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Used To Yesterday

Slumberland (Joanna Gruesome, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) with a very Slumberland-y LP here. LA transplants Smokescreens app...view item »

Frankie Rose
Cage Tropical

Frankie Rose has been around a bit having been a member of Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls. This is her third solo album and initial clues to it's sound would suggest the sort of tightly knit kraut-pop similar to that recently made successful by the like...view item »

Real Numbers
Wordless Wonder

If you'd told me ten years ago that in 2016 bands would sound like this I would have eaten my Strawberry Story flexi disc whole. Real Numbers are another band who are blatantly in thrall to the breezy indie-pop movement of 1986 wearing their influences on their sleeve like a Pastel...view item »

Tony Molina
Confront The Truth

The unmasked, unfettered records like Confront The Truth are often the result of the artist coming to these forms of music from a much more extreme origin. In Tony Molina’s case he has played in many hardcore punk bands over the years, including Caged Animal and Ovens, and these&n...view item »

Terry Malts
Lost At The Party

Overdriven indie pop that keeps the grit and drive of their favourite punk albums. Think The Buzzcocks or The Undertones waking up and getting into joyous pop. Keeping the riffs, the energy and the trashy back line sound, but a sprinkle of catchy oohs and ahhhs and cleanly sung vocal choruses. Positive energy....view item »

Bent Shapes
Wolves of Want

Bent Shapes hail from Boston, where they appear to lead the indie-pop scene. Second full-length Wolves of Want has sing-song boy-girl vocals, catchy riffs, and songs about living life and mental illness. This first pressing of the vinyl is strictly limited: probably your only...view item »

The Mantles
All Odds End

The Mantles rose from the Bay Area’s garagey folk-rock scene citing Nuggets and The Velvet Underground as their influences. Their sound has progressed from being fairly loose and noisy to ploughing a more mellow, melodic furrow. All Odds End is a beautifully made guitar pop album that recalls Pais...view item »

Young Guv
Ripe 4 Luv

Who’d have thought that the Fucked Up guy writes for Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson et al? In a day and age where many major UK pop hits are written by the guy from Athlete it doesn’t come as a massive surprise. This album sounds like demos that he’s made hopin...view item »

The Aislers Set
The Last Match

Mixing '60s pop with gritty guitar distortion and a nonchalant delivery, here's a reissue of a record I've still got from first time around - the second effort by Californian slacker-indie veterans The Aislers Set, 2000's 'The Last Match'. This time round the shabby-looking plain sleeve with pasted tracklist of the original is replaced with prop...view item »

The Aislers Set
Terrible Things Happen

First up a new CD by the lovely Aislers Set on Slumberland . Anyway its nice tuneful 60's pop with lady vocals and horns everywhere. If you liked their other stuff you're gonna like this aswell (I think). It's called Terrible Things Happen......view item »


When I was young I liked indie-pop. I even had a Field Mice T shirt. As a grown man of almost 42, unlike a load of other expanding men of my generation it now does little for me. The recent success of the re-emerging Slumberland label and those of its ilk seems to be that it can sell to youngsters enjoying the mu...view item »

Devon Williams
Gilding The Lily

Former Osker vocalist Devon Williams has brought out album number three of his ambitious soft-pop business on Slumberland. It's a finely crafted blend of different types of music with -pop suffixes; power pop, indie pop, psych pop and jangle pop. Pretty much everything but punk-pop. Williams has a likeable voice and the songs are sometimes sli...view item »


It's weird. I was listening to the Paws record and despairing that I maybe, possibly didn't like indie music anymore. It made me feel really sad. Then I heard the new Gold-Bears album on the wholly reliable American indie stalwart Slumberland Records and sat there with a big shit-eating grin on my face. Suddenly it's t...view item »

Terry Malts
Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere

This is a lot out of San Francisco who, without reading any kind of sleeve notes/press release, you may think were from the tail end of punk. They have the buzzsaw guitars, slightly dishevelled arrangements and raw aggression of the likes of Buzzcocks, Ramones  and ...view item »

Wax Idols
Discipline & Desire

Hmmm... Discipline. We all need it, baby. Oh yes, thats better. The first paragraph of the press release states how this Oakland, California four piece are more suited to the damp British climate. I was thinking just the same thing. The never ending torrents of rain, your long raincoat traipsing through puddles, running to Walter Wilsons through...view item »

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