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William Basinski
A Shadow In Time

William Basinski pulls another couple of tape loops out of his voluminous archives, this time containing sounds from the rare Voyetra 8 synthesiser. A Shadow In Time is devised as a tribute to ‘David Robert Jones’ (aka David Bowie), and is a typically gorgeous, slowly-expanding work of Basinski-drone. Available on CD or vinyl, with exclusive, slightly different mixes on each format.
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The Books
Lost and Safe

Here we have a remastered edition of the third LP from seminal duo The Books. On Lost & Safe the pair of Nick Zammuto and Paul De Jong continue to take their highly idiosyncratic brand of neo-folk in ever-more intriguing directions. Much like the contemporaneous experiments of Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart, this record blends organic instrumentation with zany electronics. Lost & Safe was The Wire’s album of the year back in 2005, y’know...

The Exit Papers

First-time vinyl and electronic release for Low's 'imaginary film soundtrack' EP (originally released in 2000, a year before the seminal album 'Things we Lost in the Fire'). Largely instrumental, 'The Exit Papers' was definitely one of Low's more experimental records. The band sent copies of this out to movie executives in the hope of securing soundtrack-writing work. Purchase also includes download code. 
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Virga I

If you know ambient music then you'll know Eluvium. Matthew Cooper's project has long been known for its use of electronic minimalism and stark piano-based compositions. Here the artist soundtracks a temporary move into his garage studio which gave him a total different perspective being closer to nature and away from the gadgets of the modern world.  
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William Basinski

With Lamentations, William Basinski has created a work of great depth and beauty. He leaves his usual subjects of death and decay behind here, but not unlike his 2002 classic Disintegration Loops, there’s an arc of grief over the album. The songs are shaped from tape loops of Basinski’s own archival material dating back to 1979.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TRR343LP)
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Deep Politics

Three years on from the hell-raising Doomsdayer’s Holidays and Portland group Grails return Deep Politics. On this LP the band wed their unique brand of darkside psych-rock with a newfound interest in sampling and tape manipulation. The overall effect is potent and brooding - think the darkest depths of RZA’s discography, or perhaps a more rockist rendering of Forest Swords.

William Basinski
The Deluge

More glorious tape-loop-based minimal composition from William Basinski. The Deluge presents an alternative approach to the source material used on recent companion piece Cascade: a piano loop is processed via various subtle feedback systems, until the whole thing washes away in a haze. White LP on Temporary Residence.
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Continuous Portrait

Matthew Robert Cooper (a.k.a. Eluvium) and Explosions In The Sky’s Mark T. Smith collaborate once again as Inventions, presenting their third studio album Continuous Portrait. It’s the boldest and least characteristic work yet, at least in terms of what you might expect given their own work, but it’s hypnotic and playful enough to fit in with 2014’s self-titled effort and 2015’s Maze of Woods. 

Before The Past - Live From Electrical Audio

Before The Past - Live From Electrical Audio by Japanese post-rock band Mono contains three tracks, rerecorded and mixed by Steve Albini, giving them additional power and prowess. It features Com? And Halo originally on their 2002 album One Step More and You Die and L’America originally on 2001’s Under The Pipal Tree.

Explosions In The Sky
The Rescue (Anniversary Edition)

Recorded quickly in 2005 and inspired by an incident on tour when the band’s van broke down, necessitating an eight-day stay in an attic waiting for it to be repaired, Explosions In The Sky’s fourth effort has always been something of a missing piece to many fans, never being commercially available anywhere after its limited mail-order release. That’s all changed now, with this first-ever vinyl issue. 

Sparkle Division
To Feel Embraced

Esteemed composer William Basinski and his studio assistant Preston Wendel deliver their debut studio album as Sparkle Division. To Feel Embraced sees a man associated with tape loops and ambient music widen his palette to include elements of jazz and disco, with guest vocals from Leonora Russo and Xeli Grana. 
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Field Works

Bats. They started the Coronavirus pandemic apparently but let's not hold that against them. As Field Works Stuart Hyatt uses recordings of the little flying furry things as source material on this unique album. He gathers together a host of composers to help tell the story; Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Sarah Davachi, Felicia Atkinson, John Also Bennett, Christina Vantzou, Kelly Moran, Mary Lattimore, Machinefabriek, Eluvium, Taylor Deupree, Noveller, Chihei Hatakeyama and Ben Lukas Boysen.

