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Death Cab For Cutie
Thank You For Today

Once upon a time we'd have been as excited (or as excited as it's possible to get) about a new Death Cab For Cutie record but since Chris Walla left I'm not exactly sure why they are still here.  Perhaps Ben Gibbard's quite extraordinary fringe is the reason. It really is super-lush on the Verve-esque video...view item »

The War on Drugs
A Deeper Understanding

Doesn’t it just make you sick? Their babysteps in the bag, the War on Drugs have moved from Secretly Canadian to major league label Atlantic. This is, of course, absolutely fine, but that Atlantic sticker in the middle of the wax for their double LP really gets to me; straight out of a time when I would buy Bob ...view item »

John Coltrane
My Favorite Things

I resisted this album for a long time. I thought it was just another Coltrane that I could get on a best of album. Wrong! oh so wrong. This is quintessential early Coltrane. I love the interpretations that Coltrane gives on this recording. He is such a master and this album showcases his skill, and beyond that, the soul that is an integral part ...view item »

John Coltrane & Don Cherry
The Avant-Garde (Mono)

A clear vinyl re-release of one of John Coltrane’s more disputed works, this album from him and Don Cherry has the pair playing Ornette Coleman tracks with some of the Ornette Coleman Quartet. One of the few Coltrane recordings sans piano which gives the saxophonist room to manoeuver. One for the ...view item »

Missy Elliott
Da Real World

Reissue of Missy Elliott’s second full length album Da Real World, originally released in 1999. A much straighter affair than surrounding albums, Da Real World is a pure R’n’B Hip-hop crossover. Features guest appearances from Timbaland, Aaliyah, Beyon...view item »

John Coltrane
Giant Steps (Mono)

One of the best, and especially great for those looking to delve deeper into the genre. You'll be bopping and tapping like a lunatic to this one. Phenomenal line-up as well, fyi....view item »

Led Zeppelin
How The West Was Won

Led Zep’s beloved 2003 live compilation How the West Was Won turns fifteen this year and its legal guardian (Atlanta) is really splashing out in celebration. Pick your poison: a vinyl pressing (for the first time) over four waxy discs, a remastered 3CD set or the good ol’ 5.1/stereo Blu-Ray audio DVD (with p...view item »

Action Bronson
Blue Chips 7000

Once confused by our stock buyer with London blues outfit the Archie Bronson Quartet, Action Bronson is instead an American rapper with a neat line in humorous wordplay and tight upbeat musicality. Blue Chips 7000 is his third album and the final instalment of his Blue Chip series with a distinct lack of social commenta...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II is the second album, believe it or not, by Led Zeppelin. They are, as many people would tell you, widely regarded as the greatest rock band of all time. II is the album with Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker on it - so what more do you need to know? It’s essential stuff&helli...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Better Than That / Can't Pin Me Down

Happy, upbeat pop formation Marina and the Diamonds are swarming Norman Records HQ with 7”. That’s great news, of course, and Can’t Pin Me Down will definitely circle around your head for at least two days after listening. Better Than That is even, well… You can judge for yourself wheth...view item »

Pacific Daydream

Weezer bring their eleventh full length album. Acting as a follow on from “The White” album (Weezer), they go black, or grey. Taking their sunny beach filled melodic pop/rock into a world of uncertainty and fantasy. But don’t fret, the melodies are still rife. They compare it to a mix of the Be...view item »

John Coltrane
Coltrane Plays The Blues (Mono)

John Coltrane captured in a bluesy mood on this old Atlantic Records release. Rhino are generously reissuing Coltrane Plays The Blues 50 years after it came out, and you’ll be glad they did. The material here was captured in the same sessions as My Favourite Things, which gives you some idea of how specia...view item »

Suicide Squad: The Album

The Suicide Squad movie has an all-star line-up of actors playing an all-star line-up of superhero characters, so it makes sense to give it an all-star line-up of artists on the soundtrack. Acts as varied as Eminem, Panic! At The Disco, and Creedence Clearwater Revival are featured: my ...view item »

John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane

Ole Coltrane was recorded in 1961 by John Coltrane’s remarkable quintet at the time (Reggie Workman, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Eric Dolphy), with the very welcome addition of Freddie Hubbard and Art Davis. Now ...view item »

Ti Amo

It's always a good thing when Phoenix announce a new album, especially as we’ve waited four years since the last one (Bankrupt!). On Ti Amo the French popsters have Italy on their mind, summoning up a glorious summer euro-fantasy of bright synths and gorgeously catchy tunes. What’s not to like? ...view item »

Will Joseph Cook
Sweet Dreamer

Post-punk meets pop on the debut album of the multi-talented Will Joseph Cook. Sweet Dreamer, on vinyl LP and CD from Atlantic records, follows several well-received EPs and is a high energy burst of bittersweet melodies and rich production that mixes guitar-band dynamics with glossy electronic techniques....view item »

