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Wand / Darto

As if that picture of a lonesome horse wasn't adorable enough, so is the story of this record: Wand and Darto hung out in the studio and passed around lyrics 'til they'd reworked and reignited them. And then members of both bands shared out vocal duties for the members who rarely get to do th...view item »

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 1

Increasingly influential sax honker Colin Stetson does everything with a saxophone except make it sound like an actual saxophone. As anyone who has ears knows this is a good thing and here comes a re-issue of his very first solo album originally released in 2007 and showcases the amazing pips, squeaks and squarks he gets out of ...view item »

Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama
Solitary Universe

Two masters at subtle guitar work joined forces to lay down these five pieces. Chihei Hatakeyama and Eraldo Bernocchi curve and twirl their ambient guitar lines around one another, creating what we might...view item »

Murcof & Philippe Petit
First Chapter

Two fine purveyors of tasteful minimal darkness meet on this new album as Murcof and Philippe Petit conjure up three lengthy and bleak passages of slow synth drones, distant booming rhythms and all manner of sounds, some manipulated and some not, using things like cymbalum, electr...view item »

Mind Monogram
AM In The PM

After a long gestation period in which Mind Monogram grew from Edgar A. Ruiz’s solo project to a full band with a couple of EPs behind them, the time has finally come for the debut, full-length album of the group. AM In The PM is a strong set of punchy psychy indie, released by the Aagoo label....view item »

Like It Is

French group Filiamotsa have invited a series of skilled guests in to assist with their new album Like It Is: most notably, they have G.W. Sok, formerly of The Ex, adding some vocals. Nevertheless, the songs here are English language. Wild and noisy rock fun with a strong brass element ...view item »

No Kids
Cherry Trees / An Afternoon at the Pendleton's

Nice picture disc with trees. Music a bit - um wimpy. Pleasant electronic indie pop on one side, pastoral piano led drifting on the other. Girl/boy harmonies, drifting melodies reminiscent of a lazy afternoon spent with a record player re-discovering the K records back catalogue. Nice though....view item »

Philippe Petit
Multicoloured Shadows

Philippe Petit has years of experimentation and genre-wandering behind him: now, with Multicoloured Shadows, he has arrived at a place of electro-acoustically inventive dance music. The record still contains some typically Petit treated-kazoo sounds though. Released as a very colourful picture disc LP o...view item »

Deison & Mingle
Everything Collapse[d]

Straight from the Italian drone and noise scene comes a collaboration from Deison & Mingle. Droning onwards, ever onwards, in an unpleasant and paranoid soundscape where no human emotion is safe, these two Italians have taken it upon themselves to share, with us, what is left after Everything Collapse[d]. And it ain...view item »

Small Town by the Sea

Dropping field recordings over simple and pleasant beats, connect_icut’s newest release should be both accessible and enticing to a broad audience. WIth layers and structures slowly peeling away and revealing themselves through the ethereal pads, Small Town is sure to please the existent fans and create a few new ...view item »

Music to Watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day

Get ready to enhance your consciousness with Inutili. Music to Watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day are two slices of riffological explorations from these italians. These two jams, spanning 20 minutes each are just that, acidic brain melters to get lost in and escape the drudgery of the twenty first centu...view item »

Father Murphy
Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It

Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It is the ominously titled third album by Father Murphy, an Italian duo with strong interests in the creepy. It’s a good record, organ and string samples and occasional grinding distortion, with haunted male / female vocals hovering overhead. Feels like something is going on, but yo...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Music For No Reason

Right, this is a three track 7” that I can't find any further information about on the internet so I'll have to think for myself for a change. Its a picture disc with striking photos by David Horvitz. It really does look quite the business. The music is the usual beautiful ebb and f...view item »


Here's the debut CD by AU called Verbs on the unpronouncable Aagoo label. This label seems like an interesting one with releases by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone amongst many others. I've heard Verbs a few times and I'm starting to think it's a bit useful. It starts off with a happy clappy chanty African tinged number sounding something like Pa...view item »