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Crimea X
Otok EP

Secret Furry Hole release a new 3" CD by Crimea X in one of their nice foldy jobs and on this CD you get 5 tracks of mega synthy space action!  Retro synth kosmische time guys! The opener is about as cosmic as things get with it being all Oneohtrix-y and spacey sounding. It's pretty lush sounding!  The whole EP follows suit with it...view item »

Permanent Fatal Error
Deaf Sun / Deaf Blues

There are flaws everywhere, the most striking one right this moment is the screeching noise my keyboard makes when I slide it across my desk. But some flaws are beautiful, and Permanent Fatal Error is one of them. Their new Deaf Sun / Deaf Blues is a lush, hazy soundscape oozing of melancholy. Ain't nothing wrong with t...view item »

Gultskra Artikler
Kristal EP

Synth, electronics and field recordings combine in a mesh of kosmiche wonder from Moscow-based Gultskra Artikler. Kristal EP builds into a galactic mass of squeaks and drones. It’d make you sick and queasy if it weren't so beautifully and lovingly crafted. Out on tape from Secret Furry Hole....view item »

La Maison
Home Taping Is Killing Neighbours Vol. 1

The title behind 'Tape Music Is Killing The Neighbours' is a defensive reflex to the musical powers that be (or were) back in the 1980s. According to the big bosses at the labels, "home taping" -- aka the underground punk ethos -- was "killing music". 'La Maison' responds with fury, celebrating home recording with a bunch of amateu...view item »


This is a bizarre little outing from Isan, a one sided album recorded entirely on a Sanyo auto stop and Sony cassette-corder, it really shows too, a very lo-fi production of short ambient pieces in the same light as Boards Of Canada’s BBC Schools Science program type soundtracks (phew!), Robin ...view item »

Giardini Di Miro

This little three track EP from Italian post rockers Giardini Di Miro has all the trademarks of the genre, lightly picked reverbed guitar, soft floating vocals and shimmering cymbals, what makes this stand apart though is these feel like actual songs as opposed to sprawling epic 10 minute soundtracks...view item »

His Clancyness
Always Mist: Revisited

Jonathan 'His Clancyness' Clancy is a name I'm mostly just familiar with from his appearance on a carousel of top-notch splits with indie luminaries like The Babies...view item »

The Declining Winter
Scenes From The Back Bedroom Window

Bloody thing. 3" sod. We nearly forgot it. There's a man we know, an angry redhead type, who would be kicking us all around Armley if we let this one slip through the cracks. And believe me, our cracks are enormous. This is one of those dinky things on Little Super Secret Furry Vole or summat. Italian it is. Like yer Dad's loafers. The band in q...view item »

Library Tapes, Machinefabriek, Various

Here's a superfly CD called Borghesia. I think it's limited to 100 copies in total and it features exclusive tracks by Library Tapes, Machinefabriek, Fabio Orsi and Die Stadt der Romantische Punks. The Library Tapes track is nothing sort of breathtaking.....a beautiful electronic neo-classical stringy throbby thing which oozes passion and emotion. ...view item »

Wolther Goes Stranger
Dandies Play In Office Time

Secret Furry Hole presents another radical shift in style whilst retaining its cute dinky 3" identity. This one comprises atmospheric & deep cosmic disco, sometimes with strong mogadon house shades. Compared to some of the awful Kitsune endorsed remixes and current hipster "dance", this offering from Wolther Goes Strange is a real treat - th...view item »

Simon Scott

One of my highlights from 2009 was clocking off at the towers to take my commute home and have Simon Scott's (The Charlottes/ Slowdive/ Televise) sublime 'Navigare' album play as I closed my eyes and unwound on my journey home. I think that 'Nivalis' is a perfect extension/ counterpart to that work. It has the same post-shoegaze ambient vibe, wit...view item »

Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin's self-titled tape is a satisfyingly clunky bit of noise rock all wrapped up in a red paper blanket with cool artwork which looks like it was designed by a demented Eastern Bloc film poster designer to advertise a Bunuel film or something. It's got a cover of 'You and I' by Silver Apples and that's not a bad point of reference at all as...view item »

Small Pieces

Following up the blink and you missed it Peter Broderick 3" disc on Secret Furry Hole, they've only gone and released a similarly hand packaged limited edition and this time it's Fat Cat stalwart Hauschka with 'Small Pieces' which is aptly titled. What we have here are five perfectly formed pieces of Volker Bertelmann's modern classical piano ...view item »

Glen Johnson
Institutionalized EP

Piano Magic overlord Glen Johnson releases a limited 5 track EP on the Secret Furry Hole label called 'Institutionalized'. But it's released on cassette!! Limited to 100 copies in a very Glen Johnson esque sleeve these are recordings from the 'Details Not Recorded' sessions which have previously been unreleased until now. And only you folks with ca...view item »

Peter Broderick
Five Film Score Outtakes

It was only last week that I reviewed a Peter Broderick soundtrack (for modern dance performance piece 'Music For Falling From Trees') and now he's at it again with a handful of leftover compositions entitled 'Five Film Score Outtakes'. After writing and recording too much material to accompany a short film by Matt Clark, Broderick was left with a ...view item »