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Gloomy and dubby techno explorations from Jens Massel on Raster Norton. The tracks run so slow you'd imagine you have chosen the RPM yet this is the pace he works. Exploring the human psych through depth of sound, the pieces are enlivened by snatches of Michael Cramm's vocals which humanise the dislocated bloopery. 


Kyoka has recently had the pleasure of spending time working in Stockholm’s famed electroacoustic EMS studios, and that advanced approach towards sound is very much in evidence on this EP. Sh is a varied collection, with unpredictable shifts in tempo and sonic content occurring within tracks. 500 12” copies only, on Raster Noton.
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  • Raster Noton

Kangding Ray
Cory Arcane

Hardcore murky techno producers usually stay a long way away from any kind of narrative, preferring direct sonic stimulation. But Kangding Ray’s new release is something of a concept album, about a character named Corey Arcane. Nevertheless, these productions are still as tight as anything Ray has produced: e.g. very good. On Raster Norton.

Grischa Lichtenberger
La Demeure; Il Y A Peril En La Demeure

Grischa Lichtenberger releases La Demeure: Il Y A Peril En La Demeure, a record of fucked-up beat tracks and unusually-structured electronic business. The press release even invokes Kafka, so it has to be having at least one listen right? Released as a CD on the aesthetically firm Raster Norton label.

Closing Ice

Another fine delivery from the Raster Noton roster. The new senking record closing ice ends a two year silence in style, with nine dark, grooving tracks. The bass is thick and the subject matter is weighty and personal, but the song forms come through relatively clearly. Serious, high quality work from senking.
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  • Raster Noton

Atom TM
Riding The Void

Four totally different versions of Atom™‘s track Riding The Void here. First up is the original album version (the album being 2013’s HD+), followed by a technotastic reworking by Scuba. The EP is rounded out by Atom™ himself taking a second look, with a sleek and smooth ‘Nought’ mix and a powerful dancefloor ‘Tool’ mix. On Raster Norton.

Gomila Park
Ununoctium / Gomila Park

Gomila Park, the newest output function for Carl Michael von Hausswolff (who recently also released one hell of a singular record with Leslie Winer) and Martin Rössel, is unpredictable to say the least. This self-titled release on the Ununoctium series is no exception, and the 12”’s three tracks from heavy rock to experimental electronics.

Dasha Rush
Sleepstep - Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends

A girl with a pretty voice and a thick Russian accent speaks ethereal poems over floating and remote synthesizer soundscapes. What more could you want to arm yourself against the cold of winter? Sleepstep’s Sonar Poems for my Sleepless Friends is here to help you through it, to guide you through sleeplessness with a thick warm, aural emrace.
  • Label(s):
  • Raster Noton

Frank Bretschneider
Sinn + Form

Beepbeepboopbeepboop beepbeep. Who knew that innocent beeps and boops could reveal so much about the innate inability of man to define his fundamentally chaotic surroundings in exact understandable sentences? Well, Frank Bretschneider, for one. With thorough German Grundlichkeit he explores the limits of synthesizers and frequencies.

Ueno Masaaki
Ununseptium / Vortices

Japanese newcomer Ueno Masaaki drops his debut EP on the notorious Raster Noton and, judging by the youtube preview for opener 'vortex state', it's going to be intense. Expect semi-plausible rhythms, ear-fracturing machinedrums, and trance-inducing repetitions that you may not come back from. Apparently involved in multiple musical styles and projects, this bloke is one to watch.

Is (Is Superpowered)

Playful and digitally rich tracks with more than a tinge of darkness from Kyoka. IS (Is Superpowered) is a forward-moving album focussing on rhythmically varied snippets of Kyoka’s voice over a propulsive techno underbelly. Crackles and dusty circuit boards fizzle beneath for an eerily mechanical finish. Out on CD from Raster Notion.
  • Label(s):
  • Raster Noton
  • Label(s):
  • Raster Noton