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Ricardo Donoso

Denovali (Nadia Struiwigh, Her Name Is Calla) drop the new LP from Brazilian artist Ricardo Donoso. Calibrate sees Donoso going even deeper down the dark IDM/techno path than he did on June’s collaborative LP with Thiago Kochenborger. Frenzied soundscapes like ‘Rendering The Ineffable’ recall Arca, Phase Fatale and Bonaventure in equal measure. Powerful stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN311LP)
  • CD (DEN311CD)

Poems From A Rooftop

  • Vinyl LP (DEN287DLP)
  • Limited edition

Vertigo II

  • Vinyl LP (DEN287CLP)
  • Limited edition

Nacht EP

  • Vinyl LP (DEN287BLP)
  • Limited edition


  • Vinyl LP (DEN287ALP)
  • Limited edition


Dictaphone are a an electronic music project started by Oliver Doerell, who grew up in Brussels, in Berlin at some point in the late ‘90s. A couple of years later he was joined by Roger Doring. They bonded over the ‘80s Brussels music scene. They became a trio in 2009 when violin player, Alex Stolze joined. Collection gathers together their 4 albums on a very limited 4LP box set or 3CD set.
  • Vinyl LP box set (DEN287LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (DEN287CD)

Ensemble Economique
Radiate Through You

Brian Pyle is back  with another round of uneasy compositions for Denovali. You radiated through him on the last track of Light that Comes, Light that Goes and now it’s time to radiate through yourself. Or it’s time for him to radiate through you. With his music. Which wafts its gloomy way through ambient, chamber loops, shoegaze and the like.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN295LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • CD (DEN295CD)

Her Name Is Calla
The Quiet Lamb

  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN65LP)
  • CD (DEN65CD)

RDTK (Ricardo Donoso & Thiago Kochenborger)
Human Resources

Denovali Records (Mouse On The Keys, worriedaboutsatan) present the latest LP from a duo who have actually been together for a good 15 years now. Human Resources is the product of Brazilian two-piece RDTK - made up of former Hospital/Digitalis signee Ricardo Donoso and bassist-for-hire Thiago Kochenborger - and it’s a nervous record for nervous times. Tracks like ‘Seal The Chamber’ and ‘Affective Forecasting’ have a sort of Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails vibe to them. One for all you Doomsday preppers out there.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN303LP)
  • CD (DEN303CD)

The Eye Of Time
MYTH II : A Need To Survive

The second installment of three in the Myth series by french multi-instrumentalist Marc Euvrie’s (Mort Mort Mort, Karysun) solo project The Eye Of Time. Mixing neoclassical and post rock he blends huge electronic swells with organic elements,cello and a looming post-rock epicness. LP and CD on Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN306LP)
  • CD (DEN306CD)


  • Vinyl 10" (DEN174LP)
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Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani

Featuring two original piano compositions for four hands, Relive is a gentle yet dramatic, spectacular yet subdued, piano composition. That’s a lot of adjectives, but Carlos Cipa and Sophia Jani have created a two pieces of piano music that draw the listener in, know when to stop for silence, and repeat the right phrases at the right time. A modern classic among modern classical music.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN192LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Orson Hentschel

Düsseldorf-based Orson Hentschel flexes his vocal chords on latest EP release “Facades”, though his pipes are more geared toward the spoken-word (he’s not exactly Mariah Carey). Almost choreographic, this record weaves together minimalist electro and seamless samples to a cathartically tense climax.
  • Vinyl 10" (DEN290LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (DEN290CD)


French post-black metallers Celeste return to Denovali with their fifth full length studio album Infidèle(s). Gloom ridden, painful and brimming with negativity Infidèle(s) brings the lonely poison of Leviathan, relentlessness of Anaal Nathrakh and the atmospherics of Wolves In The Throne Room. Bleak.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN286LP)

Mario Diaz De Leon

Mario Diaz de Leon presents his classical composition side with this recording of the single album-length piece Sanctuary, recorded with TAK Ensemble. As well as Mario’s synthesiser, the piece is built out of marimba bass clarinet, flute, violin and some high-reaching soprano vocals. Remarkable, fully-developed work. On Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN284LP)
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  • CD (DEN284CD)

