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One Time For All Time

  • Vinyl LP (MONO102VNL)
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The Destruction Of Small Ideas

Often glitchy and often fuzzy, these post-rockers didn't get the memo about the genre's twinkly limitations and monotonous guitar arrangements, so they never became Explosions In The Sky. 'The Destruction Of Small Ideas', arguably their best and most definitive work along with 'The Fall of Math', was originally released in 2007, but gets a reissue here from Monotreme. It deftly shows off a band who could be aggressive from up on high and gentle on the ground, but who always sounded more urgent than your average post-rock landscapers.

Midas Fall

Scottish duo Midas Fall’s new album, Evaporate, broods with gothic overtones whilst being tempered by the fragility of clicking electronics. The voice of Elizabeth Heaton matches the power and grace of the music, at times soaring and powerful, at others, restrained and vulnerable. Ice-like guitars add to the mystery. 180g vinyl limited to 500 copies. 300 clear blue and black, 200 black. Colours will ship randomly. Also on CD.

The Shape Of Drums To Come

Khompa is but one man: Davide Compagnoni, of Stearica. This is indeed The Shape Of Drums to come: the drums are wired up to an array of triggers and electronics, so that Compagnoni can play whole songs from behind his kit. The results (recorded live!) are heavy and math-rocky but also bright and tuneful. Quite a feat. Out on the Monotreme label.


Hyperocean is the third album from experimental pop eccentrics Niagara and rather than easing off, this record is more dense and intense than previous releases. These are dark and complex electronic pop songs with dizzying arrangements and plenty of experimental freak-outs. Available on limited vinyl LP and CD from Monotreme.

Ed Tullett

At just twenty-two, Ed Tullett has already garnered plenty of acclaim and here he delivers his debut LP, Fiancé, to show that the acclaim was deserved. Fiancé moves through genres with aspects of R&B moving into drifting dream pop. It straddles the divide between electronic and folk with ease and seems both intimate and epic within the same song. CD or 180g vinyl LP limited to 400 copies with black and white splatter vinyl. Vinyl comes with printed inner sleeve and CD.   

Midas Fall
The Menagerie Inside

Ever-so-earnest post-rock from UK four piece Midas Fall. The Menagerie Inside sits comfortably somewhere at the midpoint between 65Daysofstatic and Evanescence, adopting dashes of electronic instrumentation amongst a tried and tested formula. Out on CD and vinyl LP including free poster from Monotreme.


Apparently inspired by “the squares of the Arab Spring”, Fertile is the second album from instrumental group Stearica, based in Torino, Italy. Being released during Spring, the album does blow away the cobwebs; with big, chunky guitar and hammering drums it’s quite a stomper of a record and tracks delve into different moods within the same song, echoing the band’s live approach to music.    180g vinyl which comes with a poster and a copy of the CD. Limited to 500 copies; 300 red and black colored vinyl and 200 just black.

Don’t Take It Personally

'Don't Take It Personally' is experimentalists Niagara trying on a variety of left-field tricks, marrying psych-rock to Eastern dance music and playing with a hell of a lot of synth. Tracks such as "Currybox" are indicative of Niagara's attempt to make irresistible hooks that are also thought-provoking, taking gloomy synths and pairing them with fast-paced beats and sleek spoken vocals. With its variety of different, equally-valued sound types, 'Don't Take It Personally' resembles glitch-pop that's been remoulded into something more structured and purely pop.   Tracks:  John Barrett Fat Kaos Vanillacola Speak & Spell Laes Currybox Popeye China Eclipse Else Bloom

These Days

The playful, sophisticated dance pop of Italian duo M+A's second album These Days is so seamlessly hooky and compelling that upon listening it's hard to imagine a world without it. It's a perfect distillation of a yearning for endless summer. M+A's 2011 debut Things. Yes was an inventive and spirited exploration of an organic, heartfelt variety of genre-hopping electro-acoustic pop that promised many good things to come from the young artists. But, perhaps nothing could've prepared us for These Days. M+A is Michele Ducci, 22, (vocals, instruments) and Alessandro Degli Angioli, 25, (instruments) of Forli, Italy. These Days is the result of meticulous collaboration begun in spring 2012, often from great distances with both members frequently on the go. "In this album we tried to experiment mainly with the song form, freeing ourselves of any bias towards any genre," the pair explain. "We haven't tried to remain faithful to anything." Rather than relying on samples, M+A played all of the instruments, apart from the impressive acoustic drumming of Marco Frattini. From the very first seconds of These Days, the album is off and running with lush hooks driven by the propulsive beats, pizzicato strings and syncopated electric piano of dancefloor-filler "When." The hooks never stop throughout the 11-song, 42-minute album. "B Song" evokes the blue-eyed retro-funk of late 90's era Beck. "Down The West Side" is a masterful slice of sun-drenched pop perfection sure to soundtrack many a summer BBQ or banish those rainy day blues, while songs like "New York There", "Game", "Practical Friday" and "Midnight Radio" easily pair up alongside recent 80s-reminiscent efforts by artists like Daft Punk, The Strokes and Phoenix. With These Days, M+A effectively prove themselves worthy of a place among their more celebrated contemporaries. The album will be available on CD and digital download and also as a deluxe 180-gram vinyl edition (300 copies on white vinyl with colour printed inner sleeve and a free album CD included inside Tracks : 1.  When  2. B song  3. Down the west side  4. Freetown solo  5. Game  6. New York there  7. L.E.M.O.N.  8. Practical Friday  9. De-light  10. Slow  11. Midnight radio


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Yeth, Yeth, Yeth

  • Vinyl LP (MONO47VNL)
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Okie Rosette
Leap Second

  • CD (MONO34CD)
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The Low Lows
Elizabeth Pier

  • CD single (MONO29CD)
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