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

If you were to assemble a hard rock band you’d probably want John Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones on bass, Jimmy Page on guitar and Robert Plant on vocals. That’s what Led Zeppelin did and they were arguably the best ...view item »

808: The Music

808 is a documentary about a drum machine, the much-loved Roland TR-808. Naturally, the star machine is at the centre of the film’s soundtrack, which is released separately as 808: The Music. Original tracks from artists like Lil Wayne engage with the unique rhythms of the Roland. CD / double LP release f...view item »

Charles Mingus
Blues & Roots

This is one of the all-time great Mingus albums, recorded around the same time as the better-known Mingus Ah Um. There's enough of a similarity between them that fans of one will almost certainly like the other, but they each have a different focus. Ah Um is a great introduction to Mingus's scope as a composer; Blues & Roots is more narrow, ...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
Painting Of A Panic Attack

Frightened Rabbit return with their fifth album, Painting of a Panic Attack. The Scottish indie band have gone through some line-up changes, added some electronic elements to their guitar-based sound and have Aaron Dessner of The National in the producer’s chair. Frontman Scott Hutchinson&...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Tractor Rape Chain

The classic 'Bee Thousand' era Guided By Voices track has been reworked by Mark Kozelek pal Ben Gibbard and his Death Cab For Cuties for a indie-rock geek guy pleasing 7". There's another song on the B side but I'm not sure what that is. It will set you back £10.99. I got a nice Mexican Wrap, fries and hal...view item »

Beautiful Lies

The third album from singer-songwriter Birdy sees her connecting her powerful voice with dream-pop structures, diverse instrumentation and unforgettable choruses. Beautiful Lies, on vinyl LP, CD and deluxe CD from Atlantic, is phenomenally confident and fully-formed, easily moving between genre ...view item »

99 Cents

99c is the third album by American singer and producer Santigold. Santigold announced herself in 2008 with the critically and commercially successful self-titled debut which included Collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Family Jewels

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Family Jewels was her debut record, the first we heard of her pop bangers and her dramatic, heavily-stylised vocals. Includes her first big hit ‘I Am Not A Robot’, which you’ll probably remember. Vinyl LP reissue out on Atlantic....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Electra Heart

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Electra Heart was her second record, and is full of proper pop bangers. You can get the vinyl edition, or there is a CD version with four bonus tracks. I’d recommend the CD, as one of the bonus tracks is named ‘Sex Yeah’, surely one of the mos...view item »

Led Zeppelin

The definitive Led Zeppelin compilation, Mothership gets treated to a remastered reissue supervised by Jimmy Page himself. The 4LP vinyl edition arrives contained in a deluxe archival 2-piece box including an oversized full-colour booklet. A delicious introduction or a fine collectors piece. Out on CD and vinyl LP box s...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Froot Presentation Box

Mariana & the Diamonds ready their third record Froot this year, a fluorescent collection of pop songs that come together with the production council of Faultline. Here's a box you can put all of the to-be-released 7"s in for presentation purposes, because apparently that's a thi...view item »

Lay Down The Law/ Eye Need To Know

THE SWITCHES re release Lay Down The Law on 2 x 7" and CD. The best thing to talk about is the covers as the music all sounds the same these days . This one features the boys having a greasy spoon, necking some drinks, blowing bubble gum bubbles and they're being interviewed by the fuzz. Presumerably for the awful cover..... Commercial indie r...view item »

The Tourniquet

Magnet's boyish charm comes through with a decided strength as many of the songs, although still questioning life; start to find a new direction and purpose within the stage of intimacy and comfort. I listen to Magnet because I like being able to listen to dreamy romantic contemplations savouring each inflection of his voice in his magical elect...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Blue / Solitare

As promised indie-pop charters Marina and The Diamonds are back with a banquet of tasty pop morsels. Blue/Solitaire is a juicy double-header from the colourful album FROOT. Part of the drip-fed series of seven inches, it’s a fine little collectible. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Gold / Forget

Back with a delicious collection of tasty treats, chart-botherers Marina and The Diamonds present Gold/Forget. A delightful duo of tangy pop songs from the colourful album FROOT. As part of a series of seven inches, it’s a tantalising little collectors piece. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Savages / Weeds

Marina and her chart-hardened diamonds return with a series of seven inches from the new album FROOT. Savages/Weeds is a cool and crunchy collection of sweet-tasting pop tunes that forms a pleasingly colourful collectors item amongst the set. Feast your ears. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Hard Fi
Living For The Weekend

When I was a wee nipper of 16 or so  - I did work experience at a bank. One day I heard an old feller that worked there say 'I just live for t'weekends now'. I thought it was the saddest and most depressing thing I'd ever heard. What about the other 5 days!! Well that's what happens I guess once reality hits and you start getting ground do...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Immortal / I’m A Ruin

