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James Murray
Falling Backwards

James Murray follows last year's celebrated 'Killing Ghosts' with a new full-length album on Home Normal. Falling Backwards promises more of Murray's trademark hushed, creeping and haunting ambience but with an increased sense of intimacy this time. The record relates his personal childhood memories and...view item »

Sontag Shogun & Moskitoo
The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan

Breathy-voiced Moskitoo (Sanae Yamasaki) joins forces with Sontag Shogun (Ian Temple, Jesse Perlstein and Jeremy Young) to produce a pair of gentle electroacoustic ambient numbers for Home Normal. Field recordings, piano, Moskitoo’s voice and various electronics are all more or less processed into an elega...view item »

Silent Vigils

Thoughtful, patient and gentle ambient music from Silent Vigils. Fieldem is the first collaborative release of many from Stijn Hüwels on Home Normal, this time with James Murray. Together they craft a soundscape for reflection ...view item »

Fabio Orsi
Just For A Thrill

Some slow cleaners from Fabio Orsi. Just For A Thrill is the new full length offering from the Italian producer. On this one he melds expansive electronics and synths with field recordings to blur the lines between organic and artificial to the point where you're not sure which is which. Definitely o...view item »


Some shadowy sounds from Elian. Harrowgate is the new five tracker from American producer Michael Duane Ferrell. Hes delving into the sonic pallet, blending white-noisey fuzz with tripped out synths and ominous atmospherics. Going deep into the ocean or far out into space, he's looking for something ...view item »

Stefano Guzzetti
Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two.

Stefano Guzzetti follows on from where he left off with Volume One of his Piano Book series, a set of simply stated solo piano pieces, recorded in the intimate inner space of home. These so-called ‘short stories’ do indeed feel like sparsely sketched-out little narratives, ready to probe late night ...view item »

Ian Hawgood + Danny Norbury
Faintly Recollected

Home Normal - restful music on an anything-but-restful release schedule. This time it’s HN boss Ian Hawgood himself exchanging notes with Danny Norbury (The Boats). The result is one gapless piece cued into seven untitled movements. Wistful layers of cello, serene and cinematic passage thr...view item »

Ian Hawgood + Giulio Aldinucci
Consequence Shadows

More somnolent, slow-burning electroacoustic ambience courtesy of Ian “Home Normal” Hawgood and rippling fieldrec soundscapist Guilio Aldinucci. There are sometimes more layers to these arrangements than first meet the ear, as it seems great care has gone into ensuring all elements b...view item »

Ghost and Tape

Ghost and Tape is the ambient music project of Heine Christensen. Var is his fourth album. It is warm and organic soundscapes made up from electric and acoustic instruments mixed with field recordings. Following a stint on the Schole label, Var is released on Home Normal. This should go down a t...view item »

Jason van Wyk

Jason van Wyk is not just a musician, he is a sound artist. Opacity shows the South African's true brilliance and ability to use to his full advantage his talent at connecting what happens in his head to the music that comes through his instruments. This record is available on CD and is released on Home Normal. ...view item »

Jason van Wyk

If you’re after pretty much perfect relaxation and harmony, look no further than Attachment by Jason van Wyk. The record could send you to sleep, or into deep thought...view item »

Giulio Fagiolini
Dietro a un vetro

Debut full length album from Italian pianist Giulio Fagiolini. Dietro a un Vetro is made up of stunningly up-close and personal piano pieces that direct and affecting. Garnering comparisons to Joe Hisaishi, the composer for Studio Ghibli films, Fagiolini is reinvigorating solo piano pieces with soul. Li...view item »

M. Ostermeier
Tiny Birds

On Tiny Birds, M. Ostermeier focuses on the gradual development of sparse and minimal piano melodies and then intertwines them with beautiful field recordings and delicate violin. Home Normal have unearthed another gem with this patient album of neoclassical drone and gorgeous ambient chamber mu...view item »

Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton

Eight years into their collaboration, Wil Bolton and Home Normal main-man Ian Hawgood have finished their first full-length album. Transparencies is a tender release full of intimate interplay of instruments and sounds: Bolton and Hawgood are perfectly suited to one ano...view item »

Ken Ikeda + David Toop
Skin Tones

Super-veteran music-author and sound-worker David Toop teamed up with former David Lynch collaborator Ken Ikeda for an improvised collaborative performance last year, and the recording is now receiving release on Home Normal. Skin Tone is a careful weaving together of objects, steel gui...view item »

James Murray
Killing Ghosts

James Murray makes music that sometimes sounds like the ghosts of techno: tracks that might once have moved bodies on a dancefloor have been diffused and reduced so thoroughly that they now inhabit a wholly different space. Killing Ghosts is a suite of those ambient remnants....view item »

Ian Hawgood
Love Retained

Incredibly bare piano pieces, presented with thanks, love and admiration for those around him. Battling with depression for decades Ian Hawgood found a release, but also a trigger in composing, these unfinished and unmastered piano sketches serve up as a mirror to that fragility, and mark his departure from his own label (Home N...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist
Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes

Tobias Hellkvist has been composing richly-textured electroacoustic suites for some years now. Kaskelot is an EP that went down very well in Japan in 2011: now it gets a bulked-up reissue, with new remixes by artists like Chihei Hatakeyama and offthesky, each one of whom takes the sourc...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist
Vesterhavet (Extended)

Tobias Hellkvist has been composing richly-textured dense drone suites for some years now. Vesterhavet was initially self-released last year, but Home Normal liked it enough to give the full extended version of the piece a proper physical release, which is what you see before you. Vesterhavet will suit any fan ...view item »

Altars Altars
Small Hours

Sounding like The Gentleman Losers recording the skit tracks for Boards of Canada or Helios, Altars Altars is gentle, filled with tape warbles (because he put everything through a reel to reel), delicate plucked guitar, and awash with field samples and children playing. It&rsquo...view item »

Mere II

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere II is the second part of a live recording, which has in turn been divided into three distinct sessions and carefully mastered to bring out every last detai...view item »

Mere III

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere III is the third part of a lively and questing live recording, carefully mastered to...view item »

ISAN + Paco Sala + R Elizabeth + A New Line (Related)
Rough Imaginary

The date 15th April should be etched on your mind because that's the day these artists killed it at London Fields Brewery. Beforehand the artists got together to create this CD of their work. They must have brought all the stuff seperately as there's no way they could have created this over pre-gig nibbles. It's a lovely collection though from ...view item »

René Margraff

Rene Margraff is perhaps better known under his alter egos Pillowdiver and Le Mepris, but this week he's using his real name for this beautiful CD of slow-drifting drones and textures on Home Normal. It's a complex sonic journey that mixes jarringly ominous tones with heavenly cus...view item »

Empire Line

The final album from London-based Paco Sala under the Konntinent moniker. Empire Line is a richly textured piece of electronic ambience. Imagine if Wolfgang Voigt dissected and regurgitated a Nils Frahm record. Features vocals from Cuushe, Chantal Acda and Lisa Beth Madisson. Out on CD from Home Normal....view item »

Juxta Phona
We Will Not Be Silence

Denver, Colorado producer Jason Corder aka Juxta Phona specialises in spacious and approachable electronic music in which he layers minimal melodies over crisp, tactile beats. ‘We Will Not Be Silence’ serves as a comprehensive illustration of his abilities, being a relaxed collection of pieces whose sound is bot...view item »

David Cordero
El Rumor Del Oleaje

On David Cordero’s El Rumor Del Oleaje field recordings of the sea and water are transformed into delicate dreampop and ambient music. Cordero’s first album in two years is a subtle blend of tape manipulation, winding guitar lines and tidal synthesizer washes. This CD edition of 500 is stunningly pac...view item »

