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Pictish Trail
Who’s Comin’ In?

The Pictish Trail is just one of many projects that Johnny Lynch is involved in. From running Fence Records and Lost Map Records, the musically obsessed Scot has also collaborated with James Yorkston, Malcolm Middleton and Adem wi...view item »

Bark Psychosis
Codename: Dustsucker

Phil's incisive review from back in 2006.  Bark Psychosis have been having somewhat of a resurgence of late. So it would make sense to reform and do a new album. Cleverly that's what the boys did and those nice folks at Fire Records Of Nottingham have released i...view item »

Modern Studies
Welcome Strangers

Recorded in the charmingly-named Pumpkinfield Studio in Perthshire, the elaborate Welcome Strangers is what Scottish quartet Modern Studies did next. Drawn from the myriad interests of all four members, the album dresses a core of folk-pop compositions with all sorts of subtle electronics, experimental instrumental and ...view item »

Death And Vanilla
The Tenant

In which Death and Vanilla’s core trio (Marleen Nilsson, Anders Hansson and Magnus Bodin) take time out from crafting evocative slices of ‘60s psych-pop pastiche to make (OK once more, following ‘Vampyr’) a haunting, eerie soundtrack to Polanski’s 1976 finale to his '...view item »

Infinite Music
A Tribute To La Monte Young

The music of La Monte Young: minimalist, transcendental, timeless. Well, now a trio of talented people have channelled LMY to make Infinite Music - A Tribute To La Monte Young. Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), Etienne Jaumet and Celine Wadier got together to perform an evocative live rendition of this musi...view item »

Death And Vanilla
Death And Vanilla

This is mint! We bought a bunch cos it's great and if none of you buy one then I'm gonna have 'em all as it's really that good. If you're into '60s psych pop completely influenced by library music and sophisto French pop then...view item »

Josephine Foster
I’m a Dreamer

Old fashioned good timey folky singer songwriter stuff. Josephine Foster's voice is pitched at a level which clashes with my ears. It’s a slightly strangulated sound, strangely at times not unlike the unusual warble of Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe. The music is ge...view item »

Jane Weaver
The Lightning Back

To accompany her very large tour with the Public Service Broadcasting, vintage synth loving fan of all things kosmiche Jane Weaver has unleashed a single from her highly acclaimed 'Modern Kosmology' album and dragged those squirming, wriggly noise people Sex Swing in for a remix. Limited ed...view item »

Bardo Pond
Is There A Heaven

The harvest this year is a good one. Bardo Pond bring their annual cover EP, featuring Roxy’s In Every Dream Home a Heartache as well as Albert Ayler’s Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe, both reworked to killer, almost-15-minute, richly fuzzy and overdriven compositions. There’s only ...view item »

Jane Weaver
The Architect EP

She keeps putting out your favie psych transmissions and ‘The Architect’ is solid proof that she doesn’t actually know how to stop. Jane Weaver gave us ‘Modern Kosmology’ in May, a grooving selection of hypnorock and universe side-stepping pop for the modern psychlord. This four track EP celebrates with an expansion...view item »

Pere Ubu
Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991

This is the third and final vinyl boxset compiling remastered editions of the Cleveland veterans’ earlier albums. 1988’s The Tenement Year is a particularly solid set of tunes, less spiky and more reflectively mature than earlier work, boasting the clever yet heart-wrenching We Have the Technology. Follow-up Cloudland moves even more...view item »

Jane Weaver and Virginia Wing / Death And Vanilla / Noveller
Lost Library

The return of Fire records "Lost Library" series is a stormer with Jane Weaver singing atop Virginia Wing on a Suzanne Menzel song, Noveller tackling John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and Death and Vanilla re-imagine Bert Jansch's “Moonshine”. All showcase the female fron...view item »

The Bevis Frond
The Auntie Winnie Album

The Auntie Winnie Album was the sixth album to be released by psychedelic rock act The Bevis Frond. Originally released in 1989, it is ripe for rediscovery. The Bevis Frond is essentially Nick Saloman who writes, produces and performs everything with bits of help here and there. He is one of the most un...view item »

The Jazz Butcher
In Bath Of Bacon

Well what would you expect from an act called The Jazz Butcher and an album called Bath Of Bacon? This record serves up a portion of playful (and only occasionally jazzy) v...view item »

