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Justice Yeldham

Aw crap. After last week's New Blockaders endurance test I thought I'd done my extreme noise penance for the month, but it would seem not, since now I've got this cacophonous new Justice Yeldham picture L...view item »

Rice Corpse
Mrs Rice

This Mrs Rice CD by Rice Corpse sounds like a load of fun. Apparently the bands name is "named after the Chinese character for shit, which itself is the combination of the two characters for corpse and rice" which is probably the funniest thing I've heard since the age old classic KFC joke. Anyway this is improvised piano, drums and glass...view item »

Human interface

Dokaka isn't probably someone you've heard of before but he's a Japanese dude who uses his voice to make his music. There's no instruments on here at all... every single thing on the album is constructed with the crazy guy's own voice. He did an album years ago which covered Led Zep, Slayer and Rolling Stones songs which folks went nuts for apparen...view item »

Instant Oblivian

There is something only semi- articulate about it, something dubious, irresponsible, indifferent. Galactic vortices, solar storms, explosions of super novae, impenetrable nebulae, falling stars, all had come together here in the darkness. There is nothing figurative anywhere because everything is self sufficient. There is no imagination. Nothing...view item »

The Children's Suite Kevin Blechdom/ Ad Hawk Sick Fick and MC Dodgy Sexist
Split EP

Al Duvall
Recluses Unite

I've never come across Al Duvall before but the other boys here assure me that he's 'a talent to be reckoned with', 'the next big thing' and 'some bomb-ass shit'. On the evidence of 'Recluses Unite' I reckon they've only gone and talked some sense for once in their hopeless lives. Sounding like he's singing these brilliantly witty ditties from a 19...view item »

Trilogi Peradaban

Exciting stuff from Dual Plover! A CD by Indonesia's Zoo called 'Trilogi Peradaban' is currently sodomising my ears, shitting bent, gibbering thrash-funk & ranting asylum-core out of our tired, whimpering speakers. They manage to make An Albatross sound relatively conservative with their elastic jazz rhythms and insane vocal gymnastics giving t...view item »

Al Duvall
The Timid Mischief, or Oh! Anomia

Speaking of greats, one of our all time top Norm faves is AL DUVALL and we got a fantastic album in this week from Australia courtesy of those nice Dual Plover folks (as well as a tasty selection of some of their wares). 'The Timid Mischief, Or Oh! Amonia' is Al's finest work to date! Certainly up there with the incredible 'Bu...view item »

Toxic Lipstick

The insanity continues with Toxic Lipstick on the Aussie Dual Plover label. Their 3rd album entitled 'Poopin' has landed. Hey we all love pooping so don't be shy. I can't wait to get up in the morning. Anyhoo Toxic Lipstick make a cheeky sort of electro filth pop..... Think Helen Love in a sandwich with Alec Empire, Pink & Perky and The Tom Tom...view item »

Sissy Spacek
French Record

noise noise noise. Sissy Spacek make noise like theres no tomorrow. On 'French Record' squalling fuzz gives way to some abstract tinkering like a retarded chimp trying his hand at tuning a broken guitar. Then the cerebral rinsing hits you in the face like a juggernaut of hateful audio vomit. Now ambles in the chimp again with his mates to smash the...view item »

Live Koalamagic

We got a wicked package from the good people of Dual Plover in upside down world (Australia) yesterday that was just bursting with all kinds of weird and wonderful audio delights. One that I think will appeal to lots of you out there is the Excellent DEERHOOF live album 'Koalamagic'. Phil and myself saw these...view item »