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yndi halda
A Sun-Coloured Shaker

Having spent a near-decade writing 2016’s Under Summer LP, it was only natural than yndi halda would have some stuff left on the cutting room floor. Twelve-minutes-long ‘A Sun-Coloured Shaker’ grew up alongside that naturalistic, folksy LP, and the track displays many of the same traits as Under Su...view item »

Daniel W J Mackenzie
Glass Permanent

Daniel W J Mackenzie has worked under the alias Ekca Liena. Here, Daniel has composed six atmospheric soundscapes to restful and cinematic effect. His sound design credentials often come to the fore on this album; metallic chimes of processed glockenspiel ring in from many angles, on the second and third tracks ‘Lost Jewels (i)+(ii)’...view item »

Panoptique Electrical
Disappearing Music For Face

It’s pretty exciting to see and hear a new album from Jason Sweeney’s Panoptique Electrical, following his sold-out debut from last year, Great Panoptique Winter with Richard Adams of Hood / The Declining Winter....view item »

Brave Timbers
Secret Hopes

The sound of Sarah Kemp's violin playing should be mounted and stuffed somewhere in a museum for future generations to get soothed by as the world gets more harsh. She has previously played with Lanterns on the Lake, Last Harbour, ...view item »

Switched On And Live

Bristol-London collective Amp, then: a band formed in the early nineties based around core members Richard Walker (The Secret Garden) and Karine Charff. This disc, 'Switched on and Live', features nine tracks recorded live at four different venues in Bristol, London and Breda in the Netherlands, and has all the atmospheric charm and slightly lo-...view item »

About The Journey

Ah, Yellow6. It’s not Christmas yet, surely? Joking apart, and listening to his gorgeous ambient vignettes, how I wish I could play guitar; and if I could play guitar, I would want to make it sing the way Jon Attwood does. Then loop it into infinity, hopefully soundtracking mystical new worlds like what Jon ha...view item »

Panoptique Electrical
Quiet Ecology

Jason Sweeney has kindly dusted down that old piano in the corner of his living room to bring you these soothing excursions across the ivories. Sweeney has even drafted in Zoë Barry to accompany him on cello for that added little extra pound of emotional heft, for his new album as Panoptique Electrical. Quiet Ecology is their attempt to ref...view item »

Gray Acres
Gray Acres

Sound In Silence are a lovely little label, doing small runs of ethereally beautiful music that tend to come in lavish packages. The Greek label’s latest release comes courtesy of Philadelphia brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer. As Gray Acres they make ambient drones of great tranquility. Occasionally ...view item »

Middle Ages

Australian artist Jason Sweeney comes through with a gorgeous LP for Sound In Silence. Taking piano and voice as his starting point, Sweeney uses both organic and electronic instrumentation across Middle Ages to grow his torch songs into beautiful things that feel at once both widescreen and intimate. T...view item »

A Lily
Ten Drones On Cassette

As the more eager-eyed of you might spot, A Lily’s Ten Drones On Cassette is actually a CD release. Fake news? Sort of. The Brighton artist originally self-released single-copy editions of these ten drones in early 2017, with each one taking up one side of a tape. This Sound in Silence edition con...view item »

Odd Nosdam

“This ain’t how California’s s’posed to sound!”, my inner Sunshine Boy cries out in horror. Jokes, man. It’s SanFran / Bay Area’s finest fuzz-drone-beats purveyor, co-founder of the mighty Anticon and generally very smiley guy Odd Nosdam (D...view item »

The Declining Winter
Endless Scenery

Winter is still reclining, but eventually it’ll get on Richard Adams’ level and we’ll have some West Yorkshire sunshine to guide us through our cobbled days. In the meantime, the Hood alum has gone and made another record, following swiftly on the heels of the typically pretty, melodic and ever-so-lonely Home For L...view item »


Athens’ fairweathered Sound In Silence label has released some of the most kindly music of our last couple years, having slowly expanded their ambient roster outwards into beatwork and bravado. This release from Crisopa sees them break out of their cosy cocoon into the open, beginning with a declarative slic...view item »

Calcifer EP

I wonder if Hessien have named this EP after the fire in ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’...I hope so, I do like that film, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. What’s happening on this record is that Tim Diagram (Maps & Diagrams, Atlantis, etc) has teamed up with Charles...view item »

FJORDNE & stabilo

Well, what have we here then… more loveliness from the Sound in Silence stable with the latest of their hand-stamped and handmade series of cds. This time it’s the turn of Japan’s FJORDNE & stabilo (Fujimoto Shunichiro, when he’s not shouting, and Yasutica Horibe) to wow us with their approach to stately electroacous...view item »


The second and last of today’s sparkling delights from hand-packaged-card-with-polaroid-design aesthetes Sound In Silence… is… another corker. That’s genuinely some outstanding work; an infrared photo of an orchid atop a soothing shade of green, it’s a stunner. The music is just as good, which comes on this disc f...view item »

Moshimoss & Stabilo

So, Clint has just handed me my Wednesday treat, which arrives today as a brace of new releases from the Athens-based Sound In Silence label. As you may have expected, twinkling ambience is the order of the day on this first release, split between Moshimoss (Kosuke Anamizu) and Stabilo (Yasutica Horibe) who contribute two tracks apiece. ...view item »

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