Moon Zero
Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space

Moon Zero’s new album, the grandly-titled Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space, begins with a track named for Iceland’s ‘Keflavik’ airport that shimmers and swells into a dense mass of all sorts of melodic and textural sounds, sourced from instruments, tape loops, field recordings and more. And so it continues, in lush Denovali style.
  • CD (DEN289CD)

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

Half doom, half jazz: they're doomjazz. This reissue charts the rise of The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, such as they are known when they're making the free, more improvised alternative to their work as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. This record is slower and more contemplative than their other works but no less crushing, a record of jazz transposed to pure atmosphere. Heartily recommended to fans of slowburning evil.


I'll try and keep this description a little less cluttered than the press release that requires a PhD in English Language to decipher what the actual f*** its going on about. Basically, this is a reissue of Misanthrope(s) by Celeste with a slightly new album art, that available on both CD and double vinyl LP that includes a download code. It really needn't be that difficult. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN24LP)

The Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones
Astrild Astrild

The hilariously and presciently anointed Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones decide that now of all times is the best time to release their new record, with Twin Peaks fever high and a love of jazz drone probably just as strong as it ever was. The rich, brooding sax meditations this band offer stretch out again for a record of sleuthing B-movie brilliance. Voices interpolate with the soundscapes to create the usual ghost ambience we expect from this strange but spectacular group.

The Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones
Quatorze Pieces de Menace

Thomas Koner
Tiento de la Luz

The completely singular drone and ambient pioneer Thomas Köner is back on Denovali. Köner’s Tiento de la Luz is a unique release for the artist as it subtly blends classical instrumentation and live electronics in homage to a 15th century musical form. This deep and graceful drone album comes on heavyweight vinyl in a variety of colours and includes a download code and extra thick sleeve.

Ensemble Economique
In Silhouette

Ensemble Economique, the work of Brian Pyle (formerly of Starving Weirdos), have a new album, the twelfth in the Economique canon. In Silhouette is a shadowy set of grayscale electronics driven by pulse-rhythms, everything coming together to mark out the territory of something sinister. LP and CD editions on Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN278LP)
  • CD (DEN278CD)

Paco Sala
The Silent Season

Full-length album number five from Paco Sala. The Silent Season was born out of improvised sessions with synthesisers, vocals, samples etc. Hazy pop is still the name of the game, but Paco Sala have deliberately allowed whatever ‘errors’ came through in their playing and production to stand, making this a true portrait of a time and a state. Out on Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN277LP)
  • CD (DEN277CD)

Monolog & Subheim

Subheim and Monolog get involved with each other for this collaboration on Denovali. Conviction blends together sweet electronic ambiences and firm drum machines, creating an interesting hybrid that is at times intentionally wrong-footing. It’s both soft and hard, tender and fierce: a genuine collaboration. Heavyweight vinyl edition from Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN279LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Denovali

Dag Rosenqvist & Matthew Collings
Hello Darkness

The occasionally-recurring team-up of Matthew Collings and Dag Rosenqvist present the results of five years of work, chopping and processing audio from studio sessions until finally satisfied with the results. Hello Darkness is deep and dark and heavy, but also not lacking in a sense of humour: just look at the cover. Out on Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN275LP)
  • CD (DEN275CD)

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Mutations is the 2009 second album of this mysterious collective, out of print for some time. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble have a special sound, one that melds a film noir broodiness with shards of electronic noise and thick drones. And some actual ‘dark jazz’ too. The album is reissued courtesy of Denovali.

Multicast Dynamics
Continental Ruins

Samuel van Dijk’s hazy electronic project Multicast Dynamics presents what he calls a ‘sound documentary’ on sunken infrastructure. Continental Ruins is thus suitably watery and sombre in tone, using heavily-processed synths and field recordings to create deep-textured sound slabs that’ll pull the listener under. Out on Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN276LP)

Michael Vallera
Vivid Flu

After a couple of releases on Opal tapes under his other moniker COiN Michael Vallera released his debut under his own name, a dark and gradual industrial soundscape. On his follow up, Vivid Flu on Denovali Vallera continues down a dark, almost film noir distorted machinery path with drowned plucked electric guitar.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN274LP)
  • CD (DEN274CD)

