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Fuck Buttons
Street Horrrsing

Well the minute we heard 'Street Horrrsing' by Fuck Buttons, my spine started dissolving and I felt neurons sparking in my head. Along with the wonderful Holy Fuck, my current space rock faves, this prog noise duo from the UK have just earned themselves AOTW without even having to try. I'm nearly crying as i listen to opener 'Sweet Love for Planet ...view item »

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Here's a strange and ambitious album of futuristic prog rock from the awkwardly-monikered Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (a name combining their twin passions of Eastern theatre and stoner rock), who centre around the talents of Toronto/Montreal-based Alaska B and Ruby Kato Attwood, who quite charmingly call this mixture of their Eastern heritage an...view item »

Sleepy Sun

Its not the best first impression when you are handed a copy of a record with the words "you'll hate this" but despite initial concerns for my sanity I don't mind the first half of this. Its sweet stoner rock if such a thing can exist with churning riffs and good male/female vocals recalling some kind of 70's hippy haven that probably never exis...view item »

Alexander Tucker
Custom Made

Alexander Tucker has done it again with an astonishingly good 4 track EP called Custom Made. This is part of ATP's custom made series of expensive double pack 7"'s. Expensive but nice.... Like the extra special range in your supermarket, this is as extra special, if not more so. His last album was good but after the genius of 'Old Fog' the you...view item »

Behold A Marvel In The Darkness

Yaaayyyyy!!! Summer's here you guys...! You look like you could do with something to welcome in those lazy days and endless balmy nights couldn't you? You could couldn't you?? You dirty fecker. How about the genius of Deerhoof? Ace, I'll take half dozen....view item »

Tall Firs
Out Of It And Into It

These are faves of tall, fir(ry) man Thurston Moore. They were playing about 10 mins from my house last night so was I correct to stay in and watch 'Dad's Army' repeats instead?  Possibly. Opener 'Suffer So Long' sounds not unlike the kind of pastoral acoustic drifting Moore faffs abo...view item »

Camila Fuchs
Heart Pressed Between Stones

...I guess ATP isn't completely dead? Camila Fuchs releases her second album Heart Pressed Between Two Stones, on the label arm of the Arsene Wenger of music festivals. Triumphant electronics and pained vocals make for a very intense listening experience as informed by pop music as it is experimentalis...view item »

Super Duper Rescue Heads

More picture disc goodness from the ATP/R crew and it's the new single from my all time favourite band Deerhoof. 'Super Duper Rescue Heads!' is the first single from 'Vs. Evil' which came out last week. First thing of note is that 'Vs. Evil' has gone mad for production fun. Instruments and sounds seem to constantly change and evolve throughout '...view item »

Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons’ ‘Slow Focus’ is one of our favourite albums to have graced our shelves this year, and here’s its third-best song on a 12” with exclusive bonus track ‘Royal Flush’ on the other side. ‘Brainfreeze’ is a thumping epic of course, with its casually ...view item »

Fuck Buttons
Slow Focus

Four years ago Fuck Buttons proved their phenomenal debut album was no fluke with a similarly amazing Weatherall-produced effort, and now for the first time they’re producing themselves on album number three, ‘Slow Focus’, further refining t...view item »

Array 1

For two and half decade, alternative rockers LOOP have left a void in our hearts. And now they think they can make it up to us just by releasing new material. Which they totally can. Array 1 is the first of three releases planned for the coming year, and features 4 new songs. Expect to reminisce, recognize and be s...view item »


Dama is the first album from TITAN in ages (over a decade), and it won’t disappoint those who’ve been waiting for the Mexican electronicists return. Especially as TITAN have welcomed such illustrious guests as Siobhan Fahey, Egyptian Lover and Gary N...view item »

JC Flowers
Driving Excitement and The Pleasure

New on ATP Recordings is the debut full-length of JC Flowers. Driving Excitement and The Pleasure is a collection of super-tuneful indie-pop, dripping with lavish production techniques seemingly cribbed from vintage French rock-chanteuserie. All rounded out with a cover version of the David Bowie and ...view item »


Younghusband return with their third and perhaps most advanced album Dissolver. Simultaneously insular and yet somehow endlessly widescreen this cool, calm and confident collection of guitar-loving songs is deliciously dark, tender and authoritative in equal measure. Out on CD and vinyl LP from ATP Recordings....view item »

Mueran Humanos

Miseress is the second album from Argentinian duo Mueran Humanos. They manage to create dark foreboding pop. Imagine the captivation of Coil with some analogue warmth and depth of How To Destroy Angels all chucked in and mixed at Einsturzende Neubauten's studio, and I t...view item »

Grimm Grimm
Hazy Eyes Maybe

ATP Recordings, which seems to have survived all the liquidations to date, releases the new record from Grimm Grimm, solo project of the ex-frontman of Screaming Tea Party. This is singer-songwriter material on carefully plucked guitar, but with the feel of strangeness and unknown places lurking beneath the echo...view item »

Bad Days / Eve's Child

Heb Hex is a collaboration between Hebronix (ie the fella from Yuck) and Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux dude). ATP have decided that 'Bad Days' is good enough to release onto a 7” and they have pressed up 500 copies. S...view item »

Vision Fortune
Country Music

They called it Country Music but I think they are actually big liars: this psych rock outfit wouldn't know twang if it hit them on the head and chased them around the barn in a pick-up truck of lovelorn melodies. So instead: Vision Fortune hone their usual compositions of sparse, strangely coalescing...view item »

Offend Maggie

Deerhoof from me first this week. I've been a long time admirer of this kooked-out lady-led collective. Their fractured spazz core of yore is much more subtle these days. In it's place Offend Maggie's opening number reminds Brett of 'Alright Now' by Free but with a chirupping lady of Oriental extraction trilling all over the place. Their distinctiv...view item »


Similar to, but not as esoteric as Fuck Buttons, Eaux pursue a similar undulating live-tronica feel with walls of synths and beats being layered up on top of each other and makes you start to want to dance....or smash down the Berlin wall or something. One difference between the two bands being Eaux&rsq...view item »

New War
New War

The eponymously-titled album by this Melbourne quartet is a real blast. It's one of those multi-faceted treats that come out of nowhere and begin to persistently beg to be put in the player whenever you pass within three feet even when you have loads of other things you really should be...view item »


Here’s a slow-burning by Hebronix, led by 23-year-old ex-Yuckite Daniel Blumberg. His new band offer up a dreamily psychedelic and weary-sounding take on indie rock, taking the time to jam out their songs into unexpectedly spacey territory which is always anchored by a clear love for by-the-book ‘90...view item »

Petition/ My Better Self

This is the thickest record I've ever seen. It's so thick - it's like a breezeblock! It looks like two records stuck together. The record player can't cope with its sheer weight. Thicker than a danish pastry!! I have previously thought Tennis...view item »


Fuck Buttons aren't the only band with a single out on ATP this week... Oh no... For Apse also have seven inches of single in the form of double A side single. The did an album for the label around a year ago and have also recorded for Equation and Acuarela. '3.1' is a slab of deadly serious indie rock. I wasn't convinced on first play but a quick ...view item »

Climb Up

Reviews of this album are fairly luke-warm to be honest. As music is completely subjective and some other person's opinion, which is what reviews are, rarely equates to your own, one must listen to the music themselves, without prejudice. If you do this, you will find that many of the reviews for Climb Up that you find, are way off the mark....view item »

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