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Insecure Men
Karaoke for One: Vol. 1

As we don't work in the London-based media, we don't get on with all the Fat White Family and related stuff we have been told to like so the likes of Insecure Men have rather passed us by. No doubt the Quietus will be on board with this new album from the toothless wonders as they rattle through covers from the ...view item »

Friendship Music

Surfbort are a Brooklyn band who take their influences from ‘80s US punk bands. This is in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll that is delivered with love. Friendship Music has been released through a joint venture between Fat Possum and Cult Records, the label owned by Julian Casabl...view item »

Soccer Mommy
Henry / I'm On Fire

Bedroom recorder and singer-songwriter sweetheart Soccer Mommy releases an alternative version of Henry, from 2016’s For Young Hearts. Plus, finally on wax, her cover of what is perhaps the Boss’s best song -- I’m On Fire, from Born in the USA. Finally out in better than qua...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This is a really good week for new records. The one I have here is by the forgettably-named Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Thankfully the music isn't nearly as forgettable. I was hoping I'd like it as soon as I set eyes on the sleeve - a photo of what looks like some old tumbledown ultra-modern Cold War architecture ...view item »

The Districts

Debut full-length album from The Districts, who manage to write and record the whole thing before they even left high school! Nicely done guys. Telephone, from 2012, is an Americana-rock record driven by a rootsy guitar sound and full-bodied vocals that have an impressive amount of character for one so young. 9 tracks p...view item »

A Quality of Mercy

RVG are an Australian band, kicking off their career of recordings with a tight eight-song debut set. A Quality Of Mercy was recorded at the group’s favourite Melbourne venue, a pub called The Tote, and the flavour of old pub rock is certainly mixed in here, along with more angular influences. Vinyl release, court...view item »

Kadhja Bonet

Kadjha Bonet follows up her beautiful 'The Visitor' record of 2015 with another album full of sumptuous chocolatey soul, titled Childqueen. Last we heard of Ms Bonet, the L.A. singer was wrapping her mellifluous vocal tones around some highly melodic and harmonious old-schooly tunes channeling the Memphis sound perfectl...view item »

A Quality of Mercy

This item has the same name as RVG’s debut full-length album, but please take note! This is the single, featuring the first track from that record along with a B-side you shan’t find elsewhere. A Quality Of Mercy was recorded live in a pub, and bristles with the appropriate energy of the context. 12” s...view item »

Tapes #1-3

Hoops, or in everyday life Drew Auscherman, has released three EPs of lo-fi guitar + electronics pop on cassette over the last few years. Now, the opportunity has arisen to acquire all that tasty material on the vinyl format! The warm warble of the original tape production is still there, but the convenience and...view item »

Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, a 20 year old from Nashville, has previously made some lovely mid-fi music that would please fans of Boston bands of the 1990s, as detailed on her recent compilation, Collection. Her proper debut album, Clean, gives her a bigger stage and bigger production values, but the songs remain true to he...view item »

Insecure Men
Insecure Men

The Dr. Jekyll to Fat White Family’s Mr. Hyde, Insecure Men sees Fat White-ers Saul Adamczewsi and Nathan Saoudi try their hand at some sort of Lynch-ian sugar-pop. While the ultra-low-budget sound nestles this record next to FWF’s Champagne Holo...view item »

Twin Peaks
Sweet '17 Singles

'Sweet '17 Singles' is a compilation of 7" tracks that were released earlier this year, selling out almost immediately. Together they form a consistent and quite lovely record, full of wistful bluesy swing that's reminiscent of Women, though with a pastorally psychedelic tone not a million miles from Van Morrison....view item »

Al Green
Let's Stay Together

The title track to Let's Stay Together has become Al Green's signature song and a certified r&b classic. The song is one of the definitive Memphis soul songs with its smooth organ punctuated by horns , Rev. Green comes in a low voice and then in the chorus reaches up to a heavenly falsetto. The song became his only his only number one on the...view item »

