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Over The Edge

There are punk bands and there are grunge bands and there are The Wipers. It has everything you need for a great rock performance -- an insane guitar tone (P-90s), a crazed voice, an adrenalized drummer, and great songs with stupid lyrics. Who could ask for more? If you're just getting into this band this is where you might want to start (this or I...view item »

Silver Apples
Silver Apples

Pretty much the album which started the sound that is still influencing 77% of the music that comes through our doors. Oscillating synths, proto-kraut rhythms and repetitive grooves that were about a million years ahead of their time and surely influenced everyone from Can to Stereolab to pretty much everyone wh...view item »

Green River
Come On Down

Green River’s Come On Down is a piece of history, being one of the first ever releases on the noted Grunge Records label. Released in 1985, this record features two of the guys from Mudhoney and two Pearl Jam lads, making it crucial listening for fans of either band, as well as a ...view item »

Sun Ra
Space Is The Place

Space Is The Place, the afro-futurist film Sun Ra made is a remarkable watch, mixing plenty of familiar film tropes with the sheer weird wonder of Sun Ra. This soundtrack to the film is a remarkable mixture of chants, harsh synth and free-blasting Arkestra jazz. Widely regarded as ...view item »

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good & Evil

The original ‘does what it says on the tin' band, the self descriptive West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band made creative psychedelic pop at a prodigious rate towards the end of the sixties. This is a long awaited re-issue of their third album once voted on of the best psychedelic records of all time by Mojo mag...view item »

Is This Real?

Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, the Wipers formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, "Is This Real?"- twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. In the ...view item »

Silver Apples

The second album by the magical Silver Apples, first released in 1969 and now reissued for your pleasure. Contact features more of the wonderful interplay between Simeon’s DIY synthesiser monster, Dan Taylor’s pulsing drums, and vocals extolling psychedelic adventures. C...view item »

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Vol. 2

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band formed with very clear goals in mind (just look at that utilitarian descriptive name), and they achieved them, even if they did not achieve fame. Vol. 2 is a bold and freaky set of lovely psychedelic music, deeply imbued with 60’s vi...view item »

Better Off Dead

Originally released in 1978 Better Off Dead was the first recordings made by Portland, Oregan punk rockers Wipers. Whilst being heralded as being highly influential they hardly played live and were mainly a DIY studio band, only being discovered through cassette compilations and later Nirvana playing li...view item »

Youth of America

Nice re-issue of the second album from Greg Sage's post-punk greats. This is where the band got all cold and nihilistic and spread six long tracks that burn with a fiery intensity across the LP. It's a harsh angular sound that influenced Mission of Burma amongst others and led Kurt Cobain to consider it one of t...view item »

The Herd

While classic Wipers overall, there are a lot of moments here where the guitar goes melodically sailing off in new directions, and the songs are really quite different from their other releases. As usual only the best of the high energy assault one expects from this band. The only thing I find wrong with this album is that some of the tracks sound...view item »

Silver Sail

These guys are a better bet than the majority of the grunge bands they influenced. Silver Sail is a little different from other Wipers material, to me at least. There's a reflective, more relaxed feel to it that makes for great driving music. There's definitely the influence of the southwest here, in a general way, and the whole idea of extra-terre...view item »

Power In One

Power in One is another phenomenal onslaught of singular music, made by someone who emerged just before the dawn of the punk era. Having predated it, Greg Sage merely straddled it, keeping his solitary, idiosyncratic space. As with all his other records, the listener is held in his insidious grip on first play, a hold that grows more persuasive ...view item »

Chair Beside a Window

Tuned guitars are over-rated right? I certainly think so after having listened to this lp from the elusive Jandek who I only recently discovered after it was mentioned by Stones Throw Records that the brilliant Madvillain lp's cover is inspired partly by Jandek's 'The Living End' lp cover. An interesting tale whi...view item »

Mustafa Ozkent
Genclik Ile Elele

Music so funky that it is almost unseemly. Mustafa Ozkent and his band recorded Genclik Ile Elele in 1972: since then the record has become famed as one of the finest (and rarest) examples of Turkish psych-rock out there. This reissue LP on Jackpot brings this wild, hard-funk release back into the eager paws of fans at ...view item »

Lazy Smoke
Corridor of Faces Demos

Psychedelia you can tell back-in-my-day stories about; from way back in 1967, Lazy Smoke were a short-lived group who made pop an eccentric and exciting thing. Corridor of Faces Demos shows the band in their early inception, and also features two songs made before the band were ever known as Laz...view item »

Beauregarde (featuring Greg Sage)

Bit of a curious effort is this one but totally worth investigating purely for it's obscurity more than anything else. Beauregarde was a Portland based professional wrestler who (by the sounds of it) totally kicked ass. For a start he used to ride a Harley motorcycle into the wrestling ring. Secondly, he sort of looks like a weird cross between ...view item »

Lazy Smoke
Corridor of Faces

Jackpot Records are on a mission to unearth only the rarest gems from the pioneering days of psych-rock. This time around it's the turn of Massachusetts based garage rockers Lazy Smoke and their debut 'Corridor Of Faces'. Originally released in 1968 and made available to only 500 punters the original now goes for daft prices ($1200 shitting hell...view item »