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Ludovico Einaudi
Le Onde

Le Onde is the fourth album by Italian pianist and composer Ludivico Einaudi. It is inspired by the Virginia Wolfe novel, The Waves, which is precisely what the title translates to. Einaudi’s music has been sampled by Professor Green, remixed by Mogwai and used as walk on music by Nicki Minaj. Godfather of punk, Iggy Pop, counts himself among his fans. 

Ludovico Einaudi
I Giorni

I Giorni is the sixth album, originally released in 2002, by Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. The title translates as 'The Days'. The title track has been used on TV adverts and to soundtrack TV programmes, as well as receiving Radio 1 airplay. This helped the track to break into the Top 40. 

Hildur Guðnadóttir
Chernobyl (Music from the Original TV Series)

Chernobyl has been one of the most talked about TV shows of 2019. Apparently this is because it’s very good. At some point in the near future I will be finding out what all the fuss is about. For those of you who are lucky enough to have seen it already, you can now buy the soundtrack by Hildur Guðnadóttir and relive the drama in sound form.
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  • Decca

Nicholas Britell
Vice (Original Motion Picture Score)

The soundtrack to Adam McKay’s Academy Award-nominated 2018 film Vice that looked at Dick Cheney’s rise to VP, starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Steve Carell, composer Nicholas Britell brought together disparate genres like rock, big band jazz and even hip-hop under the umbrella of a symphonic, orchestral score. 
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  • Decca

Ludovico Einaudi
Seven Days Walking - Day One

Seven Days Walking is a series of releases from the classical composer, Ludovico Einaudi. Beginning with Day One, the series focuses on recurring themes taking on different themes across the seven releases, which are to be released over seven months. Recording with piano, violin, viola and cello, the tracks are gentle ruminations which sweep the listener away with ease. 

The Favourite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Favourite has been making waves recently, what with Olivia Coleman’s Oscar, so you might like to know that the film’s soundtrack is now available to own at home, vinyl-style. As befits the 18th century royal English setting, the selections are fine recordings of many excellent sonatas, fantasias and concertos from around the period… plus Elton John. Double LP on Decca.

A Different Kind Of Human - Step 2

Genre-spanning, world-conquering Norweigan pop artist AURORA is releasing her third album, A Different Kind of Human - Step 2. Following a bizarre change of scenery (moving from a French chateau to a tiny box room - WHY?!), this album sees AURORA focusing on current ecological and social crises framed within what she calls 'a more explosive and noisy album'. 

Steven Price
David Attenborough - Our Planet

Netflix is after a slice of the BBC wildlife behemoth Planet Earth's success and they've only gone and nabbed David Attenborough and the Planet Earth team to create their own Our Planet. Steven Price provides the score as he has done on Gravity and Attack The Block. He teams up with Ellie Golding for the album's closing track.
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  • Decca

Hans Zimmer
Hannibal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sitting cosily in the incredible back-catalogue of esteemed film soundtrack creator Hans Zimmer, this Hannibal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is amongst his best. Whilst the film itself was received with an array of mixed reviews, the soundtrack is a perfect companion to the bloodcurdling frenzy that unfolds.
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  • Decca

Elvis Costello & The Imposters
Look Now

Decca may have passed on The Beatles all those years ago but they’ve managed to snare Elvis Costello for his first album in five years, Look Now. Collaborating with his backing band The Imposters for the first time in 10 years,  it was a recent tour of the States with them that made him realise that their past records could have had more of the live oomph they had been producing. So, fired up with a new energy, they headed to the studio to set the record straight. Come as a 2LP or 2CD deluxe edition with 4 bonus tracks or as a standard LP or CD on Decca.

John Williams / The London Symphony Orchestra
John Williams: A Life in Music

A tribute to the work of that most grand and prolific of film composers, John Williams, recorded with his regular collaborators the London Symphony Orchestra. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws… Literally ever track here is incredibly familiar, and this new recording shows all the music off in a very fine light. On Decca.

Alexandre Desplat
The Shape of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Alexandre Desplat rocking up once again with another high quality soundtrack for a notable big picture. The Shape Of Water is a highly-acclaimed movie, and Desplat’s soundtrack, with its mixture of dramatic / beautiful orchestral cues and authentic-sounding lyrical jazz, certainly contributes to the film’s power. Soundtrack released by Decca.
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  • Decca

Max Richter
White Boy Rick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

So. He's only done it again, hasn't he? Another stellar soundtrack work under the expanding belt of Max von Richie Richter. This time, it's 'White Boy Rick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)'. The music accompanies a story in the film where the teenage Richard in the title becomes an undercover FBI informant and gets banged up for trafficking drugs. Richter continues a long tradition in serious instrumental, orchestral and electronic music composed for telly and The Pictures. Sounds interesting.

