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Dying Star

It feels like a while since we've had a new Celer CD in. Celer's release schedule has slowed down of late which is probably a good thing really as over saturation of artists is a never a good thing. It can feel a bit daunting sometimes when an artist has recorded that many albums and you just don't know where to start! Sabbaticals are always wel...view item »

Wyndel Hunt
Sunshine Noir

This guy is a new name to me though I'll start by saying I like his name. It's a good sturdy name... which is something all experimental artists should have. 'Sunshine Noir' is apparently his 4th album on Dragon's Eye but this is the first I've heard. It starts off super intense with the driving noise burst that is 'Sumud'. Weirdly hypnotic, you ge...view item »

Pierre Gerard/ Shinkei
Static Forms

Some minimalism from the John Cage school of silence with the ultra sparse 'Wooden Mouldings For The Assembly (To Constantin Brancusi). It is quite difficult to write about this as it basically is a huge amount of silence punctuated by quite, distant sounds that really demand focus. To quote the artist "The silence that I manufacture, hears on...view item »

Chubby Wolf
Los Que No Son Gentos

I'm still in ambient corner! Here's a new (well more like old let the truth be told) album from Chubby Wolf AKA Danielle Baquet Long of Celer fame. This was recorded in 2008 and it's been dug out, remastered by Will Long and released on shiny compact disc for your discerning approval. The music was made with bass guitar and a bunch of exciti...view item »

Mem1 + Stephen Vitiello
Age of Insects

Here's a new CD on Dragon's Eye by Mem1 and Stephen Vitiello. They have created the imaginary sounds and calls of a load of extinct insects digitally using 'analog electronics and digital manipulation, field recordings and instrumental performance practice'. So that's the ethos of the album.  Musically there's a lot mroe going on than i...view item »

Breeze of Roses

Afternoon chill out time comes courtesy of Celer with their Breeze Of Roses CD. This is somewhat of a contrast to the lush warm ambience of their recent engaged touches CD. It's all glacial tones drones and ambience occasionally reminding me of some isolationist stuff. What's fascinating is that many of the sounds are created from original acoustic...view item »

Tomas Phillips/Jason Bivins

I think I must have become resident reviewer for releases on this label, as they seem to arrive in front of me every week. Anyway this is a slight departure for the label although the aesthetics are the same... Instead of minimal electronic composition what we have here is minimalist sonic art created through improvised guitar. At a few points i...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Snow Roads

From one extreme to the other in the crazy world of Norman Records with the new album by Ian Hawgood called 'Snow Roads'. This is an edition of 250 copies on Dragon Eye Recordings. Theres so much limited stuff about in handmade sleeves that its easy to get lost amongst it all. Its hard to blame the labels though as any release once its out a week o...view item »


Breathletters by Sublamp is apparently an attempt to 'explore the concept of harmonic sound as a form of pre-language emotional communication'. Fair dos but it's still yet another ambient drone CD however you dress it up. I guess one interpretation of the concept could be what a child hears in the womb and a lot of it kind of evokes that in m...view item »

Corey Fuller
Seas Between

We got some new floaty loveliness from the Dragon's Eye label courtesy of Corey Fuller entitled 'Seas Between'. Fuller's work is spacious and delightfully atmospheric, blending acoustic instruments with found sounds and field recordings to create fragile, disconnected (yet blissfully tranquil) dronathons. 'Seas Between' begins with the sound of the...view item »

Fourm/ Shinkei/ Luigi Turra
Clean Forms

FORUM/Shinkei/Luigi Turra are the latest sound artists embracing and paying homage to early minimalism and bringing it into 2009 with the aptly titled 'Clean Forms' disc on LA's Dragon's Eye Recordings. Working within the reduced 'less is more' kind of aesthetic they have each contributed a track. FORUM's 'Seagram Series for Mark Rothko' is an exce...view item »

Jamie Drouin
A Three Month Warm Up

Dragon's Eye have a couple of cracking things out this week. You may remember the label name from a while back as they released a great CD by Celer (RIP Dani.....). He's another fine CD by Jamie Drouin called 'A Three Month Warm Up'. This was created using field recordings from an outdoor public square in Victoria (British Columbia) over a 3 month ...view item »