Giulio Aldinucci

Giulio Aldinucci gets good and atmospheric on Goccia, his first album in four years. There is plenty to be heard here, with long swathes of thick ambience and properly rhythmic sections freely interchanging: and he hasn’t forgotten to imbue everything with melodies eith...view item »

ASUNA + Stijn Hüwels + Dudal + James Murray + Hybernation

Here is a memento of sorts from the last London show put on by House Normal: the title 100616 refers to the date. Each artist performing contributed some exclusive material, so there is never-before-heard stuff from Stijn Hüwels, James Murray, Dudal, Hybernation an...view item »

Tide Ripples

Delicate loveliness from ASUNA, an artist who believes in keeping it simple. Where previously he has tended towards expanses of minimal drone, here he mostly plays minimal melodic guitar, assisted by the perfectly-fitting vocals of Rima Kato. A gorgeous and understated set, and apparently one of the Home Normal ...view item »

Stefano Guzzetti, Christoph Berg, Danny Norbury, and Ian Hawgood

The title 050316 indicates the date of the concert where these delicate and rich neoclassical compositions were recorded. The Home Normal label specialises in the sounds produced when orchestral music, drone and ambient meet, and these performances from Stefano Guzzetti, Christoph Berg, Danny Norbur...view item »

Le Berger
Music For Guitar & Patience

Music For Guitar & Patience is a set of three pieces for processed guitar. As the title suggests, these are slowly developing pieces, and the liner notes suggest that you follow the single, simple instruction: “Listen”. Good advice. Le Berger’s work is packaged in a card sleeve with a litho print p...view item »

Michael Santos
Memory Maker

Another week, another pleasurable excursion into the soporific world of quality drone courtesy of label du jour Home Normal. Ever since the Celer CD blew my tits off ages ago, i've been keeping a beady eye on deliveries in case another installment lands. This particular baby involves a passages of static rustle & dog-friendly frequencies amongs...view item »

Mountain Ocean Sun
Peace Conference

Mountain Ocean Sun have a CD out on Home Normal this week. They're a band/ group/ collective I've not heard of until now. After a quick rush of info I can see it features Warren Defever who is better known as that fella from His Name Is Alive. That band who have a weirdly obsessive bunch of people following them.... I'm sure some of them will trave...view item »

Gurun Gurun
Gurun Gurun

3 new Home Normal's in this week. Like buses they tend to come at once... or when I'm waiting for a bus they never comeatfuckingall. This has arrived though and it's here in my hand and while I'm listening to it I have the CD right next to me in my periphery vision so I can stay focused. Nice work Phil. These guys are a Czech collective of exper...view item »

Greg Davis

Home Normal are churning them out at the moment. It feel like they have something out every week! I could be wrong, perhaps my perception of time has been altered. I blame Greg Davis and his 'Midpoint' CD. This guy's stuff has a strange effect on me. The disc comprises two tracks. The first is a mixdown from a live quadraphonic performance where he...view item »

Place For One Day

There are a slew of new releases are coming at you from the ever popular Home Normal label over the next few weeks starting off with this one from the folky Netherlands-based ensemble Birdt. Now, I have to admit I did have Home Normal down as an ambient only label but it turns out  they do release other kind of music and this album ...view item »

Fabio Orsi / Pimmon

'Procrastination' I believe marks Home Normal's first foray into the world of the vinyl format. This is one heavyweight bliss-out session from two expert craftsmen: Italian artist Fabio Orsi and Pimmon whom hails from up...view item »

Gurun Gurun
Kon B

‘Kon B’ is the sophomore release from Czech sci-fi inspired, multi instrumentalists Gurun Gurun. The album is the result of a collaboration with guest artists Alexandr Vatagin on cello, Irena & Vojtech Havel on alto & tenor viola da gamba, Mikel Etxegarai on drums and percussion, as well as the vocal talents of Japanese artis...view item »

