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Oberman Knocks
Trilate Shift

Ask not for whom the Oberman Knocks - he knocks for thee. The Mancunian electronic musician drops Trilate Shift, his third LP for Andrea Parker...view item »

Clustered Non Symmetry

Diaster are an Italian duo working with electronics of various sorts: from musique concrete and academic electronic music to techno, D&B, and other musics of the club. It's a winning combination of course, and new album Clustered Non Symmetry...view item »
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Costruzione 04

Italian duo t.e.s.o. return to Aperture Records with their second LP. As is hinted by its title and artwork, Costruzione 04 is a Brutalist record full of brooding ambiences and visceral sonics. Electroacoustic music, dark techno, IDM and industrial atmospheres combine in these nine challenging, foreboding tracks. The en...view item »

Oberman Knocks
Beatcroff Slabs

I’m more confused than ever. The website says ‘splinters’ the sleeve says ‘slabs’ the sleeve on the website looks different from the sleeve I’m holding in my hand. I way well be reviewing a completely different thing. The label has ‘Inside’ and &...view item »
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No.3. Obliate

The guys behind the t.e.s.o. project evidently love Brutalism, Modernism and all their trappings. Naturally they also like electronic music, with an Autechre-like approach. (especially towards titles: mmmm, give ‘e_flaer 10’ or ‘pb iW 05.’ another spin…) Self-made electronics guide...view item »

Lost Foundling

As the name suggests this is a collaboration between Mira Calix and Mark Clifford (Seefeel). The tracks were recorded over a five year period from 1999-2004. I really quite like this actually as it's kinda unique sounding electronica. Initially they were supposed to be re-worked but they've kept them as they were and in the process managed to maint...view item »
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Broken Bone
Willowbrook EP

Broken Bone are Yorkshire duo Daz Quayle and Tony 'Bone' Snowden. Most of you will know Daz already as one half of Scarletron, IL.EK.TRO and owner of scsi-av (no?). Tony has certainly paid his dues to the industry too, performing in noise bands, Crumbling Spine and Yorkshire Bone; laden with distorted drum machines, guitar and effects wi...view item »

Oberman Knocks / Autechre
Dilankex EP

The Oberman Knocks original is a really chilled electronic dreamscape bristling with processed field recordings, otherworldly vocals and glistening electronics. It’s a slow motion trip of ethereal ambient, augmented with bass and slight synthetic drums. All tranquil chilled and quite pleasant. ...view item »
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Oberman Knocks
Beatcroff Slabs

Oh, this one’s a bit spooky. Oberman Knocks is busting out some sinister electronic business with a bit of a dark ambient/dub techno bent to it. Spacious, creaking loops and swirling industrial drones combine to make a spacious, skittish computer-age nightmare of soundtracky malevol...view item »

Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle
Private Dreams And Public Nightmares - Daphne Oram reworked

Now this looks (and sounds) really bloody interesting. The prince and princess of dark electro mood-breaks delve into the life and work of the seminal Daphne Oram and come up with some really spooked and eerie electronic movements and foreboding electro-acoustic soundscapes. It's a really...view item »
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Found Lostling

Here we are with a remix EP from Clifford and Calix. Andrea Parker and Daz Quayle open this thing up... The rhythms have the feel of that oddball track on the Massive Attack album where unfortunately they invited the bloke from Elbow to sing. He doesn't do anything wrong as such but the fact that he sounds like Rod Stewart doesn't help. Any...view item »
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