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Circuit Funk

Early-'80s East London must seem like a long, long time ago to Steve Pickton aka Stasis -- some three-and-a-half decades after body-popping and spinning on linoleum -- he has his classic single reissued to a warm welcome from his fans. Fanatics of the lush Detroitian techno sound Pickton embodied will be lapping up this ver...view item »

John Beltran
Ten Days Of Blue

Classic '90s ambient-techno album alert! It's a crisp new reissue, a repress of John Beltran's emotively delicate and expansive Ten Days Of Blue. The original LP was issued in 1996; another wonderful record to follow up Beltran's debut 'Earth & Nightfall' and a precursor to the altogether more far-away wistful 'Movi...view item »

Parekh & Singh
Science City

Parekh & Singh present their second LP, and boy is it lush. Science City perhaps lands somewhere between the gorgeous dream-pop of Beach House and the textured arrangements of Grizzly Bear: in any case, its eleven tracks make up a beautiful and rich listen. Science City &nb...view item »

Charlene Soraia
Where's My Tribe

Music just like they (apparently) used to make it. Charlene Soraia recorded Where’s My Tribe at home in her flat, using just voice and guitar and generally using just the first take. Consequently these are songs with a great feeling of intimacy and directness, although they also sound impressively accomplished for...view item »

Neil Landstrumm

Valuable reissue of Neil Landstrumm's killer DBX/Chicago/UK Bleep inspired, jacking EPs for Peacefrog. This triple 12" set includes; 'Index Man EP', 'M Cap EP' and 'Inhabit The Machines' which is worth grabbing for dancefloor slayer 'Blam The Target' alone. Landstrumm was on fire during this early period in which he also re...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
The Electric Funk Machine

Planetary Assault Systems’ The Electric Funk Machine turned twenty in 2017. Considering that so many of the current crop of rave revivalists - Lone, FaltyDL and that - are jacking Luke Slater’s late-’90s steez, the time feels right for one of his fines...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
In Our Nature

Now that sensitive plucker Jose Gonzalez with his new album 'In Our Nature'. Its pretty and distinctive sounding from the the tasty Swede with vocals and guitar dancing together with evocative beauty. He's got a great sense of rhythm that comes through his playing and vocal delivery that sets him apart from his many singer songwriter contemporaries...view item »

Dan Curtin
The Silicon Dawn

Dan Curtin’s The Silicon Dawn gets re-issued by Peacefrog. This LP is classic Detroitiness of the highest calibre, combining as it does richly expressive pads with twittering synths and propulsive drum takes. This one originally dropped in 1994, the same year Peacefrog also released some top-level...view item »

Paul Johnson
Feel The Music

Chicago’s Paul Johnson spent most of the ‘90s thriving in the underground dance scene dropping 12s on Cajual, Relief and Dance Mania. He signed for Peacefrog and released his ‘95 debut album, Bump Talkin’. The Following year he unleashed his house masterpiece, Feel The Musi...view item »

Chris Brann
Deep Fall

A seminal '90s deep house record gets reissued here by its original home of Peacefrog (Moodymann, Little Dragon). By 1997 Chris Brann had already received acclaim for his work as one third of Wamdue Kids, but Deep Fall sees the pro...view item »


Peacefrog Records (Moodymann, Suburban Knights) reissue their 1996 LP by Stasis. Fromtheoldtothenew is classic Peacefrog fare, synthesising multiple strains of electronica into a groovy, faintly psychedelic end-product. The likes of ‘Skins’ and ‘Utopia...view item »

Silence In The Secret Garden

The shadow of Silence In The Secret Garden still looms large over Moodymann’s output fifteen years after its initial release. He’s arguably never found a better synthesis of darkness and light than on this LP - see how the title track suddenly switches from fidgety, erstwhile minimal techno into a soulful de...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Vestiges & Claws

It has been just over seven years since In Our Nature, the last solo record by Jose Gonzalez, but in that time he has been quite busy. He has recorded two albums with his band, Junip, co-written the score to The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and contributed a song to the Red Hot Charity album. ...view item »

Telephone EP

Originally released back in 2001 this is immediately recognisable of the era, yet maintains the elements of the original that gave it an edge - the light jazz influence, the early evening pool party vibe, the unexpected sonic turns. Maintains is the word, as what we have here is a deliberate and focussed remake, satiating that other mode...view item »

Tales From The 2nd Moon

A 1993 Dan Curtin production given an essential repress. 'Tales From the 2nd Moon' brings together driving kicks, restless drum machines and acid for the heavy middle. Washed over this however is a psychedelic, drifting palette of synth pads and forays into rave breakbeats. A diverse selection back in print....view item »