The Jazz Butcher
The Violent Years

The Jazz Butcher were formed in 1982 by Pat Fish. After making four albums for the Glass label, they signed to Creation, which is where The Violent Years begins. The 4 CD set, presented in a 20-page hardback book, collects together their first four albums for Creation: Fishcotheque, Big Planet, Scarey (sic) Planet, Cult of the B...view item »

Virginia Wing
Ecstatic Arrow

Changes can take time and Virginia Wing have slowly been morphing from a Broadcast-like psych pop band into something much more psychedelic and esoteric. Hints of greatness were found on their previous 'Measures of Joy' album but 'Ecstatic Arrow' should see the full hatching of the new band. Last year's collabor...view item »

Death And Vanilla
From Above

Fire Records have kindly re-issued this two track 7" from everybody's favourite post-Broadcast swirling dream-poppers Death and Vanilla. Originally released on the Great Pop Supplement it has already been re-pressed twice selling out quickly each time. Comes on blue vinyl and is re-issued alongside Death And Vanilla’s debut self-titled alb...view item »

Death And Vanilla

Possibly coming just that little bit too late to be stashed in your Christmas stocking, Hands in the Dark have very kindly seen fit to reissue the first EP by Swedish dream-pop duo Death and Vanilla. Still, there’s that bleak bit between Christmas and New Year ...view item »

Blank Realm
Grassed Inn

Blank Realm’s last album ‘Go Easy’ was excellent, so it’s nice to see another full-length from these Aussies so soon. They really seem to have pulled out all the stops this time round, too, reining in their psychedelic meanderings to craft some taut and tense power-pop tempered by the scrawl of post-apocalyptic guitar spl...view item »

Bardo Pond
Volume 8

It’s truly a crime that I’m not allowed to just take pre-existing reviews for psych rock records, slightly rearrange certain grammatical structures and then post them anew when that’s literally the musical ideology of half of the bands within the genre. Bardo Pond call this record ‘Volume 8’, but in reality they&rsq...view item »

Half Japanese
Why Not?

Prompt follow up to last year's 'Hear the Lions Raw' and just as vibrant at that album which proved that after 42 years of 'music' making, the brothers Fair still have a lot of ideas at their disposal. Like Pere Ubu, Half Japanese's system seems to consist of producing reasonably inspired art rock and letting a cra...view item »


Bardo Pond always keep themselves busy and continually seek the other limits of the music they play. Curanderos is the supergroup formed by Bardo plus the ensemble Kohoutek, who help push things into extra avant territory. Two side-long pieces of sweet experimental jamming make ...view item »

Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair

Beautiful Despair is an unreleased album by cult indie band, Television Personalities. Unreleased until now, that is! The album was recorded, but unfinished in 1990. Some tracks appeared in different guises elsewhere, but this is the first time they’ve been released in their original form. A couple of the tracks mention th...view item »

Virginia Wing / XAM Duo
Tomorrow’s Gift

I know I'm actually the worst person on the entire planet to review this record (sax problems)....but there's literally no-one else and I kind of know it's good because the other day it was playing in the office and I almost got off my chair to find out what it was.  One thing is for sure, it's the best thing to come out of Bradford...view item »

Pictish Trail
Future Echoes

Jonny Lynch (aka Pictish Trail) is a very busy man. First he co-ran the Fence Collective alongside Kenny Anderson (King Creosote) for almost twenty years and once that label disbanded has been running the equally good Lost Map. None of this should distract from his own music with the Pictish Trail h...view item »

Rainer Ptacek
Worried Spirits

Rainer Ptacek (a member of Giant Sand) was a talented slide-guitarist working in a blues / post-blues mould, weaving powerful and intimate performances with his desert voice and knife-edge steel-stringed guitar. Worried Spirits is a 1992 collection of rare recordings, now reissued in commemoration of hi...view item »

Rainer & Das Combo
The Texas Tapes

Recorded in 1993, its a very fine album of post-blues music from slide-guitar supremo Rainer Ptacek and his Das Combo bandmates. The Texas Tapes feel intimate and fragile, as if some songs are on the point of vanishing into dust. This vinyl reissue with download code includes a number of demo versions a...view item »

