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Orphan/ Dope Body

Two bands for the price of one. That's value for money. Oh Contessa, you really shouldn't bestow these charms and trinkets upon my bonce. I actually found myself bumming this record. It simply fuckin rocks. Orphan have a sort of Lydia Lunch type thing going on, with maybe a sly doffing of a cap to late 80s early 90s bands like Drain or some othe...view item »

Get it Going b/w Mmm Mama

Don't know a huge amount about Tonetta, I don't think anyone does. He's almost definitely old, weird and most likely a sexual deviant of some kind. His primary outlet for releases is YouTube, here you can enjoy a host of oddball lip synch'd videos of varying degrees of quality. So, in short, this crazy old dude is a bit of a curiosity, yeah? A b...view item »

The Entrance Band
I Want You Back/ A House Is Not A Motel

The Entrance Band have a slab with two covers of classic tunes. The first 'A House Is Not A Motel' was originally by Love from their 1967 'Forever Changes' LP, this a a decent version of the track, sticking closely to the original blueprint with just a little additional psychedelic wobbly effect. A faithful rendition that has integrity. The flip...view item »

777 Volume 2

I'm the office Tonetta fan. Well I'm not sure if I'm a fan but he intrigues me... Those videos on Youtube (which got taken down but I think some are back up now) have to be seen to be belived. I do enjoy his music though I would say if you got one Tonetta album you probably don't really need anymore as his sound really doesn't vary that much fro...view item »

Scream With Me

Papa M/ Slint/ For Carnation fans check this funner out. We scored some copies of his new album which is a US only release on Black Tent Press!! Comes in a an extremely tasteful sleeve with a CD enclosed for digital listening pleasure. Don't forget it's a vinyl LP so you can enjoy analog listening pleasure while you're looking at the shiny CD and f...view item »


Tonetta is a lunatic of sorts. He's a chap who's uploaded hundreds of videos of himself in wrestling masks, dressed as woman, dressed/undressed in all sorts playing loads crazy songs about ridiculous things. You're either gonna love him or hate him. I'll start by saying that. Check out some of the insanity here. No one knows who he is though he'...view item »