Paco Sala
Ko Yo

This new six-track offering, Ko Yo, showcases the cream of the dreamy, abstract and lo-fi pop of London/Berlin based outfit Paco Sala. Brimming with warped synths and crunchy beats, the EP is a great example of modern day avant-garde pop and is ultimately the produce of unrestraint and dazed creative juices.
  • Vinyl 12" (DEN271LP)

The Eye of Time
MYTH I : A Last Dance For The Things We Love

Intrinsically connected to the French punk/hardcore scene, French solo project The Eye of Time (aka Marc Euvrie) release the first edition of a three part-album-long concept - MYTH I: A Last Dance For The Things We Love. This life-affirming and philosophical synthesis is to be overlooked at your peril.

Fogh Depot

In continuing a journey through the avant-garde style melding a genres, Fogh Depot releases a highly off-kilter 7-track offering. Comprised of mainly nu-jazz, modern classical and electronic experimentalism, Turmalinurm is a wondrous and sprawling mix of drone, noise and melancholic melody
  • Vinyl LP (DEN268LP)
  • CD (DEN268CD)


If you're looking to close your eyes and be taken on a vivid, progressive sonic journey, there are few records more suitable than this. Berlin-based electronic producer Subheim presents his brand of distinguished and beautifully crafted ambient/downtempo music, with 2016 EP Trails. Expect worldly soundscapes, haunting vocal samples and an eclectic array of instrumentation. Released as Vinyl LP on the Denovali label.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN269LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Denovali

The Outpost

Idiosyncratically and in true Blueneck fashion, “The Outpost’ was recorded reclusively, though in an unusually short 18 months. The LP, complete with poignant vocals and an array of retro synths and guitars, is of the band’s most intense and progressive recordings to be released. Grab your copy of “The Outpost” on 180g black vinyl with free download code or CD digipak.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN273LP)

Franz Kirmann
Elysian Park

In a stark change of direction from the other-worldly electronica of his second album Meridians, Franz Kirmann releases London-incepted record Elysian Park. Defined by visual and sonic influences from Berlin-based art project Hyper Trophies, this offering is a highly eclectic mix - ranging from tranquil clarity to brooding freneticism.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN267LP)
  • CD (DEN267CD)

Ricardo Donoso

This is the sonic aspect of an audio-visual piece developed in collaboration with Florence To, originally diffused at a massive electro-acoustic dome in Montreal. Ricardo Donoso has written piano and string parts and subjected them to grand electronic manipulations, sweetening the deal with plenty of other audio fragments. The result is a massive immersive sound-world. Presented on disc by Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN250LP)
  • CD (DEN250CD)

Sankt Otten + N
Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik

Sankt Otten are a krautrock duo who have reached the dizzy heights of their tenth full-length album. Every piece on Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik grew out of in-depth studio improvisations with guitarist friend N on hand, and the results are pretty damn droney. CD / double LP release on Denovali.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN263LP)
  • CD (DEN263CD)


New album from Petrels, aka Oliver Barrett. Jör∂ drags the listener in straight away with a swooning choral arrangement that rises up out of a windy drone, and it carries on from that point with woodwinds, pop songs, electronics and all sorts, all swirling cinematically. Released by Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN266LP)
  • CD (DEN266CD)

Piano Interrupted
Landscapes Of The Unfinished

The duo who comprise Piano Interrupted gathered some of the materials for this LP in West Africa: field recordings and the sounds of lively African musicians surface repeatedly throughout Landscapes Of The Unfinished, making a very interesting counterpoint to the piano, clarinet and double bass. On Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN251LP)
  • CD (DEN251CD)

Matthew Collings
A Requiem For Edward Snowden

This album version of A Requiem For Edward Snowden is derived from a live audio-visual piece that has been performed in a number of arty venues around the world. Matthew Collings has composed a mighty mixture of haunting acoustic instrument parts and all sorts of creeping electronics. And the visual side of the work is available via accompanying download too! On Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN255LP)
  • CD (DEN255CD)

