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And Yet It's All Love

If there were any justice in the world, Fatima would be selling out stadiums and schmoozing at the Grammy’s. The Swedish singer’s 2014 debut LP Yellow Memories was a glorious neo-soul record that held eloquence, confession and groove in perfect equilibrium. Four years on, And Yet It’s All Love seems destined to repeat the trick. Fatima’s voice remains as vibrant as ever, and productions from Natureboy Flako, Purist, MNDSGN and more provide her with excellent counter-weights. Out, of course, on Eglo.
  • Vinyl Double LP (EGLO61)
  • CD (EGLO61CD)


North London groovenik K15 follows up releases on the labels including Wild Oats and No Room For Air with a new EP for Eglo. Sunbeams is replete with the sort of jazz-flecked groove music that Floating Points has a lot to answer for, let alone be allowed to keep pedalling via his label. Rather than follow the well trodden house-meets-Herbie path of many of his peers, K15 chooses to lean on 2-step (‘Sunbeams’), garage (‘Starburst 3’) and juke (‘Esencia’).
  • Vinyl 10" (EGLO58)

Byron The Aquarius
Leaving This Planet

It’s debut release on a label time (always cause for celebration!) and today it’s Byron The Aquarius who links up with Eglo Records for the first time on the 12” release, Leaving This Planet. On his intergalactic travels, Byron pursues a disco asteroid, circles a jazz planet and performs a successful landing onto acid-house. Vintage sounds with a distinctly cutting-edge feel to them.
  • Vinyl 12" (EGLO56)

Steve Spacek
If U Wan 2 Find Me / Time Is Running Out

Ever the reliable go-to hub for soulful, jazzy beats and jams, Eglo Records invite London-raised Steve Spacek for a second dropon the label this year. “If U Wan 2 Find Me” juxtaposes a high-pitch croon with the snap, crackle and pop of bubbly, bassy juke-influenced beats. “Time Is Running Out” sits on the flip of the 12” and is decidedly dissimilar to the Muse song of the same name. It’s more of a straightforward house affair, providing some respite with its deep grooves and probing melodies.
  • Vinyl 12" (EGLO50)

Steve Spacek
Follow Me

If his Discogs page is telling the truth, then this is Steve Spacek's first solid release since 2009, on Eglo Records no less! Oh, and the page also says that his brother is apparently D-Bridge. Give this man some credit on his own, jeez. Expect some extremely soulful house action across the course of this 12", if the title track is anything to go by. 
  • Vinyl 12" (EGLO49)

Shafiq Husayn
On Our Way Home (feat. Fatima & Jimetta Rose)

A tantalising preview of Shafiq Husayn’s exciting second album The Loop. The single On Our Way Home moves along with both classic soulfulness and Brainfeeder-esque beat science, while guest vocalists Fatima and Jimetta Rose sing with fire and sunlight. Released as a single-sided 12” on Eglo.
  • Vinyl 12" (EGLO52)

Floating Points
Nuits Sonores / Nectarines

Floating Points takes the deep house genre tag a little too literally on "Nuits Sonores", stretching out to ten minutes of propulsive rhythms and slight melodies that quietly shift their way onto the dance-floor, as if replicating the first fish walking up onto land. This stunning, immense and eventually physically pulverising work sounds influenced by the gasping IDM ambience of Boards of Canada while keeping a firm grasp on its roots in house music. On the flip there's "Nectarines", if you need more. 


London based producers Henry Wu and K15 join forces under the WU15 heading, with K15 bringing his smooth soulful deep house grooves and Wu brings the hip hop swing. Seperately they’ve had releases on Ho Tep, Odd Socks, Wild Oats and WotNot Music, now working together they mesh their styles with a warm ease.

Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, Floating Points & James Holden

Lovely stuff here from the one-off group of James Holden, Floating Points, and Moroccan Gnawa master Maalem Mahmoud Guinia (plus his band). Recorded next to a hotel pool, the session sounds remarkably open, no party seeking to dominate but only to integrate their styles. Four tracks, vinyl released by Eglo.

Name Surname

The latest EP from Hejira following their 2013 debut LP, Prayer Before Birth. Name Surname is four tracks of blissed out, gentle electronica which channel bands such as The Naked and Famous but with a psychedelic and mysterious twist to proceedings. The EP is mixed by both Hejira and Floating Points.   12” vinyl EP.

Krystal Klear / Olivier Day Soul
Never Thought You Would Go

Floating Points
Sparkling Controversy

Chill but deep house dude Floating Points has dropped an unexpected single-sided 12" on our heads with 'Sparkling Controversy', which is coming courtesy of Eglo Records. The self-titled track takes "Arp 3", an old Floating Points tune that appeared on the 'Shadows' EP, as its cue, and dubs it up. It makes for a very chill excursion indeed, with pleasant keys and a rock-steady beat.

Yellow Memories

Some extra sexy heat for your frozen bones from Fatima. Yellow Memories is the debut from one of the deepest soul stirrers around. These grooves are so damn loose they barely stay together, yet they're tighter than than George Osborne's autumn statement. The list of producers will make you weep, with some of the hottest cats around on this one. As if that wasn't enough, Fatima's voice is pure jazzy R&B sass, so don't sleep on it. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Eglo.
  • Vinyl LP (EGLO36)
  • CD (EGLO36CD)

Worm Jelly

Some intergalactic philosophy from Kirkis. Worm Jelly is the new single from this diverse and multifaceted artists of sorts. Full of sprawling synthesisers, wonky beats and super smooth production, this is an excursion into cosmic R&B. Somewhere between Sa-Ra, Jai Paul and Bootsy. Out on 7" vinyl from Eglo.

Dego & Kaidi
Dego & Kaidi

Somewhere halfway between lounge and IDM, between jungle and pophouse, there lies a mysterious land only accessible by paying homage to Dego & Kaidi. With their dreamy synthscapes and drums so tight I should spell it tite, their self-titled debut is a free flight halfway between partying and dreaming - or both.
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  • Eglo

Funkineven / The Abstract Eye
Egypt / Reflexes

Floating Points

Floating Points

Funkineven & Fatima

Gifted And Blessed Presents The Abstract Eye
Gifted And Blessed Presents The Abstract Eye

Floating Points

Floating Points

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  • Eglo