molly Burch
First Flower

This is the second album from Molly Burch following the success of her Please Be Mine album with its smoky jazz inflected vocals which led her to tour with Grizzly Bear, Courtney Barnett and others. Now with man friend in tow she returns to the scene with an album in which she delivers her most ...view item »

Saâda Bonaire
Saada Bonaire

I’m so obsessed with the ‘80’s these days that I’m seriously considering buying a ticket to ‘Lets Rock Leeds Live’ - the family friendly 80’s festival featuring Alexander O’Neal, Brother Beyond and Nick Heyward amongst others. C’mon it will be great.   Sadly not confirmed to play...view item »

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment were a teenage band who formed in New York City in 1979. They took their influences from Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno, Chrome and Cabaret Voltaire. Roadkill was their only album and was self-released. The interesting thing about them is their ...view item »

Mac DeMarco
2 Demos

Yes, 2 Demos. Not 2 Demos in the sense that there are only 2 Demos to listen to, but 2 Demos in the sense that the record provides demos for the Mac DeMarco release that was called 2. And hence: 2 Demos. Breezy-boy soft rocker Mac serves up the heyday v...view item »

Mac DeMarco
Salad Days Demos

"Salad days are gone" sang Mac DeMarco on his beloved and commercially adored record Salad Days. In fact they are not, because he's now putting out his Salad Days Demos, collection original iterations of songs praised for their sparkly, rich guitar tones, breezy melodies and reassuringly chill themes. AM rock turned s...view item »

Mac DeMarco

Despite the sleeve depicting him as some kind of buffoonishly made up grandson of one of the New York Dolls, I fell very quickly in love with Mac DeMarco’s debut 12” (though long enough to be an album) ‘Rock and Roll ...view item »

Twelve Divisions of The Day

Oooph! Well, well, well. Wakefield's finest post-punkers have reached the rarified air at Captured Tracks Brooklyn, NY HQ and not only that the fine label has decided to release a 7" by the band who more likely than not are going to be pretty big especially now that Robert Smith has invited them to play his Meltdown. ...view item »

Wild Nothing

My giddy aunt this is an 80s-sounding album. Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing gig might always have had a fair whack of New Order/The Cure/Echo & The Bunnymen about it, but fourth LP Indigo is the most unabashedly pop-type-thing that Tatum&rsquo...view item »

Wild Nothing

Now after a slew of curious 7"s by little-heard-of types, this boutique retro-indie label is chucking full-lengthers at us now! The initial impact of this CD is reminding me of the gentler wing of early 80's alternative pop, such as feyer Scouse acts Wild Swans, China Crisis & The Lotus Eaters - well blended with some class shambling shoegaz...view item »
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Mac DeMarco
Salad Days

Yes its the Return of the Mac. This is Mac De Marco’s third full length record and its safe to say that if you like the first two then you are going to find plenty to swoon over here.  He’s long discarded the pitched down croon he used on the first side of the corking ‘Rock and Roll Nightclub’ debut and has adopted a...view item »

Death Lust

A re-issue of demos on Brooklyn label Captured Tracks has fuelled a burgeoning interest in Canadian punks Chastity. Support slots with Priests, Fucked Up, Metz and Chelsea Wolfe have only made people more excited about their debut LP Death Lust. The album revolv...view item »

Sorpresa Familia

Captured Tracks have captured some more tracks (ahem) from Catalan outfit MOURN. Twelve febrile, jittery post-punk numbers here, with Sorpresa Familia set to please anyone who enjoyed last year’s live-wire Over The Wall EP. Manages to recall all of Good Throb, Pis...view item »

Gabriella Cohen
Pink Is The Colour of Unconditional Love

Captured Tracks have gone and captured themselves another bunch of tracks from Australian songsmith Gabriella Cohen. The follow-up to her 2015 debut LP sees Cohen honing her craft and turning in some well-heeled indie-pop in the vein of labelmates Mac Demarco and Craft Spells. W...view item »

