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Piano Magic
Low Birth Weight

'Low Birth Weight' was the second album by Piano Magic the loose collective that centre upon the orbit of Glen Johnson. Originally released in 1999, Johnson freely admits that the album was hugely influenced by Disco Inferno, that brilliant ahead of their time act who burned out too quickly. Here, Johnson blended the sampledelia of Disco Inferno with the dream pop of the likes of Kitchens of Distinction and as always with Piano Magic is joined by an array of guests and collaborators including Pete Astor (the Loft/the Weather Prophets). 

Anthony Reynolds
A Painter’s Life

A Painter’s Life, the latest solo LP from former Jack And Jacques member Anthony Reynolds, is an album as rich and romantic as its title suggests. This is a glorious set of indie show-tunes that blends the stately swagger of Richard Hawley with avant-garde flourishes and some nice chamber-pop orchestration. The resulting record will end up plugging the You Are The Quarry-shaped hole in your life now that Morrissey has spoiled it for the rest of us. A Painter’s Life features contributions from Japan’s Robert Dean, Dub War’s Richard Glover and 60ft Dolls’ Carl Bevan to name but three.
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Disco Inferno
In Debt

A reissue of the debut album of Disco Inferno is something to be celebrated: Disco Inferno remain one of the most original and impressive post-rock bands to have ever been active. In Debt introduces their mixture of radical sampling processes and smart songcraft. These CD and 2LP reissues on Rocket Girl come with a bonus track, new artwork, and Neil Kulkarni sleevenotes.

White Ring
Nothing / Leprosy

Witch House OGs White Ring are set to drop Gate Of Grief, their first LP in a near-decade, in the middle of 2018. Concurrently with that record we also get a double A-side 7” that fronts album highlights ‘Nothing’ and ‘Leprosy’. Both tunes combine Alice Glass-style industrial electro with some darkwave steez.
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  • Rocket Girl

White Ring
Gate Of Grief

White Ring came up during that brief phase in the late 2000s when Witch House was very much in vogue. While there is a shared trap-gloominess between White Ring and Salem, oOoOO et al, the band’s long-awaited Gate Of Grief LP shows more influence from the likes of Alice Glass, early-90s industrial and darkwave, coldwave and other related waves. It’s also better than the aforementioned.

Pieter Nooten

Fourth album from Dutch ambient neo-classicist Pieter Nooten. Made in collaboration with Stephen W Tayler (who has worked with the likes of Kate Bush and Underworld) this is Nooten's most intriguing work in three decades. Subtle but still incredibly moving, Stem's 60 minutes are well earned. 

Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation

More Than The Other

More Than The Other is the 2002 debut album of Coldharbourstores, put back into print again to accompany their new record. It's a sweet-sounding indie record, with luscious vocals and a general sense of shimmer. This CD reissue has an especially low price, so you’ve really no excuse. Out on Rocket Girl.

Urusei Yatsura
You Are My Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura were the type of scrappy noisy pop protagonists that would probably do quite well if they were round these days so what better time for Rocket Girl to compile a compilation of all their radio sessions from the mid '90s. Indeed this collection is essential for any aficionados of '90s lo-fi slacker rock.  

Sam Kills Two
Pretty Ugly

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The Brothers Movement
The Brothers Movement

The Brothers Movement
Standing Still

Jon DeRosa
Black Halo

The second full-length release from LA-based Jon DeRosa. Having studied under La Monte Young no less and inspired by the positive sunshine vibes of West Coast pop, Black Halo is a collection of shimmering numbers underpinned by DeRosa's classically crooning baritone vocals. Out on CD from Rocket Girl.
  • CD (RGIRL110)
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White Noise Sound
Like A Pyramid Of Fire

Welsh, psychedelic noise makers White Noise Sound have paved their way across the UK and Europe in the company of artists such as Super Furry Animals, The Warlocks, Spectrum, Mark Gardener (Ride) and members of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their second album ‘Like A Pyramid Of Fire’, produced by DJ Phil Kiernan and Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals) is a rhythmically hypnotic assault of melody and tonal exploration played through a psychedelic wall of sound.

Are We All In This Together

Twee pop at its most cringe-inducing high -- just check the music video for "Are We All In This Together", which is pretty cat-driven -- Arms are reliving the glory days when guitars where shimmering and yet drab, when only chords where played and drums were softly shuffled. Their debut record, also called 'Are We All In This Together', has shades of the old Sarah days and also sounds like a spryer, more silly version of Allo Darlin'.
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  • Rocket Girl

Bell Gardens
Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions

Listening to "Darker Side Of Sunshine", a lead tune from 'Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions', it's hard not to be reminded of the softest, most anonymous slowcore artists: the soft percussion, lilting twang and whispered vocal harmonies all bring Low to mind, the song both grandiose and impossibly light. On 'Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions' Bell Gardens continue to perfect their ambient-laden pop tunes, perfect for the moment before you drift into a deep sleep. 

The Brothers Movement
Blind / Sister

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