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Gulag Orkestar

Teenage Albuquerque kid Zach Condon came marching out of nowhere with this debut as Beirut which sounds less like a precocious teen and more like a million piece Balkan orchestra. He was aided and abetted by Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw) who played a variety of instruments which made Condon's songs sound something like Stephin Merritt backed by a drunken raggle-taggle folk collective. 

The Flying Club Cup

The Flying Club Cup was the second album by Balkan influenced folkster Beirut (aka Zach Condon) following his lauded debut Gulag Orkestar. There seems to be a somewhat French influence to the music here, Condon was finding musical inspiration from the likes of Jacques Brel and each song is supposed to reference a French city. It's big and bold orchestral pop using all kinds of brass, string and woodwind to ensure Condon sounds something like a thousand piece European orchestra rather than a lad from Santa Fe.  

The Rip Tide

Previous to The Rip Tide, Zach Condon (aka Beirut) had been sort of a musical magpie taking bits of various forms of world music and making himself sound like a million piece vodka-stricken Russian orchestra. The Rip Tide was the moment he stripped everything back and revealed what was possibly the real Zach Condon beneath the orchestrated folk bluster. The result was a more personal, reflective album that showcased his songwriting talents and revealed more homespun lyrical themes concerning love and friendship.  

Lon Gisland EP

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