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Blissing Me

Taken from Bjork’s latest full length Utopia, here we have two remixes of the track Blissing Me. One with experimental artist serpentwithfeet’s (Tri Angle) unique gospel like voice, and the second removes everything except the harp and Bjork’s vocals. Limited ...view item »

Disco Inferno

By the time 1995 rolled round Disco Inferno had probably had enough. Not only had their stunning run of forward thinking records been ignored by all but the most discerning music listener but they'd had all their gear nicked resulting in most of an album having to be thrown in the bin and they'd been hawked round on ill considered support slots ...view item »

Bad Breeding

Punk, like all musics, has as much bad stuff as good stuff. So much that it can become hard to tell which is which. However, sometimes you hear a record and it’s obviously, undeniably excellent. Bad Breeding’s ...view item »

Arisen My Senses

Promising release from up-and-coming Icelandic artist Björk. One of the standouts of Utopia, ‘Arisen My Senses’ - a co-production with Arca...view item »

Disco Inferno
D. I. Go Pop

In 1994 I was so obsessed by this album that I was moved enough to write the words 'Disco Inferno' on the windscreen of my flatmates car. What she did to deserve this was to not come to see them at a gig at Leeds University - the night that changed everything in my life. I didn't know that music could be that powerful, that insane, that unique. ...view item »

Billy Mackenzie
Beyond The Sun

The problem with the later career of the Associates maverick Billy McKenzie was that while he thought he should be making forward thinking electronic dance music, his record companies tended to think he was better off writing torch songs. It therefore took a posthumous release when he wasn't able to put his u...view item »


It’s a seventy-five minute record with a buncha flutes on it -- they’re leaving it to me. Having made her best record in ‘Vulnicura’, a stressful, catharsis-denying record of never resolved and never romanticized heartbreak, Björk returns with ‘Utopia’, continuing to writhe in the undefined sonic contours...view item »

Poppy Ackroyd

Poppy Aykroyd continues to enhance our lives with her take on modern classical music. With a hypnotic persistence reminiscent of Nils Frahm, Philip Glass, and Hauschka, her compositions on Resolve will engulf you in spiralling patterns of piano, glitchy electronics, and...view item »

Poppy Ackroyd

The ever-splendid Denovali label releases the second solo outing from Aberfeldy/Hidden Orchestra string botherer Poppy Ackroyd, ‘Feathers’ is Poppy taking her collection of instruments (piano, violin, harpsichord) and creating angelic neo-classical sounds of the h...view item »


Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, is a rising star of many talents. As producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist she if fully in control of her music, creating expansive, emotional pop from icy shards of synth, guitars and voice. Dissolve is her debut album, following on from the 2014 EP Ink. Her singular vision for her music has dra...view item »


Bjork's masterwork. On her fourth record, the Icelandic pop artist started marrying her trip-hop backdrop with a hugely expansive and coldly experimental sound. This record was perhaps her darkest entry yet and did Post one better by boasting an orchestra of several billion -- each making strings swell, drums ...view item »

Penny Rimbaud
What Passing Bells

Penny Rimbaud, previously of anarchist punk legends Crass has always had a thing for poetry - he changed his name to that of French poet Rimbaud, for starters. He takes his passion for the stanza a little further here by reciting selected poems by war poet Wilfred Owen. Rimbaud is backed by cello, played by Kate...view item »


Righto then. When you're down & jaded that there's nothing truly new, fresh & exiting in the broad spectrum that is the world of popular music, that It's all been said & done a million times over, then who do you count on to return with something astounding? Yes. Bjork. The Icelandic wonder pixie is back with a brand new albu...view item »

Dýrð í dauðaþögn

Iceland, that place responsible for pretty much a one hundred percent return rate on excellent artists, offers up Asgeir along with all the rest, an indie pop songwriter working in more traditional conditions to create soulful, heartfelt songs we can all translate. His work is occasionally complemented with electronic flourishes that make for a ...view item »