FF (shoegaze band)

‘Lord’ is the debut LP from Seattle-based punk trio FF. They claim to make gloomy, ethereal punk anthems inspirited by the Northest DIY underground scene of their hometown. Their sound has be likened to My Bloody Valentine, Wipers, Sonic Youth and the Flying Nun Records cabal by lazy journos. Apparently this band is different though,...view item »

Earth Dies Burning
Songs From The Valley Of The Bored Teenager (1981-1984)

As reissue culture finally eats itself we have for your delectation a compilation of Brad Laner’s (Medicine) childhood band. I’m not certain which extra qualities have been seen in their angsty caterwauling that have raised it above the zillions of spotty, sexually frustrated teenagers that have ...view item »

Wax Chattels
Wax Chattels

Auckland’s Wax Chattels self-identify as ‘guitarless guitar music’. This description makes plenty of sense when you get a load of their eponymous debut LP. There’s a lot of rock-isms going on here - the yelpy vocals and pounding drums of a garage rock band, bass licks with a light punk-funk flavour - but ...view item »

Tides End

But do they, does a tide end? Can you stop the tide coming in armed only with a bucket and spade? Who knows...but what I do know is that this lot wrote this album in an underground bunker listening to only Seal and Simply Red records. It’s a shame they didn’t take on board some of the softer sounds of those records on the first track...view item »

Martin Newell
The Greatest Living Englishman

Now that Mark E Smith has left this mortal coil, Martin Newell could indeed be a contender for greatest living Englishman. His work with the Cleaners From Venus and Brotherhood of Lizards is enough on its own to win him the title. This is the 25th anniversary of his Andy Partridge (XTC...view item »
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Mac DeMarco
Old Dog Demos

LP (CTSP51LPC1, £22.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Gift Wrap
Losing Count

Brendon Avalos is another one of those artists who though why bother working with a band (in his case B Boys) when you can just do everything yourself. So he's gone down the solo path culminating in an album of experimental electronic pop which takes in influences all the way from Depeche Mode to Frank O...view item »

Robert Earl Thomas
Another Age

Robert Earl Thomas’s voice and guitar stylings might be familiar to listeners from his time with Widowspeak, but guess what? He also has a solo project. Another Age...view item »

Perfect Pussy
Say Yes To Love

Just freaked the gaffer out by proclaiming I hated this. 'But Clint is tweeting this ASAP!' he barks back at me. Um sorry, I had confused it with something else on Captured Tracks which is still way better than most NY labels. Perfect Pussy, apart from having a great logo, a smirky name and a gutsy shouty girl for a singer are quite stun...view item »

The Apartments
The Evening Visits and Stays for Years (Expanded Edition)

The Apartments main man, Peter Milton Walsh made a big noise in the Brisbane alternative music scene of the late seventies and early eighties. So much so that none other than Grant McLennan and Robert Forster from fellow Brisbanites The Go Betweens asked him to join their band. He did, but not for long. They wer...view item »

The Brotherhood of Lizards

Been waiting a long time for this to be re-issued. This is the short lived 'other' band of the Cleaners From Venus main man Martin Newell but there's not all that much difference in the sound. It still has that perfect '80s update of classic '60s pop and the sort of melodies that other bands would kill for. Once again it was ign...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
The Best Of

Straight outta 1980’s Wivenhoe came Cleaners From Venus, the magical DIY pop project of Martin Newell. This Best Of compilation plucks choice tracks from a nine-album career, presenting multiple sides of the Cleaners’ sound, always made in the moment and on Martin...view item »


Popping up again after February’s Peroxide 7”, here’s a quick, propulsive EP of angst-ridden post-punk from Whitby, Ontario resident Brandon Williams, or Chastity...view item »

