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Spanish-born Rauelsson is back with second LP 'Mirall', a captivating record full of lush landscapes, organic beats and dynamic textures. And while melancholia prevails, this is an album peppered with joyful flashes and upbeat moments, filled to bursting with a veritable smorgasbord of instrumentation and genres....view item »

Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson
A Score for Darling

A Score For Darling is the (rather self-aware in terms of title) soundtrack to Birgitte Staermose’s film Darling, an emotionally potent tale of a dancer’s life. Erik K Skodvin and Rauelsson, both presenting their first ever soundtrack work here, have done an impress...view item »

We Like We
Next To The Entire All

Sonic Pieces take a deep dive into avant-garde composition on this darkened release from We Like We. Consisting mainly of strings and voice, instruments are pulled around whilst vocal mantras keep pace beside them. Echoes of Eyvind Kang and Meredith Monk drift about, dropping out here and there ...view item »

Otto A Totland
The Lost

Otto A Totland, also known as approximately 50% of Deaf Center, returns with his first solo release in three years. The Lost continues in the vein of Totland’s debut Pinô, with haunting pieces for upright piano. Like for instance Goldmund and Daigo Hanada...view item »

Jasmine Guffond

Jasmine Guffond follows up 2015's excellent Yellow Bell with this her second effort which is influenced apparently by digital surveillance technology. The pieces unfurl with drone patterns interspersed with vocal cut ups giving a trance like effect that is full of both emotional suspense and sonically expansive. Fascina...view item »

Steven Broderick

This is quite sweet. Minimal stalwart Peter Broderick has discovered that his father Steven recorded a song back in 1979, and having listened and decided it's a gem, Peter has had it restored by his friend Nils and given it this beautifully packaged 7” release, with a distractingly ...view item »

Moon Ate The Dark
I + II

Moon Ate The Dark are a duo bringing together melodic piano / violin and electronics: sometimes the electronics lightly tinge the acoustic instruments, sometimes the piano will be a small corner of an electro-acoustic drone. This double LP packages together both of the group’s albums to date, the 2012 debut and the latest....view item »

Christoph Berg

Christoph Berg’s own take on chamber music is an up close and personal affair. Screeching droning strings backing melancholic piano and quartet swells. Taking what he learns from his electroacoustic project Field Rotation and feeding it back into a neoclassical world makes for an even deeper melancholy. FF...view item »

F.S Blumm & Nils Frahm
Music For Lovers, Music Versus Time

Another one of those lovingly crafted sets, this one as you can see is canary yellow which brightens up our drab office delightfully, yet has the knock-on effect of making Business Lady feel rather queasy. The erstwhile Berlin Based composer & pianist here locks horns with jazzy abstract sound tinkerer Blumm to challenging effect. This colla...view item »

F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm
Tag Eins Tag Zwei

Neo-classical extraordinaire Nils Frahm teams up with F.S. Blumm for a fine set of inventive, semi-abstract sound explorations. Tag Eins Tag Zwei is the result of 2 days of improvisation on piano, guitar, harmonium etc. taken away and re-processed for some rather interesting, but also thoroughly relaxin...view item »

Jóhann Jóhannsson with Hildur Guðnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
End of Summer

Jóhann Jóhannsson has made a film, a collage of super 8 footage of his Antarctic travels. The film is accompanied by an ethereal, suitably icy soundtrack by Jóhann himself, working with wonderful cellist Hildur Gudna∂óttir and Robert Aiki Aubrey Low...view item »

Midori Hirano
Minor Planet

First solo thing on Sonic Pieces for Japanese-born Berlin-based composer Midori Hirano. Hirano terraforms a small planet for you, turning a barren wasteland into a calm and beautiful vista, where everything moves with a sort of quiet contentedness revolving around piano and electronics, a perfect blend of subtle neo-classicism and ambience....view item »

Erik K Skodvin

The follow-up to 'Flare' (soon to arrive back in a double vinyl set coupled with this instalment) is here in one of them snazzy hand-numbered book things. I wish I'd collected them all, they'd look amazing housed on a solid oak shelf in one's hunting room or quiet study. If you don't know about Erik K Skodvin and the potentially racist connotati...view item »

Takeshi Nishimoto

Sonic Pieces can be relied on to provide tasteful and accomplished offerings from all manner of modern minimal composition types, and this time it’s the turn of Japanese guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, who on this CD plaintively plucks out a series of solo guitar piece...view item »

Otto A Totland

On Wednesday when I came into the office to pick up the week's reviewvalanche, Phil told me this CD was by a guy from Deaf Center, who I like. I promptly got confused and wrote a review of the Matthew Philip Hopkins album which opined "I could swear that when Phil was handing over my stack of reviewables yesterd...view item »

Moon Ate The Dark

Moon Ate The Dark are bring together melodic piano / violin and electronics: sometimes the electronics lightly tinge the acoustic instruments, sometimes the piano will be only a small corner of an electro-acoustic drone. II is, funnily enough, their second record, and comes packaged in the style of a book. On Sonic Piec...view item »