The Black Keys

Back in the early 2000s the Black Keys did a bit of mouthing off in the direction of The White Stripes suggesting that Jack White didn't know what real Blues was and seemed to set a course of showing him exactly how it's done. The early Black Keys music is no better than the White Stripes, I'm a fan of bot...view item »
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Townes Van Zandt
Rear View Mirror

Some 27 years ago, master singer/songwriter and master of sadness, Townes Van Zandt began re-recording his best-loved songs for a three disc anthology which ultimately failed to appear. Rear View Mirror was originally released on Austin-based label, Sundown in 1993. It collects together 17 tracks ...view item »

Necromancer / Take It Easy

Seratones hail from Louisiana, from whence they launch their southern-tinged garage rock. The most notable thing about the group is vocalist AJ Haynes, who has one of those enormous voices full of fire. 7” single Necromancer / Take It Easy is on Fat Possum, and only available from independent reco...view item »

The Districts
Popular Manipulations

The Districts are a real indie rock band, writing about their lives and loves and singing it out above sharp and sweeping anthemic guitars. Popular Manipulations is an emotionally engaged set of rock music that is grown-up, but not so much so that it loses its vulnerability. Released on CD and LP by Fat Possum....view item »

Soccer Mommy

Sophie Allison - Soccer Mommy to you lot - describes her music as ‘chill but kinda sad’. She’s right you know. Having upped several albums to Bandcamp throughout her teenage years, the 19-year-old’s persistence and knack for a good tune has been rewarded with a compilation-plus-some-new-bits on Fa...view item »

Bash & Pop
Anything Could Happen

Stinson may have played a relatively background role in the Replacements all those years ago, but listening to this fine album it sounds like he has really matured as a songwriter, refining and honing his own songwriting chops. The songs perhaps aren't as introspective as found on some of Westerberg's recent releases, but the "ear" for writing m...view item »

Day Wave
Headcase / Hard To Read

This vinyl LP and CD from Fat Possum records combines Day Wave's new EP, Hard to Read, with last years Headcase EP as well. Both releases are intimate and lo-fi synth pop experiments, that borrow equally from confident west coast music and introspective bedroom rock. Warm s...view item »

AA Bondy

I could but I don't want to use the word 'haunting' to describe this album because when said adjective is used to describe music in my experience it means that it's crap. Alt. folk/Americana/country troubadour AA (Auguste Arthur) Bondy is three very good albums into his career, "Believers" is the third of that three. Bondy has a real kna...view item »
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Sunflower Bean
Show Me Your Seven Secrets

Sunflower Bean are a New York band with a sound somewhere between shoegaze and certain strands of post-punk. The Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP is their debut release, and it makes for a very strong introduction. Six tracks of thickly-produced, tight-yet-loose jams, pressed to clear vinyl on Fat Possum....view item »

Permit Vol. 1

Ha! Brilliant! They’re not wrong. Indiana based Permit sound like a double time Thin Lizzy, a raucous and fun filled affair with a garage punk-rock flare. Injected with Zeke like energy it’s house party madness to full effect, will get you up on your feet and dancing, but with sub tw...view item »


If you can't get enough of that nostalgic and plaintive jangle pop sound as purveyed by the likes of Real Estate, Horsebeach and Wild Nothing then Hoops could be the band for you. After their excellent and swoonsome self titled 12" last year 'Routines' promises an album of perky...view item »

The Districts
Ordinary Day / Lover, Lover, Lover

The Districts are a real indie rock band, writing about their lives and loves and singing it out above sharp and sweeping anthemic guitars.Taken from their second album Popular Manipulations is the single Ordinary Day, which comes backed with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Lover, Lover...view item »
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Gold Connections
Gold Connections

The first ever recordings by Gold Connections, recorded in 2014, receive release on a proper vinyl record courtesy of Fat Possum. The Gold Connections EP is full of young-man indie rock’n’roll, written and performed with a sweet sensibility and an intimate familiarity for the slacker genre greats. 5 tracks o...view item »