Magical Magical

If you locked Jonsi in a room with a smattering of instruments and a loop pedal it probably wouldn't be as interesting as this. However there’s no doubt that his mythical moods are an influence on the young Niklas Rehme-Schluter a.k.a Cass. Magical strives to occupy the space of its title. It’s earnest and b...view item »

with miur

Fifto is one of those artists who apparently have zero interest in self-promotion, or even in  existing outside of their immediate locality. A minimal electronicisist from the Japanese town of Sapporo, Fifto has finally been persuaded to release his glitching melodic delvings into the world, thanks to Home ...view item »

Diario de viaje

The Home Normal label continue their run of broad but utterly distinctive releases with a limited edition, four panelled recycled card CD from Melodía. A travel journal of intimate and low key instrumentals for acoustic guitar and twinkling electronics, the affecting, meandering songs perfectly capture idyllic trips spent...view item »

Hotel Neon
Hotel Neon

Hotel Neon is a project from brothers Michael and Andrew Tasselmyer and its sound is large, ambient expanses of sound without much melodic structure or any type of form. It just seems like a natural phenomenon, a sound mined out of the earth or harvested from an enormous field on a rolling hill. In reality, Hotel Neon w...view item »

Christopher Hipgrave
No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows

Sublime ambient music from enigmatic UK composer Christopher Hipgrave. Initially causing a stir with his 2009 debut ‘Day’ Hipgrave has since released material on Low Point and developed acclaimed music-making software. His new album is characterised by its atmosphere of deep contemplation, delicate textural inte...view item »

Chris Weisman & Greg Davis
Northern Songs

Home Normal presents an album constructed by the gents known as Greg Davis & Chris Weismann. I should put their names in the order they appear on the CD but they fell out of my head in that order so that's what yer get. If you want to argue the toss, i'll see you outside in 5 minutes. Just gotta do this review. This is quite lovely stuff, unty...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama
A Long Journey

One of the toppermost contemporary ambient masters must surely be Chihei Hatakeyama, a man who, on new CD 'A Long Journey', translates his feelings and passion for the Shinto religion into gently cascading sound sculptures and purest waves of morphing audio bliss. He talks about how with Shinto, everything has a spirit, and indeed his lush, texture...view item »

Opal Island

I can never spell Konntinent right. I always do too many N's or not enough N's or occasionally throw an extra T at things to see if that works. It doesn't though. Well here's their brand new 2nd album proper (after their debut Norman Records album of the week on Symbolic Interaction) 'Opal Island' on the excellent Home Normal label. It's mastered b...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Slow Films In Low Light

Home Normal have been busy lately with five releases out in as many weeks. Here's the 5th and it's a CD by Ian Hawgood called 'Slow Films In Low Light'. This one is a reissue of sorts of an older out of print album with a twist! This time it's been remixed by loads of folks like The Remote Viewer, Danny Norbury, Colour Cassette, Federico Durand (hi...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist
Everything Is Connected

The following passage is nabbed directly from the press release... “This is not an album to rush. This is an album to savour and absorb for its perspective, enveloping nature and soul. In an age when people, labels, an...view item »


This is a teaser compilation in anticipation of a series of collaborative albums coming out next year on Home Normal - the culmination of ten years' graft from various tape-loving sound artists. A group from such far-flung locations as Japan, Argentina, Finland, Mexico, Iceland and China posted tapes between one another, culminating in a mammoth...view item »

Continental Drift

Faures appear to be the trio of Rene Margraff, Samuel Landry and Fuzz Lee. Isn't Fuzz Lee a brilliant name. There's a quote on the inside cover. "It let them float and drift, break apart and converge. Where they broke away, cracks, rifts, trenches remain; where they collided, ranges of folded mountains appear." - Hans Cloos. This record seems to...view item »

Marihiko Hara

This begins with some cool stuttering Lionel Glitches interspersed with tape hiss and pulsing, ghostly waves of ominous drift with these very occasional suspended notes like little baby depth charges in a distant ocean. I want more depth charges NOW! At one point I'm waiting for a dub techno track to start but it never materialises. By 'Credo I'...view item »