Red Blinders

So then, these are Swedish indie poppers and not the 1990s grunge supergroup of the same name. Even if the name hadn't been used before it's terribly misleading  - I expected something, if not death metal, with a little grit. But Hater are as sweet as the Belgian bun I'm about to eat with lazily strummed guitars and pretty damn sweet vocals...view item »

The Chills
Pyramid / When The Poor Can Reach The Moon

The Chills comeback album 'Silver Bullets' really was a winner. A complex album which rewarded multiple listens and it's almost unprecedented for a band to be away for so long and come back with something that's almost the equal of earlier work. This Record Store Day release takes 'Silver Bullets' ...view item »

The Bevis Frond
Son Of Walter

Son Of Walter is the 15th album by The Bevis Frond and was originally released in 1996. At this time, Nick Salomon worked alone in his bedroom, head bursting with ideas, desperate to get his refried psychedelia on tape. The album mixes strummy folk-pop, multi-layered harmonies, pysch-pop and epic guitar wig-outs...view item »

Jane Weaver
Modern Kosmology

In which Jane Weaver does everything she should do to make a popular album in 2017. Let's run through the checklist. Neu like metronomic drumming? Check. Wibbly wobbly synths? Check. Vocals that recall Stereolab/Broadcast? Check. A cosmic/kosmiche feel...view item »

Virginia Wing
Measures Of Joy

A prime example of a band getting gradually better, stronger and more defined to the point that they deliver that "stunning debut album" is found in the career thus far of Camberwell, London outfit Virginia Wing. I'm unsure whether they actually number three or four currently but that is beside the point as a couple of minutes into 'Measures of ...view item »

Modern Studies
Swell to Great

Modern Studies take a while to get going but that is the folk tradition. We must be patient and not rush them. These people have cellos to tune. It takes ages.  Opener 'Supercool' is based around a circling revolving type 'riff' made out of wheezed harmonium and some churning cellos. The track builds in intensity but even at it's pe...view item »

The Jazz Butcher
The Wasted Years

The Jazz Butcher was an indie band born in the 80’s, and here we have their fantastic earliest albums, as released for the Glass label. That’ll be Bath Of Bacon, ...view item »

Bark Psychosis

It’s hard to be objective about an album that was the soundtrack some of the grimmest times of my life. Early ‘90s, lost in an attic of a shared house in darkest Leeds, forever autumn and it seemed this album was rarely out of earshot. Strange thing is, I've barely played it since. At the time I was obsessed by ...view item »

Bardo Pond
Under The Pines

In 2011 my high school’s history teacher handed me a certificate for the classroom’s Space Cadet Of the Year award. He is unfunny and I hate him. Now, with the very same long hair and bad attitude, I would like to hand my award on to Bardo Pond, who make music the way you would if you were high, or sleepy, or maybe just like this...view item »

Pere Ubu
The Art of Walking

This album was originally released in 1980. Twenty years later, it still sounds contemporary and intriguing. The closest comparison I can draw are recordings of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band in the early 1980s. . There is only one terrifically annoying tune best avoided here, "Los...view item »

Guided By Voices
Let's Go Eat The Factory

Got a confession to make...I've never been a big fan of Guided By Voices. I'm not sure why, after all they tick most of my boxes in terms of style and content and they were highly active at the most significant period in my musical development. I guess it's the volume of work I always foun...view item »

Death and Vanilla

A prime slice of hauntology to get your teeth into here. Originally released on cassette last Halloween, this double LP features a live recording of Death And Vanilla’s soundtrack to Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 classic ,Vampyr. For the performance, the psychedelic dream pop duo expanded their line up, incorporating an...view item »

The Chills / Martin Phillipps
The Curse Of The Chills / Martin Phillipps Live At The Moth Club

This is a must-buy for any self respecting fan of New Zealand legends the Chills, a major new documentary on the band and in particular their leader Martin Phillipps. The film contains never been seen footage as well as interviews with Phillipps and close family. The DVD is coupled with CD of Phillips live at the Moth Club in Lo...view item »

Giant Sand
The Sun Set Vol. 1

Howe Gelb’s highly-regarded Giant Sand project is wrapping up after 3 decades of loyal service to Americana and alternative country. Consequently, the whole album catalogue is being reissued over 3 big box-sets, divided alphabetically rather than chronologically...view item »