The Dove & The Wolf
Don’t Know What To Feel

Made up of Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard, The Dove and The Wolf have only had an EP and a single release to their name before Fat Possum caught onto their warm and heart-filled songwriting. Written in a state of upheaval, waiting for visas and being in Paris at the time of the Bataclan atta...view item »

Don Bryant
Don’t Give Up On Love

Don Bryant has spent a life in soul music, singing since the age of five in church, in the family group, in Willie Mitchell’s band and many other contexts. He also continually wrote songs, giving him some very fine material to put to tape on Don’t Give Up On Love, recorded in his seventy-fou...view item »


RMBLR are a band constructed out of building blocks from both Sleigh Bells and Din’s Boys, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater punk rock seems to be the name of their game: lots of squad-shout harmonies and chunky riffs, plus a general sense of fun. The RMBLR 7” single is relea...view item »
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Danish kids here making a delightful post-punk dreampop hybrid record. After releasing a few singles over the past two years, Communions are finally ready to release a debut album. Blue is dripping with youthful enthusiasm and eagerness. Fat Possum Records have hooked us up with a lim...view item »

American Wrestlers
Goodbye Terrible Youth

Last year's American Wrestlers album was one of those who-is-this-and-why-is-it-so-good? moments. A fantastic swirl of indie rock shoegaze and yes yacht rock. Here is a swiftly made follow up but this time Gary McLure has swapped his rickety 4 track for an actual studio and so it has a cleaner sound without destroying any of that lo-fi charm. Ge...view item »

Kadhja Bonet
The Visitor

Kadhja Bonet makes her recording debut with this EP for Headcount. Dwelling in Los Angeles, it's hard not to hear a little of the Flying Lotus / Brainfeeder influence in Bonet’s psychedelically-tinged jazzy sound. She w...view item »

American Wrestlers
American Wrestlers

American Wrestlers are a new lo-fi project by 20-year-plus indie veteran and proud Scot, Gary McClure. McClure's journey has seen him move from his home in Scotland to Manchester and finally to Missouri where American Wrestlers took shape. Recorded on an 8-track and using cheap and basic instruments, McClure wri...view item »

Don't Hold Anything Back / Eternity

Communions are a new bunch from Copenhagen, Denmark. Don’t Hold Anything Back / Eternity sounds like the young Danes are trying to imagine themselves into 1992-era Manchester. They’ve done their homework too: listen closely to those drums and tell me you aren’t convinced? 7” in advance of a full-...view item »
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Adam Torres
Pearls To Swine

Laid-back country folk, produced by Erik Woffard (Okkervil River / M. Ward / Bill Callahan). Recorded in analogue at a studio overlooking the Colorado River Valley, the overall effect is warm and very natural. Thor Harris of Swans provides some surprisingly gentle percussion, lending itself nicely to Aisha Burns's soaring violin.  ...view item »

Sunflower Bean
From The Basement

Four cover songs from New York trio Sunflower Bean, the follow up to February's dreamy psych rock debut album 'Human Ceremony'. Here we have songs originating from Neil Young, Spiritualised, Modern Lovers and T-Rex. Neo-psychedelia on 12" coke bottle green vinyl. Limited edition from Fat Possum records. ...view item »
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Hoops EP

This glittery indie pop sounds like it was either recorded or played back underwater. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Sunbeams glistening through and lapping against your feet, blurring the edges, it’s dreamy and quite intoxicating. Hoops soothe away the annoyances of the day, why have you put the heating on and op...view item »

Jay Som
I Think You're Alright / Rush

Double A from San Francisco-based Melina Duterte, aka Jay Som. Laid-back twinkly pop music with a slightly sinister edge to the lyrics: "I’ll be your cigarette ash tray, come back when it’s too late." These are a couple of Som's older songs, re-released on limited edition vinyl through Fat Possum....view item »
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The Grifters
One Sock Missing

The Grifters were a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. One Sock Missing is one of those records, a fun alt-rock tumble with a distinctly 90’s feel. Initially released by Shangri-La Records and now reissued by Fat Possum....view item »

