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Oidophon Echorama

Gloria's sound really is glorious—three women vocalising in perfect harmony, underpinned by seamless, sun-soaked instrumentation with a deliciously Gallic twist. Think The Shangri Las, if they were Parisian upstarts with a penchant for Serge Gainsbourg and Gauloises. A modern, fresh mini-EP, perfect for summer. ...view item »

The Soap Opera
Ready To Hatch

How sad we would all be if it weren't for indie pop. It's just so damn perky.  The Soap Opera are the latest to worship at the C86 altar but they also go back all the way to 1967 to the sort of sunny side up pop manufactured by the likes of Love and the Lovin' Spoonf...view item »

The Sufis

Not since “Start” by The Jam has the bass line to The Beatles “Taxman” so obviously stolen as on “All Of The Time”, the opening track of The Sufis “Inventions” album. Although this is a more wonky, broken take on it. The album is steep...view item »

The Time And Space Machine
The Way Out Sound From In

The latest remix compilation from The Grid’s Richard Norris and another set of dance, dub, disco versions of current psych/indie-rock bands, here we have the likes of Temples, Cheval Sombre and Warpaint amongst ot...view item »

Charles Howl
Sir Vices

Okay this is the final psych album. We’re done. No-one release another one. It’s cool. Thanks. Thank you. We’re reaching maximum capacity in psych rock, to the point where I actually, genuinely typed out Hookworms instead of Charles Howl about three times in this review and had to go back...view item »

The Young Sinclairs
This is The Young Sinclairs

We all like a bit of 60’s inspired retro-ism don’t we? Don’t we? Well I do and this album is a feast of jangling bittersweet melodies that could have emerged outta 1967. Opener ‘You’re Tied’ is a case in point. Sounding like it could have come off of Love’s first self...view item »

Bed Rugs
8th Cloud

Taking their name from the Coen Brothers' classic movie, The Big Lebowski, and taking their musical inspiration from Revolver-era Beatles, Bed Rugs make glorious psychedelic nuggets of guitar pop. 8th Cloud is their full-length debut following on from 2013’s mini album, Rapids...view item »

Sudden Death of Stars
All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown

So much stuff, so little time. This is a French psych pop band who sound unbelievably if they’ve just emerged from a thatched cottage in the South Downs to play at the village fete. They use all the correct psych pop reference points; The Kinks, Syd Barrett...view item »

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