Keep On Moving

ESG have reissued a new wave funk compilation of nine tracks entitled Keep On Moving. Described as being the product of a studio that was left to run itself, this record is the all consuming sound of the techno dance floor. Solid beats and slightly distorted cymbal sounds compliment the youthful vocals in this release. ...view item »

The Television Personalities
They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles

The TVP's third album was originally meant to be a retrospective to mark the passing of the band. In the end this was only a blip in a lengthy and brilliant career, but it does focus the mind on the excellence of the band's early years, which are showcased here largely in outtake form, with the odd new track thrown in for good measure. D...view item »

Television Personalities
The Painted Word

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. 1984’s The Painted Word is their fourth record and one of their finest, winning much love for its slightly darker and more psychedelic sound. It receiv...view item »

Television Personalities
Mummy You're Not Watching Me

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. Mummy You’re Not Watching Me is their second record, released in 1982 and packed full of special little indie pop songs. It’s getting a very hand...view item »

Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams & The Loose Band 'Town Hall 1995'

Back in 1995 country starlet Victoria Williams was on tour and eventually landed at an unnamed Town Hall (we're guessing Pudsey) where this live set was recorded. Lou Reed turns up for a duet (which actually puts paid to our hunch that this was recorded in Pudsey) and a good impromptu time was had by all.  ...view item »

Evan Dando
Baby I'm Bored

Rightly or wrongly, I love the Lemonheads and therefore I love dippy-hippy Evan Dando’s first proper solo album “Baby I’m Bored”. I think the same will apply to any Lemonheads fan, really. It has the country tinge of Lemonheads classics like “Hannah & Gabi” running through the album. “In The Grass Al...view item »

Virginia Wing

There’s an unwritten law somewhere that states that bands must start to incorporate electronics around their second or third album. Virginia Wing are certainly following the tried and trusted path with this ‘bridge’ single ahead of their next proper full length. Like W...view item »

Bardo Pond
Peace on Venus

Veteran out-rockers Bardo Pond return this week with album number nine on Fire Records, collecting five brand new tracks of their sludgy stoner-doom psychedelia for your listening convenience. It’s a raw-sounding production full of spluttering guitars and slow crashing drums and s...view item »

The Bevis Frond
Bevis Through The Looking Glass

Bevis Through The Looking Glass was the third album by Londoner, Nick Saloman's band The Bevis Frond and was originally released in 1987. It features guitar solos that would make J Mascis jealous and catchy melodies to make The Beatles rethink their status, all wrapped in a big psychedelic blanket....view item »

Step Off

Original review from 2007. I can't believe I wrote this. In fact I don't think I did.    First up is the ESG album on Soul Jazz and it's their 1st new album in 20 years from what we can tell. For the uninitiated they're a seminal early 80's minima...view item »

Pere Ubu
Drive He Said 1994 - 2002

If you think I'm going to review the whole thing then you are sadly mistaken - I'm not made of ears you know. Here is another box set from marvellous art punks Pere Ubu. This time concentrating on their later less known work it's hard to fathom that this was made after their pop period ('Cloudland' etc). Obviously after appearing on late night t...view item »

A Pink Sunset For No One

So excited was I, a month ago on hearing of a new Noveller album, that I actually asked Clint in advance if I could review this one. I’m so glad I did. Filmmaker and musician Sarah Lipstate has been blessing us with her gracious solo guitar project for just over a decade now (there are two or three early CDr and cassette ...view item »

Half Japanese
Hear The Lions Roar

I've never really 'got' Jad Fair. I once saw him 'perform' on stage at the Duchess of York in Leeds in one of the most hideous performances since the Krankies played Glastonbury yet members of the Pastels were actually applauding. Yet as he gets older I've started to ...view item »

Pere Ubu
New Picnic Time

New Picnic Time is the third album by Cleveland, Ohio’s experimental art-rockers Pere Ubu. It was originally released in 1979, it continued a run of classic albums that also included The Modern Dance and Dub Housing.The sessions for the album were so stressful that the band split after recor...view item »

