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Solo Andata
In The Lens

Solo Andata (the Aussie duo of Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco) assembled this one, their third for 12k, by mixing newer recordings with a whole host of old materials recovered from hard drives, email threads and the like. They got thirteen discrete pieces out of this process, so there’s a lot to digest. Acoustic instruments, acoustics and electronics go in; various pleasant atmospheres come out.

Gareth Dickson
Orwell Court

Gareth Dickson is a long-term collaborator of Vashti Bunyan’s and a deep-reaching songwriter / musician in his own right. Orwell Court is his fourth full-length solo album, continuing his path of quiet, private sounding music. These are songs for voice and folk guitar, but the rich layers of production and instrumental augmentation make ambient texture just as important. CD release from 12k.

Kenneth Kirschner
Compressions & Rarefactions

Kenneth Kirschner is a New Yorker who is known for his challenging and lengthy neo-classical compositions. Compressions And Rarefactions contains a download with 5 hours of additional material that couldn’t be fully explored when confined within the CD format. Kirschner is stretching the possibilities of what can be done with modern classical music.

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer

Twine is the second instalment in Marcus Fischer’s collaboration with Taylor Deupree. It’s a pretty minimal creature, with the backbone of the music formed from just 2 manipulated tape loops, then augmented with acoustic instruments. Subtle sonics that put the listener right there in the studio with Deupree and Fischer: an impressively effective little set. On 12k.

Amplifier Machine
Her Mouth Is An Outlaw

Amplifier Machine’s indie rock tendencies seem to have completely disappeared on their latest album, Her Mouth Is An Outlaw. The three-piece of James Dixon, Seth Rees and Alex Jarvis, all solo artists in their own right, have made and album of atmospheric post-rock, seemingly at odds with their back catalogue. It seems they’ve done a pretty good job of it, though.

Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott
Shape Memory

Simon Scott is, of course, the drummer in recently reconstituted shoegazers Slowdive. He has though had a long, separate career as a master of ambient bliss-outs, and here returns to Taylor Deupree's esteemed 12K label for a collaboration with friend, fellow ambient explorer and multidisciplinary artist Marcus Fischer. Although the pair discussed the album and shared sound sources beforehand, the bulk of the work was recorded on a spare day on Slowdive's whizz through the USA. Utilizing cassette loops and a plethora of additional sounds, samples and instruments, the results of the collaboration are an immersive series of deeply rich sonic textures.    

Stephen Vitiello & Taylor Deupree
Fridman Variations

Music gliding outwards from a loose knot of guitar, modular synth and tape synth - that’s what cheerful collaborator Stephen Vitiello and 12k godfather Taylor Deupree bring you on Fridman Variations. There’s a live recording made at New Ear Festival at the Fridman Gallery in New York followed by two immaculate studio variations on the setup.