The Grifters
Crappin' You Negative

Here come The Grifters, a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. 1994’s Crappin’ You Negative is one of those records, and arguably the band’s best. Thoroughly-90’s DIY action. Initially released by Shangri-La Record...view item »

A Youthful Dream

Though he is only young (A Youthful Dream is a fair title), it is nevertheless surprising that Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, main Yung man, has taken this long to produce a full-length album after the trail of DIY cassettes he’s left in his wake. It’s a well formed record, sounding properly produced...view item »

Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough

Junior Kimbrough inspires great respect among a certain crowd of musicians, as evidenced by this tribute LP. Mark Lanegan (ooh), Spiritualized (wow!) and Iggy & The Stooges (good lord!) all contribute cover versions of Kimbrough’s material for Sund...view item »
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Country Teasers
Destroy All Human Life

Edinburgh’s Country Teasers released their third album, the ambitiously-titled Destroy All Human Life in 1999. It finds them cutting back on the explosive mess of their earlier sound, allowing the cutting lyrics of Ben Waller and the alt-country musicianship to shine through clearly. Includes a ...view item »

Get Gone

Seratones hail from Louisiana, but have wide-ranging ambitions. On Get Gone, which is their debut full-length album, they pull in the finest influences from the surrounding regions, leading to songs that are soulful, jazzy and bluesy all at the same time, not to mention the garage-heat of their riffs. Nice. Out on Fat P...view item »

Sunflower Bean
I Hear Voices / The Stalker

I rather enjoyed this little single from Sunflower Bean, a fresh young band making highly energised slightly-psychedelic slightly-punk indie rock. I Hear Voices has an excellently reverberating lead vocal over a frantic drum-beat, while The Stalker lurks on the B-side, like a stalker. 7” on Fat Possum. Wa...view item »
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Jay Reatard
Blood Visions (10th Anniversary Reissue)

The late Jay Reatard was something of an indie favourite for a moment there, and RSD celebrates that moment with a reissue of 'Blood Visions', his lightning fast garage punk missive. The songs are simple and the hooks plentiful, and they're delivered in Jay's distinctive style, a curiously sentimental take on the no-fucks-given attitude. ...view item »
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John Congleton and The Nighty Nite
Until The Horror Goes

John Congleton has made a name for himself producing for eccentric indie artists such as St. Vincent and David Byrne. With Until The Horror Goes he and his band The Nighty Nite show that they can be just as playful and witty. Congleton’s strained and deadpan vocals hold together a den...view item »

Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony

Sunflower Bean release their debut full-length album, Human Ceremony. Apparently the band decided to deal with the question of what sort of music to make by resolving all their different interests (dream-pop, heavier rock forms etc.) into one sound. The results sound pretty damn fully-formed, so good on them. Released b...view item »

Youth Lagoon
Savage Hills Ballroom

Savage Hills Ballroom is a significant record for Youth Lagoon main man Trevor Powers, apparently seeing him trying to peel back both personal limits and sonic restraint. The result is a record that is deeply personal whilst also sweeping grandly through an array of electronic soundscapes, pop sensibili...view item »

Hungry Heart / Something On Your Mind

Have you ever seen a large bovine make music? Have you ever had yak’s milk? Here’s hoping their music is a bit tastier, Yak finally releasing a haunting subterranean 7” for all you cow lovers. Hungry Heart and flipside Something on Your Mind will hopefully prove to be the first of many excelle...view item »
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Plastic People

The very first EP from Yak, a young London crew making songs out of organ, yelping, and energy-frenzy. Just look at the cover for a sense of the sound: it’s all kicking off round here. The EP, Plastic People, is made up of three tracks and seven inches of vinyl, and is released by Fat Possum Records....view item »
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Jimbo Mathus
Blue Healer

Jimbo Mathus was a founding member of blues/jazz revivalists, Squirrel Nut Zippers. They were absolutely huge in the states but failed to really capture the imagination of the British public. Mathus has been reasonably prolific since his band broke up in the early 2000s, however and Blue Healer is his e...view item »

