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Tony Molina
Kill The Lights

I just can't believe they are marketing this as an album. It's over by the time you've blown your nose but on the plus side the music is absolutely brilliant. Tony Molina writes perfect mini-jangle pop things that sound like a pint-sized Teenage Fanclub or the Byrds. Opener “Nothing I Can Say” i...view item »

Used To Yesterday

Slumberland (Joanna Gruesome, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) with a very Slumberland-y LP here. LA transplants Smokescreens app...view item »

D.A. Stern
Aloha Hola

Summer’s on the way, don’t you know, and you’ll need a soundtrack for it. Cruising down the highway, top down, 75 degrees, on the way to the beach. Who knows, maybe you’ll never come back to the city. Maybe you’ll work mornings at the surf school and spend the rest of the day on your ...view item »

Real Numbers
Wordless Wonder

Real Numbers are a good old dreamed-up indie pop act, formed from members of acts like Cozy, Private Interests and France Camp. Wordless Wonder is their debut full-length album, and it breezes along beautifully. Hovering harmonies and all sorts of interesting tales told...view item »

Tony Molina
Confront The Truth

The unmasked, unfettered records like Confront The Truth are often the result of the artist coming to these forms of music from a much more extreme origin. In Tony Molina’s case he has played in many hardcore punk bands over the years, including Caged Animal and Ovens, and these&n...view item »

Terry Malts
Lost At The Party

Overdriven indie pop that keeps the grit and drive of their favourite punk albums. Think The Buzzcocks or The Undertones waking up and getting into joyous pop. Keeping the riffs, the energy and the trashy back line sound, but a sprinkle of catchy oohs and ahhhs and cleanly sung vocal choruses. Positive energy....view item »

Bent Shapes
Wolves of Want

Bent Shapes hail from Boston, where they appear to lead the indie-pop scene. Second full-length Wolves of Want has sing-song boy-girl vocals, catchy riffs, and songs about living life and mental illness. This first pressing of the vinyl is strictly limited: probably your only...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Shake The Shackles

Dunno how this band manage to sound So. Bloody. Amazing. They've taken their time over the past couple of years to write some more songs that are just gonna crawl right under your skin and party like the ones did on their debut. Except, if this single's owt to go by, they're gonna party even harder till dawn and beyond. And then some! What i...view item »

The Mantles
All Odds End

The Mantles rose from the Bay Area’s garagey folk-rock scene citing Nuggets and The Velvet Underground as their influences. Their sound has progressed from being fairly loose and noisy to ploughing a more mellow, melodic furrow. All Odds End is a beautifully made guitar pop album that recalls Pais...view item »

Brown Recluse
Evening Tapestry

Brown Recluse hail from Philadelphia and are named after a spider that will give you a nasty bite. Their name is quite inappropriate as there is nothing nasty about this lovely indie-pop whose influences ostensibly go back as far as the Beach Boys, "Wooden Fingers" has taken the same route of conception as much o...view item »

Young Guv
Ripe 4 Luv

When he isn’t being all hardcore, Ben Cook (Fucked Up/No Warning) writes pop hits for Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. With his Young Guv project, he (sort of) reconciles these two sides of his musical personality, offering exuberant tunes...view item »

The Aislers Set
The Last Match

Mixing '60s pop with gritty guitar distortion and a nonchalant delivery, here's a reissue of a record I've still got from first time around - the second effort by Californian slacker-indie veterans The Aislers Set, 2000's 'The Last Match'. This time round the shabby-looking plain sleeve with pasted tracklist of the original is replaced with prop...view item »

The Aislers Set
Terrible Things Happen

Just look at my original review of this. Horiffic innit? That's how shit we were back then. A band who weren't shit of course were Aislers Set who were a bag of fun back in the day but whose stock has risen in recent years as the kids turn back to the twee pop their mums and dads liked back in the '90's. Aislers Set was formed by ex Henr...view item »


Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Literature construct classic breezy intelligent indie/jangle pop with a sweetly fey demeanour. Aimed squarely at fans of the Field Mice, Orange Juice, McCarthy and The Smiths, this album comes over as classic-sounding Slumberland fare with hearty nods to the glory days of the late 80's ...view item »