Craig Armstrong
Sun On You

Craig Armstrong -- you know, the guy who orchestrated the strings on Massive Attack's 'Weather Storm' (Protection, 1994), then made soundtracks to massive films such as Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge, plus his own solo albums -- follows all that up with a new LP and CD. Sun On You sees Armstrong co-mingling his filmic and classical styles of composition, having created an album with a wider sense of space to hush and becalm the maelstrom that is the world outside. Released on classical giant label, Decca.

Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier
Messe Pour Le Temps Présent

This first stretch of this 1967 release makes up the score of a ballet by Maurice Bejart. It represents Henry at his most friendly, applying his electroacoustic skills in a very swinging sixties context. Most famously, the record contains the track Psyché Rock, later used as the basis of the theme to animated comedy series Futurama, and was also subject to a remix by Fatboy Slim. Some more outré material follows, making this a nicely balanced introduction to Henry’s oeuvre.

Pierre Henry

This is a massive testament to the one of the most innovative and influential bodies of work in 20th century music. Pierre Henry (who died in 2017 at the age of 89) was one of the pioneers of musique concrète. His work and ideas resonate through the spectrum of electronic music, from tape collage to the theme from animated series Futurama (which was based on his track Psyché Rock). This artist-compiled 12-disc box samples his output from the 1950 collaboration with Pierre Schaeffer, Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul, to some of his final works, with nine pieces seeing their first release. Contains an 112-page booklet with extensive notes with artwork displaying Henry’s “concrete paintings”.

Tori Amos
Native Invader

Native Invader is the thirteen-track release (+two bonus tracks) from Tori Amos. A fantastic record that brings so much with it in terms of quality sound and a great addition to the indie rock scene. The record is actually quite relaxing and soothing, as Amos sings into your ears like silky milk. Available on Vinyl LP, deluxe CD and CD and released on ‘Decca’.

Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
Gladiator (Music From The Motion Picture)

As arguably the most exceptional film-music producer of our time, Hans Zimmer teamed up with Lisa Gerrard to create this naughties classic that ranks alongside greats such as American Beauty and The Dark Knight. Gladiator wouldn't be the same without its dramatic, atmospheric and highly acclaimed soundtrack companion.
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  • Decca

re:works Piano

The second installment in Decca’s Re:Works series, where they bring the old and new worlds together, focuses on the piano. Bring compositions from the likes of Satie, Debussy, Beethoven, Chopin and more classical composers to the desks of contemporary producers such as Appleblim, Anders Bruk, Cagedbaby, Third Son, Dusty Kid among others. Chilled and classical brought together

Olafur Arnalds
Island Songs

Island Songs documents Olafur Arnalds recent travelling project, in which he visited 7 different towns in his native Iceland and composed a new piece with a local artist in each town. The assembled results (including a DVD of visual documentation if you choose the CD edition) mix Arnalds’ stately melancholy with a great range of other approaches. On Decca Classics.


Prog man Vangelis and his coat of many synthesizers. The composer actually has a new album out, if you were worried this was just gonna be another Goblin-esque reissue from the middle of nowhere -- it's a recording in tribute to a space mission, scoring and homaging the folks on the international space station. A kinder, gentler Interstellar, maybe? Maybe.

Ennio Morricone
Morricone 60

Even if you don't recognise his name, you'll definitely recognise his music. Most widely known for his 'spaghetti western' soundtracks, Ennio Morricone is the hugely prolific composer behind movies like The Good The Bad And The Ugly, most recently The Hateful Eight, and many hundreds of others in between. Morricone 60 is Ennio's own project, an orchestral tribute to some of his greatest work over the decades. Expect nothing less than the dramatic and powerful orchestral pieces for which he is known and loved. Released as Vinyl Double LP, CD, and Deluxe CD on Decca. The Deluxe edition includes a brand new documentary.
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  • Decca

Ennio Morricone
The Mission: Music From The Motion Picture

Another sterling film score from the bottomless archives of the great maestro Ennio Morricone, put back into circulation at last. The Mission, a big ticket film that starred Robert De Niro, is about a clash of cultures, and Morricone works aspects of each culture (native American drumming, Christian choral song etc) into his music. Vinyl reissue on Decca Classics.
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  • Decca

All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

Decca release the debut of singer songwriter Aurora. On All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, her ambitious and dark songs are grounded in big, complex arrangements of horns, synths and plenty of other diverse instruments. She also sang the intimate Oasis cover from the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad.

Ennio Morricone
The Hateful Eight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A new Quentin Tarantino film is upon the horizon, and it comes with an original score, the first time for Tarantino. And who else could he choose for such a prestigious first time than the maestro himself, Ennio Morricone! The early US history period setting is sure to bring out the best in Morricone’s sweeping arrangements. CD or double LP on Decca.
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  • Decca