The Sugarcubes
Life's Too Good

Before Bjork was Bjork (well, Bjork was still her name, but you know…), she was a Sugarcube, and Life’s Too Good was their debut. Dating from 1987, the record displays both 80’s production touches and a fresh, creative indie spirit. Well worth acquiri...view item »

Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock
Death Had Quicker Wings Than Love

The second team-up between Marry Waterson and David A. Jaycock is an obsidian-dark folk record for haunted winter nights: I’m pleased to say it lives up to the promise of its none-more-gothic title...view item »

Poppy Ackroyd

Neo-classical composer and performer Poppy Ackroyd (involved in Hidden Orchestra) presents an album of Sketches: delicately traced pieces of piano and violin finery, with richly melancholy melodies and lots of stately space to languish in. Sketches is released by One Little Indian, with CD and ...view item »

Poppy Ackroyd

Denovali always offer a touch of class when it comes to contemporary post-rock/post-metal/neoclassical types and this offering from Poppy Ackroyd is no exception. A composer from London now based in Edinburgh, she has constructed this delightful album using multitracked sounds entirely create...view item »

The Computers
Love Triangles, Hate Squares

"Love Triangles, Hate Squares" is a new track from the second album by The Computers, who weirdly don’t do electronica. Dealing with the perennial subject of the contemporary teenager from every era, it’s about being bored and getting stuck doing the same thing over and over. Much like writing about bands. ...view item »

Cody ChesnuTT
My Love Divine Degree

Remember the wonderful track The Seed recorded by The Roots all those years ago? So do we. Unusually capitalised man Cody ChesnuTT did that very song first on his debut solo outing. You probably knew that. Atlanta, Georgia's finest finally brings us a new full-length with his distinctive blend of rock, ...view item »


Asgeir is a member of The Lovely Lion and a native of Iceland, sometimes singing in the language. Afterglow is an album of sleekly modern electronic pop, with Asgeir’s voice dancing acrobatically around the swish tunes. Available on a variety of formats, including the deluxe 2CD v...view item »


‘Vulnicura’ is so unconditionally painful. It is above and beyond the call of duty of any sad singer-songwriter album. It is a full consumption of heartbreak; an analysis of how to struggle with it, a treatise in feeling it, and an exhibition of the physical sound it makes. That’s a lot for one record to cover, but her...view item »

Animals That Swim

Animals That Swim are one of those 90’s indie bands deeply beloved of a small gang of close fans, but for the most part comfortably under the radar. But these bands quietly created some of that decade’s best music, and are well worth revisiting, as One Little Indian are doing with this reissue of ...view item »


Spearheaded by the stabbing bass of the record's self-titled track, Sports, neo-psychadelic outfit Fufanu sound like a nu-rave version of such 1980's innovators as Joy Division and They Fall. Their electo-driven post-punk lies alongside a plethora of candid, almost spoken vocals - which ...view item »

s a r a s a r a
a m o r f a t i

It is impossible not to mention Bjork here. Signed to her label One Little indian, the debut album from french singer/songwriter/electronica-madwoman s a r a s a r a is tonal and heavy. A sort of uber R&B with Amon Tobin production values and Bjork-come-Coco Rosie...view item »

Kathryn Williams & Anthony Kerr
The Resonator

Look past the quite frankly not-very-good cover art for The Resonator, and you will find an interesting leftwards turn in folk singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams’ career. She has set aside her own material and embraced the vibraphone of Anthony Kerr: together, the pair have taken on a set of jazz ...view item »


London based Emily Underhill has been snapped up by One Little Indian as Tusks. A Four tracks of diverse and slickly executed tracks with For You’s Cinematic Orchestra esque opening dropping into a spacious FKA Twigs style beat as pitched vocal chops swirl around ...view item »

God Damn
Everything Ever

God Damn heavy. God Damn funky, and hell, God Damn catchy. Back for their follow up album on One Little Indian, and they bring the 70s rock riff, 90s grunge rage the head bang-ability and thick singable guitar leads of Royal Blood or Muse, big double vocal choru...view item »