The Districts
A Flourish And A Spoil

'A Flourish And A Spoil’ is Pennsylvania rockers’ debut LP through Fat Possum Records. Produced by the ever-reliable John Congleton, who has previously worked with St. Vincent and Angel Olsen, its bluesy garage rock aesthetic, uplifting guitar and feedback serves as an appropriate follow-up to the band’s debut EP released earli...view item »

Francisco The Man
Loose Ends

Francisco The Man attempt to bowl some indie rock strikes with Loose Ends, a record that takes queues from the most anthemic of alt rock, crushing together ceaseless vocal melodies with swirling guitar effects and a lot of that "heart" thing. Loud, shoegaze and pop, Loose Ends is a hero...view item »

Los Angeles Police Department
Insecurity / Water & Wine

Lo-fi bedroom pop from LA-based Los Angeles Police Department (a.k.a Ryan Pollie). Apparently written and recorded in a day, A-side Insecurity is a simple piece of sparse fuzz pop that sounds like Wavves on a comedown. Backed by Water & Wine on the B-side. Out on 7” vinyl from Fat Possum Records....view item »
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Liam Hayes

Liam Hayes' brings the occasional and infrequent rain of Chicago (get back to me, city natives) to our shores with Slurrup, his eccentrically titled new record, which delivers more of the same cheeky folk-affected pop rock. With his voice of delighted gravel, Hayes offers up another surprisingly good...view item »

Dilly Dally
Candy Mountain

Toronto’s Dilly Dally formed in 2010 after discovering a shared propensity for dreamy guitars, weed and karaoke. With the addition of their two good friends, Corey Marshall (drums) and Michael Guiliani (bass) the quartet spent the years that followed playing anywhere they could with a PA, be it bar or basement. Now, with a solid fan base, ...view item »

The Soul Of Designer Records

This monolithic boxset attempts to give its listener an idea of the scope of Designer Records' scope. The duo behind the operation, soul men Style Wooten and Roland Jones, recorded up to five hundred singles, many of them now revered as classics in traditional gospel. This set of one hundred (plus one more for luck!) songs shows how distinctive ...view item »

The Districts
The BBC Sessions

Pennsylvania's up and coming rock band The Districts add this EP to their early collection of releases: 'The BBC Sessions' offers up four tracks performed live during their recent stay in the United Kingdom. It can now be heard on 12", showcasing their energetic live shows instead of slowing it down and tracking it for a proper studio recording ...view item »
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Invisible Familiars
Clever Devil / Digger's Invitation

‘Clever Devil’ is the first single to be taken from ‘Disturbing Wildlife’, the forthcoming debut LP from Invisible Familiars, aka Jared Samuel, a New York City-based songwriter and multi- instrumentalist who has long made his living playing music, supporting a variety of NYC artists and now stepping out on his own. ...view item »
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Mutual Benefit
The Cowboy's Prayer

This digitally remastered reissue of 2011's 'Cowboy's Prayer' was previously only available as a download. Now, with a new album due and a substantial tour of the US, Canada and the UK in the pipeline, Boston-based Jordan Lee and his ever-changing gaggle of backing musicians release their debut EP on vinyl and CD. Lyrically rich, this record dea...view item »

Water Liars
Water Liars

Water Liars eponymous album is their third in as many years. The bluesy Americana duo is comprised of Andrew Bryant on drums and Justin Kinkel-Schuster on vocals and guitar. They claim to have started Water Liars entirely by accident after meeting on separate tours. Water Liars is available on v...view item »

The Districts
The Districts

The Districts are my new found favourite band. I was sold when I heard the first line of Lyla. I saw them play at Leeds festival and I was mesmerised, they are so passionate and intense and really know how to rock. The vocals are perfection.. clear but gritty at the same time with so much emotion. I've listene...view item »

Shintaro Sakamoto
How To Live With A Phantom

Psychedelic wheel-steerer Shintaro Sakamoto is known for heading up the Japanese band Yura Yura Teikoku, but has branched out on his solo records to craft a simpler, more direct sound based on the firm foundations of '70s pop tunes and that lovely thing we call easy listening. How To Live With a Phantom...view item »
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Pure X