Mac DeMarco
Another One

Smooth rolling singer-songwriter duuude Mac DeMarco has a new record out, even though it was just a year since the last! Excellent work ethic. Another One has eight fine tracks of his sauntering melancholy style, featuring not a note from anybody but DeMarco himself: a real solo album! Out on Captured T...view item »


This is the second record I’ve heard this week that sounds a little like Mazzy Star, I guess they were a big influence on a lot of people, this has a bit more of a folk feel to it though and for a two piece they fill out their sound quite well, lot...view item »
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Cleaners From Venus
Living With Victoria Grey

Ok, loads of Cleaners From Venus stuff in this week. We won’t have time to write about all of it save to say, the band are rather like Guided By Voices in that once you pop, you can’t stop. 'Living With Victoria Grey' is made up of a series of quite brilliant songs which ende...view item »
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Lina Tullgren

Captured Tracks have unearthed yet another quietly impressive singer-songwriter in the form of Maine resident Lina Tullgren. There are shades of Joanna Gruesome, Ought and Colleen Green across Won as Tullgren turns in a record of well-groomed, vagu...view item »

Alex Calder
Alex Calder

Alex Calder returns to the full-length album format for the first time in a while, titling it with his own name for good measure. Alex Calder is a serious (but not mopey) record in terms of lyrical content and g...view item »
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Expect The Best

As if Widowspeak have been around for seven years? Life, it would seem, really does come at you fast, and this band of hybrid folk rock and dream pop continue to make strides in their sound, now coming a long way from their Fleetwood Mac inspired debut. A record of patient deliberation and th...view item »

Naomi Punk

Really oddball sounding lo-fi sound collage rock from this three piece who have toured extensively with Parquet Courts to the point where their Andrew Savage writes the press release here. He's smitten for sure. I'll take his word. It's really wobbly off kilter stuff but there's pop hooks 'neath the sludge. ...view item »

Alex Calder / Homeshake
Nankhatai / Stuck Inside

Montreal artists Alex Calder and Homeshake both pull out an exclusive cut from their archives of bedroom-produced pop magic, in order to raise funds for the International Refugee Assistance Project. The Homeshake track is notable for its disorientating woozy tempo changes, and Calder...view item »

Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

Here he comes again, wearer of North America's filthiest dungarees, that gap toothed smile presumably still intact. Last year's 'Another One' had him a little more measured and melancholy and certainly the first two tracks teased from this have a similar hushed vibe but with that twanging jangling guitar and warm mid fi pop sound intact...view item »

Molly Burch
Please Be Mine

Please Be Mine is the debut album of Molly Burch, a singer trained in jazz vocal techniques but taking herself in slightly different directions when it comes to her own music. Along with her tight knit band, featuring Danny Toliver and Dan Duszynski, she recorded these cool, sweetly swi...view item »

Gabriella Cohen
Full Closure and No Details

Here is a direct and highly intimate debut from Gabriella Cohen, recorded at home in Australia with the assistance of close friend and associate Kate Dillon. Full Closure And No Details is a sweet set of indie-pop songs with 60’s summer melodies and pleasingly simple production. The album is relea...view item »

Matteo Vallicelli

Matteo Vallicelli is the drummer in The Soft Moon as well as a wide brace of Italian punk bands, but his first solo album, Primo, is something different. Vallicelli moved to Berlin a few years ago, and naturally the 4/4 beats in the air led him to explore electronic music. These pulsing...view item »
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Chastity is the project of Brandon Williams, broadcasting from a Canadian suburb that is apparently positioned so that Toronto is tantalisingly out of reach. The frustration of youth is a key theme on Peroxide, a song as heavy with emotional drama as it is with reverb, piano and big-chorus drums. 7&rdqu...view item »

The Stray Trolleys
Barricades and Angels

If, like me, you've fallen in love with the music of Martin Newell via the various the Cleaners from Venus and the Brotherhood of Lizards re-issues on Captured Tracks then here's another one to add to the list. This delves further back in time to the late '70s and Newell's rickety new wave outfit the Stray Troll...view item »

