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The Declining Winter
Belmont Slope

No one evokes the emotional atmospheres of the North quite like Richard Adams, so thank god he's made Belmont Slope, a musical fable about the M62. Mysterious and muffled, he returns with his Declining Winter moniker to detail further secrets hiding in the Yorkshire soil. If it's anything l...view item »

A New Line (Related)
Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour

A long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed self titled debut (Dead Albatross nominated no less), this is a four track EP of minimal techno repetition from Andrew Johnson (Hood/Remote Viewer). With roots in the deep dark dub of pioneers such as Terrence Dixon, Johnson has been influenced by recent collaborations with Miles Whittaker (De...view item »

Death From A Love

MALK was one of the people behind that Mahatma X album we loved so much earlier in the year. Whereas Mahatma X celebrated the golden age of cut and splice hip-hop MALK delves deeper into the sort of grey areas of cyberpunk and vaporwave that Oneohtrix Point Never also mines. Though there's ...view item »

High Passes

Excitement alert. Brand new album from Chris Adams (Hood/Downpour/On Fell etc) under his Bracken moniker. Now you will all remember that his previous album 'Exist/Resist' won our coveted Album of the Year award in 2014, previous to that he released his debut 'We Kno...view item »

We’ve All Been Swimming

Having lived in the icy cold wastelands of Canada and the possibly even colder Newcastle Upon Tyne it comes as no surprise that Paul Elam (AKA Fieldhead) knows how to create chilling cinematic atmospheres. On his third full length album the now London based artist wraps his icy electronica in the sort of warm synth pa...view item »

Mahatma X
A Mobtown Suite Vol 1

If the new A Tribe Called Quest record has reignited your fire for new sounds straight out of rap’s golden age you could do a lot worse than A Mobtown Suite. The Dilla and Jay Rock comparisons are obvious, but the subtly evolving live instrumentation gives these 17 instrumentals c...view item »

The Green Kingdom

Northern stable of audio pastoralism Home Assembly has been hoovering up some fine talent in recent times. Now they're aiming their sights over the Atlantic, towards a man in Michigan, Michael Cottone, who likes to tinker about with twinkly ambient moods, guitar processing & occasional drifty, downtempo beatsmithery. This is another of those...view item »


With a history of playing with arty types such as Thurston Moore, Yoko Ono and Xiu Xiu you could think that Peptalk would be some kind of noise/art collective. Instead they draw on their love of exotica, dub, electronica and in particular the Bladerunner soundtrack to create their own world of highly original yet highly accessible beca...view item »

Yuri Lugovskoy
Yuri Lugovskoy

My first encounter with Yuri Lugovskoy’s music was around two and a half years ago through his debut CD (also self-titled) on Moteer. The Ukranian artist’s sophomore album is released o...view item »

They Shook Hands For Hours

Fieldhead is Paul Elam from Leeds collective The Declining Winter. Paul currently sports a curious style of beard and is quite often spied in & around the various beer hostels of West Yorkshire with a friendly smile on his chops seeking, or hosting, quality live entertainment. His debut CD proper - 'They Shook Hands For Hours' - is out now, courtes...view item »

I Am On Your Side

The Clint home stereo is the most fickle of mistresses with its Roman Abramovich style approach to hiring and firing each hopeful release daring to kneel before its crown. One disc that has managed to escape its wrath over the past month or so has been this, the excellent third album from...view item »

Perfume Advert, worriedaboutsatan, A New Line (Related), Bracken (DJ)
Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, Saturday 12th November

We all miss Golden Cabinet don't we? Don't we? Well never fear as the good people at Saltaire's Home Assembly Music label are HAM are plugging the gap until their return and starting a night in the self same Kirkgate Centre in Shipley which as you know if you've been to an event there is a fantastic venue with great real ale. &n...view item »
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Post Edit de un Cromosoma

Coming straight outta Chile, this UK debut from producer Jimmy Pizzaro re-imagines the classic Mille Plateaux "clicks and cuts" microbeat sound adding jazzy chords and lush arrangements to create a glistening modern day take on the micro-house genre.  This wonderfully packaged double LP will particularly appeal to fans of SND, Aphex Tw...view item »

A New Line (Related)
A New Line (Related)

One thing that keeps the momentum of music interesting for me is when artists explore genres they don’t necessarily have roots in or are associated with (not counting fashion victim band wagon jumping sheep). For example techno has recently been invigorated by artists migrating from genres to create their vision of the sound. Cue A...view item »
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The Big Eyes Family Players

Following a series of albums veering from instrumental soundtrack work to folk songs in collaboration with the likes of James Yorkston and Adrian Crowley, the Big Eyes Family players are set to release their first album of new material in over six years. 'Oh!' is a lush and melancholic take on the type of space ...view item »

The Declining Winter
Official World Cup Theme 2010

I soon as I heard this record it evoked so many memories of bald fat men crying... No I wasn't reminiscing about a week of work here at Norman but I was casting my mind back to an event that occurs every 4 years..... An event that the English football fan looks forward to with a unhealthy mixture of hope and dread, an event that the Scottish foo...view item »
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The Declining Winter
Home For Lost Souls

Following the success of our Album Of The Year winner 'Exist/Resist' by Bracken album, the other co-founder of that much-loved post rock/electronic group Hood (namely Richard Adams) unleashes a brand new album under his The Declining Winter moniker. Expect warmly produced, forward-thinking, ...view item »
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The Declining Winter + Manyfingers + Gerrard Bell-Fife
Wharf Chambers, Leeds (Friday August 7th)

Gig at Wharf Chambers on 7th August featuring some people we like very much here at the towers who rarely play gigs. The Declining Winter is the project of Hood co-founder Richard Adams. They haven't played live in 5 years and we've sold shedloads of their new record 'Home For Lost Souls'. Manyfingers is Soeza/M...view item »
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The Declining Winter
Haunt The Upper Hallways

Haunt the Upper Hallways marks the return of The Declining Winter and introduces, what I assume to be an innovative new release format. 'Haunt the upper hallways' is ten tracks spread over a 7" and a CD. Certainly a cool way of providing plenty of content without pfaffing about trying to find an affordable MP3 download service provider. I lik...view item »
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The Ridings

I'm loving this new Northerner album! Plain and simple it's cocking ace. It's called The Ridings and it's 2 discs of gloriousness all wrapped up in a fat fold out digipack. If you buy The Ridings from us you get a proper nice 5 postcard set in an envelope (not Basildon Bond tho...), and they're not just any postcards. They're lovely photographs o...view item »
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