Multicast Dynamics
Outer Envelopes

Mulitcast Dynamics is a utilitarian-sounding name, behind which lies Dutch producer Samuel van Dijk. Electronic landscapes are the name of his game, Outer Envelopes often sounding like a flyby of an alien planet, loosely tethered to a distant techno framework. Fourth in a four-part series of albums, this is released by Denovali.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN248LP)

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu Remixes

Following the acclaimed album Savara Evu, Denovali have pressed a collection of remixes to 12” vinyl.  A variety of diverse styles were invited to explore Ricardo Donoso’s austere drones. Orphx ties those dry synthesizers into a dub techno framework, Thomas Köner explores the icy ambient he’s been developing for over a decade and the other inclusions push the sounds further into abstraction. This is a limited heavyweight pressing that includes download code and extra thick sleeve.
  • Vinyl 12" (DEN236LP)
  • Limited edition


Subheim is a Berlin based electronic musician. His music mixes deep electronics and acoustic elements. Foray is a patchwork of field recordings, slowly evolving beats, echoing vocals and spellbinding melodies. Subheim has a wide-range of influences. Genres from ambient to techno, drone to lo-fi, post-rock to trip-hop have made their mark on Foray. Much of the music on here has been sourced from tireless experimentation with samples, and is true to Subheim’s oeuvre.
  • Label(s):
  • Denovali

Hidden Orchestra

Modern classical ambient glitch composer Joe Acheson, known as Hidden Orchestra, is finally releasing some of his hidden remixes. The first in a series, Reorchestrations features reinterpretations of tracks by, among others, Poppy Ackroyd and Floex, focussed mostly on placing the original song in a new, lush and beautiful environment. 

Bersarin Quartett

Massive draws here for fans of Deaf Center, or A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and even add in a bit of Bohren und der Club of Gore for good measure. Melancholia fully explored in these releases, and slowed to an unbearable halt. Layers of strings, synths and distorted swells. Thomas Bücker’ Bersarin Quartett’s third release in this series.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN246LP)

Ricardo Donoso

The first three albums produced by Ricardo Donoso have been compiled into two very handsome box sets by Denovali. Minimal polyrhythmic ambient compositions that take the listener to a special place. As hypnotic and questing as a Steve Reich piece. 3CD box or a limited-to-200-copies-only quadruple white vinyl box.
  • CD box set (DEN227CD)

Orson Hentschel
Feed The Tape

A debut of abrasive drone and sound art from Orson Hentschel. Denovali release Feed the Tape on digipak CD and 180g double vinyl LP. Hentschel draws on minimal classical music, dark ambient and middle-age vocal forms to create something extremely distinctive. Here, repetitive, barely-present drones can be suddenly replaced with pounding industrial drums.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN247LP)

Multicast Dynamics

Multicast Dynamics here unveils the third record in a four part series theme around the interactions nature and humanity. Scandinavia is a brooding thing, synths shimmering their way through a dark and humming landscape. Powerful atmospheres which make it a perfect fit for Denovali, who release the record.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN245LP)

Ensemble Economique
Blossoms In Red

Ensemble Economique (the ensemble is in fact so economical that it contains only one member, Brian Pyle) release their / his eleventh album. Blossoms In Red has that shimmering ambient-songcraft vibe Pyle excels at, carefully placing subtle pieces of instrumentation next to each other. Guest appearance from Peter Broderick!
  • Vinyl LP (DEN243LP)
  • CD (DEN243CD)

Neil On Impression
L'Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre

Italian post-rock maestros Neil on Impression’s masterpiece L’Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre has been long overdue for both translation and reissue. And thanks to the kind folks at Google Translate and Denovali, we’re able to provide both. More or less. It’s something about The Ocean’s Waves That Remain Until Forever. It’s also about creating what is perhaps the pinnacle of post-rock.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN21LP)
  • CD (DEN21CD)

And It Was So

  • Vinyl LP (DEN155LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (DEN155CD)
  • In stock and ready to ship

John Lemke
Nomad Frequencies

John Lemke‘s Nomad Frequencies LP is an electroacoustic work with a grand scope. Over the course of 10 tracks, Lemke melds analogue synthesis and field recordings with percussion and melodic instrumentation. Also, prominent use of tuning forks. Nomad Frequencies is released on CD or double gatefold LP by Denovali.
  • CD (DEN237CD)

Moon Zero
Moon Zero

Self-titled record from Moon Zero (aka Tim Garratt) here on the Denovali label. Following on from a series of EPs, this first full-length is a heavily atmospheric set of avant-garde ambience, pushing all manner of electronics and instruments through all manner of post-production processes. Thoughtfully constructed works.


