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Dakota Suite & Dag Rosenqvist
What Matters Most

A slow, haunting new LP from Dakota Suite here. What Matters Most sees DS auteur Chris Hooson join forces with Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) and former collaborator Emanuele Errante (Elem). With Hooson taking up the singer-songwriter's archetypal comp...view item »

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. IV

The National Jazz Trio of Scotland are the collective led by heavily bearded composer Bill Wells. Thing is they are neither a trio nor play jazz. However they are from Scotland so that bit is correct and the album does contain moments of jazz amidst its outsider pop and modern composition. As well as ten Bill We...view item »

Bill Wells & Friends
Nursery Rhymes

Bill Wells’ new record Nursery Rhymes is very accurately named: these are indeed versions of infinitely familiar traditional nursery rhymes. But these versions are anything but familiar, with musicians including Yo La Tengo, Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Isobe...view item »

Dakota Suite & Vampillia
The Sea Is Never Full

Vampillia describe themselves as a “brutal orchestra”, which is very promising for their work with the UK’s Dakota Suite. This large-ensemble, long-in-the-making collaboration moves from post-rock to throat singing to unsettled ambience to neo-classical, but each aspect feels convincingly part ...view item »

F.S. Blumm

F.M. Blumm’s many years of music-making, both acoustic and electronic, solo and in collaboration (with David Grubbs, Nils Frahm etc.), has led him to the point of Welcome, this eclectic-sounding album of songwriting. These productions sound grand, but on an intimate scale, if that...view item »

Hannu Karjalainen
A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert

A Handful of Dust Is a Desert is the new album from Finnish musician Hannu Karjalainen, also a filmmaker. This collection is sure to delight fans of subtle ambient electronica, being a gentle and minimal trip th...view item »

Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante
The North Green Down

The North Green Down from Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante is a graceful blend of solo piano, cello and ambient electronic elements. The artists came together after a personal loss, which themes the album, but the gorgeous arrangements and subtle electronic processing strike an uplifting tone. This limited do...view item »

Quentin Sirjacq
Far Islands and Near Places

Quentin Sirjacq is a French composer and performer on multiple instruments. At the core of this new record are his stately piano figures, which can recall, at times, both the neo-classical sweep of Nils Frahm and the minimal melodicism of Erik Satie. But electronics and beats have their place on...view item »

Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By

Despite being named after one half of the duo, Donna Regina are very much a duo. The other half is Regina’s husband Gunther Janssen. They have been making music for 25 years, all of the time doing their own thing avoiding the influence of trends. Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By Others is a tribute to those...view item »

The Prepared Piano (10th Anniversary Edition)

Rearranging the rules of the piano, Hauschka creates pieces which are interested in viewing the instrument in a different way. Wedging bits of leather and other such things into the piano strings, adding guitar strings or covering the piano hammers in bits of tin-foil, the result is a band of pianos which jangle along in a ...view item »

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq
There Is Calm To Be Done

Get out your hankies! Thoughtful music makers Dakota Suite are back this week with a new collaboration with Quentin Sirjacq, which in contrast to recent Dakota Suite work centres around mostly vocal tracks. Ploddy modern folk ballads, piano-led with breathy defeated vocals and surprising little arrangement details and of course the heartbreak-...view item »

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol III

Bill Wells and his National Jazz Trio of Scotland are back with another collection of "Standards" here. As always the first thing they have to assert is that they are not a trio and they don't play jazz. Wells plays samples and three girls with lovely soft Scottish-accented voices, Aby Vulliamy, Kate Sugden and Lorna Gilfedder, sing delicate p...view item »

Donna Regina
Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren

Donna Regina are back with a new album on Karaoke Kalk, their 12th studio album of a distinguished, under-the-surface career. 'Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren' continues Regina and Günther Janssen's explorations into machine pop galaxies. Imagine a more wilfully obtuse Lali Puna and you will start to catch their Teutoni...view item »

Tolouse Low Trax
Tolouse Low Trax

Getting rather outlandish with Tolouse Low Trax. This is the new four tracker from the Düsseldorfian producer. Full of synthetic waves, subtle percussion and communications from outside of our solar system on the two originals. The two remixes are more conventional floor fillers, but they are in keeping with ...view item »

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. II

Slightly misleading name there Bill. Bill comes along and Bill writes lovely slices of music, Bill has beard, Bill tends his beard, Bill gets Norman involved. Bill writes lovely piano tunes and Bill asks lady to sing sweetly, Bill covers Moondog, Bill thinks about Moondog’s beard. Sorry....sorry, I thought I w...view item »

Dakota Suite
The Hearts Of Empty

What an interesting career trajectory Dakota Suite have had. Originally a Leeds-based guitar pop band initially with Stone Roses like influences, the band only took off when guitarist Chris Hooson took over vocal duties and they morphed into a golden American Music Club countryish out...view item »

Kuchen meets Mapstation
Kuchen meets Mapstation

Kuchen meets Mapstation is a throughly pleasant meandering through the soft white underbelly of minimilist electronica. its a meeting of minds between the bloke from To Rococo Rot and the lady who sells me muesli flapjacks ("the best flapjack in leeds") from our local health food store...view item »

Prepared Piano

Hauschka is a man with a piano (a prepared piano). I don't really know what else to say about this one. It's not like Chas without Dave though.....oh no.  It's more classical sounding avant garde black and white key tomofoolery but it's rather satisfying on the old ears.  It is song based rather just being long winded pieces of...view item »

Dakota Suite
The End of Trying

Dakota Suite have been around a while but The End of Trying is the first time I've actually heard them and I'm super impressed. I kind of thought from the name they'd be like Gomez or Calexico or something, music for people who wear brown cords, but they're actually almost totally neoclassical. Phil's just informed me that the guy behind the...view item »