Enter The Mirror

Athens, Georgia instrumental rockers Maserati return with Enter The Mirror, their first album in 5 years. They’ve chosen John Congleton to produce this one, which could be a wise move given his history with fellow instrumental band, Explosions In The Sky. The guitar sound has been modelled on INXS and the drum sound on Phil Collins classic ‘80s sound, apparently. Make of that what you will. Fellow Athenian and former REM drummer Bill Berry makes a guest appearance.

Doomsdayer’s Holiday

Wow. There's a lot going on in that album art. Anyway, 'Doomsdayer’s Holiday' is an album packed full of smokey psychedelic atmosphere and riffs which could ascend as high as mountains. Grails were inspired by weirdo noir films, cosmic jazz, psych folk and Middle Eastern mysticism for this masterwork. They also recruited members and collaborators of Sunn O))), Sun City Girls, Earth and Faust for this one. 


Tangents are a restless group, always switching up to a new sound or dropping in unexpected elements in the middle of compositions. Jazz, electronica, post-rock, electro-acoustic improvisation and more besides all surface in the heady brew of Stateless. The vinyl edition of the album comes with an additional download of some remixes (including one by Four Tet). On Temporary Residence.

Hymn To The Immortal Wind (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Mono’s album Hymn to the Immortal Wind (their first with a full chamber orchetra) is such a big epic boy of a post-rock album, I can’t quite believe that the big chords have even faded away yet from their original playing. And yet here we are, with a one-decade anniversary reissue. These reissues have been remastered by Bob Weston, and are presented in truly luxurious fashion by Temporary Residence.

Explosions In The Sky
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Well it's certainly not a cold place these days, far from it. Texan post-rockers Explosions In The Sky were typical of the early 2000 era for slowly building textures and screaming crescendos. See also: Mogwai, Godspeed. They had the titles to boot too. Musically this second album continues what debut Those Who Tell the Truth... started but with softer textures and twinkling dynamics. 

Rachel Grimes
The Way Forth

Rachel Grimes, once of chamber-rock group, Rachel’s, has written a folk opera that highlights the experiences of women in Kentucky from 1775 onwards. The Way Forth is a sprawling, nonlinear work, twisting through time was inspired by photos, documents and letters that allowed her to piece together a story 

The Ground Our Sky

Saariselka is a collaboration between two pioneers of ‘ambient Americana’, Chuck Johnson and Date Palms’ Marielle V. Jakobsons. With the former playing pedal steel guitar and the latter on synthesisers, the duo’s debut album The Ground Our Sky explores those horizons where the earth beneath our feet meets the celestial heavens. 

Bruno Bavota
Get Lost

The prophecy is true - Italian composer Bruno Bavota has made another LP of contemporary classical compositions. Get Lost ticks all the usual boxes - Waifish piano? Yep. Gently-undulating strings? Sure. Chest-swelling chord progressions? Very much so. Olafur Arnalds would be proud. Something from Get Lost is sure to be soundtracking a climactic scene in a romcom very soon.

Floating Spectrum
A Point Between

Mei-Fang Liau presents her debut album as Floating Spectrum. Using noises of everyday household objects and her collection of customised synthesisers and other musical programmes - including a generative system that turns visual data into sound - A Point Between is much more than just a technological marvel, but an artistic one too. 

Explosions In The Sky
How Strange, Innocence (Anniversary Edition)

Recorded in the space of two days at the end of 1999, Texan post-rock heroes Explosions In The Sky made small but significant ripples in the underground scene with a limited CD run of their humble debut How Strange, Innocence. Twenty years later, it eventually gets a thorough double-vinyl treatment, with beautiful etchings and inserts. 

Quocumque Jeceris Stabit

If you’ve been waiting for fresh sounds by Italy’s great underground punk outfit Uzeda, your wait is at an end after thirteen long years, with Quocumque Jeceris Stabit. Recorded with Steve Albini, this album lets flow what has been pent up so long, with a real passionate feel to the band’s interplay. Released by Temporary Residence.

Songs: Ohia
Travels in Constants

Under the Songs: Ohia moniker, Jason Molina released an untitled one song EP for a subscription series on Temporary Residence Records called Travels In Constants. The EP went under the radar, lost between the release of the albums Ghost Tropic and Didn’t It Rain. Now, released on vinyl as Travels In Constants EP, the 18-minute long title track featuring just Molina and an acoustic guitar, is paired with a another lost epic, Howler, which clocks in at 13 minutes.


