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Exit Group
Adverse Habitat

Following in the footsteps of bands such as Useless Eaters and Dry Erase come Exit Group with Adverse Habitat. Like their peers. Exit Group take inspiration from Wire, Swell Maps and Chrome, but i...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Mutilator Defeated At Last

A new year, a new album. That’s how it goes. Thee Oh Sees are back with more dirty, messy rock. Having strayed from their noisy ways on 2014's Drop, their new album Mutilator Defeated at Last is right back on our favorite track of unforgiving tracks packed with racks of distorting effects a...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Singles Vol 1 and 2

Right. without a doubt these guys (& gal) are one of the most exciting, wired, bad-ass bands on the planet right now. I've seen them live & was loads more ecstatic & sweaty by the end of their set than a man my age has any right to be! True heirs to many rock thrones, they delight in throwing around genres till they reach a bruised, ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees / Total Control

John Dwyer's Castleface imprint delivers the goods with a split from his own Thee Oh Sees project and new Australian lads Total Control, a fresh bunch made up of UV Race/Eddy Current Suppression Ring members. Thee Oh Sees kick out full live band reworkings of various OHSEES favourites inc...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Floating Coffin

We have a dilemma here at Norman Towers this week - do we award our coveted Album of the Week trophy to The Knife’s ambitious and sprawling new 3LP masterpiece or this latest offering from Californian garage rock overlords Thee Oh Sees? The notoriously prolific ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances

Thee Oh Sees take a slight break from their constant forward motion by adding something to a previous release: An Odd Entrances is to be considered as a sister album to A Weird Exits. Dwyer and co here explore the flipside to their usual frantic garage thrashings, with a set of calmer tracks fu...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees really love ‘Fortress’ imagery don’t they? I’m sure this is the 3rd or 4th release associated with fortresses, always suggesting that John Dwyer’s garage-punk heroes are mounting a dramatic adventure. Lovely. The Fortress single is a stand-alone release recorde...view item »

Oh Sees
Smote Reverser

Seemingly incapable of stopping making music for one second, this is Oh Sees 6th album in the last three years if you include Thee Oh Sees and OCS in that tally. Yet Dwyer keeps pushing forward with his double drum line up with all kinds of alumni making guest appearances. Expect more scorching psych but this time with a heavy p...view item »

Uranium Club
Live At Acri Taun

Uranium Club take Italy! The fast and hard Minneapolitans (really? apparently) with the(e) Oh Sees co-sign thrill Fidenza with forty minutes of tight post-punk. You'll wish you'd been there, and maybe if you buy this you can be! I have personally missed their Leeds show and I am FILLED with r...view item »

Damaged Bug
Cold Hot Plumbs

John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees fame spits out another collection of would be hits under his Damaged Bug moniker. Cold Hot Plumbs is a synth workout with a distinctly analogue sound, packed with colour, texture and Dwyers famous ear for melody. Warm you plumbs on this. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Castel Face....view item »

Once & Future Band

Oakland based four-piece Once & Future Band originally released their Brain EP in 2014. After their debut full length they are back to writing, and in the meantime they have rereleased Brain to keep your appetite for the poppiest prog you will ever hear. They bring you the 70’s with a glorious pop shi...view item »

Prettiest Eyes

Latest LP Pools from Los Angeles based three-piece Prettiest Eyes. Their psych-rock sound is a little more menacing than their name suggests, packing a punch with elements of noise and industrial thrown in. These guys come recommended by John Dwyer of Oh Sees. Pools is out on LP or CD on Castle Face....view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Singles Collection Vol: 3

This seems to be a compilation of singles. The third one. I’m nothing if not perceptive! Here we have singles, rarities, covers, bits (and indeed bats) of stuff that are a lot easier to have all on one LP than to spend a fortune trying to get the originals... There is stuff from a split 7” with Turner prize nominated ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Hi. Below is some information regarding the new Oh Sees album - listen up. ‘Drop’ is a John Dwyer Oh Sees record, as with previous non-band outings like ‘Castlevania’ and such, yet it also sounds like a complete band outing which is reassuring. Sadly there’s no Brigid, no Petey (Dammit!) and no Mike whi...view item »

