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The Declining Winter
Endless Scenery

Hood’s Richard Adams releases his fifth album as The Declining Winter on a small run CD-R. The isolated, lo-fi songs on Endless Scenery are centred around Adams’ looping, cyclical guitar playing and choral-inspired vocals. The suitably wintery tone is also expressed in the beautiful ...view item »

Liam J Hennessy

After previously recording under his Drops moniker, London based composer Liam J Hennessy started focusing on music for film and presents his debut album under his own name. Sublime ambient post-everything for fans of Light & Motion, Message To Bears, and Helios...view item »

Still Light

Relentlessly peaceful ambiscapes of guitar, synths, field recordings and vocals from Höör, Sweden sound tinkerer Ludwig Cimbrelius in Eternell Mode (as opposed to Purl Mode) for Athenian late-ambient DIY label Sound in Silence. Just three tracks but over seventy minutes from the ...view item »

The First Time You Opened Your Eye

(ghost) drops the beats and the glitch-aesthetics for a change, going for full drone-ambient beauty here on The First Time You Opened Your Eye. This CD release is limited to just 200 hand-numbered copies, each one of which is presented in a handmade sleeve with a polaroid snap for the cover image. Released by Sound In S...view item »

Gavin Miller

Yorkshire-based experimentalist Gavin Miller - one-half of worriedaboutsatan - is back with a new EP Shimmer, his first outing on the Greek label Sound In Silence. Reverb heavy guitar and piano work is for the most part placed centre-stage, surrounded by ambient sound design that makes the minuscule feel seismic. This is a limited vinyl run of o...view item »

David Newlyn
Collected Fictions

David Newlyn returns to the lovely Sound In Silence (yndi halda, bvdub) for a new record of ambiences and beat experiments. Collected Fictions manages to be both one of Newlyn’s most diverse releases and also an album that maintains a strong aesthetic throughout. ...view item »

Ben Rath
Anything Is Possible

Sound In Silence tend to do a good job with their releases. They’re always short runs that are delightfully compiled in handmade packaging. Real labours of love. This latest one, a long-player called Anything Is Possible, comes courtesy of Mancunian Ben Rath. It’s a collection of warm, ...view item »

North Atlantic Drift
Departures, Vol. 2

Ooh look, it's another lovely card-and-envelope-bound release from Sound In Silence this time from North Atlantic Drift. Can Departures, Vol. 2 really be Mike Abercrombie and Brad Deschamps' sixth full-length album? Apparently it is so. Edging away from their erstwhile post-rock melodicisms, the duo have made a pared-do...view item »
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The Green Kingdom
Seen And Unseen

Yes! Michael Cottone is back as The Green Kingdom with his new album Seen And Unseen, this time on the Sound In Silence label. This Michigan sound artist and graphic designer is ever using composition to soundtrack landscapes with keen melodies and often labyrinthine structure. Cottone's skills as a son...view item »

yndi halda
A Sun-Coloured Shaker

Having spent a near-decade writing 2016’s Under Summer LP, it was only natural than yndi halda would have some stuff left on the cutting room floor. Twelve-minutes-long ‘A Sun-Coloured Shaker’ grew up alongside that naturalistic, folksy LP, and the track displays many of the same traits as Under Su...view item »

Daniel W J Mackenzie
Glass Permanent

Daniel W J Mackenzie (also known as Ekca Liena) is a cornerstone of the Brighton underground scene, organising and performing in stacks of different contexts, including hardy drone perennials Plurals. Glass Permanent is a full-length suite of minimal drone composition, with prominent pi...view item »

Panoptique Electrical
Disappearing Music For Face

Coming out on the always lovely Sound in Silence label, this is a captivating album from Jason Sweeney an Australian composer who also records under the name Pretty Boy Crossover and was behind last years Great Panoptique Winter project with Hood's Richard Adams.  This album is made up of eleven composition...view item »

Brave Timbers
Secret Hopes

The sound of Sarah Kemp's violin playing should be mounted and stuffed somewhere in a museum for future generations to get soothed by as the world gets more harsh. She has previously played with Lanterns on the Lake, Last Harbour, ...view item »

Switched On And Live

Bristol-London collective Amp, then: a band formed in the early nineties based around core members Richard Walker (The Secret Garden) and Karine Charff. This disc, 'Switched on and Live', features nine tracks recorded live at four different venues in Bristol, London and Breda in the Netherlands, and has all the atmospheric charm and slightly lo-...view item »

About The Journey

You've got to like a bit of Yellow6. The Leicestershire based guitarist has created a large back catalogue of swelling ambience that never fails to bring to mind the haunted atmospheres of the likes of La Bradford, Roy Montgomery and Windy and Carl. This latest 75 minute opus co...view item »

Panoptique Electrical
Quiet Ecology

Australian composer Panoptique Electrical (one Jason Sweeney) elists cellist Zoë Barry to accompany some of his gentle trips across the ivories for this limited Sound in Silence release. Inspired by his search for quiet spaces in several cities down under, Sweeney & Barry mirror the pea...view item »

