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The Gospel

New record from heavy adventurers Arabrot. The Gospel follows Kjetil Nernes’ recovery from throat cancer, so it is understandably thoughtful about mortality. Not that the band hold back here: grinding basslines and pounding industrial rhythms are very much present, and The Gospel remains ...view item »


I’ve had a lot of prettiness in my ears so far this morning, now it’s time for some ‘orrible man-rock! The first song on this album really reminds me of Marilyn Manson’s breakthrough hit ‘Beautiful People’. My quip of “Marilyn Manson’s let himself go” got heartier laughs in the office than an...view item »

The Good the Bad and the Zugly
Misanthropical House

Misanthropical Horse is the third album by Norwegian hardcore metal types, The Good, The Bad and The Zugly. You know what you’re going to get here - fast and loud with throat-ripping vocals. Much fun to be had! The album was mastered by Ruben Willem of Haust, and as with the...view item »

Suck More Piss

Grizzled blastbeats and singalong choruses from KBT AKA Kosmic Boogie Tribe. On the beautifully titled Suck More Piss all these Norwegian punks care about is partying, fun and more partying. Serious inter-punk rivalries are tossed away as hardcore, rock n’ roll, surf and classic punk are m...view item »

Blood Command
Cult Drugs

After the last Blood Command album in 2012, main man Yngve Andersen took some time to concentrate on production, his label Loyal Blood and studio, producing band such as Ondt Blod. Now his baby returns for their third full length. A pretty unique take on hardcore come metal come electro punk-pop...view item »


Beachheads is a spin-off band from good-times heavy metal band Kvelertak, with two of that band’s members joining another drummer and a synthpop singer. Their music is more pop-friendly than Kvelertak, with sun and beaches replacing black skies and forests. Fun times! Their self-titled deb...view item »


Dark, primitive and aggressive punk music from really really shouty men who live on the west coast of Norway where we hope there is enough distance between houses to save their neighbours from bleeding ears. They really are an aggressive bunch. Punk/metal at it's most nihilistic. Get your ears prepared for a battering.  ...view item »


Seven piece new age rock band Beglomeg fuse together a tasteful and meditative primal sound using ethereal synthesizers, saxophone, trumpet and a driving rock solid funk rhythm section inspired by a host of influences including Can, Primal Scream, Neu! and La Dusseldorf. Their latest nine track offering ‘Eurokrjem’ is an extended roc...view item »

The Good The Bad And The Zugly
Hadeland Hardcore

Norwegian ‘oil-punk’ here from The Good The Bad and The Zugly, surely one of the zugliest names I’ve seen in a while. Hadeland Hardcore is their second album, and it brings thirteen tracks of blast to your ears in just half an hour: quick and dirty, the way this stuff is meant to be. LP on Fysisk Forma...view item »


Where black metal, hypno punk and nihilism meet, there lies Norwegian metalheads Haust. Fourth album Bodies features a host (haust?) of guest appearances and deals lyrically with gender identity and the discarding of modern taboos. Not yer average metal band. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fysisk Format....view item »

Nils Bech
One Year

This giddy concept album is split into two parts, Nils Bech separating up two sides of the same story: the time spent before he met his boyfriend and the time after. It's a vulnerable and unabashed pop record made of teetering synths and lyrics about overpowering insecurities. 'One Year' sounds like the work of a sincere and open Jens Lekman or ...view item »

I Modi

New album from Norwegian sludge-doom-noise rockers Arabrot, whose 2011 album 'Solar Anus' had possibly the greatest name of any record ever. Primary band member Kjetil Nernes recently beat a killer form of throat cancer and, 35 stitches across his neck later, was ready to release a new album. Pure metal! Released on vinyl on the Fysisk...view item »

Moon Relay
Moon Relay

The debut from Norwegian quartet Moon Relay, this self-titled LP sees the multi-instrumental instrumentalists galloping through nine unpronounceable tracks. A taut, twisting mass of krautrock repetition, screeching noise rock distortion and stop-start Oxes-esque precision, featuring synths, electronics, marimba, organ and gra...view item »

Night Jerks

Norwegian blackened hardcore act Okkultokrati have a new album, 'Night Jerks', on offer, full of the same fury and autonomy that has characterized them and the hardcore scene around them. They recently toured with Converge, which isn't a bad association for this band of metallic punks to have, although for practical reasons (guitarist Pål ...view item »


Staring into the heart of the abyss with Haust. Fall is the new esoteric grit from these twisted Norwegians. Haust own a lot of their sound to the world renown ominous Scandinavian metal scene, yet they put their own twist on it and take it in a punkier direction -- melding power violence a...view item »

Half Tux

Norwegian Hardcore in its purest form. Original cover art by Esra Roise. Vinyl only release. Norwegian hardcore act Haraball hit back with the full length album Half Tux. The album is a carefully balanced combination of discipline and savagery with one goal; making human bodies  bounce off the walls and stack themselves in a massive...view item »

Nils Bech
Look Inside

Just got this album and been looking very much forward to it. It's just brilliant. It has a Solstice feeling and at the same time it brings summer in to the room. It has parts that reminds me of the brilliant group It's Immaterial and other times the best times from Davis Sylvian, 2 of my favorite artists and ...view item »

Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau

Fysisk Format return with the second in a series of split 12"s (the first featured Haust and Next Life), pairing up Norwegian artists Svarte Greiner with Le Corbeau. You know this is gonna be a bleak one cause the sleeves all black and fractured looking an features an anti-Steve Jobs sticker with the phrase 'No Stream, No CD, No MP3, No Fun' on ...view item »

Le Corbeau
Moth On the Headlight

This is a Norwegian band possibly named after a classic '40s French mystery, known in our tongue as 'The Raven'. They feature Serena Maneesh's guitarist and make a kind of rumbling, dusty, fuzzy post-rock with intermittent groovy saxophone touches which I find utterly appealing. They touch on the dirty, sleazy sound of bands such as The Gun Club...view item »