Tony Molina
Dissed & Dismissed

Constantly juggling hardcore and pop projects, veteran Bay Area musician Tony Molina has won over fans in both camps. Since 2002, Molina has played in several bands including Dystrophy, Ovens, Lifetime Problems, Caged Animal, Violent Change and his current solo work. Dissed and Dismissed was released earlier this year on San Francisco’s Me...view item »

Devon Williams
Gilding The Lily

Former Osker vocalist Devon Williams has brought out album number three of his ambitious soft-pop business on Slumberland. It's a finely crafted blend of different types of music with -pop suffixes; power pop, indie pop, psych pop and jangle pop. Pretty much everything but punk-pop. Williams has a likeable voice and the songs are sometimes sli...view item »


It's weird. I was listening to the Paws record and despairing that I maybe, possibly didn't like indie music anymore. It made me feel really sad. Then I heard the new Gold-Bears album on the wholly reliable American indie stalwart Slumberland Records and sat there with a big shit-eating grin on my face. Suddenly it's t...view item »

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Simple & Sure

Limp, uninspired, listless, vapid, dull, boring, pedestrian, sterile, lackluster, prosaic, wearisome, anaemic, as wishy washy as a piss-weak dishwater coffee in a Bridlington back street. Like the worlds shittest diluted orange drink. The bastard sons and daughters of a horrible liaison between The Beautiful...view item »

Terry Malts
Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere

This is a lot out of San Francisco who, without reading any kind of sleeve notes/press release, you may think were from the tail end of punk. They have the buzzsaw guitars, slightly dishevelled arrangements and raw aggression of the likes of Buzzcocks, Ramones  and ...view item »

The Mantles
Long Enough To Leave

I was so enamoured by the 12 string guitar jangles on that recent Temples single that I fired up my computer in order to email my dad and tell him all about it. It’s one of the things me and my father have in common, we both appreciate a good jangly guitar. We have certainly been starved...view item »

Wax Idols
Discipline & Desire

Hmmm... Discipline. We all need it, baby. Oh yes, thats better. The first paragraph of the press release states how this Oakland, California four piece are more suited to the damp British climate. I was thinking just the same thing. The never ending torrents of rain, your long raincoat traipsing through puddles, running to Walter Wilsons through...view item »

Black Tambourine

You’ve all got the Black Tambourine comp CD, right? It’s an essential purchase for fans of the early My Bloody Valentine guide to noise and strum. They were around between ‘89 and ‘91 and seem t...view item »

English Singles
Backstreet Pages

On this EP, Californians English Singles show a great love for, well, English singles, specifically of the jangly power-pop variety. Think Teenage Fanclub, The La's...view item »

Big Troubles
Romantic Comedy

Its great to see Mitch Easter back in the producer's chair. I have never understood why this man isn't the go-to guy for every self respecting jangly guitar band. The man co-produced the first two R.E.M albums for God's sake as well as Pavement's 'Brighten the Corner's' and many ot...view item »

Frankie Rose
Thee Only One

Frankie Rose used to be in the Vivian Girls but then she left and joined Crystal Stilts and then she went solo and then she released a solo 7" called 'Thee Only One' on Slumberland. I guess she must get bored easily or something. In any case, the apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree with fuzzed-up lo-fi garage the order of the day on the...view item »

Dum Dum Girls
Bhang, Bhang, I'm a Burnout

Dee Dee and her crew return with a one more single from this years sleeper hit 'I Will Be' entitled 'Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burn Out'. This ones a classic slice of garage pop in the same vein as The Vaselines. It's a light, refreshing little number that muses on the virtues of psychedelic drug abuse. It's a cute little thing with tinny production an...view item »

Big Troubles
She Smiles For Pictures

The new single from the new Teenage Fanclub? Maybe? This Big Troubles band, I think I like em!! This gem of a pop single has all the requirements of a potentially classic song; straight up, honest bass and drums; the catchiest guitar lead riff you've heard in ages - one that every one ...view item »