Gray Acres
Gray Acres

Sound In Silence are a lovely little label, doing small runs of ethereally beautiful music that tend to come in lavish packages. The Greek label’s latest release comes courtesy of Philadelphia brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer. As Gray Acres they make ambient drones of great tranquility. Occasionally ...view item »

Middle Ages

Australian artist Jason Sweeney comes through with a gorgeous LP for Sound In Silence. Taking piano and voice as his starting point, Sweeney uses both organic and electronic instrumentation across Middle Ages to grow his torch songs into beautiful things that feel at once both widescreen and intimate. T...view item »

A Lily
Ten Drones On Cassette

As the more eager-eyed of you might spot, A Lily’s Ten Drones On Cassette is actually a CD release. Fake news? Sort of. The Brighton artist originally self-released single-copy editions of these ten drones in early 2017, with each one taking up one side of a tape. This Sound in Silence edition con...view item »

Test Card

Test Card—the solo project from Vancouver-based prolific electro-pioneer Lee Nicholson—is back with his second album ‘Rediffusion’, out on Sound of Silence records. It’s at once nostalgic and fresh, the deep, rumbling bass, retro beats and woozy, hypnotic synths creating a lush ambient soundscape th...view item »
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Sonic explorer Giuseppe Cordaro returns to Sound In Silence, as con_cetta, for his third solo album. His ambient compositions are built with restraint and patience. They simmer gently, making use of the textures of guitars, pianos, and field recordings. Origine comes on a handmade CD limited to 150 copi...view item »
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Odd Nosdam

LIF by Odd Nosdam is the ultimate addition to any man, woman or child's ambient and drone collection. A nice mix of soft landscaping sounds with gentle rhythmic buzzes, this record is available on CD, released on Sound In Silence and will be one of only 200 handmade and hand-numbered copies in a white recycled - we...view item »


Sound In Silence have a habit of releasing pretty decent ambient records that allow you to completely enter a new world when you put your headphones in, or crack on the record player. Transhumante by Crisopa is no different. A melodic affair that sounds like the backing track to a strange but wonderful life. Available o...view item »


After three albums on Schole, Tokyo based multi-instrumentalist Nao Kakimoto moves his [.que] project to Sound In Silence.  Wonderland is filled with dreamy post-rock mixing gentle acoustic instrumentations with electronica techniques and textures. For fans of Helios,  ...view item »
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Calcifer EP

I wonder if Hessien have named this EP after the fire in ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’...I hope so, I do like that film, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. What’s happening on this record is that Tim Diagram (Maps & Diagrams, Atlantis, etc) has teamed up with Charles...view item »

FJORDNE & stabilo

Tokyo’s FJORDNE and Hiroshima’s stabilo provide two tracks apiece to this CD. The combination works well - the former’s billowing, 30s-jazz-club piano playing and dense sound collages play nicely off of stabilo’s murkier ambiences. There is more than a shade of early Eno ...view item »


There's something in the water across the pond in Canada; A slew of creativity ranging from the likes of Drake to Caribou, to Arcade Fire to The Weeknd are dominating charts and invading the underground. Fellow native Anthene is no exception to the list, as the solo artist Brad Deschamps offers latest his ethereal full...view item »
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Moshimoss & Stabilo

FIIEII is the mini slice of collaborative wonderment from Japanese based artists Moshimoss & Stabilo. The piece as a whole is crammed with warm sounds and quality songwriting, whilst an otherworldly quality runs throughout. Comprised of four tracks, this release may be snappy but it lacks nothing w...view item »

Yours Are Stories Of Sadness

Interesting one this. Last year the prolific techno/ambient dreamscaper bvdub put a collection of 19 tracks up on his Bandcamp, saying each had been inspired by a poignant conversation with a hired dancer in a bar. Each cuts swells and aches with the title’s ‘stories of sadness’- half-remembered rave synths dro...view item »
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Ben Rath

Sound in Silence continue to bring high quality ambient minimalism to the table, this time from Ben Rath. Forgiveness uses quite a lot of acoustic guitar, though the electronic processing means you might never know it: these pieces often resolve into pure gorgeou...view item »
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My Autumn Empire
Last Year's Leaves - Tape Reflections Vol​.​1

My Autumn Empire is a solo showcase for multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Thomas Holton. Holton’s pastoral finger-picking has made him an in-demand collaborator and on Last Year's Leaves - Tape Reflections Vol​.​1 he adds modular synth and delicate Boards of Canada vibes. The CD packaging...view item »
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Great Panoptique Winter

The first release from new project Great Panoptique Winter (made up of members of Pretty Boy Crossover and Hood) has been assembled part by part, from the drum loops up. The results have a delicate, frosty atmosphere. Wildness is presented in a limited edition of 200, in a handmade enve...view item »
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Thee Koukouvaya
Witches' Jelly

