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Marina and The Diamonds
Electra Heart

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Electra Heart was her second record, and is full of proper pop bangers. You can get the vinyl edition, or there is a CD version with four bonus tracks. I’d recommend the CD, as one of the bonus tracks is named ‘Sex Yeah’, surely one of the mos...view item »

The Futureheads
Decent Days & Decent Nights (Live)

The Futureheads have re released Decent Days & Nights on 7" and 2 x CD with new tracks on all the formats which is nice of 'em. Is this being used on summat on TV at the mo? Can someone help me? It was a great tune the 1st time around and it's still a great tune now. I don't see what else I can add what hasn't been said before. ...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Oh No!

Right, I'll admit it, I liked the first Marina and the Diamonds single. Irritating but hugely catchy. When I heard the album I realise i'd been duped. It was unbearable - I felt so stupid i considered sticking my head in the gas oven. This new single also is truly terrible. Intended solely for people who find Florence and the Mach...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Family Jewels

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Family Jewels was her debut record, the first we heard of her pop bangers and her dramatic, heavily-stylised vocals. Includes her first big hit ‘I Am Not A Robot’, which you’ll probably remember. Vinyl LP reissue out on Atlantic....view item »

Little Boots

This just sounds like beige paint. You could play this all day long and nobody would notice its there. She sounds more bored than any other vocallist i've ever heard - perhaps if the whole music thing is really that tedious to her she should go back to her job at the local supermarket. ...view item »

The Rifles
Great Escape

Always quite like The Rifles yer knurr. They've a new CD out called 'Great Escape' which judging by the sleeve (band silhouetted against neon backdrop playing their mod hearts out, one wearing pork pie hat) should stink like the cable I just left in the loo 5 minutes ago but works beautifully as a commercial indie pop/rock album. They've got some c...view item »

Little Boots
Stuck on Repeat

Little Boots is apparently the new hot shit in town and she's decided to pull a bit of an odd maneuver by making her debut release proper (a white label came out a little while back it seems) a remix 12". Alexander Robotnik remixes 'Stuck on Repeat' which is a housed-up electropop tune that's fairly shiny in a Balearic/Italo sort of way.. Ever...view item »

Mystery Jets
Two Doors Down

Now that the dad has left there is not much interesting left about the Mystery Jets - look at them looking like a bunch of utter twats on the sleeve. Their new single 'Two Doors Down' is so '80's it might aswell wear a pair of elasticated jeans. It sounds like all those mid 80's bands who abandoned their indie roots to go for mainstream success and...view item »

Mystery Jets
Young Love/ Metal Soul

Ofcourse, everybody loves Young Love. But when i heard Metal Soul, I couldnt even find the words to describe the feeling i got when i listened to this song, not only for the first time, but everytime i listen! This song is living proof that Mystery Jets are absolute gods! ...view item »

Mystery Jets
Young Love

Ooooh Mystery Jets are back from hibernating on their Eeel Pie Island for a million years. One of the new breed of a couple o'years ago (along wiv Larrikin Love etc) who caght my ear with their imaginative, technicolour take on indie pop. They've still got it evidently with 'Young Love', the new single which is just stacked with great vocal harmoni...view item »

Kano (featuring Damon Albarn)
Feel Free

Here's Kano doing his version of a christmas ballad which it kind of is and kind of isn't.... I'm not massively familair with his stuff but his new single 'Feel Free' features Damon Albarn with a kids choir going la la la all over the shop. It ends up sounding like a more hip hop Gorillaz if you want my humble opinion... Not bad actually. ...view item »

The Futureheads
Worry About It Later

What has happened to THE FUTUREHEADS? That 1st album they had was brimming with energy and enthusiasm and their new stuff plods along the street like hundreds of fat coppers. They must have been at the pies.... it's weighing them down. All I could hear was the Proclaimers in that last single. This new single 'Worry About it Later'...view item »

The Futureheads
Skip To The End

Those cheeky boys The Futureheads are back with a new single called Skip To The End on 2 track CD, 7" picture disc and a 7" which includes a signed poster. Yeh it's actually signed by 'em rather than it being a photocopied signature. Full marks to 'em cos that must have been knackering signing all those copies. It's not like th...view item »

Mystery Jets
Alas Agnes- Eel Pie Bootleg 7

A brand new Mystery Jets single in on 2 x 7" and CDs. This new single sees them eeking off into a different direction and this time it sounds just like James. There's a lot if this at the mo so expect a big James revival very soon. You read it here first!...view item »

King Creosote

Is anyone else sick of beards? I am well and truly sick of seeing bands with beards - Will Oldham has a lot to answer for. It's common knowledge that people sing worse out of a beard (it sounds all muffled) and  I think I'd much prefer King Creosote if he didn't have a beard. Here he is (unshaven on the rear photo  - w...view item »

The Futureheads

I think in every single Futureheads review I've ever done I've always mentioned XTC without fail. I haven't even put this new single called Area on and I've already said XTC. Twice now! I've heard this a few times and The Proclaimers and Maximo Park really come to mind. It's catchy anyway and you'll be singing...view item »

Death From Above 1979
Black History Month

speaking of which the Death From Above single is only here on CD and the 2 x 7" will be here early next week. But as the CD's are here and I like this band I'll say a few words...I've come to the conclusion this band are totally great and should remain at the top of the pop charts for at least 2 years. Having said that anythi...view item »

The Streets
Blinded By The Lights

It's not often that a track played on commercial radio by a popular artist completely stuns me into awe struck silence but we've just got 'Blinded By The Lights' in by The Streets & It's one of those tracks for me. The absolute highlight on 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' as far as I'm concerned. A tripped out & bittersweet paean t...view item »

The Futureheads
The Futureheads

I know many may want to lump these guys into the current group of suspects of late 70's/80's post punk (Franz Ferdinand, Killers, Interpol, etc.) but I believe they stand apart. The influences I hear are XTC,The Jam, Gang of Four, Ramones, maybe a bit of the Psychedelic Furs. Though they have elements of these bands, they add thundering back beat d...view item »

The Polyphonic Spree
Soldier Girl

Also on the 12" tip is very limited Polyphonic Spree remix 12" with 4 Soldier Girl remixes on. There's 2 by Death In Vegas and 2 by RJD2. The Death In Vegas mix is pretty good and they've beefed up the original and added an early Ride like psychedlic guitar in the ...view item »