Don't You Want My Love

This repressed 12" is well placed in the current disco resurgence, with Moodyman's solid beat and bass work sounding as rich as ever. This is a longer version than the album cut, allowing for extended sass and shape throwing in the early morning hours. The B side is a wonderful instrumental version of 'Me and My People's Eyes'....view item »


Originally released in 2000 and gathering together the best bits and pieces from Moodymann’s late 90s KDJ work, this re-release is passes on simply adding new sleeve notes and b-sides, instead having Moodymann completely rework and reinterpret the original record from top to bottom. The DNA of those classic retro f...view item »

Glenn Underground
The Jerusalem EP’s

Originally released in 1997, Chicago native Glenn Underground’s second LP is the sort of music that’ll be played in the electronic music museums of the future when you get to the ‘house’ section. Each of the eight cuts on ...view item »

In And Out Of Fog And Lights

Peacefrog’s reissue series makes further headway. Following represses of classics by Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Glenn Underground...view item »

Glenn Underground

A vintage piece of classic smooth’n’jazzy techno from Glenn Underground, freshly re-pressed by the Peacefrog label. Atmosfear was Glenn’s debut album, and it still delights today, with funky elements dancing unpredictably around the central rhythmic core. Double LP reissue on Peacefrog...view item »

Paul Johnson
Hear The Music

A four track re-release from Paul Johnson that takes you right back to the early days of experimental funk and acid dance. A solid kick-beat allows the music to flow through your ears and mix effortlessly with the hypnotic grooves that Johnson is so good at creating. Hear The Music is available on Vinyl 12’....view item »

On The North Star With Gemini

Gemini is well known for releasing well over 200 songs in five years during the 90’s and On The North Star With Gemini is a four-piece collection of some of those very songs. A truly unique combination of distorted back-beats and house melodies that have shaped the genre as it is today. This record is available on...view item »

Glenn Underground
C.V.O. Trance

A vintage piece of classic smooth’n’jazzy deep house from Glenn Underground, freshly re-pressed by the Peacefrog label. C.V.O. Trance is an EP released in 1996, almost simultaneously with his debut album Atmosfear. These three tracks are warm and lush and still very fresh. Reissue on Peacefrog....view item »

Theo Parrish
First Floor - Part 1

Theo Parrish’s 1998 album First Floor has been a staple in house music since it’s release. Nothing has changed. Now being reissued by Peacefrog, it is still fresh as hell and shows us new kids what’s right. If you want to hear how sample based house should be made, look no further, yeah that’s ri...view item »

Theo Parrish
First Floor - Part 2

Second half of Theo Parrish’s highly influential album from 1998 First Floor. Reissued by Peacefrog, the album laid a benchmark for future house music and in all honesty still kicks the hell out of a load of contemporary attempts. Innovative, non-standardised soulful piano motifs and enviable drum programming make...view item »

Love's Lows

London based producer Kofi Holmes Attivor’s Mined project is stripping R’n’B down to it’s bare soul, groove and raw emotional centre, take early How To Dress Well and Dean Blunt’s hazy and distorted pastiche approach and mix it with a little ...view item »

Paul Johnson
Bump Talkin’

A cornerstone of Chicago house for three decades now, Paul Johnson’s 1995 debut LP gets a well-earned reissue here. Those familiar with the Windy City’s best will find plenty to love in these jackin’ cuts, and in a capable DJ’s hands the 8 rollers on show here will be a boon to any mix. Double LP....view item »

Mahogany Brown

Detroit-based house propagator Kenneth Dixon Jr. gets his second Moodymann album reissued on Peacefrog, featuring samples from only the finest disco, funk and soul tunes. Just think, you can relive your favourite late night moments, or use the 2x discs to create new ones. Substances optional, good times guaranteed....view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Let It Carry You Remixes

2 rather different takes on Jose Gonzalez’s material, taking his soft, warm, folky melodicism and filtering them through banks of electronics. Holy Ghost! do an Italo disco flavoured cut of Let It Carry You, whereas Dino Soccio’s goes for a more mellow-groove disco approach....view item »

Jose Gonzalez with yMusic
Chamber Ensemble arrangements of songs from Vestiges & Claws

Chamber Ensemble arrangements of songs from Vestiges & Claws delivers precisely on the promise of its title, with New York group yMusic taking Jose Gonzalez’s soft, warm, folky melodicism and adding subtle orchestral shadings. They manage to work with the tone of the original material while al...view item »