Philippe Petit & Friends

As usual I'm left with a pile of random stuff to attempt to write some encouraging words about so without further ado we'll take on this thing. As it states in the press release “Cordophone” is a French word which refers to musical instruments whose sound comes from the vibrati...view item »

Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer

Phil pointed to a pile of CDs today and said "review these as I don't wanna leave all the difficult stuff for Clint" not realising that possibly the most "difficult" CD of the batch has only seen a release on Ian...view item »

East Of Oceans (bvdub)
121 Years

Brock Van Wey has been very prolific of late under his bvdub moniker, bringing out all manner of soothing ambient techno driftiness with a regularity and consistency more usually associated with my kind, the robots. In another robot-friendly mo...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama + Asuna
Scale Compositions

This is Chihei’s second release on Home Normal after a bunch of releases on labels like Kranky, ...view item »

Trace Of Light

I’ve not heard much drifty synth stuff for awhile. No, honestly I haven’t. I used to complain all the time about the reams and reams of it we’d get here at the towers but unless the powers that be are keeping it away from me then it all seems to have died down a bit. On Home Normal (not heard much from them either) this is an a...view item »

c60 / tmkutekt

The Ithaca Trio release this week on Home Normal is entitled ‘Music for Piano and Patience’. To describe this ‘wndfrm’ album you will need to take the ‘piano’ out of that statement and perhaps the word ‘music’. Whilst waiting for a single noise to come out the ster...view item »

Orla Wren
Book Of The Folded Forest

I’ve just reviewed Julianna Barwick, then Zola Jesus with a string quartet, and now it’s the turn of Orla Wren to massage my ears with some soft and delicate crooning over gentle neoclassical-tinged arrangements. This CD comes in s...view item »

Olan Mill
Half Seas Over

More gorgeous piano powered drone from the prolific Olan Mill. In the crowded field of modern composition and ambient, Alex Smalley’s newest project has created a unique space joining the emotional reach and oceanic swells of someone like Fennesz with subtle organic and instrumental touches drawn from field recording. The ...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist

Home Normal are cracking 'em out at the mo. There's another bunch of releases due over the coming weeks. This week we got two newies and the one I've got in my hands is a CD by Tobias Hellkvist. It starts off all pleasantly droney and warm sounding like many other releases sound at the mo. It does develop though as it's not just your fanc...view item »

Islands Of Light

Islands Of Light (as well as rhyming with Angel Delight) is the  is the work of Vienna-based artist Dino Spiluttini. Best known for sharing the 'bill' on a recent split release with Nils Quak he also runs the Beatismurder label and co-founded Total Light records.  He's done drone type stuff before but this time he's at the pian...view item »

Wil Bolton

Wil Bolton takes acoustic and organic found sounds and turns them over and over until they're ambient compositions. 'Bokeh', which refers to the concept of "blurring quality", is a good way to sum up this record, in which you can hear snippets of field recordings being manipulated into long-form arrangements. The title track shows off Bolto...view item »

Butterfly In The Snowfall
Butterfly In The Snowfall

Sylvain Chauveau has teamed up with members of Astrid to form Butterfly In The Snowfall, and here's the self-titled fruit of their labours. Using a diverse range of instruments (there's violin, kalimba, juno, harmonium, rhodes, bowed and unbowed guitars, clarinet, bass clarinet and metallophone between them) they create an earthily poetic t...view item »

Daniel Thomas Freeman
The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself

The photograph of Scafell Pike on the digipak of this CD takes me back to a terrifying nights camping up near a tarn just below the summit where a storm hit and myself and a couple of mates had to batten down the hatches for fear of our lives. The occasional toilet outing also involv...view item »

Stefano Guzzetti
At Home - Piano Book (Volume One)

