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Ilyas Ahmed
Closer to Stranger

Ilyas Ahmed does business with the excellent MIE once again regarding his new LP Closer to Stranger. A distinctive guitarist associated with American primitive as well as ‘New Weird America’ when it prevailed in the 2000s, this new offering finds Ahmed’s sound a tad cleaner and his style a little closer to Americana and indie. Hearing his eminently expressive voice and instrumentation under these conditions is all sorts of fab.
  • Vinyl LP (MIE048)

Richard Youngs

  • Vinyl LP (MIE 009)
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Richard Youngs
Regions of the Old School

  • Vinyl Double LP
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Coypu’s ensemble is made up of members of Blind Cave Salamander and Almagest!, Daniele Pagliero, and the ever-busy Ben Chasny, he of Six Organs Of Admittance fame. Together they make experimental pastoral American music: Appalachian dulcimers melding with droning electronics and psych guitar. Debut album on MIE Music.
  • Vinyl LP (MIE 037)
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Koboku Senju
Joining The Queue To Become One Of Those Ordinary Ghosts

  • Vinyl LP (MIE 016)
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  • Label(s):
  • MIE Music

Hey Colossus
Dedicated To Uri Klangers

The Hey Colossus juggernaut revs up again, this time for a retrospective release. Dedicated To Uri Klangers aims to feature at least one track from every one of the noisy collective’s albums from 2002 to 2013 (although the messy nature of the band means no liability is accepted if they missed something somewhere). Initially put on cassette tape for a show, the collection is now pressed up to tasty double vinyl. On MIE.

Aine O'Dwyer

Aine O'Dwyer's attempts to play high and low with drone have led her to such projects as playing organs in a church while the cleaners vacuumed the place. Her new record, Gallarais, sees her scope out yet another unique environmental setting, recorded in the depths of the Brunel tunnel for the sake of focusing in on its acoustics. The record uses both the sounds of the space and those that interweave with it, as incidental sounds from above ground find their way into the sound mass. A fascinating experiment.
  • Vinyl LP (MIE045)

Sarin Smoke

  • Vinyl LP (MIE013)
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Gang Wizard
Important Picnic

  • Vinyl LP
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Black Dirt Oak / Jantar

‘Presage’ is an LP split release from supergroup Black Dirt Oak (Pelt, No Neck Blues Band, Desert Heat, Rhyton and Pigeons) and Jantar (named after a rare folk music instrument from Rajasthan). The two sides exist in harmonic, aesthetic contrast with Black Dirt Oak’s dirty, bare bones onslaught of degraded electronics perfectly complimented by Jantar’s processional, one mono note piano and ambient flutes.
  • Vinyl LP (MIE031)
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Hey Colossus
Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo

  • Vinyl LP (MIE018R)
  • CD (MIE018CD)

Cara & Mike Gangloff with the Great American Drone Orchestra
Knock on Life's Door

Cara and Mike Gangloff have been deeply engaged with the history of American song and American drone for years: now they have the potent support of the Great American Drone Orchestra to help them articulate their vision. Knock On Life’s Door tears into the flesh of familiar old songs and stretches them out into wondrous new things. Remarkable double LP on MIE Music.

Navigating By Starlight

Rhyton play spaced-out improvised music in a vaguely rockish idiom: bass, guitar and drums appear to be the set-up here. But Navigating By Starlight’s 2 side-long jams aren’t interested in sticking to any kind of grid, instead wandering all over the soundfield. Edition of 500 LPs on the MIE Music label.

Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish

Tashi Dorji and Shane Parish are both improvising guitarists, and here they entwine their guitars and thought processes into delicate pieces constructed on the fly. The title Expecting refers to the fact that each musician was expecting the birth of a child at the time of the recording: can you hear the nervous anticipation? 400 vinyl copies on MIE Music.

Curious Aroma

I like to hear this LP by the group Kohoutek as an imagined vision of the other-worldly oddness that could be going on in the depths of the comet from which they take their name. Fanciful maybe, but Curious Aroma’s strange, lingering improvisations certainly don’t sound ordinary. 350 LPs on the reliably strong MIE label.


Dreamboat is a collaboration that brings together the synth / bass clarinet outfit Golden Retriever (itself a duo) with singer / guitarist Ilyas Ahmed. The results are magical, successfully bringing 2 rather different musical approaches into a shared space that actually makes sense. A special trip on MIE Music.

United Bible Studies
The Ale's That Cures Ye

United Bible Studies are an ever-shifting collective (members currently include the excellent Aine O’Dwyer) devoted to interpreting English and Irish folk music in an intense, often melancholy style. Their latest set, The Ale’s That Cure Ye, is released by MIE Music in a vinyl edition of 300 copies.

The Bower

Fusing the sweetness of Karen Carpenter with a cunning bent for delicate prog stylings Pigeons return with a confident record in The Bower. Touches of haunting lullabies and acid-drenched song structures wash over a lush, otherworldly collection of songs. Written whilst they lived in a house in the woods, obviously. Out on vinyl LP from MIE music.

Birchall/ Cheetham Duo
Tipping Point

  • CD (MIECR01)
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  • Label(s):
  • MIE Music

Aine O'Dwyer
Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I & II

Aine O’Dwyer moves from the harp, her prime instrument, to the full-sized organ of a church in Islington. The title refers to the fact that she was only able to use the organ when the church was being cleaned, and this accidental pseudo-audience of cleaners affected both the playing and the recording of O’Dwyer’s pieces. Double LP on MIE.

Mike & Cara Gangloff
Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life

Mike and Cara Gangloff are a duo known for their homegrown psych-folk pleasantries, both more prominent in bands Black Twig Pickers and Pelt. 'Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life', however, sees them step out under their own names. It offers up a couple of traditional folk tunes along with some stark, heartbreaking originals. 
  • Label(s):
  • MIE Music

Tom Carter and Pat Murano
Four Infernal Rivers

This is a second collaboration between Charalambides man Tom Carter and No Neck Blues Band feller Pat Murano. The pair had already made an eponymous LP back in 2012 but have now colklaborated again, this time at Carter's place, passing musical ideas back and forth, forth and back. There are four lengthy improvisations using Carter's piercing, acid-lead guitars against Murano’s sympathetic synthesizer lines, the sounds of guitar, synthesizer and drum machine to dissolve into one another, often to the point where they seem to come from the same source. 
  • Vinyl LP (MIE027)

Alastair Galbraith

  • Label(s):
  • MIE Music

Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro
Polar Satellites

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis
Yagua Ovy

  • Vinyl LP (MIE007)
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