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Sâd Hu

Sâd Hu is the collaborative project from Manuel Peraud and Francis Ferguson. The duo have known each other for years and with Aghori finally come together. The result is heavy and droning, with a focus on texture that draws from Peraud's visual practice. Ferguson's years as a techno producer clearly also came in handy.
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  • Aperture

Oberman Knocks
Remhex Coyles EP

Oberman Knocks will be giving conventional releases a rest for a little while to go into soundtrack production for a new film, but his latest EP for Aperture Records, a five-track effort entitled Remhex Coyles and more melodic than some previous works, will keep fans of his restlessly avant-garde material happy while he’s away. 

Oberman Knocks
Trilate Shift

Ask not for whom the Oberman Knocks - he knocks for thee. The Mancunian electronic musician drops Trilate Shift, his third LP for Andrea Parker’s Aperture (T.e.s.o., Broken Bone). This album picks up where the previous two left off, all hissing electronic faunae and bone-rattling digital distortion. Muslimgauze, Modeselektor and Prurient all spring to mind.
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Clustered Non Symmetry

Diaster are an Italian duo working with electronics of various sorts: from musique concrete and academic electronic music to techno, D&B, and other musics of the club. It's a winning combination of course, and new album Clustered Non Symmetry is eight tracks of stark, minimal, propulsive sound. Out on the Aperture label.
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  • Aperture

Costruzione 04

Italian duo t.e.s.o. return to Aperture Records with their second LP. As is hinted by its title and artwork, Costruzione 04 is a Brutalist record full of brooding ambiences and visceral sonics. Electroacoustic music, dark techno, IDM and industrial atmospheres combine in these nine challenging, foreboding tracks. The end result is akin to Autechre.

No.3. Obliate

The guys behind the t.e.s.o. project evidently love Brutalism, Modernism and all their trappings. Naturally they also like electronic music, with an Autechre-like approach. (especially towards titles: mmmm, give ‘e_flaer 10’ or ‘pb iW 05.’ another spin…) Self-made electronics guide them towards radical experimental constructions. Double LP on Aperture.

Broken Bone
Willowbrook EP

Broken Bone are Yorkshire duo Daz Quayle and Tony 'Bone' Snowden. Most of you will know Daz already as one half of Scarletron, IL.EK.TRO and owner of scsi-av (no?). Tony has certainly paid his dues to the industry too, performing in noise bands, Crumbling Spine and Yorkshire Bone; laden with distorted drum machines, guitar and effects with Tony on Vox. Infact it was after attending a gig that Daz got involved writing backing tracks for the band. An album of brutal realism, intense and claustrophobic. It's as dark as the subject matter! One foot planted firmly in the noise genre, the other planted firmly in your face!