Pianoworks is one of those things that belies a deeply depressing message, the loss of childhood wonder and joy, with deeply beautiful and moving music. It is an album that was apparently 'recorded, re-recorded, and re-re-recorded in the span of nearly a decade', in Eluvium's quest for the perfect sound. Opener 'Recital' is meant to mimic just that, the recital of a piece of music. It does so in such a way that conveys the adherence to form and technique, but never loses a sense of magic from the simple act of playing piano. It is, as the press release states, 'uncomplicated as it is uncompromised'.

Steve Moore
Beloved Exile

Steve Moore is a noted figure within the modern synth community, respected for his soundtrack work and his duo Zombi. Beloved Exile is the first solo studio non-soundtrack album he has made in five years, and Moore leaps on the opportunity to fully follow his own path. Guests including Mary Lattimore and Emel Mathlouthi. On Temporary Residence.

William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops II (Remastered)

William Basinski created his ambient and much storied record, 'The Disintegration Loops', by feeding his compositions on loop through a tape head until a myriad sounds were made in its place. The record's completion coincided with the 9/11 attacks, a sight which is recreated on the record's cover. Considered an attempt at making sound cyclical, 'The Disintegration Loops' is now being given a second re-release due to the high demand of its boxset, each of the four volumes being released as an individual record. This is the second in four volumes, split into two tracks, each over thirty minutes long.

William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops III (Remastered)

William Basinski created his ambient and much storied record, 'The Disintegration Loops', by feeding his compositions on loop through a tape head until a myriad sounds were made in its place. The record's completion coincided with the 9/11 bombings, a sight which is recreated on the record's cover. Considered an attempt at making sound cyclical, 'The Disintegration Loops' is now being given a second re-release due to the high demand of its boxset, each of the four volumes being released as an individual record. 'The Disintegration Loops III' is split into two ambient compositions, clocking at twenty minutes and fifty minutes respectively.

William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops IV (Remastered)

William Basinski created his ambient and much storied record, 'The Disintegration Loops', by feeding his compositions on loop through a tape head until a myriad sounds were made in its place. The record's completion coincided with the 9/11 attacks, a sight which is recreated on the record's cover. Considered an attempt at making sound cyclical, 'The Disintegration Loops' is now being given a second re-release due to the high demand of its boxset, each of the four volumes being released as an individual record. This is the fourth and final volume in the series (excluding live interpretations), comprised of three extended pieces. 

Nick Zammuto
We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nick Zammuto’s score for critically-acclaimed indie flick We The Animals gets released via Temporary Residence. Zammuto’s music here hits the sweet-spot of gorgeous synthetic ambiences that one finds in the screen work of Mogwai. There is an extra-tender, extra-fragile, Postal Service-y beauty to cuts such as ‘It Was My Grave’ that is very moving.

William Basinski
On Time Out of Time

New solo work from big drone man William Basinski! On Time Out of Time was developed to accompany a Berlin art exhibition, and it features the sounds of actual real black holes in space(!), pulled into the unique soundworld of Basinski. The CD and LP editions have some different material, so think carefully about your preference… On Temporary Residence.

Bruno Bavota

Plink plonk plink, plonk plink plonk. Yep, those pitter-patter piano lines that herald Bruno Bavota’s RE-CORDIS can only mean one thing - we’ve got another neo-classical LP on our hands. Bavota has apparently been compared to fellow Italian Ludovico Einaudi a few times in his young career. The tracks here, fiddling as Rome burns, make good on those similarities.

William Basinski

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William Basinski + Lawrence English
Selva Oscura

William Basinski and Lawrence English are friends (one based in LA, the other somewhere in Australia) whose paths have crossed numerous times over the past 5 or 6 years, sometimes by chance and other times more deliberately. In those moments they began to make the embryonic basis of Selva Oscura. Within its grooves are two extended pieces of music representing constantly shifting and unspooling states of being. A gradual, eternal reveal, of coming into contact with the 'strange familiar'. Choose from Indies-only opaque grey vinyl, or regular black LP. On Temporary Residence.

