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Jaz Coleman
Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman, front man of post punk band Killing Joke has always had a thing for classical music, despite his more obvious experimental rock leanings. He has always thought that the songs of Killing Joke have an untapped widescreen gorgeousness that orchestral sounds can bring to music. Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke was recorded with St Petersburg Philharmonic. With this project Coleman has sought to accentuate the beauty and melody of Killing Joke songs.

My Arms Your Hearse

21st anniversary re-issue of Opeth’s 1998 third studio album My Arms, Your Hearse, and their first recorded with drummer Martin Lopez. Their second masterpiece in a row, this was the point at which the group’s reputation in the metal scene truly soared. One of the all time great progressive metal albums. Reissue from Spinefarm.
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The Damned
Evil Spirits

My goodness this is actually a new the Damned record. They even raised so much money on Pledge that they could get Bowie sidekick Tony Visconti to produce it. As the sleeve says it features original members Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible and the record harks back to their original 1976 sound but also lyrically reflects our current bleak times. 
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  • Spinefarm


Reinforced doominations from Witchsorrow see them go harder and heavier than usual, seemingly wanting to block off the easy routes and access points one might usually find. Hexenhammer is a declaration of the band's favourite genre hallmarks and was recorded with metal overlord Chris Fielding, who's helped out folk metal band Primordial and stoner legends Electric Wizard.


This record promises to delve into even darker (well, I say darker. I mean dark with glitter) territory than their previous records, and looking at the sleeve, I can very well imagine that it does. This record is available on a very limited edition gold coloured vinyl LP with a 7", a slightly less limited edition clear and silver swirl vinyl LP (no 7" with this one) and, of course on good ol' CD. Released on Spinefarm. 
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  • Spinefarm

Killer Machine

Audacious indie glam rock from Sweden - specifically, four people in Sweden, Spiders, not to be confused with real arachnids - coming to an April near you on the sinisterly-named label Spinefarm. This lot have nailed the rockin’ hooks and energetic vocals that characterise Swedish radio rock, not to mention dressing as if it’s still the 1970s.

Black Moth
Anatomical Venus

Anatomical Venus is the third album by Leeds/London stoner/psych rock five piece Black Moth.Their sound is more focused and with this they have made arguably their best album yet. They take their influences from the classic rock of Black Sabbath and The Stooges, the emotionally intense music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Swans to more recent noiseniks such as Pissed Jeans. Black & White Marbled LP and CD on Spinefarm.

Ceremony and Devotion

Recorded during the Popestar tour during the summer of 2017, this is Ghost's Ceremony and Devotion. Apparently the record that follows the band into becoming one of the biggest arena bands in the world. Available on double vinyl LP and CD on Spinefarm. The 2LP comes housed in a gatefold sleeve and contains a 20-page booklet.  

Electric Wizard
Wizard Bloody Wizard

Dorset doom metalers Electric Wizard released their last album, Time To Die, amid contractual wranglings with their label. It was a tough time for the band. Three years later and the way is clear for them to do what they do best. Wizard Bloody Wizard is their Black Sabbath-referencing ninth album, and sees the band rocking just as hard but freed from previous shackles.

IX Equilibrium

This is the third album of true Norwegian black metallers Emperor, reissued at last. As one of the founding fathers of the symphonic wing of the genre, Emperor have a highly dramatic sound, although IX Equilibrium focuses a bit more on direct fierceness than previous records. IX Equilibrium is reissued on CD and brown vinyl by the Spinefarm and Candlelight labels.

Desire's Magic Theatre

Purson are described by their leader Rosalie Cunningham (formerly of Ipso Facto) as “vaudeville carny psych”, so you know that this will be a fun listen. Desire’s Magic Theatre is in fact a rock opera in classic overblown proggy style, the band plunging into dramatic, cabaret-worthy territory. Released by Spinefarm.
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  • Spinefarm

Killing Joke

Pylon is the latest album from proto-industrial trailblazers Killing Joke. Intermittently since ‘78 Killing Joke have been spitting out scorching metal that has influenced everyone from Metallica to My Bloody Valentine. It's as doomy, gloomy and fill the roomy as ever. Out on CD, deluxe 2CD and 180g vinyl gatefold 2LP on Spinefarm.

Electric Wizard
Time To Die

Electric Wizard continue to advocate bad things on their newest record, 'Time To Die', which might be the best mission statement for their music since 'Legalise Drugs and Murder' -- sadly for Jus Oborn, no such referendum came to pass. At sixty-five minutes and nine songs -- the longest in their discography of thankless, gruelling punishments -- it's the same old story for this band of cruel stoners, who inflict their nihilistic metal guitar sermons on all of us for the eighth time. When will we learn? Death, incarnated on 12".