Pere Ubu
Song of the Bailing Man

Song of the Bailing Man is an album that is often overlooked; for many fans of Pere Ubu it is their least favourite. This makes sense because it is a different album from the rest. It lacks the Punk edge of the earliest Pere Ubu and it's not as dark as the middle period albums. With Song of the Bailing Man, the group took a brighter, more whimsi...view item »

Pere Ubu
Architecture of Language

One-of-a-kind post-punkers Pere Ubu get the box-set treatment. Architecture of Language brings together four remastered vinyl LPs, New Picnic Time (1979), The Art Of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982) and a new collection of extras. The perfect music...view item »

Virginia Wing
Forward Constant Motion

Virginia Wing’s previous album ‘Measures of Joy’ was a record we enjoyed so much that Brian actually personally promised to refund your postage if you didn’t like it. ‘Forward Constant Motion’ lives up to its name by dismantling their old sound and creating a whole new one with mixed results. Many o...view item »

Las Kellies
Friends & Lovers

Argentinian garage from Buenos Aires grrrl group Las Kellies now… Exotic! Sunny! Bouncy! Certainly all the above adjectives apply to opening track ‘Sugar Beat’ with its rubbery bassline and post-punk-funk rhythm guitars. This album is a light and breezy delight, continuing with the melodic grunge-pop of ‘Tied to a Chain&...view item »

Howe Gelb
Future Standards

In constantly shifting in styles and approach Howe Gleb's next solo offering, Future Standards, is a delicate and smooth jazz expedition. Inspired by the greats this piano-led record is meant for pure relaxation, and offers a host of new timeless ballads on top of an already bulging and accla...view item »

Howe Gelb
'Sno Angel Like You + 'Sno Angel Winging It

Giant Sand man Howe Gelb had a rather fantastic experience performing on the same bill as a number of gospel choirs in 2003, and decided to bring a choir into his own solo work on 2006’s ‘Sno Angel Like You. This reissue presents the beautiful, sensitive results alongside the feature-length ...view item »

Rats On Rafts / De Kift
Rats On Rafts / De Kift

Rats On Rafts / De Kift is not a split, no no. This is a full-blooded collaboration, with the two different flavours of Dutch joy being combined into one single band. The songs played are taken from Rats On Rafts and De Kift’s respective catalogues, with punky flair and ensemble brass mixing remar...view item »

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
Mid Thirties Single Scene

Absolute bunch of rat bags this lot. They make music that owes more to the Saints than the Go Betweens if you are using great Australian bands as a yardstick. Lead 'singer' Craig Dermody is a kind of cross between Joe Strummer and Joe Mangel  - a hoarse voiced rasper wit...view item »

The Bevis Frond
It Just Is

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are reissuing a number of key Frond releases, including It Just Is, which is actually a Saloman solo release...view item »

The Bevis Frond

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are now reissuing a number of key Frond releases. Sprawl is one of the group’s most psychy outings, with some lengthy t...view item »

The Bevis Frond

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are now reissuing a number of key Frond releases to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group. 1995’s Superseeder has...view item »

The Moles
Tonight’s Music

Well this is a mess.  Australian pop kings the Moles have chosen to return with an album that makes Robert Pollard look like a quality control manager. There are 24 tracks here of which 10-12 or so are really, really good. The rest are made up of ridiculous studio experiments, general faffing abo...view item »

The Bevis Frond
New River Head

New River Head was the 7th release by The Bevis Frond. It is regarded as the best album to buy to get into their sprawling back catalogue as it juxtaposes melodic genius on songs such as He’d Be A Diamond with psych-rock wig outs on the 17-minute Miskatonic Variations II. Both are typical ex...view item »

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

This absurdly-named Australian band are back with this short four song EP of dishevelled, shambling pop punk. The opening title track is a perky little thing like the Velvet Underground playing on borrowed instruments fronted by Joe Mangel. They are quite the rock and roll combo what with their w...view item »

More Amor

Mendrugo is a collaboration between American singer/songwriter Josephine Foster and brothers Victor and Jose Luis Herrero,'Hermanos Herrero' from The Victor Herrero Band. Using Andalusian musical tradition as their starting point on More Amor, the ...view item »