Janek Schaefer (For Robert Wyatt)
What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing

Scholarly sound artist Janek Schaefer has been doing his thing while garnering acclaim for at least two decades now, and here he is with a new work that showcases his transient sound at its most accessible. The new record (For Robert Wyatt) - 'What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing' was constructed from parts of Wyatt's 'Cuckooland' album and is particularly resonant, now adapted from the performance into one side of the record. The piece is complemented by 7 new equally poignant compositions. Well, count me in. Limited edition (1000 copies) of the transparent gold vinyl LP, also on CD; on Temporary Residence.

Before The Day Has Gone

A decade in the making, Bellini’s fourth LP finally arrives courtesy of Temporary Residence. The Italian quartet make a pleasing racket here that is pitched somewhere between Idlewild, Preoccupations and PJ Harvey. That is to say that Before The Day Has Gone is one of those post-punk albums that manages to be at once both loose and groovy, discordant and melodic.

New Bodies

Aussie five-piece Tangents are purveyors of a similar kind of jazzy, instrumental post-rock to Tortoise; there are similarities with Four Tet’s electronic plunges into these styles as well. On New Bodies they are comfortable shifting between the lot within one tune - all the way to outright jazz improv as well - with superb drumming and overall impressive results.

Young Widows
Decayed: Ten Years of Cites, Wounds, Lightness, and Pain

This 15-track collection charts the first decade of Young Widow's career, and mines their vast catalogue of singles, b-sides, splits and rare songs, including four previously unreleased tracks. This record maps out the band's evolution form post-hardcore to pos-punk monsters, their genre-hopping and mastery of technique attesting to their longevity. 

Prefuse 73
Forsyth Gardens

Electronic pioneer Prefuse 73 is back in a big, bold and brash way with Forsyth Gardens. Presumably not an ode to Bruce and his topiary, this multi-faceted album sounds ultra-modern in its kaleidoscopic scope. Young fans of Flying Lotus would be wise to take note of one of the masters. Out on vinyl LP from Temporary Residence.

Paul de Jong
You Fucken Sucker

Best known as one half of folktronicists The Books, Paul De Jong has a nice little side-hustle in the form of his solo material. His follow-up to 2015’s IF augments the lustful experimentalism of The Books with the wide-ranging yet clear-headed aesthetic of an auteur. There’s r&b, spoken word, New Age drone, prog-metal and much more in the 14 tracks of You Fucken Sucker. Out via Temporary Residence.

Timespan Redux

Oh the things you can do with an armful of analogue synths and a drum kit... ZOMBI's A.E. Paterra comes at us with an epic, relentless journey through the cosmos. And a very groovy cosmos it is. Psychedelic in intention, kraut in execution, deep space soundtrack in spirit, and all the better for it.

False Readings On

Oh go on, get excited about a new Eluvium record. It's been a while since Matthew Cooper framed his ambient-leaning post-rock in such a compelling light -- in fact False Readings On seems to intertwine his pastoral, widescreen sound with a harsher resolution, with the orchestration battling tape hiss, unruly distortion and forlorn vocalisations. This one's a gorgeous opera, broken into tiny pieces.

History Of The Future

When members of Grails, Slint, and Strike City come together, this is what ends up happening. Watter’s second album History of the Future is a great slab of American instrumental improvisation in a rock / post-rock milieu, with big chunks of synth too for good measure. The album even features extra guests from bands like Shipping News and Tortoise! On Temporary Residence.

Howard Hello
Election Year

Howard Hello is the pairing of Kenseth Thibideau and Marty Anderson, who did nothing together for a decade before the recent reigniting of their collaboration, brought about in part by political circumstances. Election Year’s intriguing songcraft explores some of the last year’s effects and impacts in America. Out on Temporary Residence.

Canon Blue
Lasso Yo

It’s a hat-trick for Canon Blue as Lasso Yo is the producer-songwriter’s third LP. I’m immediately getting M83 feelings here. It’s the vocals, being all distant and epic and profound and saying things like “ye-ye”. The instrumentation is some surging pop which cleverly utilises a range of instruments. It’s a producer’s album this one.   
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Behind The Shadow Drops

This is the debut album from  Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of iconic Japanese rock explorers Mono. Here he stretches out into a myriad of styles from ambient to trip hop to industrial minimalism and modern classical  and takes members of Tortoise, Mono and the Sea & Cake along for the ride.   

