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Death And The Maiden

A brand new nine-track release from Death and the Maiden called Wisteria. This record is available on vinyl LP and CD, and will blow you away with its ability to extend your already heightened levels of anxiety from listening to their previous stuff. Expect weird (but kinda cool, I guess) trance-pop-indie-punk. 

The Shifting Sands
Zoe / Run

This psych-pop two track was conceived in New Zealand and cut in Los Angeles. Dunedin trio The Shifting Sands prove they know their way around a tune here - ‘Zoe’ and ‘Run’ are the sort of lush, hazy summer jams that never go out of fashion. ‘Run’ sounds like a more focussed iteration of early-days My Bloody Valentine, while ‘Zoe’ is a blissed-out, Lemonheads-indebted number.

The Granite Shore
Suspended Second

Gotta say, with that album cover and title, I was expecting ambient German techno. But no, The Granite Shore’s second LP, Suspended Second is a glorious pop album with a Western sense of sadness and melancholy. There are hints at ABBA yet instead of glossy fun on a Greek island it sounds more like the joy you get from a bag of steaming fish and chips on a rainy day by the seaside.

Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus

The second album by Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus here receives a reissue that gets this music onto vinyl for the first time ever! 1991’s Mirror, titled after the Andrei Tarkovsky film, is a strange, deep, and stylistically varied work that invokes religious music, spiritual drones, field recordings, and so much more. Reissued by Occultation.

The Distractions
Kindly Leave The Stage

The Distractions declare an end to their long career (although said career did have a three-decade gap in it) with their third album, Kindly Leave The Stage. By making an active decision, the band get to fully define their exit, with at least half the album’s tracks being actively about departure or endings. Lovely melancholic guitar pop, released by Occultation.

John Howard
Across The Door Sill

A very much stripped back version of John Howard is present on Across The Door Sill. Layers of vocals and pianos wander through delicately written pop structures as easily as they do the more freeform. Mixing the heart of a folk artist with the intimacy of a lounge performance. Available Vinyl and CD through Occultation.

The Prophet Hens
The Wonderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys

The Prophet Hens previous release 'Popular People do Popular People' has to be one of the most thrilling Antipodean releases of recent years perfectly updating that Chills sound with a heap of sparkling tunes. We are very excited then to hear this magnificently titled follow up which promises a marriage of C86 jangle, early REM mystery pop and of course whatever it is that has been passed down from their Flying Nun forefathers. 

The Shifting Sands
Cosmic Radio Station

Things are still popping in Dunedin, New Zealand: the latest group to follow the example set by The Verlaines and the like are Shifting Sands, who play an indie-rock that is at once beautifully pop and buried under a layer of fuzz. Cosmic Radio Station is produced in such a way that the instruments slide together into one gorgeous haze: lovely.

The Granite Shore
Once More From The Top

If there ever were a tax-funded project to praise the true British pop folk music, it would sound like The Granite Shore. With their debut album Once More From the Top, these fine fellows under the guidance of Nick Halliwell sing of the pastoral life, subtly reminiscent of late 60s and 70s pop compositions.
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