Terry Malts
Something About You

The new single from San Franciscan punk twats Terry Malts is a blistering slice of punk rock. It's reminiscent of the Undertones, Buzzcocks and mebbe even the Descendents. All three tracks on this single have ace galloping drums, sneer filled vocals with the occasional “DOO WOP!!&rdq...view item »

Big Troubles
Sad Girls

Slumberland continue their policy of only releasing bands with names the same as or similar to 80's indie outfits - Brilliant Colours (Brilliant Corners), Weekend (Weekend) and now Big Troubles (Any Trouble). What we have is bright, jangly 80's indie with vocals somewhere between the guy from Maps and a leaking gas pipe. The chorus is a rath...view item »

Sexy Kids
Sisters Are Forever

Hey is it just me or does the band name Sexy Kids sound a bit... wrong? Anyway the said Kids have an indie popper of a 7" out on Slumberland Records. The group includes 3 members of The Royal We who I never knew had gone kaput. 'Sisters Are Forever' is a competent slice of female fronted guitar pop which on second spin makes a lot more sense. ...view item »

Brilliant Colors
Again And Again

San Francisco all-girl trio with their 2nd album: Jangly, lo-fi indie guitar pop with a 60s girl group meets femme slacker-slurred, winsome post-punk hipster vibe. Advancing skills with their instruments, songwriting, and influences bring us to this. Brilliant Colors looking for an identity. Dipping toes into the pond. Short, fast poppy numbers tha...view item »

7th Date

Now now...we all know I've got a soft spot for the whimsical musings of Mr. L and his merry band of pranksters but this time they've really outdone themselves by finally releasing their best tune ('7th Date') and hooking up with Slumberland, one of the finest indie labels of all time. They must be well fucking chuffed! Anyhow's, this is a slice ...view item »

Brave Irene
Brave Irene

Brave Irene are a new Vancouver based five piece project boasting the talents of ex-Tiger Trap front-lady Rose Melberg. Now for me this is a good starting point but it wasn't immediately obvious when I first began listening to this s/t debut. My first thought when opener 'No Fun' kicked was 'these harmonies sound loads like Juliana Hatfield...view item »

Sic Alps
L. Mansion

Sic Alps have yet to really impress me but they seem pretty popular with the office folk so maybe i should give 'em a wide birth. Saying that I'm digging A-side 'L. Mansion' from the outset. It sounds like it was recorded thirty years ago and has been sitting in some clued up psyche pop collectors vault until the time is right for a psyche revival,...view item »

Black Tambourine
Black Tambourine

Funny I was really quite into that first Velocity Girl LP many moons ago, not realising that two of the chaps were originally in this amazing post-C86 inspired band called Black Tambourine. Slumberland have re-packaged & expanded their original collection of doomy, reverbed shogaze classics in light of Vivian Girls making a successful career out ...view item »

Kill Twee Pop!

Sarandon are back with their first official CD album on Slumberland. In case you've just joined us, this incredibly savvy 3 piece are the main torchbearers for a sound that alledgedly died in 1988 with the last EP from Death by Milkfloat. Just dozens of incredibly taut, caustic & brief agit pop ditties yelled out by a man named after a brand of...view item »


God these sound like like a Scottish band from 1986 with a bit more muscle & rumble, meaning less jangle & brawn. It's really quite a top tune is 'Indecision', one that I could imagine a supergroup numbering Close Lobsters & This Poison! members producing in a modern studio these days. 'Fifteen Minute Drive' on the flip has simi...view item »

Brilliant Colors
Never Mine

All the indie music from 1986-1990 is coming back around so quickly that even the band names are identical. For a moment there I thought that The Brilliant Corners had reformed. Anyway this is just a poor re-tread of the cutie/indiepop sound. Go and seek out the original stuff like the Black Tambourines not these tone deaf wannabes. Sorry!...view item »

Procedure Club
Doomed Forever

OK so here's more poppy, lo-fi fun, this time courtesy of New Haven, Connecticut's Procedure Club who are apparently based around one of those boy/girl duo situations. They've got a thang that's primarily driven by a drum machine and a clangy, melodic bass with (what appear to be incredibly catchy) songs that are barely discernable through the f...view item »

