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Neurosis & Jarboe
Neurosis & Jarboe

In 2003, two titans of heavyweight music joined forces on one CD: Jarboe of Swans fame, and the mighty Neurosis. The resulting self-titled album is a fearful monument of epic textures and dark words, fully-delivering on the vast promise of the collaboration. Bob Weston has remastered the album from scratch for this reissue, meaning even finer sonics. On Neurot.
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Brazilian psych rockers Deafkids aren't afraid to get nasty. On Metaprogramação, their third album, is built on the polyrhythms associated with their continent, while over the top they flail through heavy guitar riffs and cough and splutter like someone who's swallowed a fly. It's aggressive and intense and well worth giving yourself over to. On Neurot. 

Configuração do Lamento

Configuração do Lamento is the seventh album from DEAFKIDS. Living together in São Paulo, the band’s jam heavy music is a sticky affair and has seen them become a pretty big deal in their native Brazil and they’ve raked up two European tours in their 10 years too. It’s heavy noise, churning bass and grating guitar and it deserves to be played loud.

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
I See What I Became

Bearded, black-clad duo Mirrors for Psychic Warfare - that’s Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea) - return to Neurot Recordings with I See What I Became. In one of the mirrors, no doubt. The pair churn out a fairly wicked concoction of slow, instrumental hardcore doom with a very electronic sound - there’s even sidechaining in there. Beard EDM.

Pain Of Mind

The lords of crust Neurosis return with another reissue from the river-mark. Who here remembers Pain of Mind, a classic of the East Bay scene? It strayed deep out of reality and delved into a thrashy cosmological void where all that could be accessed was growls, screams and groaning musical onslaught, the kind of piercing, unfussy sound the band started their existence on. 

Dark Buddha Rising

For the latest LP from Finnish doom-metal crew Dark Buddha Rising, guitarist V. Ajomo states that the band “have done a full cycle of the orbit and now is the time for gravitational slingshot towards the new dimensions in sound, deliverance and vision". Quite. Anyway, II is sludgy, loping doom par excellence. Just one track per side, but so overwhelming are the two editions of ‘Mahathgata’ that you'd probably need a sit down if II had any more music on it. The second side was recorded at their underground practice space of Wastement, aka “the asylum of eternal feedback”.

Fires Within Fires

New Neurosis?! It's no wonder the press release is in all caps. The sludge titans have been going thirty years, if you can believe it, and they commemorate being older than me by releasing a brand new album called Fires Within Fires. That kinda grittily gorgeous album art sums up the band, really -- their post-metal hints create a gorgeous landscape on which they repulse with the usual metal, and this one, produced by Steve Albini, will have double the rot.


Unrelenting doomlords Ufomammut cut to the excruciatingly slow chase by naming their record 8 and leaving it there. It's eight tracks, each a self-contained sludge treatise of its own, coming together to prove them the master of creating suffocatingly heavy environments. Forty-eight minutes of crushing their listeners like bugs from a band who've been in the business nearly twenty years.

The Word As Law

Reissue of Neurosis’s second full length album The Word As Law. Released in 1990 this was still a precursor album to the more avant garde doom laden band we know today, but they were still pioneering, mixing punk and hardcore fury with metal musicality and brunt. Remastered and released through Neurot.

Music For Megaliths

Steve Von Till, one of the key figures within Neurosis, has a solo project named Harvestman, in which he unshackles his guitar from straight song forms and summons up images of arcane civilisations. Music For Megaliths is carved out of shimmering abstracted guitar tones, drones and noises. Out on the Neurot label.

The Body & Full Of Hell
One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

If you know either or both of Full of Hell and The Body, you’ll realise that this first-time collaboration cannot fail to be a scouring blast of sonic brutality. And so it came to pass: One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is a furious explosion of screaming and distorted guitar power. Essential stuff for heaviness fans, on Neurot.

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare are made up of Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Sanford Parker of Buried At Sea. They have a crushingly heavy outlet together in Corrections House, but this new duo works more of a creeping dread vibe: sick fever rather than wild frenzy, if that’s your thing. Released on Neurot.

End of Mirrors

End of Mirrors is a dark and melancholy collection of post-punk from this Oakland band. Alaric have been making an introspective and aggressive punk for eight years now, but this CD and vinyl LP on Neurot is denser, more claustrophobic and more experimental than anything they’ve released before.

Dark Buddha Rising

Dark Buddha Rising are exactly as metal as a record titled Inversum with that cover would be expected to be. Doom metal, to be more specific, with thick psychedelic lashings all over the place. Two side-long tracks see the Finnish band draw the listener deep into a repetitive void. CD or gatefold LP on Inversum.

Corrections House
Know How To Carry A Whip

Know How To Carry A Whip by Corrections House is the dark follow-up to 2013’s Last City Zero. The electronic metal band are a collective made up from members of Eyehategod, Neurosis, Yakuza and Minsk. The songs have their foundations built on loops and beats with the metallic riffs laid on top. Ostensibly being of equal importance to the music the band have a spin doctor-type figure in Seward Fairbury who spreads the word about their sound.

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

Tad Doyle, formerly of Tad and producer of some of the heaviest sounds of the North West coast of the US of A, is back with his newest venture, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Also featuring Peggy Doyle and Dave French. Pure, destructive metal, with lots of immense drumming, heavy guitar and bass riffs.  CD and vinyl on Neurot.  

Clearing The Path To Ascend

It sounds a lot like a yogurt, but YOB is actually the name for a doom metal outfit formed by hardcore drummer turned slow guitar fiend Mike Scheidt. for YOB, he enlisted Travis Foster and Aaron Rieseberg, who help fill out the band's aggressive but snail-paced rhythm section. 'Clearing the Path to Ascend' is their seventh record in twelve years, and as always, shit gets heavy. You probably already know who they sound like, but just in case, prepare yourself with some Sleep and Electric Wizard.