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Marconi Union
Dead Air

Past collaborators with likes of Jah Wobble and Max Richter, Manchester’s Marconi Union have enjoyed a long and fruitful career since forming almost two decades ago. For their tenth album, the trio have dispensed with beats and guest spots, opting for a more impressionistic sound on the beautiful Dead Air. 
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Jon Hopkins

House producer and Coldplay helper Jon Hopkins has done a lot since Opalescent, but his debut record now gets a reissue after fifteen years in the game. It was released to Just Label who largely dealt in beautified ambient music, and Hopkins sentimental sound was well suited to their whims -- that said, his music introduced different extremities, with his thunderous rhythmic ideas coupled with a more pastoral sound.

Marconi Union
Ghost Stations

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Marconi Union
Ghost Stations Remixes

The guys from Marconi Union have commissioned a range of remixes from people as diverse as (ambient faves) Biosphere's Geir Jenssen, the violins and electronics of Digitonal, tinkling beauty Antonymes and... New Romantic man Steve Jansen from the band Japan. Each sparkles as they put their spin on original tracks by the 'Union, from their Ghost Stations record released back in the Summer of 2017. Ghost Stations Remixes is a 12" on Just Music.
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Marconi Union

Marconi Union released this suite of ambient shimmer-groove in 2009, in fairly limited quantities. This reissue of Tokyo makes the excellent music available again, and also adds a live reimagining of the entire album, wherein original loops and parts of Tokyo were organised into new compositions. Tokyo + is a double CD release on Just Music.

Marconi Union

All kinds of downbeat, be it conjured through ambient sounds, post-rock soundscaping or IDM-leaning electronica, Marconi Union make a sound that aims to be modest and simplistic -- the tracklist for 'Weightless' attests to that, comprising of a six-part suite with no concepts and no fuss. This time, the group try to keep it really minimalist, occasionally bringing rhythm in other what is ultimately a long ambient slog. With 'Weightless, Marconi Union continue to establish their exceedingly chill vibes. 

Sam Thomas
Blind Theatre

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Marconi Union
Different Colours

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Marconi Union
Under Wires And Search Lights

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