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Mark Mulcahy
The Gus

The Gus is the seventh solo album from singer/songwriter, Mark Mulcahy. The lyrics for the album are inspired by the writing of George Saunders. His short stories made Mulcahy sit up and take note, improving his lyric writing and abilities as a storyteller. In recent years Mulcahy has been touring with a reformed Miracle Legion - the band he started his career with in the early ‘80s - alongside his solo work.

Miracle Legion
Portrait of a Damaged Family

Ah now this is more like it Record Store Day. 'Portrait of a Damaged Family' was Miracle Legion's fourth and to date final record but they'd got themselves in a right old muddle with their record company at the time so it was only given a small release. In fact as a Miracle Legion obsessive I only found out about it's existence years later. For the uninitiated, Miracle Legion were a popular mid '80s band that followed closely in the footsteps of REM's early dream like pastoral pop. After they split, singer Mark Mulcahy released a series of acclaimed solo albums of which Thom Yorke is a fan. The band is re-uniting for some shows this summer. Come to England, please.  

Mark Mulcahy
The Possum In The Driveway

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Thom Yorke / Mark Mulcahy
All For The Best / Ciao My Shining Star

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