Summer Cats
Your Timetable

These Cats are well summery. They have a shimmering sound that is quite twee, yet experimental as the title track clearly demonstrates. It's disarmingly poppy, almost Brian Wilson-esque, but coated in feedback and is nicely thick sounding. It's quite a simple songwriting template, but the guitar, bass, organ and vox on these cuts is pretty effectiv...view item »

Joe's Record

Sarandon are back with a pink vinyl 7" on Slumberland. I believe they've undergone a slight line up change but it's essentially the same thing you're getting here as on previous goodness. It's called 'Joe's Record' and it's a tribute to ex bass player Joe who us...view item »

The Bats
Don't You Rise

The Bats are a New Zealand indie rock band. This recording 'Don't You Rise' is from 1998/2003 and is a subtle offering, with a light production sound. It's disarmingly catchy and has great vocals from Robrert Scott, It reminds me of a kiwi Smiths, which is as good as it sounds. It's on it you muthers..........view item »

Brilliant Colors

The U.S. pop underground are shitting themselves over new Slumberland signings 'Brilliant colors' and it's no surprise as they are carving quite a niche for themselves in the old the '78 punk spirit meets C86/Rough trade indie sensibilities scene that seems to have emerged over the last few years. This is a super hip record from a super hip group. ...view item »

Liechtenstein/ The Faintest Ideas
Searching For The Now 5

Liechtenstein are featured on the new Slumberland 7" in their 'Searching For the Now' series and they have one of their more Amelia Fletcher inspired songs called 'This Must Be Heaven' gracing the A side, well summery, skippety & feelgood with the shared vocal harmonies almost choral in their angelic majesty. Or summat. The Faintest Ideas ...view item »

The School/ George Washington Brown
Searching For The Now 6

Slumberland are doing this split 7" series callled 'Searching For the Now'... Featuring various pop bands they like on limited edition 7". Ah the good old days... Before 3" CD's took over the mantle as collectable nice thing the humble 7" was the king. This one is by The School and George Washington Brown... Both bands you've probably/possibly ...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Love Is A Wave

What's this, a Jesus and Mary Chain B-side? Only joking, Crystal Stilts! I know you love it. Actually these have grown on me a fair bit over the past few months, I can definitely see the appeal in their reverb-laden pan-decade melting pot. Aside from the obvious nod to the early/mid 80s in the production sound they've clearly got 60s garage bands a...view item »

Phil Wilson
Industrial Strength

A double 7" on Slumberland next from oldie indie hero Phil Wilson, formerly of C86ers The June Brides. 'Industrial Strength' is a covers EP of old Krautrock and Industrial songs rendered in a minimal Sarah records style! I'm gonna review it briefly and randomly. 'It's a Rainy day, Sunshine Girl' is all repetitive scratchy jangle over a drum ma...view item »

Turn U Over

I haven't a clue what to say about this Bricolage 'Turn U Over Turn U Over' 7" The lads have chipped in with Brian saying it's more "Orange Juice than Josef K". Brett has mentioned The House Martins and I'm reminded a little of The Smiths. It's not really my bag this but it's a decent pop tune from this Glasgow outfit. No doubt limit...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Alight Of Night

Yes their 'Alight of Night' LP has been pressed up over here by UK post punk revivalist label Angular and aye, it's a complete grower of the highest order indeed. Crystal Stilts are a slowly expanding NY unit. A lot has been made of their sound, from people enthralled by the snaky, smoky garage sound they employ to the blurred, disembodied / monoto...view item »

The Lodger
Life Is Sweet

There was a day when I had hair & a love for jangly, sad songs written by shy, lovelorn men from the North. Well, The Wedding Present are no more unless you count The Divorce Cinerama and all that's left of that ilk round these parts is The Lodger, a band I can't quite get my my fat face around. 'Life is Sweet' has lots of requisite things to m...view item »

More Songs About Frustration &; Hate

loadsa songs with squealing feedback, choppy chord changes, the odd inspired melody - plenty of fun  - kind of if Guided By Voices existed in a parallel universe where C86/Sarah record/Postcard ruled the universe and every record came out on flexi disc.More Songs About Frustration & Hate by Boyracer is...view item »