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K2 with .es

K2, aka Kimihide Kusafuka, is a pathologist in a cancer hospital by day, and by night he does... this. Japanese noise which is, frankly, terrifying. Teaming up with piano and saxophone duo Takayuki Hashimoto and Satoshi Hayashi, otherwise known as .es, 'Blackhole' is as experimental as it comes. Available on CD in suitably unnervi...view item »

Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji

Long time friends and collaborators Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji reunite to produce this drone heavy live document of their recent improv performances in Tokyo and Paris. Now, I'd be lying if I told you these were eventful and exciting audio documents but they're certainly of interest to t...view item »

A'qui Avec Gabriel
Itsukushimi No Ame No Naka De

I've reviewed quite a few records at this point but I think this is my first effort at taking on a release of solo accordion improv so I feel I should thank this lady (who, contrary to the name and the instrument, is Japanese) for the opportunity. Coming in on Sachiko's label and after having collaborated with Keiji Haino you'd be forgiven for t...view item »

Majutsu No Niwa
Ecstatic Crystallization

You never know what you're gonna get with these lads, formed from the ashes of the genius Overhang Party. When this tape came in I was reminiscing about the time I stuck one of their CDs on in here expecting some blazin' jams, only to be greeted with some sort moderately psychedelic lo-fi pub rock (and much piss-taking). Here they've got th...view item »

Junko / Sachiko
Vasilisa the Beautiful

Junko is of one of the most focused performers you are ever likely to come across: high-pitched screams, and nothing else. She is of course amazing. Vasilia the Beautiful pairs her with Sachiko, also a female vocalist, but one who uses electronics to process her voice. You probably don’t have a re...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B

Here's a rariety for you. First recorded in 1981 and originally distributed only to a vanishingly small number of friends, Musik Atlach re-release these three rare tracks by industrial pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. The press release doesn't give much away - "listen to the pulse of supernova" kind of thing - but this CDr will doubtless be wel...view item »

Agnus Dei

Am starting off this with with the oh so cheery funeral dark drone project by Agnus Dei. 'Paternoster' is released on Sachiko's Music Atlach label. It's a dark, daunting listen as well.... very religious sounding with samples from christian and jewish sermon's all hanging around dark drones and church organs. It's weird but I feel like I'm in churc...view item »


Japanese underground artist Sachiko's second album 'Kunado' came out on Utech in 2007 and I'll never forget the first time I heard it. That rare feeling of hearing an artist that is genuinely unique, exploring the depths of her soul through the medium of sound. Her work has a rare purity to it and I was reminded in essence of Keiji Haino and his jo...view item »