Here we have the multi-talented Stefano Guzzetti doing some solo work outside of his Waves On Canvas alias, and it is as the title suggests an album of piano playing, and a rather lovely one at that. It's sentimental soundtrack-esque stuff with big gracefully ringing chords and elegiac melodies and a beaut...view item »

Ithaca Trio
Music For Piano & Patience

Ithaca Trio are one of Leeds best kept secrets, ploughing an uncompromising path through the backwaters of acoustic and electronic composition having already had notable releases on Hibernate and Under The Spire as well as a  split with Machinefabriek. Their rare live performances are always interesting ...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
Music For A Piano / Music For A Book

I’ve listened to this chapster before. Here he fleshes out his intuitive brain mumbles and musical pondering into a two-disc set of lush neoclassical tinkering and experimental electronics. ‘Music for t’Piano’ is the first chapter and is the sound of a man constructing ...view item »

Ekca Liena & Spheruleus
Mapping The Boundary Layer

Ekca Liena and Spheruleus team up for an ultra atmospheric collaboration that is literally about atmospheric conditions. Yes, that’s right - the duo have taken the theme ...view item »

Offthesky Vs Kinder Scout
The Curio Collection

Here’s a sexy new CD on Home Normal. If you don’t remember the last Kinder Scout ...view item »

323 Sayonara Memories

Wow, this is really good. What we've got here is kind of ambient new age electronica but with really understated hip hop elements in there too, particularly effective in the awesome chill-out head nodder 'Two Oranges'. Opener 'Requiem For Genome' has swells of ...view item »

Closer Came The Light

You should be reasonably familiar with this chap by now as we've been singing his praises for some time now. Degrees, Integers was genius and it's still one of my favourites now. What's amazing about this album is all the tracks were recorded in a single take! He creates beautiful soundsc...view item »

The First Day

Alright, a new bvdub! And it's the first CD in Home Normal's Made In Japan series where (you guessed it) the packaging is all made in Japan! It comes in a slimline DVD case and inside the case you get 2 paper inserts on this sweet thick matte paper and there's 2 slides in each CD as well ...view item »

Gareth Davis, Jan Kleefstra, Romke Kleefstra

The brothers Kleefstra perform and record as Piiptsjilling. Both artists have indeed collaborated with Machinefabriek but only got together to play/create after a happy mailorder accident where the brothers received one of Gare...view item »

The Boats
Sleepy Insect Music

This is a collection of tracks culled from recordings made between 2003 and 2010 and have appeared on various compilations EP's etc. Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves' The Boats project has been somewhat expanded at various points along the way as here they are joined by Danny Norbury playing cello and also vocal contributions from Ch...view item »

David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette
The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude

Bit of a dream collaboration here folks. Christopher Bissonnette (Kranky) and David Wenngren (Library tapes chappie) join forces to make a rather lovely sounding thing. It's only been on ten minutes so far and it's spacing me out! This is the kind of drone I love. Intense warm sounding or...view item »

Amplified Presence

Subtle soundscapes and minimal meanderings (that's adequate alliteration) from UK-based artist Autistici. Autistici creates audio narratives aimed at exploring the interchange between sound and space. Space in this context also includes the subjective space held within the listener. In this...view item »

Engaged Touches

The Celer CD wasn't meant to be out until next week but the planets have aligned in a bit of a naughty fashion so here it is bright and early for your delectation. After releases on imprints such as Infraction and Unlabel, Engaged Touches sees the (I think) Parisian pair presenting Engaged Touches via Home Normal in a nice, shiny digipak. I just ...view item »

Tribes at the Temple of Silence

I'm well in awe of this guy's soundscapes. He makes mystical, searching ambient techno that truly takes you on a spiritual journey. Beats gently skitter or pulsate like they did on old beloved electronica opuses from the bygone days (think along the lines of the calmer end of Skam or Toytronic) whilst gentle kick drums and subtle bass freque...view item »

