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After dropping two EPs on R&S in the past couple of years, Afriqua now returns to the label with his debut LP. Colored is another set of Afrofuturist dancefloor tackle from the one born Adam Longman Parker. The sleek stylings of Moodymann are blended with the dubbier sounds of European house labels like Dekmantel. Salomon Faye and Zap Mama are among the guests on Colored.

Nicolas Jaar

Following on from the Against All Logic retrospective which was released in early 2018, electronic composer, Nicolas Jaar dips back into his archive for Nymphs. The music was written over a four year period between 2011 and 2015. This triple LP on R&S is the first time the series has been released as one compilation. Artwork designed by David Rudnick.

Lost Souls of Saturn
Lost Souls of Saturn

An essential for fans of ambient house, this is the full-length debut album from Lost Souls of Saturn, a multimedia project conceived in the live arena by DJs Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa. Lost Souls of Saturn is two LPs’ worth of dub, acid house and all manner of samples sourced from extensive crate-digging.

Paul White
Shaker Notes

Paul White is the instrumental hip-hop artist and electronic producer behind tunes like "Where You Gonna Go", but on 'Shaker Notes', his debut record for the R&S imprint, he goes into singer-songwriter territory. Well, as singer-songwriter as Paul White can get: it's a record about personal grief and romantic loss, but it's filtered through his usual experimental tricks and vignettes, with plenty of off-kilter percussion, distanced vocals and enveloping electronic layers. There's sax too. Gotta have sax.
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Lakker are back(er) on R&S with their third LP for the famed dance music label. Época finds the Irish duo doubling down on the murky, unsettling club style that they showed off on their last release, 2017 mixtape Die Vergangenheit, Die Gegenwart, Die Zukunft. The juxtaposition of distorted atmospherics with pummelling kick drums on Época cuts like ‘A Whisper In Your Ear’ recalls Ziur and Rabit.

Paul White

Previously known as the beatsmith who was, among other things, the architect of Danny Brown’s avant-rap masterpiece Atrocity Exhibition, Paul White has foregone sampling for his latest LP. In Rejuvenate, he has composed, performed and produced eleven tracks of limber, playful pop. There’s more than a little of Dirty Projectors, Solange and tUnE-yArDs in here. Rejuvenate by name, rejuvenate by nature.


After three albums on Rvng Intl. New York duo Blondes join R&S for their latest full length. Growing from a love of repetition and dense texture layers, they have made the natural transformation into full blown techno. On Warmth they ramp up the percussion even further than before whilst maintaining the precise texture driven themes, post 5am techno at its peak.


Dark, brooding atmospheres reminiscent of your time as a night-shift factory worker, always throbbing onward: expect those sounds from Lakker’s debut full length. Tundra will give you the chills with its threatening basses and obtuse beats that’ll fill your room, ears and head as soon as the needle touches the vinyl.


Lone again, naturally. Matt Cutler's been doing this music thing for quite a while now -- 'Levitate', his sixth album under this moniker, gets an upgrade in tempo, revelling in ecstatic breakbeats and a love of jungle. It's a switch up from the arguably chiller music he's been making of late.

Alex Smoke
Love Over Will

Available as CD and vinyl LP on R&S, Love over Will is a grand and melancholy collection of electronica from Alex Smoke. Following a run of great EPs, this album blends icy new wave synths and drum machines with Smoke’s classical training and longing voice. His crisp electronic productions are always matched with a dark and inventive wit.

Blue Daisy
Darker Than Blue

Blue Daisy is the solo project of Kwesi Darko, who writes, produces and performs. His production style is remarkable: for example, the title track moves through smooth background ambience, moodily aggressive hip-hop, woozy string samples and rock cacophony in just four minutes. Darker Than Blue is on R&S.

Always Forever

Hazy sunset vibes from London-based Vondelpark. Taken from the debut album Seabed, Always Forever is a slow burning R&B jam that effortlessly fades into the background to furnish lazy evenings. The remix comes from John Roberts who adds a smidgen of urgency to the track with a liquid underwater feel. Out on 10” vinyl from R&S.
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