Oh, we have a post-it on this one! "Falsetto-voiced laid back nice-ness a la Radar Bros" says the stockroom elf. I'm listening now and he's right, this is proper silky AOR type business with glacially chiming guitars and breathy falsetto harmonies. Opening track 'Starlight' sounds exactly like a half-speed ...view item »

Blame Confusion

Solids are a duo from Montreal, weaned on '90s bands like Sonic Youth, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. They have an understanding that melodies are best served once they have had to drive their way through walls of distorted guitars, sweat and blood. Blame Confusion&nb...view item »

Jimbo Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition
Dark Night of the Soul

Jimbo Mathus was a founding member of The Squirrel Nut Zippers, a kind of rootsy-jazzy-rock ‘n’ roll band who were a success in the US. Dark Night Of The Soul by Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition is more of a raw rock record, the sound coming from the live recording o...view item »

Ann Peebles
I Can't Stand The Rain

I Can’t Stand The Rain by Ann Peebles is a wonderfully sparse yet funky soul record. This fantastic selection is strengthened by the way producer Willie Mitchell chose to use the horns and strings and the cool perfection of the Hi rhythm section. Peebles sings tales from the darker side of love on this southern so...view item »

Subliminal Plastic Motives

Self is a band which combines many different styles of modern music, the thing that ties it all together is Matt Mahaffey's knack for seeding pop hooks within music that typically lives on the indie borderlands. This album is definitely a slice out of the mid 1990's, and should be looked upon as such. Think Beck's Odelay, Weezer's Blue Album, Go...view item »

Leo Welch
Sabougla Voices

For fans of Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford, Johnny Farmer and Hezekiah Early, Welch is from that same rough, raw, unsophisticated mould. His rough spoken-sung vocals are backed up with his equally rough guitar style--which at times sounds like it could cut through virtually anything in it's path. His backing band too is rudimentary but perfect f...view item »

Al Green
Get's Next To You

With a voice like honey and a vision ahead of his time, Al Green needs little introduction. If you’d like one however, then this reissue of Get’s Next To You is a good enough place to start. Signalling the beginning of a fine run of albums and pre-dating his move to gospel it’s bursting with Southern s...view item »
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Mean Lady
Love Now

When you first start to listen to this- I feel like you wait for a little too long and the all of a sudden Katie starts to sing and you can say...aaahhh.. and just relax and feel a little younger. A little bit country but most of all like you want to put on a flower crown and start to hulu hoop. She has a way of sucking you into feeling mellow a...view item »

Al Green
Greatest Hits

When it comes to the purveyors and pioneers of soul, most forget Al Green. This Greatest Hits compilation is for those who have forgotten. It's not for the Al Green enthusiast, it's for the Al Green window shopper. As a compilation, it's excellent. It has all of Green's most memorable hits and non-hits. There's 15 tracks and no excess. Great son...view item »
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Al Green
I'm Still In Love With You

Still in Love with You is a complete album. The type of album that you can play straight through, in order, time after time. Each song flows into the next creating the sense of a man giving a melodic testimony concerning his innermost feelings about love, life, longing, pain, sadness melancholy and redemption. Not a wasted note, sound or breath ...view item »

Townes Van Zandt
In The Beginning

If you don't know about Townes Van Zandt and his music then you really are missing out on of the best songwriters ever. Scion of a prominent Texan oil family, Townes Van Zandt was a high-school over-achiever with good looks, a genius IQ, and a career in high US politics mapped out for him. I...view item »

As Plantas Que Curam

Brazilian psych-pop duo Boogarins are new to me but I’m immediately quite taken by this debut album. Apparently Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz are school friends from the central Brazilian city of Goiania who took to making bedroom recordings on borrowed equipment, working things out as they went along, and have ended up with a surprisi...view item »

Frankie Rose
Herein Wild

When the promo for the latest Frankie Rose album fell through our letterbox here at Norman HQ I instantly fell in love with it. So to get to tell you peeps in internet land all about it is an absolute pleasure. Cutting her musical teeth with indie bands such as Dum Dum Gi...view item »

