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23 Skidoo
Seven Songs

Reissue of 23 Skidoo’s (indie) chart-topping debut LP Seven Songs, coming courtesy of LTM. A favourite of post-punk savants Paul Morley and Simon Reynolds, the London group made a raucous and visceral sound on this 1982 record. Their manic punk-funk style took in elements of Burundi and Kodo drumming, industrial music, Afrobeat and more in a manner that places it alongside what A Certain Ratio and Talking Heads were doing at the time. This re-release comes remastered and bolstered with related singles and Peel Sessions.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LTMLP2528)
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The American Avant-Garde in the 20th Century

This dual CD collection on LTM gathers together a cross section of the most prominent contemporary composers of the last century in America. Featuring Morton Feldman, Charles Ives and John Cage, the bastions of classical oddballery are showcased in their prime, including Cage's full Sonatas and Interludes.

The French Avant-Garde in the 20th Century

This ongoing archival project attempts to introduce a new wave of listeners to the composers that helped subvert expectations and show the middle finger to classical norms in France through the 20th century. It compiles artists such as Claude Debussy and Erike Satie (often thought to have produced some of the earliest "ambient" pieces with his piano work), as well as the composers who were only really in it so they could fuck shit up. Mr. Toilet himself -- also known as Duchamp -- is present, along with Desnos and Picabia. 'The French Avant-Garde In The 20th Century' shows how classical music started to metamorphose. 


  • CD (LTMCD2541)
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Les Six
Le Groupe Des Six - Selected Works 1915-1945

  • CD (LTMCD2533)
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Severed Heads

ComMerz is an overview of the career of Australian dance pranksters Severed Heads. A thirty-song set that runs to well over two hours, ComMerz includes tracks released as early as 1982 and as late as 2006. The band’s moderately big hits ‘Dead Eyes Opened’, ‘Greater Reward’ and ‘All Saint's Day’ all feature. At their poppiest Severed Heads are like a bizarro version of the Pet Shop Boys, while the more surreal elements of their discography nod to Throbbing Gristle.