Under The Pipal Tree

This is the debut album by MONO, first released fifteen years ago on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. Turns out these guys were epic right from the start: much of Under The Pipal Tree has a grand sweep and a searing intensity to it. Under The Pipal Tree has never been released on vinyl before, so jump onto this new double LP pressing on Temporary Residence, featuring all-new artwork.


Majeure is the solo project by the drummer from Prog-rock/Electronic duo Zombi, Anthony Paterra. Devolving further into heavy synthesis, arpeggiators and insane drumming. This is definitely what you’re after if you want to scratch John Carpenter, Sea Of Teeth or are currently obsessed with Stranger Things.

Some Offcell Voices

Before they were the touring behemoth they later became, Pinback was simply a project for members of Three Mile Pilot and Heavy Vegetable to hone their songwriting craft. Early on they produced two distinctive EPs which have now been collected together onto one slab of vinyl. Pinback have always made super soft super literate guitar pop and here their beginnings have been remastered and presented in a way that stands up as a full album and not the collection of outtakes EPs can sometimes become. 

Chalice Hymnal

The mega Grails return! Whilst this project may have seemed quiet for the last 5 years, the members have been busy writing Chalice Hymnal whilst working with their other projects OM, Watter and Lilacs & Champagne. Chalice Hymnal manages to throw them all together like a worldly-psych-drone hotpot filled with spacey near distance guitars, washy brass ensembles and crisp heavy drums.

Behind Closed Doors
Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors were a Baltimore band who popped up and then dissolved again with just a few years in the late 90’s. Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors contains everything that the band ever recorded (which isn’t a lot), on red-with-black-splatter vinyl with a laser etching of the lyrics on the B-side. Fierce and complicated hardcore, reissued by Temporary Residence.

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place
You're Doomed. Be Nice.

Returning from self-imposed exile, prolific math rock wonder Rob Crow has assembled a band and begun making jittery US indie-punk again. You’re Doomed. Be Nice, on vinyl LP and CD from Temporary Residence, is immediately recognizable as a Rob Crow record; his relaxed vocals and tense, jagged guitars are all there. This is an important reminder of why he has become a low-key legend.

Waver The Absolute

Welcome to the first new work from the Sybarite project in a full decade. Waver The Absolute wastes no time in getting things moving again, jumping out with fat waves of static. Then we slip into a classic flurry of warm hazy dancing electronics to lose the mind and body in. Released by Temporary Residence: the vinyl version features two extra tracks.


Hauschka returns to the material of last year’s Abandoned City album, this time abandoning it even further with A NDO C Y, a collection of tracks from the same sessions paired with two striking remixes from Eluvium and Devendra Banhart, who take those pieces into fresh, sparse new territory. LP on Temporary Residence.

Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
Manglehorn: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

David Gordon Green’s new film Manglehorn comes with a soundtrack from a band often described as cinematic in their own right: Explosions In The Sky. With the help of film composer David Wingo, they have created some really shimmering atmospheres, using a lot of percussive textures. The LP version is limited to 2,500 copies, so don’t delay! On Temporary Residence.

Keep It Together

Here is a collection of non-album tracks from this long disbanded Baltimore band including recordings made with Steve Albini who had also recorded their two studio albums. The collection spans their entire career from their mumbly beginnings onwards and showcases the quiet history of a post-rock band who deserve to take their place amongst contemporaries like Explosions in the Sky.  

Explosions In The Sky
Those Who Tell The Truth

Explosions In The Sky's second and breakthrough album 'Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever' was subject to a bizarre conspiracy that the group somehow predicted 9/11. The phrase "this plane will crash tomorrow" is printed in the album art inners and a rumour was spread that its release date was September 10th, though it was released on the 4th. Historical moments aside, the Texan post-rock group's second album put them on the map for making grand, uplifting and sweeping instrumental music. This one's an excellent starting point into the group.


Parlour is what various members of Papa M, Crain and The For Carnation do away from their ‘day jobs’: play a different brand of alternative guitar music. They’ve surfaced and resurfaced numerous times during their 2 decade tenure, and this self-titled full-length is their fourth. Tight, heavy rock music with extra synths and riffs. On Temporary Residence.

Zero Moment

First full-length recording from Contact, the pairing of A.E. Paterra, who has played with Majeure and Zombi, and the film composer Paul Lawler. That heritage is audible in the music, which has the magical cosmic-synth feel of so many 1980’s movies. Zero Moment is released by Temporary Residence.

