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The self-titled album by Zipper hasn’t been easy to come across in the 40 years since it was released, which has been a long-standing disappointment for fans of chugging heavy-cock-rock from the 1970’s. This reissue has restored artwork and comes with two bonus tracks not on the original! On Permanent....view item »

Moon Duo/ Bitchin Bajas
Boppers Hair/ Fresh Hair

This split effort starts ominously with Moon Duo. The weapon's set to brooding. The track creeps in like a street cat wanting some free breakfast. There are some whispered vocals about 15 seconds in then it proceeds to take you on a blissed out trip to some future city. Or meanders its way to nothingness (or Pudsey) depending on which way you lo...view item »
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Leather Slave
Leather Slave

Before you ask a pertinent question -- is this porn? -- rest assured it is in fact actually music. Leather Slave make primitive and decidedly raw rock 'n' roll that tries to outdo the spitting, straight-and-narrow era of the Stooges. It's repulsive and infecting at the same time, because for Leather Slave, catchiness should be like a disease: co...view item »
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After Chile’s WatchOut! received lots of love with very little exposure for their insanely limited debut album (previously only available on CD and super-ltd lathe cut), the record finally gets a proper vinyl release courtesy of the nice people at Permanent Records. I’m having terrible trouble pi...view item »
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Purveyors of high-quality Filth from the Outback for a few years now, Aloha is Cuntz second album, and it's even better than the first. It's nasty, scuzzy and it'll smash your ears in with a hammer before sewing new ones back on. Your mum probably wouldn't be a fan. The tribal, repetitive drum beats remind me of King ...view item »

Afflicted Man
I'm Off Me 'ead

Certainly way more than what it appears at first glance. Its sleeve would give the impression of a half baked would-be punk, its initial sound suggests the same but delve a little deeper and there is much more to it. This was the early ‘80s project of one Steve Hall, a kind of proto-punk protaganist who released a slew of albums in the lat...view item »

Bitchin Bajas
Krausened EP

Cosmic explorers Bitchin Bajas, the other band of CAVE’s Cooper Crain and Mahjongg’s Dan Quinlivan, are back with a lengthy new 12” EP containing two side-long passages of shimmering kosmische and motorik electrokraut, clocking in at almost 40 minutes in total,...view item »
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Busted At Oz

Oh man, I've not heard Naked Raygun in aaaaages. I remember reading once that they were the band which prompted Steve Albini to form Big Black (he even nabbed Santiago Durango and Jeff Pezzati from them) so we all owe them everything, basically. Personally I find that it's quite hard to see the influence on some of their later records (as good a...view item »

Brain Idea
The Survival Scrolls

It's too fucking early and I'm too fucking tired to do justice to what I'm hearing now! Anger!!! Brain Idea are a relatively fresh new face on the scene with only a single tape release and this debut for real on Permanent to their name but they certainly know how to craft a banging tune. The Clean are an obvious reference point on 'The Surviving...view item »
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Cave / California Raisins
Split EP

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Hunt Like Devil/Jamz

I don't know shit all about Cave though i'm sure i heard the 'Psychic Psummer' L.P on the office stereo a while back....i can't remember, i'm a busy lady. Anyway, this is two E.P's on one 12" entitled 'Hunt like Devil/Jamz'. 'Hunt like devil' kicks things off nicely with a krautrock jam with attitude like the kind of thing Trans Am might do if th...view item »
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From the Grave

Umberto, Umberto they drink it in the um.. Congo. The premise behind this solo project of Expo '70 bassist Matt Hill is to re-interpret the classic 70's synth soundtracks by the likes of Goblin and John Carpenter even to the point that we have tracks entitled 'Opening Credits' (which comes across as a synth re-interpretation of Joy Division...view item »
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Purling Hiss
Purling Hiss

Purling Hiss's newie kicks all sorts of ass. Its particular brand of psyched out space rock is something that I find enchanting if only because it makes me feel like I've been up all night chonging life pipes. This is 43 mind bending minutes of saturated noise rock that grabs you and refuses to let go until you bow down and take the scaly black ...view item »
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Different Thinking People

'For Fans Of: Chrome, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, Ralph Records, and SF Artpunk'? Sounds pure hard body. Count I in for some o' dat. To be honest, from what I've heard of this so far I barely need to add anything to that first line.. You've got your clangy, trebly basslines, your primitivist cut 'n' paste surrealist touches, your Residents-style pla...view item »
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Charles Albright
I'm Happy, I'm A Genius

This Charles Albright band are fucking nuts! Not quite as nuts as the serial killer they take their moniker from but still pretty nuts all the same. They ply their trade in ultra lo-fi experimental punk rock meaning this 7" has been recorded in the lairiest, noisiest possible way. Think Guitar Wolf noisy. We are talking serious tape saturation a...view item »
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Steel Pole Bath Tub

I used to love these guys in the mid-Nineties. In my opinion they're one of the truly under-rated US underground bands of the era. They were on Boner Records along with the Melvins. The story goes that the major label that signed them deemed this record as unlistenable in 1996 and so it was shelved until it came out on CD eight years ago. So her...view item »
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God And Hair

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Black Math
Phantom Power

When I first laid my Melton Mobray pies (eyes) on this LP I totally thought I was going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the darkest bowels of mans domain. It looked as much fun as a weekend hanging out with Quentin Wilson and an industrial sized bucket of Swarfega. Thankfully it isn't. This three piece do have a dark sound that does hav...view item »
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Yowza!!! This one's bangers! Not heard their first one-sided effort but this full-length outing is an absolute treat. Real fucking loud, Amphetamine Records/Skin Graft style brutal noise rock from ex-members of Coughs. I can't tell you which members though cause I don't know and it's not obvious from looking at the sleeve. The press release sugg...view item »
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I'm really diggin' the batch of Permanent Records releases this week and this here is no exception. This is full on raw as fuck punk rock that makes me feel like I've been speedballing 20 kilos while being on an intravenous drip of 100% pure adrenalin while necking copious amounts of Wild Turkey with mescaline and then going to rob a liquor stor...view item »
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No Balls
Come Clean

There's a big sticker on this record saying it's one of Aquarius's records of the year. Now call me cynical but I might start doing that for everything just so we get our name mentioned on the front of every record. Genius. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. No Balls are ex Brainbombs and if you're not familiar with them they're a bunch ...view item »
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