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Les Choc Stars du Zaire / Teknokrat's
Nakombe Nga / What Did She Say

A Rush Hour reissue of a track by the superbly-named Les Choc Stars Du Zaire and Ben Nyambo here. 1989’s ‘Nakombe Nga’ is an ebullient fusion of Congolese Soukous with elements of disco and house. Fans of Tabu Ley Rochereau and Papa Wemba step this way. The Teknokrat's tune on the flip finds the same instrumental given a New Beat twist. Excellent release.
  • Vinyl 12" (RH RSS 25)
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Klein & MBO / Warrior
MBO Theme

Rush Hour reissue this eternal Italo disco proto-house classic from 1983, which was spun around Chicago and New York by legendary DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy and Larry Levan. Klein & MBO were Mario Boncaldo and Tony Carrasco who were also responsible for the equally classic 'Dirty Talk' from 1982. What makes this particular edition of 'MBO Theme' so tantalizing is the mega-rare addition of South African band Warrior's cover version on the flipside - created in response to the lack of availability of import copies of the original.
  • Vinyl 12" (RH RSS 24)

Mutant Beat Dance
Mutant Beat Dance

This self-titled record from Mutant Beat Dance is more of a debut opus than a debut LP. Featuring 25 tracks spread out over six (!) records/two CDs, and with the box-set including a booklet, Mutant Beat Dance is a lavish piece. With so much time to play with the music here is unsurprisingly varied. Founding members Traxx and Beau Wanzer have roped in Steve Summers for this selection that takes in everything from synthwave to Chicago acid to Liquid Liquid-style punk funk. Keep an ear out for members of LCD Soundsystem cropping up on backing vox.
  • CD (RHM 027CD)
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Find A Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent Mix)

Like Skymark? Like Ron Trent? Well then check this out: Mr Trent taking on a quality cut from Skymark’s Wave From The Nucleus album and transfiguring it into a super-deep dubtastic dancefloor ride, the way he knows how. This summer 12” release contains both the new Trentmix and the 2015 original version. From Rush Hour.

Hunchin' All Night

Hunee has had a reputation for being one of Europe’s most impeccable selectors for a while now. With Hunchin’ All Night, he’s letting you in on a few of his secret weapons. This triple-vinyl release collects twelve of the Berlin producers most beloved jams. It covers plenty of four-to-the-floor dancefloor styles - Afro-disco, hi-life, techno and deep house - and features tracks by the likes of Pat Thomas and Larry Heard. Also contains a cheeky Hunee edit of Trance Fusion’s ‘Mappa Mundi’.

Pecker Power

Here’s a rare example of Japan’s reggae dub undercurrent circa 1980: Pecker Power, by Pecker. The album mixes Japanese musicians like Minako Yoshida with familiar Jamaican original legends like Sly & Robbie and members of The Wailers, for an electronically-augmented cross-continental dub adventure. LP reissue on Rush Hour.
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  • Rush Hour

Robert Hood / Floorplan
Funky Souls

This 12” vinyl was originally released in limited edition in 1996, Rush Hour have repressed this Robert Hood classic for everyone to enjoy once again. Hood’s Floorplan series created to incredible funky disco house. The original mix is perfectly minimal in its groove, and the club 246 mix features a sample from Kool & The Gang - Open Sesame.
  • Vinyl 12" (RH-RH 1)
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The Abstract Eye
Cool Warm Divine EP

Electro-soul and techno with a melodic swing in its step and a twinkle in the eye, from The Abstract Eye. Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker -- also known as Gifted and Blessed -- has crafted a cool 5-track EP using his array of vintage instruments. He's somehow managed to mix ancient spirituality into his luminous productions and we at Norman are certainly eager to hear more. Reissue 12" on Rush Hour.
  • Vinyl 12" (RHM 023)
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Ben & Sadar's
We Are Righteous People

This is a bold and direct couple of tracks, straight-up disco jams forged from the apt collaboration of Ben & Sadar. As a wholly organic piece, nothing is sampled here - only clean cut bass, sax, guitar and drum programs amount to We Are Righteous People. It's a must have for retro electro fiend.
  • Vinyl 12" (RH-STORE JAMS010)
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Arp Frique
Nos Magia

Arp Frique is a colorful blend of Surinam, Caribbean, and Cape-Verdean influences, all laced together in a deliciously dirty mix of disco and afrobeat. For this 12”, Rotterdam-based frontman Niels Nieuborg has worked together with afrobeat and highlife legend Orlando Julius, currently playing with The Heliocentrics, and Cape-Verdean funana singer Americo Brito.


Hypnotic house music provides a framework for psych guitars, bouncing percussion and fizzing synth pads on these two deep cuts. The late, well loved Senyaka Kekana sits at the helm, rich vocals swimming around in the mix, delivering the kind of masterful soul only a true icon can. Beautiful grooves.

