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The Dead Brothers

Some camp, ghoulish folksiness from Swiss duo The Dead Brothers here. Angst is a sort of cabaret flip of Serge Gainsbourg and Tom Waits via Cab Calloway, Kurt Weill (not Vile) and the Tiger Lillies. It’s good clean fun and would have nailed them down a slot at Secret Garden Party if that festival were still going.
  • Vinyl LP (VR12106)
  • CD (VRCD106)

The Sex Organs
Intergalactic Sex Tourists

The Sex Organs are an old-school, space-themed garage rock’n’roll band, full of 50’s vocal harmonies, 60’s beat rhythms and psychy guitar lines. Intergalactic Sex Tourists is available on CD and on vinyl, though the vinyl version is surely the one to get, given that it comes with an actual board game! On Voodoo Rhythm.

Movie Star Junkies
Evil Moods

Evil Moods sees Movie Star Junkies unleash their glammy garage stomp for the third time of the course of an LP. This time they take their thematic cue from hard-boiled American crime fiction, somehow in tangent with more personal themes. Help on the drums comes from Maximilian Weissenfeldt of Heliocentrics. Out on Voodoo Rhythm.

Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle

Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle take on garage rock and blues and make it nice and eclectic. On 'Tino - Frozen Angel', the soundtrack to Adrian Winkler's movie about the Hell's Angels biker club out in Switzerland, they capture the feeling of a biker gang on the run by swirling together loose and snarled vocals with steadfast chord-chugging and spoken word from the movie, with the occasional natural sample of dudes cheering, giving speeches and revving their engines -- between all that, there's a bit of time to get into a guitar groove.

Sudden Infant
Wolfli's Nightmare

Sudden Infant is Joke Lanz, maker of noise and exclusively aggressive conceptual art that connects his warped, heavily political poetry to sparse and ferocious compositions involving marching percussion, unfiltered feedback and skewed tape sounds. Sometimes his new record 'Wolfi's Nightmare' revolves around little more than his voice: the second track, "Hold Me", is a classic tongue-scraping tune involving one lyric and Lanz intoning it through squealing, laughing and scowling. Most tracks manifest with more lyrical weight, though, recalling Michael Gira's hypnotic but knowing songwriting with repeatedly chanted lines like "Ten children die every minute of diarrhoea!". On record, Lanz is helped by Roli Mosimann of Swans and New Order fame, to get that despondent post-punk vibe going. 'Wolfi's Nightmare' is brutal, thought-provoking and unsettling.

Mama Rosin Together With Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers
Louisiana Sun

Mama Rosin
Brule Lentement

  • CD (VOODOCD55)
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