Not sure what the deal is with these Marina and the Diamonds singles but we’re selling shite loads of the things. Let’s take a listen and try to find out why. Well David Kosten (Bat For Lashes etc) is in the producers chair so it has a glacial electronic feel  - the sort of confide...view item »

The Staves
If I Was

‘If I Was’ is English acoustic folk rock trio The Staves' follow up to their stunning 2012 debut 'Dead & Born & Grown'. Produced by American, indie folk band Bon Iver's Justin Vernon following an extensive tour together and a trip to Eau Claire in Wisconsin which resulted in the recording sessions that would form the bas...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds

‘Froot’ is Welsh singer songwriter Marina and The Diamonds third album following her 2012 British number one album ‘Electra Heart’, Produced by one of the Uk’s most adventurous producers David Kosten. Due for release on the 15th of March on Gold and Atlantic records, ‘Froot’ represents the beginning of a...view item »

Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

This deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin’s sixth studio album ‘Physical Graffiti’ marks the fortieth anniversary of the original vinyl release in 1975. As with every Led Zeppelin deluxe edition, 'Physical Graffiti' has been remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page and also includes a disc of previously unreleased material including rough ...view item »

Spreading Rumours

Who are these? Some whippersnappers I can barely understand. The opening track sounds like Nirvana's 'All Apologies' as played by McBusted. I've just heard a steel drum. Its wierd though, I can hear melodies nicked from 'cool stuff' but its very tween - pop ...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin's 'IV', known colloquially as "the one with Stairway To Heaven On It", was the band's fourth record (uh, yes?), and saw them surge back from the relative obscurity of 'III'. It stands as one of the high watermarks of hard rock and saw the band cross into folk and prog more consistently. Get the Led out in 2014, because I hear that's...view item »

Led Zeppelin
Houses Of The Holy

The first of Led Zeppelin's records to have its own name, rather than a numeral and a speaks-for-itself attitude, 'Houses of the Holy' saw the band growing and, yes, maturing -- it was also their first record to comprise of entirely original material, and the band's textures opened up where their early reverence for their influences had started ...view item »

The Staves
Blood I Bled

Here's a folk rock record with nuts and bolts. Along with the spectacular, totally expected guitar picking is an electronic crackle that configures "Open". Programmed drums bubble underneath the several-part vocal harmonies the song is won by, as if you have to type a code into the machine to get the most beautiful results. Really, though, the S...view item »

Owl John
Owl John

Frightened Rabbit main-man Scott Hutchison drops his first solo album (of sorts) this week with his solo-ish Owl John project, with bandmate Andy Monaghan and Olympic Swimmer Simon Liddell earning co-songwriting credits for the music, which details Hutchison's plans to create public lavatories...view item »

Led Zeppelin

Despite the slow burning blues of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and the manic blues of “Celebration Day” Led Zeppelin found themselves moving away from their roots on their third album to incorporate elements of folk music into their heavy rock sound with tracks such as “Frien...view item »

Lykke Li
I Never Learn

I Never Learn is Lykke Li’s third album and conveniently wraps up a trilogy. The Swedish singer recorded the album after a relationship break up. The album’s title and other songs such as Sleeping Alone and Never Gonna Love Again show she’s writing from experience. Lykke Li...view item »

Paul Thomas Saunders
Beautiful Desolation

Paul Thomas Saunders brings us a debut album steeped in a complex and layered sound. The emerging singer songwriter’s vision is clearly shaped by the sounds of the '90s – one would imagine he was heavily hit by the cosmic that Jeff Buckley’s Grace left – yet this album is more than a pastich...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse

FR's last two albums have been a great continuation of their early stuff. To me, something is gained and lost in the improved production values in their more recent work. The songs are more expansive--"anthemic" is the word I'd use --and they teem with Hutchinson's own brand of dour (but hopeful) sentiments. But, the earlier work is more persona...view item »


How to follow up a record like Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, a record that was a smash with the hip indie fan and the pop lover alike? Bankrupt is Phoenix’s answer, maintaining the busy yet smooth sounds we previously enjoyed, with perhaps just a little more heft. Just right for your light and breezy summer r...view item »

The Joy Formidable
Wolf's Law

The Welsh trio are back with the ambitious follow up to their breakthrough Big Roar debut. The indie/noise pop of Big Roar favourites like “Whirring” and “Chapter 2” are not as abundant on Wolf’s Law. They seem to have grown, the lyrics are more personal, the pianos ubiquitous and soundscapes that would impress ...view item »

The Staves
Dead & Born & Grown

I don't know what to talk about The Staves, these songs make me dream. Their voices are exciting, I'm really magnified!...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
State Hospital EP

Doesn't hang together like the albums, but makes me appreciate how well they construct a record. It's a gorgeous extension of the Old Old Fashioned sentiment lyrically, and it's got a killer arrangement. Scott Hutchison and company have continued to move forward with top notch creations that strive for greatness and more often than not hit the m...view item »

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