The Computers

The Computers are members of a very exclusive set: rock bands that come from Exeter. It ain’t easy being a rocker in the South-West... Birth / Death is their third album of soulful garage action, and boy do these fellas put some energy into it. Out on One Little Indian, with cover art from veteran 4AD artist Vaugh...view item »

Vulnicura Live

Live recording of Icelandic songstress Bjork's grammy nominated album 'Vulnicura', which also saw her win best international female at The Brit Awards. Recorded on her 2015 tour, the album includes all the material from the original album, plus a few chosen from her previous work. Nicely packaged in a wound die-cut sleeve. ...view item »

Michele Stodart

Michele Stodart formed indie-pop band The Magic Numbers with her brother Romeo Stodart. Pieces is her second solo album. Musically it’s mainly Michele and an acoustic guitar although her ear for melody remains strong. Its subject matter is intentionally vague but covers life and weathering adversi...view item »

Black Lights

Icelandic trio Samaris now live all over the globe but have somehow convened to make some soft as feathers sultry electronic pop from their various lairs.   The opener ‘Wanted2Say’ is super sounding kind of like Air with Natasha Khan guesting ...view item »

Wild Palms
Live Together, Eat Each Other

Wild Palms made a point of spending ages making this album, reimagining all the songs and finessing all the production details. 5 years on, they have Live Together, Eat Each Other to show off, an experimentally-tinged modern alternative pop album of a high standard. It’...view item »

Dan Sartain
Century Plaza

One Little Indian release Dan Sartain’s record of snotty, no wave electro-pop. Century Plaza is available on vinyl LP and CD and is a sleazy ode to synthesizers, cheap drum machines and Alan Vega. Sartain’s witty lyrics and out-of-time croon update his beloved synth pop icons with st...view item »

Astrid Williamson
Requiem & Gallipoli

The One Little Indian label continue their great form with Astrid Williamson’s vinyl LP and CD of powerful neo-classical music. Requiem & Gallipoli blends solo piano, Williamson’s precise voice and varied orchestral accompaniment into her first longform classical composition. Thi...view item »

Few More Days To Go

Fufanu’s earlier EP ‘Adjust to the Light’ contained come really great spiky post-punk that recalled Interpol and PIL with great songs. I’m not sure what has happened between that and this their first full length album but there’s a lot less magic here....view item »

Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock
Two Wolves

Your artificial fireplace is gonna love this one. ‘Two Wolves’ is a coming together of two folkies, Marry Waterson and David A. Jaycock, artists well versed in playing in properly traditional songcraft crews -- Waterson is old-school enough to have played music with her Waterson Family contingen...view item »

Vulnicura Strings (The Acoustic Version: Strings, Voice and Viola Organista Only)

The prospect of listening to a sparser version of this year’s most emotionally devastating record isn’t my idea of a great workday, but at least it’s not Sufjan a cappella, right? For ‘Vulnicura Strings’, Bjork subtly twists the tracklisting of her latter-day classic, doing away with the...view item »

Olga Bell

Olga Bell has a knack for detail: some of the tracks on new mini-album Incitation are stripped back to the minimum of elements: clipped beats and distant bass backdrops. Bell’s excellent voice is always present though, sounding intimate and close in the midst of these wide, sparse soundscapes. On ...view item »

Notget (Lotic Fromdeath Version)

Part of Bjork’s Vulnicura remix series, in which a favoured artist is given a single sided 12” to reimagine one of the album’s tracks. This one is Lotic’s work, and he chooses to surround Bjork with a churn of organ loops and other, more unidentifiable sounds. Th...view item »

History of Touches (Kramphaft Remix)

Always one with a taste for grand projects, Bjork has launched a remix series for her latest album Vulnicura, the remixers hand-chosen by Bjork from a pool of up-and-coming producers she admires. Kramphaft takes on History Of Touches with a lushly spacious cloud of synth choir ...view item »

Oppenheimer and Woodstock

This album isn't easy to get into, you have to give it your time to be rewarded. It contains a lot of undercurrent darkness about society and humanity of today, but I have to say I get uplifted by it, perhaps a paradox. The arrangements are first class and bands like Keane and Coldplay should take a look at this to make better substantial record...view item »


