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Rudi Arapahoe
Double Bind

I’m not familiar with this Rudi Arapahoe feller but Phil assures me he’s very good and rarely puts anything out, so I’m intrigued. On this little CD here (part of Hibernate’s excellent 3” CD postcard series) he gets together with five friends, inclu...view item »

Kleefstra / Pruiksma / Kleefstra

Where's the pop tunes I ask? Today I want pop tunes and I've got a load of experimental and drone for a change. I'm my own worst enemy...The Piiptsjilling brothers are back and they've collaborated with multi-percussionist Sytze Pruiksma (who can play more than one drum at once) for a new...view item »

In Our Hiding Voice

The second track on this is like been immersed into a pothole outside a factory where they're drilling things. A muffled fuzzy rumble, disquieting & deep but not sinister, almost soothing! Ten tracks long, meaning more moods & textures to be explored. This is a pretty drone orientated album but it has a presence & a gravity unlike ma...view item »

Danny Clay

Some spiritual alleviation from Danny Clay. Ganymede are eight works from the Midwestern artists and producer. These pieces came to life when Clay took a bit of Schubert's Ganymed, disentangled the parts and created his own piece of ambient wellness. His studio wizardry shows how ...view item »

Ghost and Tape
Poble Nou

Found sound recordings of water, birds along with harmonious synths and strings from Barcelona-based musician, producer and wanderer Heine Christensen under his Ghost and Tape moniker. Layers upon layers of sound build up to create the feeling of a beautiful day. You can almost smell the hot earth and the cool stream. Four track...view item »

There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay

Ian M Hazeldine, a.k.a Antonymes revisits and reinterprets ‘Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future’ (previously available on Cathedral Transmissions) with the help of guest contributors Ian Hawgood, Katie English, ...view item »

Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot

Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot have long been friends but this is the first time the two have collaborated together on a record, one which apparently came together quite organically through the pair simply sitting down with guitars and improvising together. Here, over five tracks, they collect the results of these improvisations, a slow-burning ...view item »

David Newlyn
Disintegrating Suburban Dream

I'm having another of my early morning ambient sessions. This time the man easing me from sleepy confusion into another week's review onslaught is David Newlyn, whose new CD 'Disintegrating Suburban Dream' I've just played twice through with a blank, glazed look on my face as I sup my coffee. Newlyn is making ambient texturescapes which ...view item »


Mmm... no noise. This ambient CD is very quiet. I’ll go and check if it’s playing. No it isn’t. Oops. Ok I can hear things now! Rion is Ryo Nakata (aka Ryonkt and the chap who runs the Small Fragments label) and Ian Hawgood (who is Ian Hawgood and he runs th...view item »

Beneath Peaks

From the echoing zoo of sound that is the kick-off aural structure here, you know you're on interesting ground with an Autistici release. David W Newman is an experimental sound artist of visionary proportions, his productions are steeped in...view item »

Phase Portrait

Ah another day, another drone. This time its courtesy of a man called Seth from New Mexico who utilises the wide open spaces of his home state to create textured ambient soundscapes. Or in the words of one other Normans employee who shall remain nameless (clue: starts with 'P' ends with 'hil')...view item »

Descent Into Delta

I like this guy. He's only been doing stuff for a few years but his first few releases really impressed me. I was looking forward to this baby and it doesn't disappoint! Again I'm gonna use the word soundscapes...actually fuck it...this guy creates beautiful dreamscapes! Ben (...view item »


Not a big fan of 3" CDs. I always lose them you see. They're not large enough to be used as drinks coasters either. I like this Bengalfuel 'Flower EP' series however, which has just reached its third instalment with 'Lowe' - another cracking four-tracker!...view item »


This is the second mini CD for Hibernate from the duo of Lou DiBenedetto and Joe LiTrenta. It begins with the startling 'Shadow Demon' which is arresting from the opening seconds with super dramatic strings and brooding cinematic soundscapes. It's clear we're in dark terrain as we th...view item »

Danny Saul
Kinison - Goldthwait

I knew I remembered the name from somewhere: Danny Saul did that Liondialer thing with Greg Haines a ways back. And I certainly know the name Goldthwait but I feel that I should make as little as possible out of the fact that I'm reviewing something which has something (however tenuously) to do with Zed from Police Academy because it's just ...view item »

Music In Four Movements

Talvihorros is the work of one man guitar manipulator and ambient enthusiast Ben Chatwin. Currently residing in London and enjoying a productive period as a solo artist (we've had a number of releases in stock since I started work here last year including an awesome looking tape on My Dance the Skull) Chatwin appears to be hitting his stride wit...view item »

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