Beach Fossils
Shallow / Lessons

Beach Fossils are another Captured Tracks band that seem to sell shitloads of records. This is their first outing in over a year so I'm sure it's gonna sell heaps and my opinion ain't gonna change nothing. For what it's worth it's hard not to like Beach Fossils. This one kinda reminds me ...view item »
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High In Place

EZTV whet our whistles last year with their debut 'Calling Out' which updated the ace power pop of the likes of Shoes and Big Star for a young fresh generation of melody fans. Here, they've bought a new studio invited some friends like Jenny Lewis and Martin Courtney to help out...view item »

Ha, Ha, He.

Mourn made a Pretty Damn Good debut record quite recently: their self-titled hit the proverbial shelves in 2014, and proved a confident and knowing garage rock record, one that could wink back at the classics while crafting new enough hooks. Now they're back, and apparently amused, with 'Ha, Ha, He.'; one assumes the hooks while be as short 'n' ...view item »

Chris Cohen
As If Apart

Chris Cohen has played with Deerhoof, Cryptacise, Cass McCombs and plenty more, but here he leads proceedings himself. As If Apart is a lovely set of gentle guitar-led pop, somewhat in the vein of a classic San Francisco 70’s rock songwriter LP. Strong songs, but ...view item »

B Boys
No Worry No Mind

Coming at you straight out of Brooklyn, NYC, are the trio of B Boys, who play a cool kind of surf-garage punk-rock (surfing in the garage? Does that work?). They might recall fellow New Yorkers Parquet Courts to some ears: they certainly have the energy and the chops for it. No Worry No Mind is out on C...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
A Dawn Chorus

Here is a vinylized version of the bonus CD of goodies that finished off the 'Volume 2' edition of the Cleaners From Venus box sets that were released on Captured Tracks. This one delves way into Martin Newell's murky past and includes his marvellous solo punk songs from the late '70s including 'Young Jobless' which was used to try and get peopl...view item »
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Psychic Lovers

Psychic Lovers is the debut album from Danish producer Dinner and it sharpens the melancholy synth pop of his first three EPs. Anders Rhedin’s sound pushes the textures and production of 1980s pop into extremes, including his distinctive croon. By doing this he highlights just how strange and sad thes...view item »

Mac DeMarco
Another (Demo) One

Mac De Marco's latest effort 'Another One' was like drinking Ben Shaw's 'to dilute' orange juice after bingeing on Tropicana for ten years. Generally as weak as a piss in a reservoir, it showcased the first signs that Mac was starting to believe his own hype and actually not trying that hard. So this Record Store Day it's time t...view item »
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Despite its diverse instrumentation and big band atmosphere Boulevards is dominated by the presence of one man, Jamil Rashad. His deep and emotive vocals power the electronic soul of Groove! Whether the background is early hip-hop productions, or 1980s party jams, he can be relied on for smooth ...view item »

Is The Is Are

DIIV have produced a whole 17 songs for their hard-to-say-out-loud second album Is The Is Are. Zachary Cole Smith (formerly a Darwin Deez associate) has led his band into the fruitful territory of melodic shoegaze-tinged dream pop, which they perform with aplomb. CD or double LP on the ...view item »

Calling Out

EZTV is songwriter Ezra Tenenbaum teamed up with the rhythm section of Shane O’Connell and Michael Stasiak, forming a power trio to make Ezra’s masses of demoed songs into fully-fledged band reality. Calling Out is the group’s debut, p...view item »

Milk 'n' Cookies
Milk ’n’ Cookies

New York’s Milk ‘n’ Cookies never achieved much success, something that is hard to fathom when listening back to the recordings: their sound is bursting with life-energy, directed to a sharp pop-punk point. This comprehensive reissue gathers their one album up with 2 LPs’ worth of rare and unreleased stuf...view item »
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Charlie Hilton