Population One
Hippnotic Culture Remixed

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of his minimal Detroit track Rush Hour, Population One himself – AKA Terrence Dixon – has released a five-track 12-inch (via Rush Hour records), remixing tracks from his classic 1995 LP Hippnotic Culture. Dixon really amps up the energy here, reminding us why he's been at the top for so long. 
  • Vinyl 12" (RHM 026)
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Pantsula! - The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa, 1988-90

Pantsula! is the name of South Africa’s 80’s dance underground culture, which grew out from the bubblegum and US-style disco, taking those starting points into even more electronic territory. This Rush Hour compilation covers the crucial years 1988 to 1990, with artists like Jazino, Kakappa and Jivaro featured. CD and double LP editions.
  • Vinyl Double LP (RHMC 003)

Soichi Terada
Sounds From The Far East

A collection of house music from Asia here on Sounds From the Far East with music from Soichi Terada, Shinichiro Yokota and Manabu Nagayama. The sound is reminiscent of ‘90s deep house from the US, with modular synths which punch and glide seamlessly into a cracking party track.   A double vinyl LP.

Vincent Floyd
Hard To Love

Soulful vocals glide alongside yearning keys and the kind of bass line that slips and slides below the rhythmic propulsion. A retro Chicago atmosphere is unsurprising given that this track is in fact remastered from the peak of the era. Smooth house music to soothe weary minds whilst still inspiring movement. 

New Aural Discourse

N.A.D. are back back back after twenty-five long years away from the coalface of Detroit-style techno. New Aural Discourse is a four track release that retains the classic bite of N.A.D.’s vintage work: it sounds like they even have the same good old drum machines in play. 12” on Rush Hour.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Thousand Knives / Plastic Bamboo

Ryuichi Sakamoto: the Japanese musician known for his masterful film soundtracks, his delicate piano music and his Yellow Magic Orchestra alike. Here we get yet another side of Sakamoto’s skills, with a pair of wild and funky electronic pop tunes from the 80’s, originally released on the Better Days label. The Thousand Knives / Plastic Bamboo single is a 7” release on Rush Hour.

Ron Trent presents
Prescription: Word, Sound & Power

Chicago house heavyweight Ron Trent presents a bonanza exploration of the finest moments ever released by his famed Prescription Records. Prescription: Word, Sound & Power is basically a blueprint for deep house music: an amazing collection of music. Much of this material has been out of print for ages, and some has never even been released before. 6LP vinyl box-set or 2CD, out on Rush Hour.
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  • Rush Hour

Eri Ohno
Skyfire / Live Hard, Live Free

A quality slice of Japanese boogie-disco from 1981, performed by the wonderful Eri Ohno. Skyfire is a very rare tune to find original copies of out in the wild, so having it reissued as a 7” single is certainly a treat. Rush Hour have chosen to accompany the groovy tune (dig that bassline!) with Live Hard, Live Free, another piece of quality boogie. 7” reissue.

James Mason
Recollection Echo

James Mason (no, not that one) only managed to sneak out one album in his career, the wonderful Rhythm Of Life. That record was a jazzy wonder, full of soul and 70’s swing, but it turns out there was more in the vault. The 7 tracks of Recollection Echo have been rescued and restored from the Mason archives, and they are on a par with previously-released work. Out on Rush Hour.

Population One
The Move / The Move (Orlando Voorn Remix)

Disorientating techno from Terrance Dixon’s reemerging Population One moniker. One of the godfathers of Detroit techno and long-time collaborator of Juan Atkins, Dixon hasn’t stopped pushing and The Move shows there is a lot more of the rabbit hole to explore. Backed with a remix from Orlando Voorn.
  • Vinyl 12" (RHM 024)
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Hunch Music

Hunee has been hopping around Europe and hopping around between different musical roles for a few years now: DJing here, producing a few tracks there. Hunch Music seems to represent a setting in of sorts, as his first full length album of productions. Very lively and groovy they are too, inventively keeping the dancefloor moving. On Rush Hour.

Claude Rodap

Rush Hour finally press this afro-house oddity to vinyl 12”. On Beletronic Claude Rodap combines drum machine funk and futuristic synth wrangling with the unusual rhythms and scales of traditional French West Indies musical forms, such as Gwo-Ka, Bel Air and Biguine. A truly unique piece of Caribbean experimentalism.

Ron Trent
Prescription Underground EP

Ron Trent and Chez Damier, Chi-Town house masters, launched the vaunted and sought-after Prescription Records imprint two decades ago. It cemented their place at the forefront of deep house. A timely collection marks the occasion and the classic 'Prescription Underground' EP with its funky cuts 'The Choice' and 'Morning Factory' is now available as a limited 12" sampler on Rush Hour.

