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The Gospel

New record from heavy adventurers Arabrot. The Gospel follows Kjetil Nernes’ recovery from throat cancer, so it is understandably thoughtful about mortality. Not that the band hold back here: grinding basslines and pounding industrial rhythms are very much present, and The Gospel remains super-weighty. Released on the Fysisk Format label.

Hilma Nikolaisen

Norwegian guitarist and singer Hilma Nikolaisen follows up her 2016 debut, Puzzler, with Mjusic, spelled like you’ve just mashed the keyboard with your palm and been lucky. The album’s name comes from a punk band she formed as a kid. Her music is not too far removed from that of her brother, Emil’s band, Serena-Maneesh - with whom she also plays - indie rock with psychedelic overtones. LP and CD on Fysisk Format.
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The Good the Bad and the Zugly
Misanthropical House

Misanthropical Horse is the third album by Norwegian hardcore metal types, The Good, The Bad and The Zugly. You know what you’re going to get here - fast and loud with throat-ripping vocals. Much fun to be had! The album was mastered by Ruben Willem of Haust, and as with the previous pair of albums the artwork was drawn by satirical cartoonist, Flu Hartberg. LP and CD on Fysisk Format.

Blood Command
Cult Drugs

After the last Blood Command album in 2012, main man Yngve Andersen took some time to concentrate on production, his label Loyal Blood and studio, producing band such as Ondt Blod. Now his baby returns for their third full length. A pretty unique take on hardcore come metal come electro punk-pop… yep, it’s all in here… big stadium sounds..


Beachheads is a spin-off band from good-times heavy metal band Kvelertak, with two of that band’s members joining another drummer and a synthpop singer. Their music is more pop-friendly than Kvelertak, with sun and beaches replacing black skies and forests. Fun times! Their self-titled debut is out on Fysisk Format.

Moon Relay
Moon Relay

The debut from Norwegian quartet Moon Relay, this self-titled LP sees the multi-instrumental instrumentalists galloping through nine unpronounceable tracks. A taut, twisting mass of krautrock repetition, screeching noise rock distortion and stop-start Oxes-esque precision, featuring synths, electronics, marimba, organ and grand piano alongside the industry standard rock formation. A vital and visceral take on instrumental rock played with skill and vigour by characters who've played alongside various Norwegian noise and jazz types including prog-popper Jenny Hval.

Night Jerks

Norwegian blackened hardcore act Okkultokrati have a new album, 'Night Jerks', on offer, full of the same fury and autonomy that has characterized them and the hardcore scene around them. They recently toured with Converge, which isn't a bad association for this band of metallic punks to have, although for practical reasons (guitarist Pål Bredup couldn't play guitar due to a muscular illness) there's synth in abundance. Be warned.
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