Live In San Francisco

Ty Segall! That man! He's back! Not that he went anywhere but over the last couple of years he's been busy getting all popular and adored. It's hard work. Anyway, he's continued his quest for musical infamy with a live Fuzz album out on Castleface, recorded on his birthday. He s...view item »

Memory Of A Cut Off Head

What must it be like to make a record every week? Well John Dwyer is trying to find out with his various Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees and OCS records simultaneously causing panic within our filing system. This latest release sees him reunite with vocal foil Brigid Dawson creating a hushed affair at odd...view item »

Thee Oh Sees / Ty Segall
The Drag / Maria Stacks

YES!!! More TY Segall!!! And this is split with Thee Oh Sees too!! Alright! 'Maria Stacks' by TY Segall is awesome slice of garage rock nostalgia. It's an up-tempo stomper with bonus female backing vocals which makes it sound very much like the Thee Oh Sees, though a little rougher around the edges. This guys got hella riffs and an amazing vocal de...view item »

Of A Nature Or Degree

In this years incredible (but welcome) news, Manchester's Duds  - a band I described as simply 'ok' when I saw them live have now signed to John Dwyer's Castle Face. They update the short, sharp, shock of the likes of the Fire Engines and Josef K with jittery post punk moves and now sit alo...view item »

Flat Worms
Flat Worms

Flat Worms are the latest band of guitar-driven party noisemakers to be circulated by John Dwyer’s Castle Face label, and they’ve just delivered their debut full-length album. Flat Worms...view item »

Oh Sees

Rebranded garage rock professors Oh Sees have become a little more informal with this one -- "please, call me Oh Sees", they ask as you step into their office for a chat. Cool dads. They follow up duelling records A Weird Exits and An Odd Entrances (one a hard-hitting, twice-drumme...view item »

Kelley Stoltz
Que Aura

Remember the Beatles? Kelly Stoltz has done on previous albums but here he dips into other forms of anglophile music with nods to Pulp, Fleetwood Mac (they were kinda English) and the Cleaners From Venus. Quality power pop from a man who deserves to be known mor...view item »

John Dwyer
Exploded Globes: An Annotated Collection Of Posters 1999-2016

John Dwyer, leader of Thee Oh Sees and king of the Castle Face record label, is almost as prolific with his visual artwork as with his music. Exploded Globes gathers up seventeen-years-worth of posters that he has created, accompanied by tantalising annotations that tell tales of what happened at the sh...view item »

Live In San Francisco

The Castle Face label manage to do Magnetix justice. Get a basement in San Francisco, ram it full of people and hit record. Not rocket science, but the resulting recordings encapsulates the frantic and sweaty energy the french duo are renowned for. Chunky, get up and yell garage rock. Get going. CD and LP on Castle Face....view item »


Third full length album from The I.L.Y’s, the experimental rock side project from Death Grips’ Zach Hill and Andy Morin and features Tristan Tozer (Drug Apartments) on guitar this time round. Incredibly catchy, open armed, and messy....view item »

Male Gaze
Miss Taken

Out on John Dwyer's Castle Face imprint here are a band who make the sort of lo-fi, in-the-red garage racket that you'd expect. The three protagonists have been rounded up from various punk bands to throw their energies into this six heeled outfit who have the pleasure of getting an impenetrable press release written by none other than Sir Henry...view item »

Dream Machine
The Illusion

Dream Machine get right on down to the funky world of 70’s hard rock with The Illusion, which could very much have come out of the catalogues of an Iron Butterfly or a Deep Purple. There is a joyous revelry in the dance of the organ and the guitars, and in the harmonised vocals. ...view item »