An exciting new project here from a duo named Thee Koukouvaya. Witches’ Jelly is a deep-floating half-hour slab of electronic ambience, moving through three sections, each with a different tone. Presented as a limited edition (only 115 copies!) of exquisitely handmade CDr packages, on Sound In Silence....view item »
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Caught In The Wake Forever
False Haven

Here is the first of two releases this week on the lavishly packaged Sound In Silence label. You know, the ones with the little polaroid photograph on the cover... Caught In The Wake Forever is Scottish multi-instrumentalist Fraser McGowan who has had...view item »
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Absent Without Leave
Faded Photographs Remixes

Another one of two Sound In Silence discs out this week, with this one you really get your money’s worth. This is Greek musician and composer George Mastrokostas under his Absent Without Leave moniker. A whopp...view item »
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Julien Demoulin
Loose Ends

CD on Sound in Silence. Hand-stamped green cardboard envelope with the front cover printed on polaroid style photo paper and two inserts printed on transparent paper.When Frenchman Julien Demoulin wants to take a break from his ambient electro acoustic band Silencio and make something a bit more up-beat, this is...view item »
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Wil Bolton

Some subtle expansions from Wil Bolton. Whorl is a series of slow burning ambient compositions from the multi-medium artist. The tracks blend some acoustic instruments and sounds with deeply soft electronics to create an ethereal dream zone experience. Definitely one for the Eno heads. Out on CD...view item »
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Good Weather for an Airstrike

Finally someone has a good reason for making ambient music. Tom Honey (Mr Airstrike) wanted to make music but suffers from tinnitus so he decided to create a collection of relaxing sounds to help with it all. Nice! After h...view item »
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Yellow6 & David Newlyn

Ambient bods Jon “Yellow6” Attwood and David “David Newlyn” Newlyn here collaborate on a CD of slow-paced guitar and keyboard, with the odd bit of computer and effects for good measure. The...view item »
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J.R Alexander
Moments EP

J.R Alexander often goes by the name Message To Bears, but on this new EP for Sound In Silence he’s chosen to use his real name, although much of the music contained here would fit quite comfortably within his other project. We’ve got fi...view item »
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David Newlyn
Good Luck (Enigma)

I've got another of those pretty and limited CDs from Sound In Silence on my review stack today. This one's by David Newlyn and features 10 tracks of delicate electro acoustic ambience and minimal piano tinkling. Over the course of the album Newlyn shifts from dron...view item »
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Bring The Lights EP

The great thing about these Sound In Silence CDs is that they have a real personal feel to them, with each cover featuring a polaroid style picture, usually of something nice and pretty like landscapes or old family photos or in this case some flowers. Miaou are based in Tokyo and make super lush Fender Rho...view item »
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This is is the fifth album from Silencio, originally released as a CDr back in 2010. This edition has two previously unreleased bonus tracks, has been properly mastered and comes in hand assembled and stamped packaging in a numbered edition of 200 copies. From the off it’s dramatic stuff, where post-r...view item »
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North Atlantic Drift

Toronto duo North Atlantic Drift make a warm and unsurprisingly drifty sound on this new CD on Sound In Silence, combining elements of melodic drone with electronic and post-rock textures for a gently tuneful and relaxing collection. Guitar shimmers and gliding synths are buffeted by hazy waves of who...view item »
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Stafraenn Hakon

The latest from the Norman Records where-are-they-now files is this brand new offering from Icelandic post-rock survivor Stafraenn Hakon (real name Olafur Josephsson), a man I remember fondly for his downbeat twinkly slow-burners, tasteful slid...view item »
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Absent Without Leave
Faded Photographs

When you receive a CD in a brown cardboard arigato pak you kinda know what you're gonna be getting these days. It's gonna be either ambient, drone, pastoral or electronica. This one falls into the pastoral section and features folks from Port-Royal, Stafraenn Hakon, Epic 45, Millimetrik, members of Hood, The Declining Winter and more folks. All ...view item »
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Absent Without Leave
An Earlier Summer

Absent Without Leave are the moniker of Greece-based George Mastrokostas, a multi-instrumentalist whose releases provide a neat take on your wholesome, melancholic post rock gear with an aesthetic that blatantly culls from the whole Epic45/The Declining Winter/Hood vibe of season-based melancholy i.e. hand made ...view item »
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Millimetrik/Building Castles Out of Matchsticks
The Attic EP

Here's a nice thing. It's a split six track 3" CD in a sort of cassette sized case albeit a bit thinner and less brittle by Millimetrik and Building Castles Out of Matchsticks. The former yes.... The latter, no I've not heard of 'em either. So you get two tracks by each artist and them remixing each other for a couple of tracks. There's your s...view item »
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Port Royal / Absent Without Leave

A cool little split CD now, democratically shared between Port Royal and Absent Without Leave. Magnitogorsk comes packaged in a fold-out cardboard sleeve with transparent insert and fifty different cover photographs to go between the run of five-hundred discs. Always nice when people go the extra mile! There are four tracks from each artist, Port R...view item »
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