Little Dragon
Little Dragon

Little Dragon: 'S/T' (Peacefrog) A new female fronted, singer song writing partnership from Jose Gonzales's backing band. Hailing from Sweden this four piece comprises of three parts electronics, drums, percussion and the voice of one Yukimi Nagano. Phil, Norman's head honcho makes an immediate comparison between Danni Scilliano, the Mathew Herbert...view item »

Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague

Here's a curio. Its by Nouvelle Vague and its a whole pile of post punk/new wave songs done in a laid back Brazilian style. When it works its absolutely tremendous as on Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart',  PIL's 'This is not a love song', The Cure's 'A Forest' and XTC's 'Making Plans for Nigel'. Th...view item »

Charlene Soraia
Love Is The Law

Charlene Soraia is the latest Brit School singer-songwriter to step up to the pop plate. Love Is The Law is her second record, and a strong set of producers and co-writers have given it the right sheen for a hit. Lead single ‘Caged’ is a strong number about a bad relationship, already seeing radio success. R...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Hand On Your Heart

Now I have the geezer Jose Gonzalez and his single 'Hand On Your Heart.' He's doing well isn't he this guy? Just one man, a bit of hollow wood and 6 strings 'n' some mesmerizing tunes. So i ain't going to big him up. Here he's gone and covered Stock Aitken and Waterman's 'Hand on your Heart' with his own unique style. I like the...view item »

Little Dragon
Best Of

Downtempo electronic act Little Dragon have spread their trip-hop generously over the last two decades, rising to prominence with chilled cuts and collaborations with artists such as Big Boi, Damon Albarn and Dave Sitek -- a good deal of variety, then. Now they get the best of compilation they deserve, a collection of singles and choice cut...view item »

The Memory Band

Peacefrog have got it together to release the Memory Band 7" with the Four Tet and Jon Hopkins mixes on. We presold it ages ago so apologies for those who've been waiting on it. It's here now and it's tracks of folk daubed with electronics. The Four Tet remix is a slow thing and it's it's quite unlike Four Tet if I'm honest. The flipside is a ...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Down The Line

Jose 'Sony' Gonzales is back from a respite to punt his special brand of Swedish singer songwriter gear. He has a single out called 'Down The Line 'We all loved his gear at the towers when those balls were bouncing around the telly screen. I was wondering how I'd fair with his new stuff. Part of me wanted to move on and think that I'd had enough of...view item »

Nouvelle Vague

things don't change. ever. nouvelle vagues 5th(!) lp does this:- it takes early 80's 'hits' and does them in laid back bossa nova style. to my knowledge their last 4 albums did this too. at least the last 2 or 3 did anyway. it works best on songs that are less familar -Gary Numans 'Metal'  - Echo and the Bunnymens 'all my colours' -but on ...view item »

Marissa Nadler
Songs III: Bird On The Water

Swiftly moving on to the delightful MARISSA NADLER who's third album 'Songs III: Bird On The Water' sees the light of day thanks to those folks at Peacefrog. Who've clearly done so well with Jose Gonzales they're mopping up the singer songwriter market and you really couldn't knock 'em for that. The album opens with...view item »

Marissa Nadler
Diamond Heart

Quite taken with the wistful beauty of MARISSA NADLER's reissued 'Diamond heart' single. It's spine tingling sad-eyed folk noir carried by a stunning voice , possibly she's the bastard daughter of Hope Sandoval & Richard Hawley. It's got that slightly disembodied feel, gliding above the swaying picked guitar in a ...view item »

Return to NY

Something good now. I came across AK MOMO sometime back when I was perusing MP3's online cos I fancied finding something new and exciting. I remember hearing a track by 'em called Women To Control which I thought was brilliant. I've patiently waited for the album to come in (it's been out in America for ages) and finally it is here. By j...view item »

Little Dragon
Constant Surprises

Little Dragon :'Constant Surprises' (Peacefrog) This is without doubt my favourite single to be released this week. Great swinging percussive beat, warm rhodes like keys and a great american style R'N'B voicing. An edited version of the track that appears on the album, this is the sort of pop I don't mind hearing on the radio in a car or blast...view item »

Greasy Spoon

Apparently Peacefrog are to re-release the Return To NY album from AK-Momo which originally came out through Hidden Agenda. As a taster they've put out a 7" single and they appear to have dropped their prices on the 7"s which were getting a bit out of hand at one point. So what you get is a spooked out tune from this Swedish band who empl...view item »

Little Dragon
Fortune/Blinking Pigs

I've always liked the name Little Dragon. It conjures up images of baby dragons coughing up little balls of smoke and falling over. 'Fortune' is the name of their new single and it's been brought to you by the Peacefrog label. This one is on 7" and CD. If you wondered what they sounded like they sound a bit like a coss between a more laidback ...view item »