Warm Soda
I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Power pop guys Warm Soda bow out of the game with this, their fourth and final album. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up is an excitable but melancholy set of heartfelt rocking tunes, with bouncy rhythms and guitars and sing-song vocals. We’ll all be sad to see Warm Soda go, but at least it's on a high e...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
A Weird Exits

Didn’t Thee Oh Sees split up a year or so ago? I’m pretty sure they did, but it obviously didn’t last long, because they are back back back with a new album! I guess John Dwyer just couldn’t hold the garage-rock energy back any longer. A Weird Exits is extra-rhythmic (two drummer...view item »

Blank Square
Animal I

Blank Square make punk-music-gone-weird, engaging with the lessons of messed-up no wave and also pushing a saxophone to the front of their sound. Animal I is their debut record, and the deep and odd punk fans are going to go wild for it. Released, naturally enough, on ...view item »

Crack An Egg

POW! are gnarly synth-punks who manage to mix the gorgeous garage-throb of bands like Thee Oh Sees (whose main man John Dwyer is releasing this record via his Castle Face label) with bright and shiny synth melodies that maintain a strong sweet-pop backbone to the sound. Crack An Egg is ...view item »

Once & Future Band
Once & Future Band

Once & Future Band are a full-on throwback to the rich flavours of the great orchestral-prog-pop of the 1970’s. This self-titled debut of theirs sounds like a mash-up of all the nicest bits from all those bands, but performed with such love and skill that it all sounds new and fun. Nobody does this kind of music anymor...view item »

Feral Ohms
Live in San Francisco

Live In San Francisco is the live debut LP from Oakland band Feral Ohms. Sparks fly here as the Californian trio present their brand of raw, animalistic psychedelia in an explosive live setting. Expect rapid tempos, thunderous drums, bellowing vocals and virtuosic riffs. Released as Viny...view item »

Ty Segall Band
Live in San Francisco

Garage punk went down a wormhole when Ty Segall turned up -- it's never coming back. On about his ten thousandth release by now, Live In San Fransisco spans two shows in the eponymous San Fran. Segall and his band fight an enamoured crowd with as much feedback as you can double pack in a shoppin...view item »

Male Gaze
King Leer

Male Gaze are a band that has scooped up members of garage-punk groups to form a formidable roster: members of Mayyors, Blasted Canyons and The Mall are all here. Ki...view item »


Australian trio ORB land on John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees)’s Castle Face imprint to take the label’s garage-psych vibe in a slightly different direction. That gloriously tangible fuzz-sound is still present on Birth, but the music underneath it is closer to proggy hard-rock than ...view item »

Useless Eaters
Relaxing Death

To use the word ‘relaxing’ to describe any aspect of Useless Eaters would be a misnomer. However, the San Francisco-based futuristic punks have decided to call their new album Relaxing Death. An uneasy ride of jittering synths and looping drum machines through a dystopian future that may already be here....view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Live In San Francisco

Thee banner garage rawk band played the Chapel out in San Francisco, launching their happy-go-lucky psychedelia into a crowd of possibly stoned hopefuls. This extensive set is presented not only as audio but in DVD format with photos to boot. Musically, it scales more towards their propulsive, loud, noisy side -- but th...view item »

Zig Zags
Running Out Of Red

Zig Zags are a band still in love with old-school thrash metal, but instead of filtering it into some trendier new genre, they just follow their hearts and start headbanging. Running Out Of Red is classically gnarly and full of thick riffs: it literally rocks. Released on John Dwyer’s Castle Face ...view item »

Mountains and Rainbows

Mountains and Rainbows are a good-time Detroit band led by Matt Z, the drummer in Tyvek. They are one of those bands who become legendary on their local circuit, but aren’t fussed with spreading the word any further (th...view item »