Saffronkeira is the project of experimental and unconventional Italian electronic musician Eugenio Caria. Synecdoche is Saffronkeira’s fourth album. Here he takes the collaborative idea he used on Synecdoche’s predecessor, Cause and Effect where he worked with trumpeter Mario Massa, and runs with it. This time he collaborates with Mia Zabelka, Siavash Amini, Idlefon, Field Rotation, Sebastian Plano, Subheim and Witxes. Vinyl LP comes in thick matte gatefold sleeves with 180gm coloured vinyl and download code.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN240LP)
  • CD (DEN240CD)

Ricardo Donoso
Machine To Machine

Ricardo Donoso works across a variety of styles, from more conventionally tuneful to out-there experimentalism. With Machine To Machine he tries to meld the two approaches, and he does a great job. These tracks are carefully composed explorations of texture with a rich seam of emotional content running right down the middle. On Denovali Records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN235LP)
  • £25.99 £15.59 (saving: £10.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (DEN235CD)

Mario Diaz de Leon
The Soul Is The Arena

Whoah! Mario Diaz De Leon has made a frankly insane record here, blending hardcore 20th century composition with intense electronic mangling and a hardcore punk approach to sequencing. The Soul Is In The Arena is an intense blast, very accomplished whilst also sounding fully gonzo. On Denovali Records.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN234LP)
  • CD (DEN234CD)


Plenitude is pretty direct for a Denovali release. While Oneirogen does have some of the ambient-droning-electroacoustics we’ve come to expect expect from the label, this EP also kicks very hard, with crashes of noise and battering beats: even some distant black metal-esque screams! Strong stuff.
  • CD (DEN239CD)

Sankt Otten / Majeure

Available as either Digipak CD with 3D print or 180gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve with free digital download and 3D print from Denovali. A split record from Majeure (Zombi’s A.E. Pattera) and German duo Sankt Otten. File somewhere between your blade runner soundtrack and Brian Eno. Lush electronica soundtrack to an unpenned 80’s epic film. ARPs galore!
  • CD (DEN75CD)

The Coma Lilies
Memento Mori

Wild multi-genre band The Coma Lilies stopped operating seven years ago, but their legacy lives on through this reissued EP, to honour “10 Years Of Denovali”, the record label that has pressed this treat up once more. Memento Mori jerks all over the place, demanding that the listener follows it. 250 copies of 180g vinyl.

Poppy Ackroyd + Lumen

Poppy Ackroyd's 'Escapement' was one of my surprise hits of last year. I listened to it loads and even bought a copy for my dad, who loved it too. Poppy creates delicate tapestries of widescreen wistfulness using only piano and violin, full of woody percussive loops wound tightly around understated melodies. She teamed up with visual artist Tom Newell, aka Lumen, to create visuals for a live tour of the album, which went down so well that fans demanded it receive a physical release. Here it is.

Flailing Tomb

The Petrels sound is a huge one, shooting high into the sky and falling down all around the listener. Flailing Tomb, his latest, is influenced seemingly by a little bit of everything under the sun: sonically, it contains a large choir in addition to the usual Petrels pallette. Released on 180g vinyl and on CD by the Denovali label.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN232LP)
  • CD (DEN232CD)

The Eye of Time

Marc Euvrie used to be a hardcore kid, but he knows a thing or two about another side of musical misery: drone. For his solo project, the Eye of Time, he provides dark sounds for darker times, mixing up industrial and ambient into the sound of a terrifying night alone. 'Anti' is recommended for fans of musical dystopias.

