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Accustomed to Your Face

Kinski are a band from Seattle who formed when three members bonded over analog recording in a boozer. The majority of their releases over the years have been on Sub Pop or Kill Rock Stars, so that should offer some clues to their sound - the heavy end of indie rock with a bit of punk thrown in, comfortably mid-fi. Their new alb...view item »

Mating Surfaces

Angles and rhythms aplenty from Portland's Lithics. Second album Mating Surfaces maintains momentum with fast riffs, mobile bass lines and tight drumming. Their rhythmic approach to the overlap between indie and punk is reminiscent of Dutch greats, The Ex. And if you know me that ...view item »

Horse Feathers

Who knew horses had feathers? How wonderful. Horse Feathers have been going about their quiet business for twelve years or so now and this fifth LP sees the band head towards a new dynamic with a bit of a Northern Soul feel. Justin Ringle's warm, bearded tenor sings of work, love and life. Welcome to the club. ...view item »

Filthy Friends

Wearing sunglasses like old people do, this is the latest supergroup featuring Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/REM). This time they've hooked up with not inconsiderable talents of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) for some snotty and raucous avant rock. Yup I just he...view item »

Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson is of course one of the founder members of The B-52s, everyone’s favourite queer-leaning new wave art-pop funtime band. Change finds Cindy changing tack a little, making interesting electro-pop with friends of hers from Athens, Georgia. A bit more subtle and varied th...view item »

Taiwan Housing Project
Veblen Death Mask

Taiwan Housing Project contains Mark Feehan who used to play with Harry Pussy, which should be reason enough for you to pay attention. The other member is Kilynn Lunsford, formerly of Little Claw, and their debut album Veblen Death Mask is a glorious me...view item »


Wimps are a Seattle-based punk/lo-fi/new wave three-piece who feature vocalist Rachel Ratner from Butts, Matt Nyce from Meth Teeth on Bass and The Intelligence drummer Dave Ramm. Their album, Suitcase has punk attitude, lo-fi scratchiness and the angular nature of new w...view item »

The Gossip

As much as I love Beth Ditto's voice, this is an inconsistent, incomplete album. It differs from 'That's Not What I Heard' in that there are actual "songs" here, as compared to the "skits" that defined the first album. Because of the clarity of the production and the longer songs, The Gossip's flaws are more obvious here; the lyrics are bad (and...view item »

The Thermals
I Don't Believe You

This isn't too bad. Heartfelt indie with a chorus you could lose a badger in. It reminds me of Guided By Voices (shit I always say that!!). It has energy and soul in spades. The flip side is a decent cut too. Its called "There's Nothing You Cant Learn" and it was written in 1674 by a mad monk called Berthamelese who hypothesized that the feeling...view item »

Survival Knife
Divine Mob / Snakebit

Former Unwound bods Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno hit us with this second single. Released on the legendary Kill Rock Stars label this is kind of exactly what you’d expect from members of Unwound: angular post-hardcore with a classic punk edge full of loud crunchy guit...view item »

7 (Or 8)

LP available on either 12” vinyl or CD on Kill Rock Stars. The title 7(or 8) encapsulates a fair amount of Kinski, with a vast amount of material this is their 7th (or 8th depending on who you ask) LP. Recorded with Phil Manley of Trans Am, its a fuzzy, broken tube amped rock riff...view item »


Kill Rock Stars drag Bratmobile’s riot grrrl thrash back into print. Their debut delivers all the shouted vocals and two minute garage punk drones you’d hope for with titles such as ‘Stab’ and ‘Fuck Yr Fans’. Great sneering and insightful lyrics too, not that they care what I think....I don&rs...view item »

Marnie Stern
The Chronicles Of Marnia

Ahh! Marnie Stern’s new album is finally in our office! It’s one of those times when we got sent the promo CD so early that I already know the thing inside out, having played it on repeat through much of a couple of back-breaking weekends alone in the office painting our eye-catching ...view item »

The Corin Tucker Band
Kill My Blues

While Sleater-Kinney took their decade long sabbatical (that's like a tenure of sabbatical), front-woman Corin Tucker formed the self-explanatory Corin Tucker Band. After releasing the triumphant 1,000 Years they returned for Kill My Blues, a record in which Tucker revisited he...view item »

Horse Feathers
Cynic's New Year

It's the usual folk toy story of magical banjos and fiddles and acoustic guitars, each instrument used more pastoral than the last, each adding to the fond feeling of rurality Horse Feathers have become obsessed with. Cynic's New Year shows the band as deft as ever at their genre revisionism, though they ornament these so...view item »

Erase Errata

It's the 3rd full lengther from ERASE ERRATA & dare I say it, their best so far. Now trimmed to a 3 piece, this intense, angular & hugely vibrant band has thrilled me countless times in the last few weeks with 'Nightlife' the best record Sleater-Kinney never quite got round to recording. It's whip crackingly dynamic ge...view item »

Drumcore EP

'Drumcore' (you know the score). Actually I don't know the score. What I do know is I quite like this 7". It's just drums. With no other instruments. Or vocals. Before you cynics cast this into the fire of Whats the Point-ness, let me tell you, my brothers, it sounds ace and is well worth a listen. Multi drum tracked madness, with interlocking r...view item »

Dig Me Out

This is not the Kinks. As evident in the artwork, Sleater-Kinney's third record, 'Dig Me Out', takes its influence less from the raucous underbelly of punk rock and more from the traditions of rock 'n' roll. That said, it's still what you'd call punk rock: full of the same fury and lyrical bite, but with "woah oh oh!"s and pop hook...view item »