Deep Throats
Good Bad Pretty

Deep Throats were an old San Francisco band with a heady garage rock sound. This release gathers up their final recordings, previously unheard by the public at large. Good Bad Pretty is released by Castle Face, the essential garage rock imprint of John O’Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, for...view item »

Synthetic ID

Synthetic ID are a punk band with a cold, anxious aesthetic: these songs sound like they are constantly looking over their shoulder to check for impending threats. Tight and sharp and excellent. Impulses is released by John O’Dwyer’s (of Thee Oh Sees) essential garage rock i...view item »

Live In San Francisco

Bronze’s playful electro-drone sounds great in the studio, but live is where their ferocious sound really makes sense. So thankfully Castle Face release Live In San Francisco, where the band’s unhinged blend of drone, primitive electronics and radiophonic pop are truly let loose. Ava...view item »


Heavy and avant-garde drone rock on the Castle Face label. On their self-titled album Sunwatchers make a dense and repetitive instrumental music that borrows from rock, free improv and minimalist composition to create something not much like any of those genres. It’s like a giant La Monte Young...view item »


John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) continues to sniff out the highest-grade garage-rock / indie-pop for his Castle Face label: for the latest release, we have the debut full-length of LA band Feels. Everything you want from a grrl-fronted garage record, plus production from Ty Segall, wh...view item »

Kelley Stoltz
In Triangle Time

Kelly Stoltz has a slick hand for off-key indie pop, throwing out busily layered, craftily written, joyously performed numbers like it ain’t no thing. In Triangle Time he increases the synth quotient, but still keeps things close to the ground. Twelve fun tracks, out on John Dwyer’s energeti...view item »

Naked Lights
On Nature

John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records presents Naked Lights, a group who work the post-punk vibes without missing out on the crucial rhythmic ingredient that made so many of those original bands so essential. As well as the shifting and shuffling rhythm section, On Nature is full of on-or-off the beat ...view item »

Wake Up Applauding

Running play a kind of garage repeato-rock (of course they do, they are on John Dwyer’s Castle Face! The spiritual home of all such musics), but they might be the most overcranked-sounding garage band I’ve heard in some time. Wake Up Applauding is thick with distortion and reverb, with a for...view item »

Useless Eaters
Live in San Francisco

Useless Eaters’ entry into John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) Castle Face label’s ongoing series Live In San Francisco delivers exactly what you want from a live garage punk show. All the best tracks from the band’s catalogue, but with extra lashings of mess, energy and sweat. ...view item »

The Space Lady / Burnt Ones

LA residents Burnt Ones describe their brand of fuzzy psychedelia as “amateur” and “guesswork” which suggests to me they have a sense of humour at least. They asked the otherworldly Space Lady to split an album with them and she said yes. Side one belongs to her - she glides through dream...view item »


W-X’s self-titled album mixes the garagey vibe associated with the Castle Face label (John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees imprint) with a little experimentalism, throwing weird tape echoes and other such sounds all over the mix. It works, with the whole thing disorientating and drawing in the liste...view item »

Apprentice Destroyer
Glass Ceiling Universe

Glass Ceiling Universe is released on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records, and although it shares aspects of its sound with the garage-punk of Thee Oh Sees and much of the label’s roster, Apprentice Destroyer sounds like a cosmic robot’s interpretation of that genre. Whic...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Early Years Anthology

A very valuable release here from The Fresh & Onlys, compiling together top-notch early material. The Early Years Anthology is bursting at the seams with Bay Area DIY garage-punk fun, and is released with the assistance of John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) on his very own Castle ...view item »

The Blind Shake
Live in San Francisco

The Blind Shake played Live In San Francisco back in 2013, and, to all our delight, the recordings are now seeing the light of day as part of John Dwyer’s Castle Face label’s live series. Shaking, rocking, high-energy heavy hillbilly thrash. The recording sounds great, really transmitting th...view item »