Rachel Grimes
The Clearing

Rachel Grimes, formerly the leader of Rachel’s (funnily enough), hasn’t released a solo album for six years, so The Clearing is a significant release. Working with the likes of Helen Money and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the album moves through stately and deep neo-classical territory, Grimes’ piano leading the way throughout.

Prefuse 73
Every Color of Darkness

Four years since his last significant release under his best known and most revered recording name, Prefuse 73, aka Guillermo S. Herren, who has been busy elsewhere with collaborative work, remixes and live performances, is finally releasing not one, but three full length LPs due out this year. ‘Every Color of Darkness’ is built from the darkest elements of Prefuse 73's world, expressing an uneasy romanticism through manic and broken, jazzy beats and phrasing.

Blanket Waves

Inventions is a still relatively new duo made up of alumni of Eluvium and Explosions In The Sky. With this, their third album in not much more than a year, they combine the epic scale and the emotional intimacy of their approaches into a warm, melodic, semi-abstract pair of pieces. Limited edition LP on Temporary Residence.

My Disco

Australian trio My Disco have taken minimal sound to the limit on their new album, Severe. It makes for uncomfortable listening at times with dark drones and silence juxtaposed with pounding, stabbing rhythms. The band worked with film composer Cornel Wilczek at the controls which allowed the band more freedom to experiment with studio sounds. Severe is the band’s best album yet.


Maserati are all about that motorik, about the need to drive forwards no matter what the sound. Reuhmanizer mixes krautrock’s classic rhythmic instinct with chugging guitars and other ‘classic rock’ elements. The results are as much of a space fantasy as the one depicted on the cover. Out on Temporary Residence.

Rob Crow
I Hate You, Rob Crow

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Prefuse 73
Rivington Nao Rio

Prefuse 73 returns after a remarkably long break (four years!) to treat us all with a fresh platter of his clicking minimal-hip-hop, reverb-soaked and with odd production touches abound. Guest vocalists include Busdriver, Rob Crow and Helado Negro, and Rivington Nao Rio is released by Temporary Residence.

Paul de Jong

Paul de Jong, formerly of The Books, releases his very first solo record, and IF is an excellent piece of work. de Jong combines all manner of unusual samples from here and there into curious and catchy wholes, underlaid by his gorgeous string-playing. Fun and lovely, released by the Temporary Residence label.

First Contact

Contact are one of those bands who accidentally traded their synthesizers for lazer beams and now have to make do with the gooiest electronic sounds you can possibly hear. Call it sci-fi, call it prog rock; they're making music that makes you think of the waveform. 'First Contact' is their debut and deftly weaves together wonderfully silly melodies with the high tension of a space western.

Canon Blue

  • Vinyl LP (TRR197LP)
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The Books
Thought For Food

Back in the early 2000’s the whole ‘post-genre’ thing was starting to kick off. We’d had The Avalanches’ Since I Left You, Gorillaz were the cool new thing and Animal Collective’s golden period was just around the corner. A less well-known but no less important addition to the stable was The Books’ 2002 debut LP Thought For Food. The manner in which the duo of Nick Zammuto and Paul De Jong applied the cut-and-paste electronics of Oval to a sort of alien-folk songwriting style was, and remains, highly original. Following on from its appearance in scores of those ‘Best of the Decade’ lists, Thought For Food now gets the reissue treatment courtesy of Temporary Residence.

Bonny Billy
More Revery

More Revery is a lesser-known 2000-era Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album, which found him stowing his band away to cover an array of favourite songs. All sorts of genres are drawn in and made Bonnie: PJ Harvey, Tim McGraw and Bill Withers are all represented here. This rare collection is now available on vinyl from Temporary Residence.


One of the finest artists in the neo-classical genre is of course Richard Clayderman...no sorry Eluvium. Read the review for the full office misunderstanding that seems barely plausible with music of such beauty. Eluvium has made lots of gorgeous records but Copia is possibly one of the best, broadening his brush strokes to include strings, brass and of course piano. Now remastered onto 2LP by Temporary Residence. 

From Bone To Satellite (Deluxe Expanded Edition)

Originally released, and very quickly sold out, in 1999 now finally repressed by the guys at Temporary Residence. If you’re a fan of Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Dorena you’ll love this. Includes the remastered original 7 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks of unreleased and rare material. A fair whack of instrumental post-rock for you.

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