Felicia Atkinson

I think the history and the circumstances behind these two recordings are very important to emphasise. Both were recorded in a single day. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Felicia had been recovering from Lyme disease which she caught a week before during a US coast-to...view item »

The Boats
Words Are Something Else

No I've not been over-familiar with material by Lancashire's The Boats over the years, largely because much of their oeuvre is of a delicate disposition and gets lost amongst all the shouting, crying, gurgling, screaming and thumping that goes on within these 4 shaky walls. But I'll be the first to admit I wasn't expecting their new CD 'Wor...view item »

Two People in a Room
Two People In A Room

Here I am in ambient corner again! A brand new Home Normal! The recent batch has been ace and the Daniel Thomas Freeman album from last week blew my face off when I eventually got to hear it. Damn it was good! It's nice to see the label branching out into different sonic territories with this recent batch and this new album continues the ex...view item »

Hiding Nature

Offthesky next. After a conceptual dronework for the Tokyo Droning offshoot, Home Normal unleash another stuttering, meandering, "twinkle chirrup & glitch fest" called 'Hiding Nature'. It sounds at one point like pretty chimes and elements of fine glass percussion are being played with by an amorphous blob monster from the planet Nexi...view item »

Isnaj Dui
Unstable Equilibrium

'Unstable Equilibrium' is the new offering from Katie English a.k.a. Isnaj Dui on Home Normal records. It's very atmospheric, mood driven music created from heavily processed home spun loops and drones. Opener 'Towards Evening' is an immensely tranquil affair that shimmers and chirps it's way to infinity and beyond, it's incredibly peaceful music t...view item »


Home Normal are kicking off the year with a whole slew of exciting releases. The first of which is by L/ M/ R/ W (Leo Fabriek, Mariska Baars, Rutger "Machinefabriek" Zuydervelt and Wouter van Veldhoven) and is entitled 'Drifts'. This is comprised of three tracks. The first of which, 'Birthday' is an edit from a live performance which firs...view item »

Taishi Kamiya
Spectra of Air

Apparently Taishi Kamiya makes his improvised droney ambient meat by slaughtering saxophone cattle with a laptop. Which is a pretty novel approach in the field, I reckon. In the press release Ian Hawgood mentions his worries over the choice of instrument - having 'associated it with eighties sex scenes in movies or something like that' - but upo...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
The Dancing Deer EP

No info on this person except I've discovered he's an electroacoustic producer from Montreal. The main track on this EP initially reminds me a little of an old glitch-y downtempo Planet Mu or Toytronic style track with a searching Orbital-style wibble that cuts through the tune like a longing searchlight. Then it goes all abstract and slightly d...view item »

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek

Well Gareth Davis has got his bass clarinet out again, this time he's embellishing the morphing sound art & zen-drone of Dutch experimenter Machinefabriek. You're all surely familiar with Rutger's output now. Half the time you think someone's paused the CD and you tut, storm towards the stereo and turn it up, then all of a sudden a wall of c...view item »

Whispers, Then Silence

This is one of those that takes a few minutes before you're finally convinced that it's not a blank CD but once it kicks off there's loads going on.. Actually it's probably the most varied release I can remember hearing on the label to date. So far there's been subtle field recordings, twinkling Moondog-style kalimba (at least I think that's wha...view item »

Christopher Hipgrave

This week I starts with a superfly CD by Christopher Hipgrave (no relation to Dan I hope) on the rather smashing Home Normal label. I like the packaging on this label. Nice shiny cardboard little things with tasty imagery and a nicely designed slot to shove your musical 5 incher into (err... CD). Day is the daybut (gerrit....) release by Mr Hipgrav...view item »

Le Lendemain

Well as dream collaborations go, Le Lendemain is a pretty fine start, this duo being comprised of Library Tapes' David Wengrenn & man of the moment Danny Norbury. 'Fires' is actually their second combined effort (the first being LT's beautiful 'Sketches') and is a CD on ambient/drone/neo classical behemoth Home Normal. Some of the intertwining ...view item »

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