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Wow! It briefly looked like we weren’t going to be able to get any of these so I’m delighted that this compilation has actually turned up at the office at all. Those of you in the know will already be aware that this is an LP where all your favourite Castleface artists cover ‘...view item »

Creeping Pink
Mirror Woods

John ‘Thee Oh Sees’ Dwyer’s Castle Face label puts out this new album from Creeping Pink, a great slice of oddity that hazes all over the place. Sonic elements include piano, organ, guitar, and a whole lot of unidentifiable stuff that gives Mirror Woods an excellently strong sense of c...view item »

Male Gaze
Gale Maze

Clattering energy fuzz oozes from between the grooves of this new album from Male Gaze, cannily named Gale Maze. Garage-punk action of the highest order, as we’ve all come to expect from Castle Face, the label of John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees). Pretty heavy, but fast and fun along with...view item »

Warm Soda
Symbolic Dream

The third LP from lo-fi rock/pop lads Warm Soda. Symbolic Dream is a record of short, driving teenage pop tunes to rock-out to and just have a great time, with a punk attitude toward guitar and almost a hint of Pulp with the vocals. It’s the soundtrack to teenage ambivalence and the shrugg...view item »

Fight Fire

John Dwyer’s Castle Face label continues to be the number-one go-to location for joyously fuzzed-up garage-punkishness. Fight Fire, the new album from POW!, fits comfortably into that mold, except with a bit more synth duelling with the guitar over the perpetual motion rhythm section. Lots of fun ...view item »

Jack Name
Weird Moons

Castleface are putting out this new one from the mercurial Jack Name. At first glance Weird Moons sounds a little darker, or colder, than previously. Fans of label-boss John Dwyer’s music, or John Maus should take note. On CD and vinyl and coming down the highway ...view item »

Hi-tech Boom

Castle Face time! Here's the debut LP by San Francisco's POW!, a short but sweet 45rpm statement of intent. The formula is simple - scrappy lo-fi garage tones and a primitivist kind of automaton rock which reminds of early Devo and some of those post-Dev...view item »

Bangers Vs Fuckers

Due to the excellent title, new lo-fi punk blues stars Coachwhips are up first with the terrific racket that is presumably their debut, 'Bangers Vs Fuckers'. Fuckin' excellent is this. Sort of like a psychotic White Stripes being fed through a blender by Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes. Fuzzy, catchy &a...view item »

Destruction Unit
Live in San Francisco

If John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees likes it, so should you… Destruction Unit’s Live In San Francisco is out on Dwyer’s very own Castle Face label, and the record sounds as furious and pulverising as the album cover and the band name suggest. Blasted live action from these Arizona psych-pun...view item »

Cigarette Machine

I wonder if they ever were in an actual cult? Ex-Cult is what this group of hard, moshing rockers call themselves and Cigarette Machine is the LP. It’s rough, it’s Doc Martens wearing, it’s leather jacket clad bikers blowing bulbous balloons of pink gum, it’s head banging to the heavy drums, eye ...view item »

Useless Eaters
Bleeding Moon

Useless Eaters is the one man garage rocker Seth Sutton, and 'Bleeding Moon' is shaped from scrappy guitars, snarling bass and a heap of up-to-no-good lyrics. Sutton makes the kind of quick in-and-out guitar pop that makes Jay Reatard and Ty Segall so compelling, bringing to mind the best of the garage rippers who go it alone....view item »

Icky Boyfriends
Live in San Francisco

Icky Boyfriends might not to be everyone’s taste with their songs about spermicide and dental dams, but there is more to them than that. They certainly are loud, raucous, and rocking. Scuzzy heroes of the San Francisco freak scene, this live album captures their iconic sound. On vinyl and CD.  ...view item »

Get Ya Body Next To Mine

Castle Face announces a loogie-shined re-release of  Coachwhips’ Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine on CD and vinyl! The tracks have been re-tweaked to taste (a pinch of capsicum) and what a picture emerges—the scuzz and squall cracking ever so slightlyand revealing a coffee-can full of earworms underneath.The zombie-shuffle come...view item »

