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Zinovia Arvanitidi

Once part of Pill-oh but now a single human entity, Zinovia Arvanitidi details a solo record for Kitchen that goes sparse for the emotional overdrive. It's a record of piano on its ones, showing her ability at creating diffuse environments from minimalist frameworks. A lovely, panoramic sound come...view item »


Ironomi presents their first record in 5 years, and they’ve obviously been busy in that time, as Niji stretches over 3 CDs, totaling 164 minutes. Each piece was born out of improvisations between Junya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe and the many guests they invited to join them. Subtle,...view item »

Hior Chronik
Taking the Veil

Following his previous work on Kitchen as Pill-Oh in ‘Vanishing Mirror’, ‘Taking the Veil’ is the debut solo album from Berlin-based musician Hior Chronik. Featuring contributions from Field Rotation (Denovali Records), Sophie Hutchings (Preservation), Luup (Experimedia) and composers Yasushi Yoshida (noble), Yoshinori Ta...view item »

Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble

The final release from the Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble before they go on an indefinite hiatus, presented as a trilogy featuring newer versions of their older tracks and previously unrecorded pieces. Recorded at various concerts during thei...view item »


A murmuration is the term used for a flock of starlings, and if you’ve ever seen one whirling in the air then you will see how such a thing could act as inspiration for beautiful music. Piano composer sonicbrat has written and performed a suite for imaginatively-miked piano that imagines the journey of a starling through l...view item »

Stranger To My Room

This latest release by Sonicbrat (aka Darren Ng) for the Kitchen label proves that CDs can be just as appealing as vinyl when it comes to packaging. Lavishly housed in a full colour booklet filled with arty photos taken by Helsinki-based artist Aiwei Foo, ‘Stranger In My Room’ is a mostly piano-led ...view item »

Haruka Nakamura
Ongaku no Aru Fuukei

A rich and cleansing collection of modern classical composition from Tokyo-based Haruka Nakamura and his ensemble line up. Recorded in the Jun Aoki designed Sonorium it’s a smartly produced album with all the reverberations associated chamber music. Out on 2CD with deluxe 32 page booklet from Kitchen....view item »

Destroy & Dream

This CD has a really lovely fold-out cover which won’t fit in your CD rack and doesn’t make it super easy to figure out which track you’re on, with the lyrics in their original Chinese(?) and with English translations. Evade are a trio of poet/singer Sonia Ka Ian Lao, gui...view item »

Hanging Up The Moon

Hanging Up The Moon began life as the solo project of Sean Lam (Concave Scream). Following his self titled, home recorded debut, Lam was joined by friends and fellow veterans Dean Aziz (Concave Scream), Leslie Low (The Observatory) and Victor Low (Affixen) for the follow up album ‘The Biggest Lie In The World’. Having increased this ...view item »

Haruka Nakamura

This guy produces some really sumptuous stuff. Ponderous & mellow, his music merges neo-classical moods & delicate jazz elements in the most natural manner you could dream of. A minimalist attitude results in an uncluttered & refined album, quietly melancholy & undoubtedly timeless. The sad-eyed piano & implicit breaths of sm...view item »

Vanishing Mirror

I was a little confused by this one. It took me a while to work out it was by Pill Oh and not Vanishing Mirror (which is what it’s called). Doesn’t take me much to get confused though! Pill Oh comprises of Hior Chronik (electronics) ...view item »

Szymon Kaliski
From Scattered Accidents

Gosh, this is a super posh package. A CD housed in a textured card artbook with lots of monochrome photographs. It’s so pure looking I’m almost afraid to touch it. In many ways the audio reflects the minimalist aesthetic of the package. Created with acoustic sounds which have t...view item »


We didn't get a promo of this one and there's no way we're opening one of these babies as they're so cute in their sealed little hardback book sleeves, so I'm just doing this off the sound clips we got sent. From what I can hear you get some neo-classical tinkling with some fuzz and noises in the background (a tweety bird in one of the tracks!) ...view item »

Charles Rendition

Never heard the last album by Fjordne, and I may never do as it has now sold out. Released on the little Singapore-based imprint Kitchen, it was apparently built from "floaty twinkly pastoral electronica" according to Phil. I'm not convinced I can get away with describing this new ...view item »

I Hold A Wish For You

I'm being treated to some real sonic lovelies today. Got this CD by Aspidistrafly called 'I Hold A Wish For You' and it's a remarkable sounding/looking package. Housed in a concertina booklet full of tasty photography, this is a boy/girl project (from Singapore I believe) - full of dreamy post shoegaze soundscapes, ethereal female vocals & lull...view item »

The Setting Sun

Fjordne are a new name to me. I've not heard of them before. They have a CD out this week on the wonderful named Kitchen (the best room in any house after the lavvy) of Singapore and it's called The Setting Sun. It's packaged in one of those lovely Accordion packs where you pull the hardback sleeve apart and it folks out into loads of lovely pictur...view item »

Stars Of Aviation
Marie et L'Accordeon

A 7" now by STARS OF AVIATION on Kitchen. 'Marie et l'accordian' is Parisian easy listening, like a French Belle & Sebastian. A really gorgeous & breezy tune 'All Quiet on the Western Front' is sweet, sweet folk with boy/girl vocals, her voice being especially divine. It's just blooming lovely gear with accordion &...view item »

Frosty Cat Songs

HOROVITZ: "Frosty Cat Songs" is a new long player on Bolton's (NW England) Kitchen records. Think lo-fi / no-fi production twee indie pop in the vain of Sarah Records, Talulah Gosh and a million other bands Everett True and Karen Ablaze used to big up a little while ago. Actually Mr Phil came up with a new genre name: Bedroom Pop. Yeah re...view item »

Stars Of Aviation
Snow On Snow

Did anyone see who Winona Ryder's latest boyfriend is? Yep its that whiny feller from Bright Eyes. Maybe he'll write a song about shagging her like that one off his last album about sleeping around with groupies. I mean its a revolting thought isn't it? (Whaaat? Shagging Winona Ryder?? Eh...view item »