Charlie Hilton has spun off from her band Blouse for this debut solo record. Palana, produced with the help of Jacob Portrait (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), is a shiny array of tuneful psychedelic pop, Hilton’s cool, stately vocals in the centre of i...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
Vol. 3

Ok, loads of Cleaners From Venus stuff in this week. We won’t have time to write about all of it save to say, the band are rather like Guided By Voices in that once you pop, you can’t stop. No album is particularly better than the other. you kind of need all of it. You can either buy t...view item »
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The Wake
Here Comes Everybody + Singles

A thoroughly comprehensive compendium of The Wake in-and-around their fabled Here Comes Everyone album, in celebration of its 30th birthday. Captured Tracks once again do the honourable thing in bringing these unique, dreamy post-punk sounds to a wider audience via a plush reissue. The album tracks are joined b...view item »
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All Yours

Widowspeak produce a beautifully languishing music, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas winding their melodic lines together. Hamilton sings gently but passionately, and the band’s instrumental backing billows slowly. All Yours is a very accomplished third album...view item »

Michael Vidal
Dream Center

You might know Michael Vidal as the frontperson of punk-people Abe Vigoda, but Dream Center, his first solo outing, shows a very different side of his musical thinking. This is a more indie-ish set of guitar pop songs, with a tinge of electronic ambience making up the background. Reissue of the original...view item »

Half String
Maps For Sleep

Captured Tracks' shoegaze archive series continues apace with this offering from early '90s Arizona shoepoppers Half String, whose affecting dreamgaze tones fall somewhere between ...view item »
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Martin Newell
Teatime Assortment

Martin Newell is in this game for life, and generally prefers the direct intimacy of self-recorded home demos to ‘proper’ studio behaviour. Although to call them demos is to disparage them: Teatime Assortment spans a few years worth of this home activity, and show a genuine compositional depth coupled with a...view item »
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Teenage Panzerkorps
Teenage Panzerkorps

This 7" has the best Teenage Panzerkorps song on it, 'Arc de Triomphe'. If you like this band then you need this one. That's all I have to say....view item »
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Christmas Island

Was curious to hear Christmas Island. They've a 7" single out on label du jour Captured Tracks, complete with a great sleeve. The 'A' is 'Nineteen' which is a lovely slice of early 'K' records style strummy indie that recalls a less shambolic Beat Happening or some Antipodean maverick lo-fi classic. It's executed with such casual simpli...view item »
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The Beets
Pick Another Corner/Time Brought Age

Yeah. Violent Femmes, The Clean & Beat Happening. Squash them into a mad 7" vinyl patty and you get The Beets new single! 'Pick Another Corner' is comprised of really breathless, timeless, strummy/slacker indie garage rock with a sturdy K records influence and a thoroughly adorable core element. It's woefully short & leaves me really pan...view item »
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Juan Wauters
Who Me?

Juan Waters sings and arranges songs that wrap up existentialism (see the title, Who Me?) within a parcel of upbeat melodicism. Waters isn’t afraid to disrupt though, dropping unexpected sonic elements into his tracks, such as audience applause in the middle of ‘She Might Get Shot’. On...view item »

The Soft Moon

The reclusive tones of The Soft Moon betray its humble origins: the project was never meant to be heard. But private press doesn't remain private for long, in most cases, and Luis Vasquez soon shared his melancholic wasteland of cold synth and post-punk with the world. Deeper is what it says: another...view item »

Three EPs, 2012-2014

Do you remember what you were like in 2012? I had a crazy mustache (it was good, trust me (I’m serious)), long hair and a crazy girlfriend. It’s good to remember times gone by, even if you’re glad they’re over. That’s what Dinner thought while recording his debut album. Here are his three EPs from t...view item »
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Pale Blue
The Past We Leave Behind

Pale Blue is the new project from Mike Simonetti. Simonetti enlisted the incredible talent of Silver Hands’ vocalist Elizabeth Wight to be the focal point of Pale Blue. The Past We Leave Behind is a warm, melodic electronic record with elements of...view item »