White Fence
Pink Gorilla

Prolific garage psych dude Tim “White Fence” Presley is back with another 7” to get us all warmed up for his forthcoming album ‘Cyclops Reap’. On the A side there’s ‘Pink Gorilla’, which is classic White Fence - a tinny vocal line that sounds like it’...view item »

Live in San Francisco

Castle Face Records presents the latest installment of the Live in San Francisco series, courtesy of OBN III’s (Tic Tac Totally, 12XU, Matador). “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s this: Don’t buy drugs from strangers on the street while wasted. A simple yet effective rule. Evidently no on...view item »

Dan Melchior und das Menace

Dan Melchior is back...kind of. 'Hunger' is a collection of unreleased recordings recorded between 2008 and 2011, but don't worry, it's way too good to just be dismissed as an odds and sods anthology. Melchior's brand of unpredictable and often anarchic experimental pop is a hard one to describe because he flits around between genres so much, ...view item »

Burnt Ones

I’ve been saving this new Burnt Ones album on Castle Face until the end of today’s marathon review session in the hope that it will be a morale boost, so it had better be good. I just put it on the stereo and the signs so far are positive. Opener ‘Pulse’ mixes Syd Barrett-esque vocal wh...view item »

Dylan Shearer

San Francisco's Dylan Shearer has an LP out on Castle Face this week, full of breathy, pensive and slightly magical psychedelic pop packed with gently twisting melodies and wistful piano tinkling. He's joined by Oh See Petey Dammit on bass (I wonder if he's playing an actual bass or doing the pitched-down guitar thing he does with his other ba...view item »

White Fence
Cyclops Reap

One of those names I’ve seen about for ages yet never heard. Despite my employ in a record emporium, its very easy to miss out on loads of great stuff if you are looking the other way, which I normally am, at a tree or the viaduct. This is the latest album in the lifetime of Tim (no relation to Elvis or Reg) Presley and its a lovely surpri...view item »

Damaged Bug
Hubba Bubba

There’s plenty of reason to admire Mr. Dwyer. He’s smoking the best weed, has the best backing band (Thee Oh Sees), has an awesome label, the best guitars, all the Death By Audio pedals he could dream of, he even has a frickin’...view item »

Warm Soda
Young Reckless Hearts

Warm Soda return this week with album number two. Now it might be a bit of a controversial stance but I struggled to connect with their enthusiastically received debut last year, perhaps I failed to catch the subtleties under the wave of hype and elevated expectations, but then I've never been crazy about Big Star ...view item »

Trin Tran
Far Reaches

A sticker on the front of this new CD we've got from Castle Face describes it as "6 bizarre transmissions from the one man synth-tar drum band", and on the inside of the cover we can see this Trin Tran feller for ourselves. He's wearing a sci-fi mask and boiler suit, playing a big ol' synth with an SG strapped around his neck and a couple of cym...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Sucks Blood

Punkapunkapunka. Thee Oh Sees, former AOTW champs and a group of lo-fi garage scamps close to Bizzy Lady's considerable busom have what is suspected to be their first album self re-released on Castle Face. I'm reviewing side two first in a fit of non regularity that may upset the apple cart but hey-ho. The second track is especially of note beca...view item »

The Traps
Boom Pow awesome Wow

Something new from the ever-awesome Castleface this week, this time it's not something brand new but an album from ten years ago by The Traps. It's non-stop blown out lo-fi garage rock with determinedly pounding drums and a horrible tinny, buzzy guitar sound and all the top and mid knocked off the bass. It sounds horrible, which of course is jus...view item »

LA Machine
Phases & Repetition

I don’t hear phaser on drums as often as I’d like. I don’t know why it’s not common practice ‘cause it sounds sick. ‘Phases & Repetition’ starts with phased drums and a dub heavy Can groove possessing with it the promise of a classic from the outset. LA Machine don’t e...view item »