Jackson Scott

The twelve tracks here are lonely, spacey, and despondent, but Scott's gift for melody makes for an engaging listen. This is a brand of lo-fi shoegaze that sounds (purposefully so) like it was recorded in Scott's own bedroom. The use of lo-fi makes Melbourne feel immediate, and even personal, even though there's a strange distance that Scott kee...view item »

Iggy & The Stooges
Ready To Die

The first album back from the reanimated Stooges a few years ago, ‘The Weirdness’, didn’t really push my buttons at the time, since lots had happened in the years which have passed since ‘Raw Power’ (Incidentally, the press release makes a big deal about trumpeting that it’s the...view item »

Baba Yaga

This reminds me of my favourite My Morning Jacket albums--The Tennessee Fire, At Dawn and It Still Moves--I say this in the best possible way. I don't feel like Futurebirds are derivative. One time while driving this perfectly matched the tone of the city lights and their conversation with the night...or something. I loved Hampton's Lullaby and ...view item »

Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse

Trevor Powers’ second outing for Fat Possum Records ‘Wondrous Bughouse’ is a queasy but fantastical listen. Wobbly psych-pop is the order of the day here, songs like ‘Attic Doctor’ and ‘Pelican Man’ have elements of ‘60s ‘Sergeant Pepper...view item »

Holy Shit
You Made My Dreams Come True

When I started this review I briefly got this band mixed up with their contemporaries Holy Fuck, causing a brief “this isn’t what I expected at all!” moment before I realised my mistake. Anyway, this is quite a brash bit of weirdpop...view item »

The Black Keys

This is an exceptional album and a fantastic tribute to Junior Kimbrough, an obvious influence on The Black Keys' music. Dan and Patrick play these songs with such a great feeling for the blues, and for Junior's style, it is no surprise that his widow wanted to congratulate them on their efforts. There can be no finer endorsement than that! The ...view item »

The Black Keys
Rubber Factory

For me, "Rubber Factory" is the best album by The Black Keys. It has the grooviest, most rocking, catchiest songs and reaches the heights that other albums didn't manage. Also, it's more raw sounding - it was before they started making records that had that more produced glam rock stomp, which I don't particularly care for. "10am Automatic" is t...view item »

Youth Lagoon
The Year Of Hibernation

Apparently this lad has been sending the blogosphere into a frenzy for a while. Once again I actually fail to hear how? I mean, I bloody hate shit like Washed Out, never a more appropriate name in showbusiness though looking at his popularity I am obviously clueless! YL is actually called ...view item »


I love Hodgy Beats flow. It's so different from any other rapper. Left Brain's beats are different, in a good way. It leaves you bewildered that it's a simple beat, but it's not. I wish they could have left the song "Hell" on the album! That's the best song I think that they ever made. My only other complaint is that Chordaroy isn't on here. Tha...view item »

Sonny And The Sunsets
Hit After Hit

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Bass Drum Of Death
Gb City

This album is full of great energy, noisy guitars and a thumping bass drum. The first track, "Nerve Jamming," is a driving anthem, and I imagine would be great to see live. Oddly, "Gb City," the title track is one of my least favourites, as it lacks a great hook and some of the more interesting ideas of the other songs. I think this is a must ad...view item »

Sleep Forever

Oh bloody hell its produced by James Ford. 'Super' producer. Managing to exactly re-create the sound of a digitized, soulless Jesus and Mary Chain. Its more of the sunny, hazy 60's ish pop eminating from America at the moment, not bad but somehow lacking anything real. Turn the Panda Bear knob up a bit James. The B side is a school band covering...view item »
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Smith Westerns / Magic Kids
Imagine, Pt. 3 / Superball

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Jay Reatard
Blood Visions

“Blood Visions” is an album of frenetic indie-punk that basically sounds like a cross between Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers and Supergrass, if you can imagine such a thing. Jay Reatard’s anglicised voice adds the Supergrass element. Reatard plays everything himself other than a couple of tracks where bass duties are h...view item »

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