It's called Debut because Bjork may be an accomplished, brilliant, wise pop musician, but she is also apparently a liar (in this small, irrelevant case only). This is actually her second solo record, and it's the best place to find the trip-hop, soft dance, good time version of an artist who went on to be a lo...view item »

BC Camplight
Lord, I've Been On Fire

BC Camplight or Brian Christinzio is a multi-instumentalist and general tunesmith. This is cracking song from his 2007 album "In The Blink of a Nihilist". It has the musicality and melodic sensibilities of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. There's a bit of Emitt Rhodes and Jellyfish going on in there too. If you wanted to dip your toe in the wate...view item »

Olof Arnalds

Olof Arnalds, cousin of Fighting Shit drummer Olafur Arnalds, returns this week with her latest collection of delicate and haunting folkpop, which here takes on a much more electronic tenor as she collaborates with two long-time friends - Gunnar Orn Tynes (founder member of Mum, for whom Olof was a touring member for se...view item »

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams is back with another record of brooding indie rock in the vein of Sharon Van Etten, the National and whoever just moved a piano into their fifth floor apartment. ‘Hypoxia’ isn’t much different from previous releases, but more than ever it...view item »

Underground Railroad
25 / NYC (Money Money)

Underground Railroad have a double A-side out with '25' and 'NYC (Money Money)' taken from the album to fairly pointlessly fill out a load of precious, precious vinyl. I'll be kind and assume that this is aimed at people who might be interested in their album but don't want to shed out a load of wonga on the off chance that it's any good and would ...view item »

God Damn

I know they’re supposed to be sick stoner metal dudes, but every time I listen to God Damn I feel obliged to invent a new genre for them: pirate emo. God Damn are a little too fast and excitable with their ideas to sound like a proper stoner band, and their rhythms are too bouncy, as if they’ve masted a sail and the wind’s come...view item »


Bjork has a new album with a veritable 'whos who' of cool namechecky type people... Volta features Antony, Chris Corsano. some dude from Lightning Bolt (he is a dude as well), Timbaland and Mark bell (LFO) is back twiddling knobs again. You can say what you like about Bjork but she does tend to push things forward always hunting out new sounds and ...view item »

Dan Sartain
Dan Sartain vs The Serpientes

More sonic gyrations from Dan Sartain. Dan Sartain vs The Serpientes is getting reissued and it is it's first outing on wax. Full of Sartain doing his thing with his haunting vocal, raw and rattling guitar - accompanied by bass and drums. Doing his best Carl Perkins and Elvis impressions but with a hard r...view item »

Biophilia Live

Directed by Nick Fenton (Submarine, The Selfish Giant) and Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio) 'Biophilia live' is a concert documentary of Bjork's multimedia project performance at The Alexandra Palace in London towards the end of her 2013/14 tour. The show is a multi-platform, multi-instrumental, multi-media, mulit-everything ext...view item »

Olga Bell

A marriage of intelligence and beauty rendered more mysterious by the sole use of her native Russian, Krai by Olga Bell is a work as rich in history as it is in sound. Having worked with the likes of Dirty Projectors and Tom Vek, Brooklyn-based Bell shows here a talent all her own. Imagine Karin Elisabeth Dreijer tackli...view item »


Iceland's Samaris are back with a second album of their sultry electronic pop. This trio have quite an unusual and distinctive formula, with silky female vocals singing passages which the press release tells me are "culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems" (a fact that would have eluded me entirely otherwise, not speaking Icelandic myself...view item »

In the Silence

One Little Indian releases this latest album by Icelandic singer songwriter Asgeir, his debut album in Iceland has outsold the likes of Bjork, Sigur Ros and Emiliana Torrini, this is his first worldwide release for the OLI label. Translated...view item »

Drawing Restraint 9

well Bjork's only gone and done it again. She's gone and made another soundtrack album to a film called Drawing Restraint 9. Interesting title oui? Apparently she's in this film though I've no idea what it's about. If it's anything like Dancer In The Dark which was one of the saddest and most harrowing things I've ever seen then get a sh...view item »

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