Connie Converse
How Sad, How Lovely

Squirrel Thing/Captured Tracks reissue the 2009 collection of songs by the enigmatic Elizabeth Eaton Converse on vinyl and CD. ‘Connie’ Converse was a 1950s singer-songwriter who disappeared without trace in 1974. The music gathered on this album illustrates her free-spirited, poetic...view item »
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Nic Hessler
Soft Connections

Optimistic and introspective, Nic Hessler’s ‘Soft Connections’ record was a long term labour of love and growth for the musical self explorer on the brink of a personal breakthrough. The thoughtfully crafted songs are a pilgrimage towards purpose and direction, a soundtrack to your own personal coming of age movie or failed rom...view item »


Mourn like the old-school punks, but, like, the good ones that we don't listen to enough: they cite the song-writing of PJ Harvey as an influence, as well as the lo-fi indie pop antics of Sebadoh. Their sound is fitting: Mourn has confrontation at all costs, and...view item »

The Monochrome Set
White Noise: Early Recordings

I feel like I should've known more about these guys.. I mean from the moment you stick on this seven track slab of early recordings (dating from the mid-late 1970s) it's completely apparent that they've played a really important part in indie rock history, even if they don't seem to have quite had their due for it. I guess their low-key proto-Ne...view item »
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Bunny Lion

Some soul soothers on this one from Bunny Lion. Red is getting the repress treatment, even though it evaded the limelight the first time. Featuring vocals from Linval Thomas, this record is raw, outrageously grooving and a delicious slice of dubbed out reggae for those wanting some untapped rootsy vibrati...view item »

Perfect Pussy
I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

I Have Lost Desire For All Feeling first gained attention when it was self-released as a demo EP back in 2013. Subsequently, Perfect Pussy's brand of urgent and febrile noise-punk continued to prevail with their 2014 debut LP Say Yes To Love being critically praised...view item »

Alex Calder
Strange Dreams

Full length indie pop album from Alex Calder, another talented singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. Focused, psyche and spooky songs meet jangly bright guitar in this album on Captured Tracks. Once one half of Makeout Videotape with Mac DeMarco, now doing his own lo-fi thing. Fans of Deerhunter will love it. Vinyl and CD....view item »

Mac DeMarco
Demos Volume 1

Chill daddy and stoner seminar leader Mac DeMarco actually did a few takes of the songs on 2 and Salad Days, if you can believe it. His sunshine pop is given an origin story with Demos Volume 1, a nice little CD that puts the inner workings of his recent songs on display. If yo...view item »

Molly Drake
Molly Drake

Molly Drake is Nick Drake’s mother, and these are home recordings made in the 1950s, never intended for public consumption. Of course, we cannot escape the Nick context when listening, but Molly is a bewitching musician in her own right, and although the songs are her own, she imbues them with the feeling ...view item »
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Juan & Carmelle
Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur

Some heartfelt sincerity from Juan & Carmelle. Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur is the new release from this duo of poets. This continuous near quarter hour of non-stop picking guitar-meets-spoken word - waxing lyrical about the every day to the life and times of James Brown. Similar to She...view item »
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Mega Bog
Gone Banana

Mega Bog's intoxicating pop music has a learning curve, sounding slightly off-centre at first but becoming more and more irresistible as time goes on. The whispered vocals, barely strummed chords and skittering drums often sound like they've been produced from the other end of a church, but they usually envelop into something full-bodied an...view item »

Shiny Two Shiny
When The Rain Stops

Back in the early 80s, Gayna Florence Perry and Robin Surtees combined to form Shiny Two Shiny, a moniker they worked under to craft tight synth jams with the occasional foreboding moment --- it never got too serious, though. They only released one record, 'Halfway Across the Rainbow', and another single left off it. Now their short-li...view item »
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The Stockholm Monsters
All At Once