Apple O

......and with that he's gone with a puff of smoke. Its all gone mental here so its Clinton drafted in to finish off. First up Deerhoof. New album. Crazy sounds like Blonde Redheads fucked up younger sister flicking cream horns at John Spencer Blues Explosions wierder bits. Throw in the g...view item »

Free Kitten
Nice Ass

In 1994, A group made up of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Pussy Galore’s Julie Cafritz, Pavement’s Mark Ibold and The Boredoms’ Yoshimi P-We. They called themselves ...view item »

Marnie Stern
This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That

Bloody hell what a great album this is! We didn't review the CD when it crashed weeks ago but Marnie Stern's unfeasibly titled LP has arrived on wax complete with download. If you, like me, had a dislocated jaw after the sonic onslaught of her last shredder of a record, you'll be in convulsions with this one. Managing to carve out a very unique sou...view item »

The Thermals
Personal Life

Well, actually maybe they won't warm your heart, but they just may rock your socks off. It is a bit different from their previous albums though as it isn't as high energy (with the exception of "I Don't Believe You"). I read somewhere else that this album is a "grower", and I would agree with that as I started to like the songs more the more I list...view item »

Adult/ Numbers
Me Me/ Monologue

This makes me so happy I might burst. Not ecstatic..... not unmoved... certainly not sad or angry. Just happy. Perfect. An absolutely cracking split 7" from Adult and Numbers........view item »

Horse Feathers
Thistled Spring

'Thistled Spring', the third Horse Feathers LP, sees chief singer/songwriter Justin Ringle further exploring the world of minimalist Americana with the help of current touring violinist Nathan Crockett, cellist Catherine Odell and multi-instrumentalist Sam Cooper. Ringle's previous outings have solidified his reputation for crafting beautiful la...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Women As Lovers

Xiu Xiu are a band I'm enormously fond of and I admire 'em greatly yet I'm not massively bothered about owning any of their records. A funny one that... The guy's a total loon but he's a complete maverick and he's got to be one of the most inventive musicians out there today. The fragility in his music coupled with his unusual off kilter take on po...view item »

Born Against
Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children..

Born Against was a really good political hardcore punk band from New York. For those that seek true, old fashioned hardcore - buy this album. For those who are interested in what real hardcore is, do yourself a favour and go back to the source of where it started, and check this out. I'm likely just preaching to the choir, but on the rare chance...view item »

Kleenex / Liliput
Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovie

The second release by Kleenex/Liliput is a live CD entitled 'Live Recordings, TV Clips and Road Movie'. The first ten tracks were recorded in Biel (when they were still called Kleenex) and the rest were recorded in Zurich in 1983. The DVD is a document of their 1982 European tour and includes TV studio quality sound and video as well as super-8 ...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Dear God, I Hate Myself

Misery, torment, self-loathing and existential anguish have rarely been done so well within a pop music framework as they've been managed by one Jamie Stewart. He's now swimming solo after his long term companion Caralee McElroy defected to Cold Cave. You can hear the parallels between the two acts in the dark, yearning tragedy of the vocals and th...view item »

The Thermals
Now We Can See

The Thermals and a new 4 track 7". The oddest band, they sound like a cross between Guided by Voices & mid period Pavement crossed with Tom Petty & The Vines. They just used to sound like GBV with a big rocket up their arse, their debut LP was just the ticket. I really don't think they've progressed one iota in 6 years and that saddens...view item »

They Shoot Horses Don't They
Pick Up Sticks

One of the appealing aspects of They Shoot Horses Don't They's debut album was that it had a carnival sound, offsetting their loose, sort-of-experimental indie rock. This starts off on a pretty good note, with the swaying stompfest of "One Fast Final Push." Unfortunately, they lose that cohesion in the songs that follow, where they erect a chaot...view item »

The Gossip
Standing In The Way Of Control

Never checked out GOSSIP before but I seem to have been drawn to their many articles in various rags, proclaiming them to be electro soul saviours or some such nonsence. Actually have to kinda agree here as the fiercely attractive large framed vixen who heads their compact unit hasn't half got a fine voice on her. She sounds black, su...view item »

They Shoot Horses Don't They
Boo Hoo

The circus atmosphere is thick and bright, but all the clatter and smoke never quite pulls itself into a cohesive album. It's fun, but it's only so-so as music. It kicks off with mysterious thumps and carnival music, then the music evens out into a slight but amusing melody, full of horns, bells and wacky wails from the background singers. They emb...view item »

Two Ton Boa

Sherry Fraser's innovative twin-bass compositions recall Girls Against Boys and (not surprisingly, since John Congleton produced "Parasiticide") The Paper Chase -- dynamic and richly cathartic. Fraser throws in some ingredients entirely her own, as a talented multi-instrumentalist and possessor of a wide and versatile vocal range. Parts of "Para...view item »


This is my favourite Deerhoof. It's so good that i almost seems like it doesn't actually exist. Question. Can something this good really exist? Yes it does on vinyl and CD. Reveille is the sounds of the Blues Explosions crossed with Stereolab and some insane Japanese warblings. This is just the bestest thin...view item »

Anna Oxygen
This Is An Exercise

Much like "All Your Faded Things", Anna Oxygen's 2nd album makes for an advanced workout of her electro-art-pop. However on this follow up, the production is bigger and tighter sounding, a bit like early 80's Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, YMO. Also, as always, Oxygen's ethereal vocal arrangements reign supreme and provide the human element to the ...view item »

New Plastic Ideas

New Plastic Ideas was the third album by Olympia, Washington’s post-hardcore noise-rockers Unwound. It was originally released in 1994 on the classic Kill Rock Stars label. The guitar-bass-drums soar with hair-raising speed and indefatigable pounding all served up at the odd angles that were de rigueur back in them there &...view item »

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