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Life Stinks
You'll Never Make It

Life Stinks hail from San-Francisco, and they have a thing or two to say about the current climate in that wild town of start-uppers. The title of this second album, You’ll Never Make It, sends a clear message of rejection to that culture: instead the band doubles down into garagey rock bursts. LP on S-s Records....view item »

A Frames
A Frames

Here is the 2002 debut album from A Frames, a record we might fairly call underrated. The band produced a sharp and gnarly kind of post-punk that was much loved by a small minority: enough to sell out the first pressings, but not enough to get the thing re-pressed. Until now! Self-titled record reissued by S-s Recordings....view item »

A Frames

2 is the straightforwardly titled second record by A Frames, a record we might fairly call underrated. The band produced a sharp and gnarly kind of post-punk that was much loved by those in the know, but the record has been out of print for years… Until now, with this vinyl reissue by S-s Recordings....view item »

Four Colums

Second album from post-punkers Screature, Four Columns deals in dark atmospheres like it’s the late ‘70s. Perhaps it’s taken cold wave this long to reach sunny California. Cold and haunting with an underlayer of scuzzy guitar for good measure. Out on CD and vinyl LP from S-s Records. ...view item »

Kim Ki O
Bir, Iki

Urgent and sombre cold wave tunes with post-rock a bent, played with a minimal serving of synth by Ekin Sanaç and a bit of bass from Berna Göl. Together they form Kim Ki O, a band with a post-punk vocabulary but a more colourful presentation of the genre. 'Bir, Iki' shows off their precision and creativity in a genre in whi...view item »

Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake

One of the most exciting sounds in psychedelia? Mebbe. This Yonkers guy has been making music and home made instruments since the early 1960s. Things might have been very different if Sire Records would have released his 'Microminature Love' album in 1968. Unfortunately the world had to w...view item »

Los Llamarada
Gone Gone Cold

No wave Mexican art punks vent their spleens (or should I say..”bazos””) at the seemingly never ending Mexican Drug war. This LP is a frustrated, reflective anger fuelled slice of vinyl. Their previous albums seemed to be preoccupied with futures and possibilities. This r...view item »

Songs of Sexual Frustration

Lamps. Fucking noisy bastards. Their new 'Songs Of sexual Frustration' 7" on S.S records is comprised of A/ a Pissed Jeans cover - 'Boring Girls' - which sounds like this kind of primal, grinding, possessed hypno-sludge with razor wire feedback & muffled, vacant raw-throated vocals. Think Sightings, Chrome, and Qui. Brett says that this is quite ...view item »