Surinam Funk Force

DJs Thomas Gesthuizen and Antal Heitlager collaborate to bring you some extremely rare 45s and choice cuts from the 1970s and 1980s funk scene in Suriname. Niche enough for you? Hold your horses on that thought though, these tracks are incredible and whilst huge in their scene, would have definitely had similar impact if given a wider audience at the time. Including tracks from Astaria, Errol De La Fuente, and Steve Watson.

J Velez

Lost in the cosmos with J Velez. Ausland are two hot efforts from the state side technophile. These jams are stone cold killers assassinations, with the deep water diving of "Ausland" - effortlessly loosening you up for the floor. Perhaps inspired by Lynch, "Lost Highway" is the early morning failed rescue attempt, with captain and crew drowning in a wash of synths, kicks, hand claps and sirens. Out on 12" vinyl from Rush Hour.
  • Vinyl 12" (RHM009)
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Interstellar Funk
Electric Park Square

Netherlands producer Interstellar Funk has picked his name carefully: his tracks utilise those lovely squelchy acid synths we all love and aims them towards the thrilling realms of space travel. Or so it feels on Electric Park Square. This new 12” on Rush Hour follows on from previous work for Dekmantel and Tape Records Amsterdam.

Rick Wilhite / Various
Vibes 2 - Part 1

Minako Yoshida
Midnight Driver / Town

A rare pair of Japanese disco cuts from 1980, reissued by Rush Hour. Minako Yoshida presides over the clipped funky vibes with a stately vocal presence. Very funky boogie music. Original copies of Midnight Driver / Town are almost impossible to come across, so this 12” reissue is very much welcome.

Hunch Music - Mick Wills & DJ Fett Burger Remixes

Following on from the success of the debut album Hunch Music, Hunee has handed over 2 tracks to the expert talents of DJ Fett Burger and Mick Wills, who each gave the material a good looking over before laying down their own personal takes. Both the remixes here are truly sterling work: I’d dance to them any day. 12” on Rush Hour.


Steve Rachmad aka Sterac was considered one of the Dutch pioneers of Detroit techno, and Rush Hour have remastered and reissed his classic Osiron on 12” wax. With small arpeggiated loops and synthetic strings over a driving 909 kick, and on the flip side Primus delivers a deeper and faster paced detroit-snare-rushed banger.

Leon Vynehall
Midnight On Rainbow Road

Leon Vynehall presents his much-loved track Midnight On Rainbow Road, originally heard as part of Gerd Janson’s Music For Autobahns 2. For this stand-alone release, the ‘ambient race car music’ is presented in both its original free-drifting mix and as a ‘beat edit’ to keep the dancers happy. 12” on Rush Hour.

Orlando Voorn
In My World

Orlando Voorn is one of the Netherlands’ finest purveyors of forward-looking techno. With releases for most of the relevant labels under the sun (recent releases on Detroit Dancer and Third Ear Recordings), he now drops a full double LP onto Rush Hour. Prime dancefloor material, with one track featuring a vocal from Trish van Eynde.

Music For Autobahns Vol.2

Taking its cue from the Kraftwerk classic, Musik For Autobahns Vol.2 is a selection of contemporary electronic music inspired by motorway journeys including contributions from Conga Radio, Leon Vynehall, Joy Orbison, Fort Romeau, Disco Nihilist and Lauer. It's a dreamy, lush selection with a rolling dancefloor pulse pushing the tunes perpetually onward.
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  • Rush Hour

Terrence Dixon
Theater Of A Confused Mind

'Theater Of A Confused Mind' is the work of Detroit mainstay Terrence Dixon, going under the alias Population One to add a whole bit of intrigue to the usual resilient techno works. It's been twenty years since his debut record for them, but he now returns to Rush Hour for a record of the trusty, reliable but always bold sounds he's known for.

Mutant Beat Dance

Some spectral out-pouring from Mutant Beat Dance. Polyfonikdizko is the latest record from these two Chicago power houses. Taking stock from early house and techno from Chi-town and the D, these fellas are trying to call upon the aliens to get down on the floor with the rest of us. Packed with yer fav drum machines, acid vocals and creepy synths -- lets take it back. Out on12" vinyl form Rush Hour.

Tryin To Survive

Some righteous jams from Sumy. Tryin To Survive is the 1983 groove-tastic release, coming straight out of the South American country of Surinam. Full of boogied-out synths, super tight drums and deliciously sleazy vocalisations. Think of P-Funk and Prince getting down and dirty. Out on vinyl LP from Rush Hour.
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  • Rush Hour

Elbee Bad, The Prince Of Dance Music
The True Story Of House Music

  • CD (RH121CD)
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Recloose ft B.Slade
Magic / UHF

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  • Rush Hour
  • Label(s):
  • Rush Hour
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  • Rush Hour
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  • Rush Hour

Beat Dimensions Vol 2

  • CD (RH109 CD)
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  • Rush Hour