All Things In Common

  • Vinyl 10" (DEN120LP)
  • £17.49 £10.49 (saving: £7.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Ricardo Donoso

Available on CD or 180 gram 12” vinyl. Brazil born, Boston based composer Ricardo Donoso’s dark ambient debut Deterrence as released on extremely limited (80 copies only!) cassette in 2010. Belonging somewhere between Deaf Center and Kreng it’s getting a much needed wider release through Denovali Records.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN222LP)
  • CD (DEN222CD)

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu

Available on 180 gram 12” vinyl LP with special 3D print in various colors with download code included, as well as CD digipak. Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso who currently lives in Boston draws on his disparate compositional projects of Scuba Death and Ehnahre to create these violently evolving dark pieces which you could neatly file alongside Demdike Stare and Raime.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN223LP)
  • CD (DEN223CD)

Franz Kirmann

For fans of Cliff Martinez, Clint Mansell, Max Richter. Best known as half of post-classical / electronica duo Piano Interrupted, London based French producer Franz Kirmann goes back to his  electronic roots with “Meridians”, his second album, due out on Denovali Records next July. While his first album – Random Access Memories (released in June 2011) - was a sort of compilation of music he'd written since 2005, “Meridians” is a more consistent proposition where tracks were put together using the same technique of assembling tiny audio snippets and samples with a strong emotional content (from a pop vocal to an orchestral extract) and transforming them beyond recognition, to then assemble them and create something new and unique. Music was then composed from the resulting sampling manipulation, adding layers of vintage synthesizers, drum machines and granular soundscapes and resulting in a sound that could be best described as a meeting point between an 80's synthesizer soundtrack and a post-modern electronic record. CD: digipak. Vinyl: thick gatefold covers, 180g vinyl, different vinyl colours, free download" Tracks: 1. Dancing on the edge of the void 6:42, 2. He watched as she disappeared into the crowd 5:09, 3. That day we threw the keys out the window 5:46, 4. They drove all night only to find themselves back where they started 10:37, 5. Where did we go wrong? 5:21, 6. Glider 4:19, 7. Only when your eyes are closed 4:31, 8. Good morning bright star 4:03, 9. Excelsior 4:27, 10. Ghost of a smile 4:11, 11. With such sweet despair 4:45, 12. You fall in love with someone else 3:17

Thomas Koner
Tiento de las Nieves

Once one half of one of Berlin's most forward thinking dub techno acts, Porter Ricks, Thomas Koner continues his ongoing obsession with the frozen wastelands of the North with this LP. Inspired in equal measure by the pioneering spirit of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen and Tiento, a traditional form of keyboard music from Spain, this new composition blends majestically spare piano with the dense drifts of drones and tones for which Koner has become legendary. 

Carlos Cipa
All Your Life You Walk

Münchner Carlos Cipa is a pianist and multi-faceted composer. Blending modern influences such as atmosphere-drenched soundscapes and implicit beatwork, he blends these into his virtuoso ivory tinkling with aplomb. He's seemingly one of those highly regarded boffins who's thrown himself into his art in a very serious manner, having trodden the boards with such contemporaries and luminaries as Hauschka, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Valgeir Sigurdsson over time. If those four esteemed name-checked classicists don't whet your appetite for this contemporary mover and shaker then I may just have been wasting my bloody time writing this. This is his second album.

Pan & Me
Ocean Noise

Pan & Me is in fact Christophe Mevel, a dark ambient artist who has previously made some seriously droning, evil jazz as part of the Dale Cooper Quartet. His solo project takes more from neo-classical than from jazz, bringing in electronic elements more formally to create a variety of sustained sounds, be they ambient pieces, field recordings or guitar abstractions. 'Ocean Noise' is his second record and suggests he's a man of many soundscapes. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN213LP)
  • CD (DEN213CD)
  • £13.49 £6.75 (saving: £6.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

King Nine

Proggy crew Blueneck have a new record, 'King Nine', and it's oh so serene: synth resounds around the corners of songs, while guitars shimmer and build to climaxes like the band are on some This Will Destroy You hype, tempered by pianos and the soft vocals of Duncan Attwood. 'King Nine' sounds like Porcupine Tree entering their pop phase but still having a lot of time for the weird, wonderful space they created.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN212LP)