I’ve enjoyed all manner of musics from the early 80’s Factory era but seem to have completely ignored Stockholm Monsters.  They were the first band to come out of Burnage, Manchester and it is said were an influence on the young Noel Gallagher. Contrary to many Factory bands of the er...view item »
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Home Everywhere

Medicine make songs and then sabotage them until they're buried under a dusty pile of rocks, taking after the Perfect Pussy punx with the whole mission statement of "write pop, fuck it up later". Unlike the fuzz of their peers, 'Home Everywhere' has little interest in nostalgia, making the noise the main attraction and the tune under it a second...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
Extra Wages

Have you discovered Cleaners From Venus yet? If not then you might want to start thinking about doing so. The massive re-issue campaign by Captured Tracks has yielded three CD box sets and countless vinyl re-issues. The latest of which is a vinyl edition of an unreleased LP of material which also makes up CD4 of the latest ...view item »
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The Outsiders
Close Up

Before The Sound, Adrian Borland played with punky power-popsters The Outsiders, who brought out two albums, '77's 'Calling On Youth' and '78's 'Close Up', before splitting/morphing into Borland's better-known outfit. That second album has been reissued this week by the excellen...view item »
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Naomi Punk
Television Man

Over the last four years, Olympia-based punk trio Naomi Punk - featuring singer/guitarist Travis Coster, guitarist Neil Gregerson, and drummer Nic Luempert - have been lighting up DIY warehouses and large concert halls alike with their singular brand of mid-tempo, cathartic punk. Commencing their breakout 2012 debut ‘The Feeling&rs...view item »

Donovan Blanc
Donovan Blanc

Captured Tracks valiant and worthy attempts to fill the world with dreamy, jangly 80’s-inspired pop continues unabated with this laconic album by a couple of New Jersey strummers. The sound is of course lovely, lots of jangling guitars referencing Real Estate, Field Mic...view item »

The Servants
Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manques

Lets get it out the way, The Servants were England’s answer to The Go-Betweens. They had the strummy guitars, 60’s influenced pop moves and oddball time and chord changes that littered the Australian bands’ early work.  After appearing on the C86 compilation, they were later joined by ...view item »
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Nick Nicely
Elegant Daze - Songs From 1976-1986

When the internet was first up and running I once spent several evenings trying to find an mp3 of 'Hilly Fields (1892)' by Nick Nicely. It's one of those eerie, dreamy tracks that somehow is totally out of its time, transporting hazy late 60's marijuana soaked psychedelic pop to the post ...view item »
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Cleaners From Venus
My Back Wages

This is probably the finest of the recent Cleaners reissues. Following on from 'Number 13',  this album (as with all of these originally released on cassette) shows a more mature approach to Martin Newell's songwriting. The highlight is 'Gulf War Song' a superb evocation of life after a mindless war. Lyrically and musically brilliant, ...view item »
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Cleaners From Venus
Number Thirteen

The next installment of the Cleaners re-issue project is 'Number 13'. Like all of these albums there are tracks you'll want to skip but also contain songwriting so fine you simply can't believe that someone somewhere couldn't nuture Martin Newell's wayward talent and turn him into an 80's pop hero. The opener here 'The Jangling Man' is superb an...view item »

Craft Spells

The law of averages says I’m going to find an album I actually like this week. Y’know, that I might take home and shit? The fact that this is on Captured Tracks and that the opening track sounds something like a Wild Nothing/Real Estate hybrid suggests I may have hi...view item »

The Bats
Volume 1

The Bats - Volume One contains all of their recorded works from 1984-1988. Their first 3 EPs, their debut album Daddy’s Highway, which is regarded as one of the best albums to come out of New Zealand, and it’s follow-up The Law Of Things. There is also a bunch of demos from each period....view item »
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Bok Bok (Steve Garvey and Karl Burns)
Come Back To Me / Misfit  

7" (CT196LP, £9.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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