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David Ross & Clive Bell
Recovery Suite

"Dystopic lounge ambiance", says the press release to this peculiar new LP from David Ross, playing a customised analogue oscillator dubbed the drosscillator, and Clive Bell on shakuhachi, which is a Japanese flute. The oscillator flickers and booms and chirps in weird modulating circles, varying from spacey throbs and paranoid glitches and tw...view item »

Masayuki Imanishi

Masayuki Imanishi produces his sound-works through the use of little fiddly objects (paper, radio, tapes etc.) carefully extracted and modified into magnified miniature soundscapes. Tone features 7 such explorations, always subtly teeming with detail. Limited edition of 250 numbered copies on the ini.itu label....view item »


Goem member Roel Meekop continues to expand his solo work under the Wieman moniker with Cryptonesia. Using some obscure 80’s synth tapes by an artist called Cybe as the source material, Roel builds 2 sides of colourful electronics: twinkling beats...view item »

Anla Courtis

I tried to give this LP a preliminary listen at dinner time last night, but it quickly became apparent that its disjointed avant garde ambiance was a bit too high brow for my long-suffering housemate so it didn't last long. Listening to it on my own at half past seven in the morning, however, is another story entirely as I'm able to properly d...view item »


Given the choice of three impossi-listen records on ini.itu this is by far the most palatable for my soft velvet ears. Its all by a man who resides in Australia and has been described by David Toop...view item »

Whether that will make people want to become archaeologists, we'll have to see

Onto the catchy Blindhaed with their 'Whether That will Make People Want To Become Archaeologists, We'll Have To See'. It's actually by Blindhæð but as most of you won't have keyboards that can deal with that we've called 'em Blindhaed just to prove were always thinking of you, the nimble fingered searcher. It's only 3 tracks (and 1 sided...view item »

Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand
Already Awake In The Night

I picked up this one during the £5 sale here at Norman records and boy am I glad that I did. I'd never heard of the ini.itu label (so the promotion clearly worked well!) but some reading about and I found that it's a label which releases obscure records of musical sound rather than song. It has the rather cool...view item »


Mutamassik, the alias of Giulia Loli, who has spent her life thus far between Italy, Egypt and the United States, is back with another full-lengther of dark hip-hop beats and hardcore breaks with lots of Egyptian percussion. It comes with a giant poster...view item »

Yannick Dauby
wa jie meng xun

There are a lot of artists who divide opinions in our office, and one of them is Yannick Dauby. Dauby is a Frenchman who constructs passages of music around field recordings. He has released an album documenting the Atayal tribe in T...view item »

Steve Roden
A Big Circle Drawn With Little Hands

We’ve got a new LP from Pasadena’s Steve Roden with six of his gentle, loosely improvised pieces. According to the press release, “His working process often uses a combination of idiosyncratic notations using colors or symbols...view item »

Let's Make a Solar System

More limited edition vinyl here from the ini itu label from Twinkle³. From the off this has a fresh feel about it, 'Let's Make A Solar System' has a playful uplifting vibe with its bleeps that make me think of beings communicating in some alien sonar language. The kit that Richard Scott, David Ross and Clive Bell employ is most impressive: Buchl...view item »