An eclectic collection of noises, sounds and melodies, this collection of Origamibiro’s first two albums is a must-have for the fans. Including an album with remixes as well, this release (on 4LPs!) one helluvan exhaustive document on these sound collage magic-/musicians, which will please both collectors and newbies.
  • Vinyl LP box set (DEN188LP)

The Dale Cooper Quartet + Witxes
The Dale Cooper Quartet + Witxes

Here we get an album infused with brooding, smoky jazz-noir for fans of Bohren Und Der Club of Gore and the Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz ensemble. What we have is an album that is forged from collaborative mutual reworkings of material with compadres Wixtes (pronounced Witches). DCQ rework 'The Apparel' from Wixtes last album into an ambient tinged piece with sleepy jazzbo leanings, manipulated guitar fallout. Returning the favour, Wixtes provide a spooked and eerie minimal rework of a DCQ track in return. haunting stuff. 

Federico Albanese
The Houseboat And The Moon

With carefully selected and composed minimal piano as the backbone of the album, Federico Albanese invites comparison to certain other modern classical composers. The Houseboat and the Moon proves that he chooses his own direction, and the sparse electronic and violin accompaniments prove his talents.

Federico Albanese
The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked

The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked is a series of collaborations between Federico Albanese and various producers. These pieces combine elements of contemporary classical and film music with all sorts of electronics thrown into the mix. What is left is highly expansive and intense soundscapes, which float and drive to various destinations. This 12" vinyl is released on Denovali and comes with a download code - limited stock too!
  • Vinyl 12" (DEN208LP)

The Dale Cooper Quartet
Parole de Navarre

You didn't think doom jazz could be a thing; you doubted the might of the Dale Cooper Quartet. Blending together moody electronics with disheveled jazz traditions on sax and trumpet, 'Parole de Navarre' is a crazy amalgam of different sounds, each spitting and spewing and hating. This quartet make brooding free-form jazz for improv diehards and despondent music listeners.

Matthew Collings
Silence Is A Rhythm Too

Matthew Collings is a Scottish-based composer. Not only being a solo recording and live artist, he collaborates regularly with artists from all kinds of fields including musicians (Ben Frost, Dag Rosenqvist from Jasper TX, Denovali label mate Talvihorros, Christos Michalakos or Euan Mcmeeken with whom he forms the duo Graveyard Tapes), dancers and filmmakers. His music can be roughly described as 'an elemental whorl of electro-acoustic (de)composition' (Boomkat.com), ranging from tiny delicate moments of intimacy to all consuming noise. Stepping away from song-like structures, which filled his previous record, “Splintered Instruments”, creates more spacious sounds and evokes the impression of time stretched through the three dimensions. Featuring brass ensembles and a string quartet the instruments and sounds are full of cracks, breath, embedding rough materials informed by luscious intentions. Real instruments and real acoustic spaces are used as much as possible during the production such as the electronics, were played out into concert halls and large rooms and re-recorded. “Silence Is A Rhythm Too” keeps an eye on the small textural details as it is about harmony and physicality in the moment where silence and noise meet.   CD:digipak. Vinyl: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, different vinyl colours, free download. Tracks: 01. Stills 02. Everything you love will end up of the breeze 03. Cicero 04. Toms 05. I am made of endless hours 06. Silence is a rhythm too
  • Vinyl LP (DEN207LP)

Matthew Collings
Splintered Instruments

  • CD (DEN206CD)

Ensemble Economique
Melt Into Nothing

“Melt Into Nothing” is Ensemble Economique’s most lucid seance to date. The prolific Humboldt County musician has stripped layers off of his trademark haze but retained the beautiful desolation that’s earned him a rabid fanbase. The solo project of former Starving Weirdos member Brian Pyle, Ensemble Economique has crossed a land bridge from apocryphal world music and dusty soundtracks to gauzy 4AD-style atmospherics. Trellises of guitar embolden Pyle’s whispered, threadbare lyrics. On “Hey Baby”, the itinerant tone feels like an update on Neil Young’s stark and beautiful soundtrack for Jarmusch’s “Dead Man”. “Melt Into Nothing”, like that beautiful film music, evokes the great American expanse. Field recordings slip in and out of the mix. On “Fade for Miles”, Pyle’s adroit effects and backwards tape manipulation make the long trail on his vocals fade into waves on a rocky beach. CD: digipak. Vinyl: thick covers + thick printed inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, different vinyl colours, free download.
  • CD (DEN200CD)

Omega Massif

Some trudging ruin from Omega Massif. Kalt is the debut full length from the Germans and is getting it's first outing on record. Full of gut emptying riffage, skull squelching drums and rugged as hell bass lines. This is pure stoned sludge from the depths of Würzburg and will get yer head nodding in rhythmic agreement. Out on vinyl LP from Denovali.