The Bevis Frond
Any Gas Faster

The Bevis Frond were an indie band in the classic mould, releasing their earnest, slightly scrappy rock action on an array of small labels. The time has come for some reissues: here we have 1990’s Any Gas Faster, a particularly psych-tinged record, and the first Bevis Frond album to be recorded in...view item »

The Bevis Frond
London Stone

The Bevis Frond were an indie band in the classic mould, releasing their earnest, slightly scrappy rock action on an array of small labels. The time has come for some reissues: here we have London Stone, recorded in 1991 but not released until 2005, bolstered by a set of bonu...view item »

Orchestra Of Spheres
Brothers and Sisters of The Black Lagoon

They’ve got a good name, have these psychedelic bait ‘n’ switchers: their sound, both full-sounding and cyclical, has all the qualities necessary to an Orchestra of Spheres. “What a terrible lede, Robin”, you might retort, but hey, shut up: this is a good record and I want you to know that ASAP. With a sound as demo...view item »

Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are

So what is going on with Robert Pollard? First up he ‘reforms’ Guided By Voices all by himself and probably makes their worst album ever. Some achievement as anyone who has listened to ‘Cool Planet’ will attest. In the very same week he releases his latest solo album which...view item »

Giant Sand

proVISIONS is Giant Sand’ 2008 record, reissued now by the Fire label. As well as main Sandman Howe Gelb, this double-disc collection also features vocal assistance from Neko Case, M Ward and Isobel Campbell, while PJ Harv...view item »

Death And Vanilla
To Where the Wild Things Are

Death and Vanilla are pretty close to being the perfect band for those who worship the ‘60’s exotic electronica that so influenced the music of Broadcast. Opener ‘Necessary Distortion’ sets out it’s stall pretty clearly -a pulsating, kraut jam which sits perfectly in that sweet spot b...view item »

Half Japanese
Volume 4: 1997-2001

Volume 4: 1997-2001 is the final installment of the Half Japanese reissue series on Fire Records. It contains the albums Bone Head, Heaven Sent and Hello. Heaven Sent is pressed on vinyl for the first time. Half Japanese, led by Jad Fair, were an...view item »

The Bevis Frond
Inner Marshland

Inner Marshland is the second album from The Bevis frond, aka Nick Saloman. Originally released in 1987, the album has been long out-of-print and features six bonus tracks from the original sessions. Nick Saloman has the ability to write beautiful, honest pop songs and wrap them in swirling psychedelia. Artists such as ...view item »

The Bevis Frond

Is the rumour true that Bevis Frond could afford to keep his music career going by a payout he earned after he fell down a hole in the street? Not sure but glad he's around anyway. Once part of the English psych scene that revolved around the excellent magazine Bucketful of Brains, Frond is ripe for rediscovery by the types of kids in thrall to ...view item »

Rats On Rafts
Some Velvet Morning

Rats On Rafts boldly take on Some Velvet Morning, a classic tune by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Their take is a low-slung noisy-rocky version, with howled vocals that Nancy would never have approved of. The B-side is taken from their last album, the acclaimed T...view item »

Josephine Foster
No More Lamps In The Morning

Let’s do an anecdotal review, shall we? I’ve heard ‘No More Lamps In The Morning’ delicately swamping its way through our office speakers three or four times, and not once has it come close to clicking: out in the field, like that, it’s a stagnating record, a Basically Foster record of homogenous strums and...view item »

The Jazz Butcher
Last Of The Gentlemen Adventurers

Celebrating the 30th birthday of this long running British indie collective, this begins a series of re-issues from their long and varied back catalogue. Led by the wonderfully monikered Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher took elements of the Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett and took it in idiosyncratic, whimsical dir...view item »

Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric releases anew! The old Stiff punk recorded this first new material in a decade in and around his house in the USA, with amplifiers apparently squeezed into every corridor (a vision I rather enjoy). The scratchy attitude of his past mixes with typically American sounds and lyrical themes. amERICa (hmmm...)...view item »

Spacemen 3
The Perfect Prescription

Reissue of Spacemen 3's second album, which was a wide eyed clash of droning guitar fuzz, psychedelic avant-garage propulsion and heady atmosphere. The line up shift had given rise to an evolved sound, allowing for more space to breathe, casting those shimmering tremolos further out into the stratosphere....view item »

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