Speck Mountain
Blood Is Clean

Speck Mountain have a ludicrously expensive 7" on Peacefrog who know seem to think it's a good idea to sell 7" singles for 6-7 quid. The inherent greed of the music industry will be its downfall. If you're feeling cash rich (as if...) then 'Blood Is Clean' is actually a decent single to check out. Nice Suicide/ Spacemen 3 style groove goi...view item »

Little Dragon
Recommendation (Toddla T remix)

I've just banged on the Toddla T remix of Little Dragon and Phil thought it was Various Productions and it's an easy mistake as they use a very similar formula with the post garage/ grime/ dubstep beats and big ass basslines. It's a decent enough tune and when it breaks down to the gritty bassline it's gonna cause some bassbin damage. 'Recommendati...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Killing For Love

Jose Gonzalez has a new 7" out of his gentleness of Peacefrog. 'Killing For Love' is it's name and it's exactly as you'd expect. I've not taken to his newer stuff as much as I did with his first album. It's not had the same effect on me and I'm not entirely sure why. The songs are good, the guy has a lovel voice and he can play guitar. Maybe i...view item »

Speck Mountain
Hey Moon

Lovin this Speck Mountain single too. 1st track 'Hey Moon' is a sweet, lilting thing with a clear, cyclic guitar & a delicious female vocal that lulls you into a very nice space indeed. A hazy harmonica eventually joins a sleigh bell cymbal whilst some subtle low end fuzz tone of indeterminable extraction pricks up your ears. That's how minimal...view item »

Little Dragon
Twice/ Test

Little Dragon: "Twice" is her debut on Peacefrog. A very soulful, R 'n' B singer songwriter Yukimi Nagano who Phil reckons sounds like Roisin Murphy from Moloko but I reckon she's closer to Georgia Anne Mulldrew. Sultry, smoky piano, melancholy vibes on the a side, more uptempo beat driven...view item »


KLIMA is an artist that I've never heard of. Apparently she is from Piano Magic. Or so I thought. Apparently her track 'The City' is used on the Hugo Boss Femme TV commercial. So that makes sense when I realize her self titled album is out on Peacefrog who after being a struggling cutting edge techno imprint rake in loads of money by licensing sing...view item »

Ellis Island Sound
The Good Seed

Finally from me check out the Ellis Island Sound album on Peacefrog called The Good Seed. This is cracking gear!! You'll be familiar with a number of quality releases the 'Sound' have had on Static Caravan and now they've gone all big and grown up releasing full lengthers on massive labels like Peacefrog. Having ...view item »

Findlay Brown
Come Home

aaaarrrr.. a peaceful song from FINDLAY BROWN and 'Come Home' on Peacefrog.. hang on I know that.. its off some advert.. which immediately draws me away .. and its for Mastercard ...oh no a nation in debt. The song's pretty nice with delicate lilting  vocals over lightly plucked guitar and. mmm things to buy that you cant a...view item »

The Memory Band
Why / Come Write Me Down

THE MEMORY BAND have signed to Peacefrog who are currently mopping up the folky singer songwriter acts wherever they can find 'em  (they're looking for another Sony Gonzales). They have a new 7" and CDs out which is a cover of Why by Carly Simon. This is a great tune... well the original is...view item »

Nouvelle Vague
Bande A Part

Now I have the much talked about album by Nouvelle Vague called Bande a Part. Apparently they sold 200,000 copies of their last album which if they sold them for a pound each would have made £200,000 .. a lot of cash no!. Anyway the thing is they record famous punk and rock tunes and make them all loungy and delicate. They also ...view item »

Nouvelle Vague
I Melt With You/ Teenage Kicks

Peacefrog continue to provide soundtracks for television commercials. I remember when they were a kick ass techno label you know. This time they've dug up masters of the cover version Nouvelle Vague with their take on Modern English's 'I Melt With You'. Its quite a sweet track really but the association with a multi natio...view item »

Jose Gonzalez

Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez’s debut, released in his homeland in 2003 but not until 2005 for the rest of us. Hushed and tender, and including ~that~ emotional cover of The Knife’s electro-pop number Heartbeats. Deft acoustic guitar and sweet double-tracked vocals - it’s pretty hard ...view item »

Parts In The Post Vol 1

Following on from Aphex Twin's 13 year remix mop-up last week (which is totally amazing!!!) is Plaid's, on Peacefrog, featuring all yer faves such as Bjork, Goldfraaaaaaaap, Nicolette, Unkle, Herbert and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 as well as a couple of their own....view item »