Blasted Canyons
2nd Place

Psych rockers "Blasted Canyons" are back with another awesome release this time an E.P. It is released on awesome record label "Castleface". It kicks off with "Get High" which is the perfect opener for this E.P. This is followed by "Liquid Fiend" which has a slightly gothier sound to it then there earlier releases. The ne...view item »

White Fence
Live in San Francisco

Having recently been to a live concert I can vouch for the excitement they provide. Certainly more thrilling, if less comfortable, than sitting in front of an electric fire of an evening. White Fence recently rocked San Francisco to its core and there to record it on his trusty Tascam was John Dwyer, leavin...view item »

Blind Shake
Key To A False Door

Rattling riff rock from these Minneapolis -raised garage stompers who have recently toured with Thee Oh Sees and collaborated with psych guitar legend Michael Yonkers as well as John Reis. From the sound of these storming, blustery bl...view item »

Hands On The Controls

Garage rock fans will be happy about this one - Castle Face have just pressed the first Coachwhips album ‘Hands On The Controls’ onto vinyl for the first time ever, and thrown six unreleased tracks in to sweeten the deal. That’s 25 songs on a single LP. ...view item »

The Herms
Drop Out Vol:1

Here we have a collection of demos, rarities and general oddities from The Herms, a ramshackle bunch of lads that make the strangest of lo-fi garage pop with a surreal edge. I'm always amazed at how a lot of these garage rock/pop bands sound so old, like they've stepped into a time machine and recorded their album back in 1975, I guess The Herms...view item »

The Mallard
Finding Meaning In Deference

The press release for ‘Finding Meaning In Deference’ is a bit of a downer as it announces the split of The Mallard, a band that, in my opinion had a lot of potential. Fortunately ‘Finding Meaning In Deference’ is an outstanding swan song that sees Greer McGettrick and Co. (I have no idea who is currently playing the group...view item »

Warm Soda
Warm Soda

I’ve spent the last month or so mourning the passing of Scott Miller, the curly-haired leader of the great power pop oddity bands Game Theory and The Loud Family. Miller was that rare thing, a complete and utter brilliant man that no-one had ever heard of. Although working in a slightly more straightforward field, fellow San Franci...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Moon Sick

This is a great listen for anyone interested in John Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees early work. Even though these song have lo fi production they show John Dwyer's songwriting talent. It start with first track "Grown In A Graveyard" which starts with spooky synths and a steady drum beat. They also feature John Dwyers spooky guitars. This is followed by ...view item »

The Mallard
Yes On Blood

Got this little slice of slacker garage from San Francisco's The Mallard on John Dwyer's Castleface imprint today. It opens with a little lo-fi surf-garage instrumental and then the trio bust out a bunch of proper songs that aren't too far from sounding like a pared-down take on Dwyer's garag...view item »

Blasted Canyons
Blasted Canyons

Raucous sounding garage rock from these self confessed chongers. I actually thought the 'Yons were gonna be a bit more psych or summat. I reckon they have a touch of Times New Viking about them, which is no bad thing. They are more visceral than the Viking lads. They have such an unhi...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Quadrospazzed 09

Thee Oh Sees are normally in Business Lady's pile but she had enough alternative rock in her hidey hole this week to host a fucking rival to ATP . So i've got this raucous 1 sided 12" called 'Quadrospazzed '09'. There's a very beautiful etching on one side & it's on on thick black wax but the main reason to buy this is the fact it's a comp...view item »

Bare Wires
Seeking Love

Here's a new thing on John Dwyer (Oh Sees/Coachwhips) funtastic label by Bare Wires. They seem to have different logos on each release on the label. I like the one of the guy with a massive castle for a face. Genius. The cover features 'em hanging outside some amazing looking pink wooden doughnut cafe looking all rockstar-ish. Anyway they do the...view item »