Jasmine Guffond
Yellow Bell

Jasmine Guffond, the artist previously and simultaneously known as Minit and Jasmina Maschina, returns for Sonic Pieces with Yellow Bell, a record of emptying and endlessness. Her looping ambient works feel like black holes leading nowhere, but there's company in her voic...view item »

Deaf Center

Forgive me if I'm incorrect but this appears to be a collection of rehearsal performances from the much loved textural, ambient duo. There appear to be two pieces 'Follow Still' and 'Oblivion'. 'Follow Still' was recorded in Berlin in 2012, 13 minutes long it features minimal piano passages and repeating organ sounds. Overleaf, 'Oblivion...view item »

...And Then In The Morning

The Seven Pieces series perfectly embodies the label’s high standard, its selection of intimate recordings and its attentiveness to details - maybe even more than their album output. The 7” singles released by Berlin based Sonic Pieces are delightful hand crafted treasures that grow in beauty with e...view item »


Sonic Pieces return with a tastefully packaged little outing from Rauelsson a.k.a Raúl Pastor Medall. You may remember the artist from the Heather Woods Broderick compiled ‘Portland Stories’ compilation or perhaps from his ...view item »

F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm
Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity

Here’s a dream collaboration for you! In fact some of you may remember these two knocked one off back in the summer of 2010 (called ‘Music For Lovers, Music Versus Time’) which came and went in no time and the squeakuel is called ‘Music For Wobbling, Music Versus Gravity’ which is nothing if not mildly amusing....view item »

Insa / Donja / Kai
Insomnie Joyeuse

I’ve not heard of these guys before and I doubt you have either? If you have then you’ll know they’ve been making cello and percussion based music for years and have played and recorded with Hauschka. If you didn&...view item »

Moon Ate The Dark
Moon Ate The Dark

Sonic Pieces throw another CD our/ your way this week with a newie by Moon Ate The Dark. The duo comprise of Anna Rose Carter (London based pianist who has appeared on labels such as Schedios, Dedicated, Rural Colours) and Christopher Bailey who is a Canadian Prod...view item »

Poems From A Rooftop

This is a very gorgeous LP from the lesser-spotted Dictaphone. To try to do their languid jazz reflections, graceful classical leanings and micro-electronics justice in words is a difficult beast to wrangle with but i'll soldier on. After releases years back on CCO they'e now presenting their silky movement...view item »

Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir
Pan Tone

Woo. A new Sonic Pieces. Time to rejoice! As ever the first edition of these things come in hardback book sleeves which are handmade and numbered of 450. They're lovely and when you've got a bunch of 'em sat on your shelf they look nothing but classy. (**This is now sold out, we only have ...view item »

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek

You know where you are with Sonic Pieces. It's a label which sporadically releases things in high quality packaging but when they do eventually release something you know it's gonna be ace. 'Grower' is packaged in a hardback textured book sleeve and is hand numbed of 336 copies. It's absolutely stunning as well. I wasn't mad keen on Drape when I...view item »

Ryan Teague

Ryan Teague returns five years after his last Type Records album Coins & Crosses, this time with a beautifully packaged limited CD on Sonic Pieces. Those of you who remember that record will doubtless observe that the guitar is the focus this time round and the electronics are far more incidental. In fact, this whole record might be made wit...view item »

Simon Scott
Depart, Repeat

Regular readers of these pages will no doubt be aware of our affection for both Simon Scott's music and the output of the Sonic Pieces label, so the prospect of Simon releasing on the imprint is most appealing. This 7" is the first in what is destined be be a highly desirable series of singles in gorgeous, elegant packaging complete with downloa...view item »

Erik K Skodvin

My goodness! Followers of the Sonic Pieces label are in for a real treat with this, its ninth release, coming at you from Mister Erik K Skodvin and 'Flare' is an absolute beauty. Erik has kept himself busy over the years recording with Deaf Center, Miasmah Quartet, Norwegian Noise Orchestra; under the aliases Xhale, Solitare Albrea...view item »

Greg Haines
Until The Point Of Hushed Support

Following releases on Slaapwell, Rite, Eat This Media and Miasmah Greg Haines makes his debut on Sonic Pieces (Nils Frahm, Heather Woods Broderick, Library Tapes, Konntinent). I've opted for headphone listening on this one as it works very subtly and is very spacious. Certainly an exercise in restraint that works brilliantly. It's extremely dramati...view item »

Heather Woods Broderick/Various
Portland Stories: A Collection of Nine Songs Produced and Compiled By Heather Woods Broderick

A sweet project that blossomed from the mind of Heather Woods Broderick has finally achieved fruition in the form of a 9 track compilation on Sonic Pieces. She went round 8 folks houses in her hometown of Portland, OR and recorded them on a 4 track to document the quiet yet vibrant musical community she is part of so you get the lilting Banhart mee...view item »

Nils Frahm

Anyone into pianos should check out the Nils Frahm CD called Wintermusik on Sonicpieces (the last thing they did was a split CD by Konntinent which was ace). This is packaged in a lush little thick book style sleeve with a wee nipple inside for the CD to rest its weary shiny fat back on. I have to say if all CD's were packaged like this then the...view item »