The Eye of Time

THE EYE OF TIME is the Solo-Project of French musician Marc Euvrie. Euvrie's musical development is deeply connected with the French DIY punk and hardcore scene, though he has been classically trained as well. He started to play piano being 9 years old, composed his first pieces with 15 and studied cello at the conservatoire after finishing school. His upcoming release ACOUSTIC is a consequent change of focus. Looking for the motor, the personal needs to survive, he found himself experimenting with only Cello and Piano.  CD: digipak, Vinyl: thick covers + thick printed inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, different vinyl colours, free download.
  • CD (DEN202CD)
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Moon Zero

MOON ZERO is the enigmatic and ethereal project of London-based Tim Garratt. Composed and recorded entirely in churches, Moon Zero's compositions explore the harmonic chaos of competing frequencies. Denovali Records is pleased to announce the release of Moon Zero's second EP 'LOSS' on vinyl and 2xCD,

The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler

Droning through the British countryside, Petrels has finally remastered and released these two tracks on a physical medium. Clocking in at 17 and 22 minutes respectively, The Silver Chimney Club/Wat Tyler are two songs that tell a noisy story. Recommended for fans of long, slow ambient and intense drone. Pressed on 180gr vinyl.
  • CD (DEN197CD)

Hydras Dream
The Little Match Girl

With Hydras Dream for a name, you have to wonder what to expect. But your first instinct is probably on the money: threatening, introverted and lonely, yet thoughtful. With haunting vocals draped over meandering synthesizers, The Little Match Girl is great for stimulating your nightmares and introspective soulgazings.

The Alvaret Ensemble

A collaboration between Dutch Frysians and Icelanders, Skeylja is a soft, haunting collection of songs that all seem to ooze the greyness of the North Sea. With horns that stir memories of ships passing by in the distance, this album will leave you in weary nostalgia for the lonely lighthouse where you spent so many winters by yourself, writing solemn poems in Frysian.
  • Vinyl LP (DEN184LP)

Odham's Standard

Have you ever listened to the rain playing a shamisen? Maybe it would come close to the sound of Origamibiro’s fourth album. Gentle and hypnotizing, Odham’s Standard’s songs sound like ambient music written for acoustic instruments rather than computers, lending a sitting-in-grassy-knolls feeling to the record. Released on 180gr vinyl, with download code.


Petrels is the solo drone atmospheres project of Oliver Barrett (not to be confused with the similarly titled Petals, who also mines dronish territory). Mima is his third album, and space seems to be at least partly the place here: we have sci-fi tones, lofty concepts and a moon-landing vehicle on the cover. Brought to you by Denovali.

Eaten Alive

  • CD (DEN190CD)

Birds of Passage
This Kindly Slumber

This Kindly Slumber is the third album by Birds of Passage, AKA New Zealander Alicia Merz. The sound is made up of layers of ethereal ambiance underneath Merz’s philosophical poetry. For fans of Zola Jesus, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros and Grouper. This Kindly Slumber is available on vinyl LP and CD.
  • CD (DEN189CD)

Selaxon Lutberg
Simboli Accidentali

  • Vinyl LP (DEN183LP)
  • Coloured vinyl

The Dale Cooper Quartet

Following a two year wait since their minimal, instrumental album debut ‘Parole De Navarre’, French, experimental, dark jazz/cabaret collective The Dale Cooper Quartet return with ‘Metamanoir’. A sophisticated record based on improvisation and sound exploration, ‘Metamanoir’ sees the collective move towards a livelier sound that is tonally richer and more varied with the new addition of several guest vocal and instrumental styles.

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